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Section Two


                                          Section Two

Doctors and Others Speak Out about Masks, Lockdowns,

Vaccines, Early Treatment and COVID Misinformation

The opinions and information expressed in these videos and articles may not necessarily reflect the views of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia or Father Kosmas. Father Kosmas’ aim is to simply make available credible information that is different to the current worldwide narrative. With access to the other side of the medical argument, together with the Orthodox material in Section One, the faithful will be in a better position to make an informed decision. 

The selection of websites, videos, and articles in this section has been made with the assistance of a Texas based Orthodox Christian pathologist, Dr. Michael Robles. Read more here.

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1. The McCullough Report - The renowned Dr. Peter A. McCullough's online website for up-to-date interviews and articles

2. Dr. Peter McCullough: Short Videos on All Things COVID
[Read a biography of Dr. Peter McCullough. After posting these videos, Dr. McCullough has changed his opinion regarding COVID-19 vaccination. He now believes that no one should receive the COVID-19 vaccination because the death rate and the very serious effects on people's health are very high. For more on this click here.] 

3. Dr. Peter McCullough on Asia Pacific Today Breaks Through the Dark Cloud of Oppressive Misinformation
a biography of Dr. Peter McCullough. After posting this item, Dr. McCullough has changed his opinion regarding COVID-19 vaccination. He now believes that no one should receive the COVID-19 vaccination because the death rate and the very serious effects on people's health are very high. For more on this click here.

4. Dr. Peter McCullough tells us the truth about the Delta Variant and the way forward 
[Read a biography of Dr. Peter McCulloughAfter posting this item, Dr. McCullough has changed his opinion regarding COVID-19 vaccination. He now believes that no one should receive the COVID-19 vaccination because the death rate and the very serious effects on people's health are very high. For more on this click here.]

5. Dr. Peter McCullough on Tucker Carlson: Not an Error of Omission! 
[Read a biography of Dr. Peter McCulloughAfter posting this item, Dr. McCullough has changed his opinion regarding COVID-19 vaccination. He now believes that no one should receive the COVID-19 vaccination because the death rate and the very serious effects on people's health are very high. For more on this click here.]

6. Professor Dolores Cahill says mRNA Vaccines cause Injury and Death

7. Dr. Peter McCullough On Dose Of Dr. Drew And You! Drdrew.tv Is the Place To Be! 
[Read a biography of Dr. Peter McCulloughAfter posting this item, Dr. McCullough has changed his opinion regarding COVID-19 vaccination. He now believes that no one should receive the COVID-19 vaccination because the death rate and the very serious effects on people's health are very high. For more on this click here.]

8. ‘Don’t Panic Over New Coronavirus Strain,’ Says Stanford’s John Ioannidis 
[Read the biography of Professor John Ioannidis]

9. Science Falls Victim of the Lockdowns: Prof. Ioannidis Was Always Correct

[Read the biography of Professor John Ioannidis]

10. Evidence-Based Public Health - Professor John Ioannidis 
[Read the biography of Professor John Ioannidis]

11Professor Sucharit Bhakdi: New Evidence on SARS-CoV-2 - 21st Century Wire

12. COVEXIT.com COVID-19 News and Policy Analysis

13. CLAIM: CDC whistleblowers say covid vaccines have already killed 50,000 Americans

14. The Jab - Safe and Effective? It doesn't look good! (A politician's perspective) 
[Read: Is this another conspiracy theory or is it like other theories now widely accepted as fact?]

15. Huge study supporting ivermectin as Covid treatment withdrawn over "ethical concerns"

16. Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Episode 1
[Read the biography of Professor John Ioannidis]

17. World Health Organisation Whistleblower: Depopulation, Total Control, Perpetual Fear and Perpetual Vaccination 
[Read: Is this another conspiracy theory or is it like other theories now widely accepted as fact?]

18. Open Letter to NSW Police Commissioner regarding Police Enforcement of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions

19. Covid Jab: Deliberately Unprofessional and Reckless by Dr. Vernon Coleman
[Read: Is this another conspiracy theory or is it like other theories now widely accepted as fact?]

20. How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing? by Dr. Vernon Coleman 

21. Declaration of Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH - 28 May 2021
[He wrote: In summary, it is my opinion that SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19] causes an infection in humans that results in robust, complete, and durable immunity, and is superior to vaccine immunity. There are no studies demonstrating clinical benefit of COVID-19 vaccination in COVID-19 survivors and there are three studies demonstrating harm in such individuals. Thus, it is my opinion that the COVID-19 vaccination is contraindicated in COVID-19 survivors.

22. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Discusses How Covid-19 Shots Might Reduce Lifespan

23. This is the Battle that could WIN us the War by Dr. Vernon Coleman 

24. COVID-19 Prevention and Early Treatment based on the protocol of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko 
by Dr. Michael Malouf

25. COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ Are Gene Therapy by Fr. John Peck 

26. De-mystifying the vaccine for Corona virus by Monk Paul of the Holy Mountain, Biologist, MD Molecular Biology and Biomedicine

27. Dr. David E. Martin Interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Undeniable evidence that the COVID pandemic is in fact a planned criminal operation (July 9th, 2021)

28. Fox News: Taking an honest look at breakthrough cases and push to demand lockdowns and masks

29. Sky News: The Stupidities Surrounding the Recent Lockdowns, Masks and Other Restrictions Must Stop: Alan Jones 
[Alan Jones is one of Australia’s most prominent and influential commentators. He is a former radio broadcaster, and currently anchors Alan Jones Monday-Thursday at 8pm on Sky News. He has received seven awards for Australian Radio Talk Personality of the Year. In 2014, he celebrated having the highest share in Sydney breakfast radio for 100 consecutive radio rating surveys.]

30. If People Get Jabbed After Watching this They are Beyond Saving

31. Fox News: What's the Latest on Variants and COVID Vaccine Safety? (21 June 2021)

32. Sky News: 'Everyone is sick of the meaningless recitation' of coronavirus cases: Alan Jones

33. Coronavirus: Morphou bishop comes out in support of arrested scientist

34. Dr. Peter McCullough - URGENT WARNING About Poisonous Jabs - "An Agonizing Situation" | Stew Peters 
[The renowned and eminent Dr Peter McCullough proclaims that no one should receive the COVID-19 vaccination because the death rate and the very serious effects on people’s health are very high.

35. Greece to announce mandatory vaccinations for some groups next week

36. Canadian doctor warns the worst is ‘yet to come’ from blood clotting damage linked to COVID-19 shots

37. Scientist sounds alarm: COVID vaccines producing symptoms of Parkinson’s, other neurodegenerative disorders

38. Natural Infection May Offer Better Protection Against Delta Variant, Says
Israeli Health Ministry

39. NSW outbreak of highly-infectious COVID-19 Delta strain prompts 'rethink' on vaccinating children

40. Daily COVID Deaths in Sweden Hit Zero, as Other Nations Brace for More Lockdowns

41. Fox News: Treatment and Natural Immunity Will See Us Through Delta Outbreak

42. COVID Hypocrisy: Policymakers Breaking Their Own Rules

43. Failure of COVID-19 Vaccines Due to Antigenic Escape of the Delta Variant 
by Dr. Peter McCullough
[Although many may find the title and content of this video difficult to understand, it should still be seen and circulated since Dr. Peter McCullough presents something that will save lives. He says that a large percentage of those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine can and will contract the Delta variant.]

44. Why talk of lockdowns, school closures, and masks due to COVID-19 Delta variant is absurd and without any scientific basis: do the CDC and NIH leaders and Surgeon General
ever read the science?
[Although this article is very long, the main message can be understood, even if read superficially – spreading fear about the COVID-19 Delta variant is unfounded.]

45. Top Doctor: Prepare For 3-5 Years of “Turmoil” Due To Credibility Collapse of Medical Establishment 
[About Infowars]

46. Delta Variant: Data from Israeli Govt. shows that Natural Immunity offers 700% Greater Protection than COVID-19 Shot

47. The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins

48. Open Letter to The White House, Congress, CDC, FDA, HHS, employers, colleges and all other entities mandating experimental mRNA, DNA without regard for informed consent, individual choice or right to refuse by Craig M. Wax D.O., family physician

49. Vaccine Lawsuit Filed: Insider Blows Whistle on Coverup… Exclusive Attorney Interview

50. Nurse on adverse reactions and deaths

51. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. Protocols against Covid-19

52. World Health Organization: Whistleblower Connects the Dots by exposing the truth behind COVID-19 
[This whistleblower exposes that W.H.O. is working with the media and others to push for mass vaccination and more.]

53. Fetal Tissue in Vaccines, Studies on Orphans - Confirmed By Stanley Plotkin Under Oath

54. Whistleblowers, Experts Warn of Increased Risks of Infertility, Death After COVID Vaccines - The unforeseen consequences of a novel gene therapy.

55. Dr. Peter A. McCullough: "And they wanted everybody to be vaccinated - without exception."
[This famous expert on COVID-19 is sounding the alarm by saying that forced vaccinations have begun and are on the increase.]

56. Alyssa Kent: 40-year-old Australian woman has three brain surgeries, five seizures, stroke after first AstraZeneca shot, so will take Pfizer or Moderna for second shot - The COVID Blog

57. Large-scale study finds that masking students is ineffective and a form of child abuse
The Tatty Journal

58. COVID-19 Experimental Vaccine Facts and Risks

59. Pfizer's former vice president says don't get vaccinated and that the Delta Variant Of Covid 19 Is Harmless

60. Shocking video out of the UK - Nurse Bullies Expectant Mother 
[A nurse shutting down a high-risk expectant mother refusing the PCR test for COVID-19 for her baby, proclaiming that the child belongs to the state.About Infowars

61. The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology 

62. The person in charge of the vaccine program warns about COVID-19 vaccines!!!

63. Lifesaving protocols for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 
A very informative website which is regularly updated and should be added to one's favourites.]

64. Department of Justice Says There is NO Rule of Law in the USA The DOJ defied Congress yesterday stating the Emergency Use Authorized products can, if fact, be MANDATED.

65. Natural News                  
[A very informative website which is regularly updated and should be added to one's favourites.]

66. Former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon: COVID Vaccines Are Designed ‘To Kill You And Your Family’ With ‘Plausible Deniability’

67. Mexican President Rejects Jabs For Kids, 'Won't Be Held Hostage' By Profiteering Pharmaceutical Companies

68. Dr Larry Pelevsky on vaccine nanoparticles affecting the brain 
[Is it time to listen when a paediatrician is testifying during a Public Health Committee that all vaccines are dangerous to people’s health because they contain aluminium nanoparticles which affect the brain – and he’s just one of many doctors who are coming out against the serious negative health effects of vaccines.]

69. Interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson 11th June 2021 - COVID-19 Lies Will be Exposed Soon 
[“Heads will roll; there will be blood in the gutter - and that is going to happen very very soon. Something as crazy as this cannot be suppressed. The truth will come out.” Dr Roger Hodkinson]

70. NHS Nurses Demand To COVID Test Newborn, Claim It's Not Mother's Outside Of Womb
NHS Nurses tell high risk expectant mother that they WILL be PCR Testing the baby once born, that the baby isn't “The mothers property” once out of the abdomen & that the Safeguarding team (Social Services) are being notified because of her refusal.]

71. Fox News: CDC Admits Vaccinated Can Transmit Delta & Dr McCullough Sued by BSW Health over Media and Meeting Appearances

72. Vaccines Are Failing - Greater Majority Hospitalised and Dying Are Vaccinated!

73. The Latest on Vaccine Breakthrough Cases and COVID Treatment - George Fareed, MD
[Dr. George Fareed speaks with Sean Hannity about protocols he and his colleagues have developed to treat COVID19 including cases following vaccine failure.]

74. Sweden: Despite Variants, No Lockdowns, No Daily Covid Deaths 
[Sweden refuses to lock down even though they are constantly being attacked for not following the lockdown procedures of other countries which have proven ineffective.Why Does No One Ever Talk About Sweden Anymore?

75. DEADLY SHOTS! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID 'Vaccine'

76. Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day
[FDA and WHO caution against the use of ivermectin even though it is effective in reducing the length of infection for those who have contracted coronavirus.]

77. Take the jab or else! says Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison
[Australian Prime Minister says, “We’d have to have more restrictions on people who are unvaccinated because they’re a danger to themselves and others.”]

78. Sky News Australia barred for week by YouTube over Covid misinformation - BBC News
[It would appear that "misinformation" has become the new buzz word, but the reality is that this label has become a highly effective tool to suppress information and discussions surrounding COVID-19 and vaccinations.]

79. German chief pathologist sounds alarm on fatal vaccine injuries 
[German chief pathologist claims that the frequency of fatal consequences due to COVID-19 vaccinations is underestimated.] 

80. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons dismantles push to mandate COVID vaccines for all 
[Physicians, surgeons and all healthcare workers should not be forced to take an experimental vaccine because they work in the medical field. All human beings have the right to liberty, which they do not lose when they serve the sick or the disabled.]

81. Important: Download COVID Vaccine Religious Exemption Documents Here

82. First Autopsy of Dead Person Vaccinated for COVID Found to Contain Spike Proteins
in Every Organ of Body
[Don’t let anyone tell you the vaccines are safe! The vaccines spread to all of your organs and can kill.]

83. Truth for Health Foundation
[The Truth for Health Foundation is committed to providing truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information and cutting edge updates on prevention and treatment of common medical conditions, including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, that affect health, quality of life and longevity.]

84. Injured by the COVID shot? These are the 'real treatments'
[Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD is on a mission to spread medical truth about COVID-19, the jab,
and early treatments. She points out that people who've experienced vaccine injuries should
"not suffer in silence."]

85. Dr. Roger Hodkinson - STOP THE SHOT!
[A renowned and eminent expert in pathology says that there is a lot of medical and government propaganda about COVID and vaccines and that these vaccines are not safe - period!]

86. Fox News Whistleblower: My Boss Told Me ‘Do Not Report Deaths After Vaccination’
[About Infowars]

87. More Doctors Discussing the Early Treatment of COVID and the Cover Up
Surrounding its Success

88. Dr. Paul Recounts Every Exchange with Dr. Fauci - 2 August 2021

89. A Pathologist Summary of what These Jabs do to the Brain and Other Organs
[A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the head and other organs of
vaccinated people.]

90. How to Overcome the Pressure to Get a COVID Vaccine
[Dealing with employer and school - vaccine mandates and coercion are illegal.]

91.Dr. Pierre Kory Discusses COVID-19 Prevention and Management

92.  Secret Documents Reveal that Moderna sent the Coronavirus Vaccine to the
University of North Carolina Weeks Before the Pandemic

93. Renowned toxicologist says COVID vaccines ‘must be halted immediately’ 

94. Israel and Australia Report that 95-99% of People Hospitalized were Fully Vaccinated
 - other countries are catching up. 
[“Vaccines” were never designed to stop infection or the spread of the virus!]

95. 160+ experts slam COVID vaccines as ‘unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe’ in
a powerful letter
[Dozens of medical experts issued a warning this month about COVID-19 vaccines, slamming
the jabs as “unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe” and likely to lead to “foreseeable mass deaths.”

96. Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence 
[So far, most studies found little to no evidence for the effectiveness of face masks in the general population, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control. Watch video: Masks The Science with Dr Lee Merritt]

97. Five Canadian Doctors and a HR Lawyer Discuss Censorship on COVID and
Vaccine Information
[Informed consent, the most basic and non controversial issue in medicine, is now misinformation!]

98. When this horror story is happening in America, why is it a surprise that the government does not care that a significant number of the vaccinated are getting sick and dying?
[This article will be shocking to many and it further demonstrates that the medical industry has become far worse than the doctors who were condemned for their evil experiments on human beings in the concentration camps during WWII.]

99. Italy makes vax pass mandatory for teachers, students & public transport passengers
amid ongoing protests over new health ID
Anger over the implementation of the new health pass spills onto city streets across Italy.] 

100. The Perfect Storm for a Vaccine Holocaust is Now Here 
[Listening to this internationally recognized investigative scientific journalist speak about mandated vaccines, you would think he was describing today’s events; however, he said this two years before COVID-19. Although we may not agree with everything he says, at least one thing deserves our attention: How was he able to describe, with such accuracy, what is currently happening in the world regarding mandated vaccines and their devastating effects, including death.]

101. Dr. Peter McCullough: 5 Important Truths About COVID-19

102. Israel Very Concerned About High Death Rate of Those Vaccinated 
[Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who has been nominated for a Nobel Prize for his work on COVID-19 treatments, meets with Israeli politicians and health minister to discuss the high death rate of those vaccinated. During the meeting, he said the following: "If you look at Dr Malone, who invented the mRNA technology, has original patens for the vaccine, he’s saying do not use this, the government is lying to you, the side effects are horrific. Dr Cahill from Ireland said that she believes that within 2 years, 90% of the people that are vaccinated will be dead." Is this another one of those conspiracy theories?]

103. NSW Petition: Stop forced COVID-19 Vaccines and Discrimination

104. COVID Medical Network - Australia 
[CMN is a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned about the health impacts of the lockdowns used in response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks in Victoria and across Australia. Read their open letter to ALL doctors and ALL Australians.]

105. 1000 COVID Stories
[If you go online and do a simple search on  “COVID Vaccine Side Effects” you are presented with a multitude of links that are strangely similar: “Side effects are minor and common” And “Side effects are a sign that your vaccine is working properly.” When you visit YouTube and do the same search, again, the videos have a consistent theme: “The risk from the vaccines are less than the risks from COVID” and “vaccine side effects are actually a good thing.” If you post a negative comment or video on Facebook about vaccine side effects your post is deleted and your account may be closed. But when you go to an uncensored website like Bitchute.com or Rumble.com and do the same search, you see hundreds of videos from real people who have had horrific side effects from their injections. This website is dedicated to sharing the truth about these people and their testimonials. Watch for yourself and make up your own mind. Is it worth it to risk life-changing and even fatal side effects from a vaccine for a disease that is survived by 99.98% of people under 70?]

106. The five key COVID truths that could have saved us from self-destruction

107. Fox News: Natural Immunity is Robust & Early Treatment Can Control Delta Hospitalizations
[Peter McCullough, MD, MPH returns to Ingraham Angle to discuss natural immunity and the need to emphasize early treatment.]

108. Revealing the Uncensored Facts About COVID
[A presentation by a retired medical doctor on the origins of the COVID virus, the PCR test, the epidemiology of COVID-19, vaccine technologies and actions you can take.]

109. The Truth about COVID therapeutics. Dr. Peter McCullough with Sebastian Gorka
on America First 

[Sebastian talks to Dr. Peter McCullough about how some of the most effective therapeutics for treating the coronavirus, such as hydroxychloroquine, are the ones that the media tries to smear by lying about them.]

110. Fox News host Tucker Carlson: Forcing Masks on Kids is Cruel and Unnecessary
[The Irish commissioned their own research on masks; and here's what they found: According to the Irish Health Authority, masking children in the classroom is not a legitimate medical precaution; it's child abuse. Masks can, "exacerbate anxiety and breathing difficulties." They impair, "the development of human communication and language skills, particularly for very young children."] 

111. ‘It must be part of a master plan’: COVID drugs banned despite their effectiveness 
[Nations across the globe have completely de-emphasised and almost concealed effective coronavirus treatments in their public health approach to the pandemic, says Professor of Medicine Dr Peter McCullough. “There’s literally been nothing [except] for just wearing masks, staying at home, sheltering in place and waiting for a vaccine,” he told Sky News.]

112. COVID: 90% of patients treated with new Israeli drug discharged in 5 days
[An Israeli study shows promise for a drug designed to inhibit the worst part of the disease! If successful this could provide a cheap alternative to the current experimental drugs and vaccines currently being utilized.

113. Dr. Ryan Cole #StoptheMandate
[It is criminal these mandates for our young people. Leave the kids alone, they survived this 100%. We are seeing a 200% increase in heart damage in our young men after this. This damage is scarring the heart, that's long-term! This is unethical, and a violation of morality. This new 'variant is a 'scarient'. This is turning into what all coronaviruses turn into - a common cold. If you want to be a subject in an experiment and think it's going to be a benefit to you. Your body your choice, be fully informed about what your risks are. We shouldn't be coercing people into a shot where one of the potential side effects is DEATH!]

114. Doubling Down on a Failed and Unsafe Human Experiment
[The mandated vaccine agenda continues and is increasing with intensity. Employers have mandated the failing vaccines for their workers who have no desire to take a gamble on vaccines with the worst safety record in history.] 

115. Most Covid patients at Israeli hospital fully vaccinated? What does this mean for
those in Australia?

[Now an Israeli doctor has dropped a bombshell during a television interview. In the interview on August 5 with Israel’s Chanel 13, Dr Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, stated that the majority of coronavirus patients in an Israeli hospital are fully vaccinated, including those with severe disease.

116. Lockdown Created 1 Million New Alcoholics in England
[According to alcohol abuse expert Dr Tony Rao of King’s College London, “The impact of the COVID pandemic on alcohol use has been devastating. The latest data, taken together with the highest number of alcohol-specific deaths on record, is a stark warning for the Government.”]

117. Ask Your CEO These Vaccine Questions - Dr. Ben Edwards with Veritas Medical
[Dr. Ben gives some advice to employees about the current vaccine mandates from employers and urges them to challenge their CEOs.]

118. Authorities “Won’t Hesitate” to go “Door-to-Door” to Perform COVID Tests on Australians
[The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, made the comments during a press conference as Australia continues to pursue a ludicrous ‘zero COVID’ policy that mandates draconian lockdowns in response to just a handful of new cases.] About Infowars

119. Mental Health and the Lockdown
[People who are staying home from work and are unable to socially engage can become susceptible to many mental health problems.]

120. Child Suicides Rising During Lockdown
[Among the many dangers the coronavirus pandemic has brought, parents really need to be on the lookout for one in particular: an increased risk of suicide among young people.]

121. Ivermectin - Proven Successful Treatment of COVID-19 
[Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Leader of Australia's Christian Democratic Party, questions why we are not treating COVID patients with this proven medication.] 

122. Abrien Aguirre - Hawaii - Reporting on Covid19 Fraud Wards
[Board certified occupational therapist who has worked on 3 COVID units exposes the misrepresentation and fraud regarding so-called COVID patients.]

123. COVID Reality: Situation in Australia as of 26 July 2021
[This short video analyses the statistics for COVID by comparing them to the statistics of previous years of influenza. Also, there is some interesting commentary regarding vaccines. Each person can listen to the presentation and make their own decision.]

124. You'll Refuse the Covid Jab After You Hear What These Doctors Have to Say
[While the establishment blasts non-stop vaccine propaganda, several prominent medical doctors have issued dire warnings that it’s not safe for use in humans. The declarations going directly against the pro-vax narrative have prompted social media giants to silence and censor the doctors’ views on Covid-19. Watch these doctors warn about the dangers of the experimental mRNA jabs, which have not yet been approved by the FDA.] About Infowars

125.  Dr. Christiane Northrup gives new details on COVID vaccine shedding and transmission, especially among women
[Interviewed by Mike Adams, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Christiane Northrup talked about the thousands of cases of women having menstrual irregularities and the number of girls bleeding after spending time in the company of people injected with coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. She then mentioned that a Pfizer document for study participants during the development of its mRNA vaccine said no males should impregnate anyone and no females should get pregnant for seven weeks after receiving the shot, so as to avoid contact of any kind with sexual fluids. According to Northrup, that statement on page 67 of the Pfizer document implied that Big Pharma companies knew something about the dangers of having vaccine components being discharged by vaccinated people – a process known as vaccine shedding.]

126.  Perspectives on the Pandemic by Dr. Peter McCullough
[Renowned physician and professor of medicine Dr. Peter McCullough describes early treatment protocols for COVID-19 that have saved countless lives... and the forces that are working together to stop these early treatment protocols.]

127. Families turned away from cemetery as they try to mourn loved ones
[NSW Health says that visiting a grave was 'not a reasonable excuse to leave home' but local residents could still walk through the graveyard for exercise.]

128. Greek Orthodox Parish in Sydney, Australia, set to become a vaccination hub
[During Communist times, the Russian Orthodox Church was forced to give up their monasteries and parishes so that they could be used for inappropriate purposes, including public toilets and cinemas. Now in Australia, here is an example where the Orthodox Church is freely giving up a parish in order to assist the government in their COVID vaccination program, which includes children, even though there is growing evidence that these vaccinations are responsible for a very high rate of sickness and death.]

129. Shameless Australian Government Covid19 Fear Campaign - Advertisement 10-Jul-2021
[Unparalleled levels of control and censorship are being placed  upon Australians and their doctors; and this is also mirrored around the world.  With Governments spending great amounts of peoples’ money on media, why would the mainstream media upset their gravy train and give airtime to doctors whose message is different to the media’s “sponsors”. However, people can get around the censorship to hear what the real Covid19 front line doctors are saying about anti-viral medications and experimental vaccines. These doctors demonstrate how off patent medications can be used in multi-drug protocols as SAFE and effective prophylaxis and early treatment. These doctors see the unprecedented level of adverse effects and deaths from Novel Technology mRNA vaccines that are still in their clinical trial phase.]

130. The Narrative is crumbling. United We Stand. Aus nationwide rally for freedom.
[“It is the greatest experiment that has ever been performed in the history of medicine and it is being performed on human beings. It's just an incredible thought....You have to realise, the number of doctors and scientists who are saying no to all this are more than those who say yes.” Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - virologist]

131. Vaccine Religious Exemption for Orthodox Christians - Practical Supporting Documents

132. Doctor who did early research on COVID vaccine: this is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated
[Dr. Byram Bridle tells the 'Ingraham Angle' that unvaccinated individuals, in substantial numbers, are likely acquiring naturally occurring immunity. So, why the need to get vaccinated and be put at serious risk and even death?]

133. Actress Sally Kirkland After Moderna Vaccine: In My 79 Years, I’ve Never Experienced This Level of Pain
[Immediately after her second Moderna shot, award-winning actress Sally Kirkland knew something was wrong, and five months later, she remains in almost constant pain. Kirkland said that while some doctors have refused to blame the vaccine for her symptoms - despite the symptoms coinciding with the shots - other doctors believe the vaccine is responsible, including three who told her it has attacked the nerve in her brain that causes dizziness, vertigo and joint pain throughout her body.]

134. VAXX Misinformation Leads Kids Directly into Danger, Hospitalization, Death
[Many healthcare workers are coming forward revealing that the majority of extremely ill patients are ‘double-jabbed’ and referred to as ‘fully-vaccinated’. Despite those staff blowing the whistle on the shots being falsely referred to as ‘vaccines’, leaders in America are incessantly pushing every American toward the jab. Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to reveal the CDC data suggesting that children are in extreme danger if they should be vaccinated.

135. Dr. Vernon Coleman: The Most Important Video I Will Ever Make, Please Share it

136. Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History
[Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing - can their vaccines be trusted after this?]

137. The MARTINZ Critical Review: A passionate and informed plea for people to wake up from their COVID induced fear based trance - with Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, Evidence Based Medicine
[Dr. Paul E. Alexander, PhD, expertise and teaching of epidemiology (clinical epidemiology), evidence-based medicine, and research methodology (former Assistant Professor at McMaster University in evidence-based medicine); former COVID Pandemic advisor to WHO-PAHO Washington, DC (2020) and former senior advisor to COVID Pandemic policy in Health and Human Services (HHS) Washington, DC, US government, ect. He speaks on lockdowns, masks, social distancing, asymptomatic spread, testing, delta, early treatment, vaccination in children ect. Dr Alexander says the government’s around the world have partnered with mass media to deny the basic science and have been lying to all of us! He also reiterates that this is not a pandemic and the vaccine push is madness!]

138. Pharmacies Told Not To Distribute Medications That Combat COVID
[Who is behind not wanting people to have access to medication which has been proven to be safe and effective?]

139. Vaccine FAILURE! Dr. Peter McCullough Reveals Data, Damning to Effectiveness Narrative
[Dr. Peter McCullough is a peer-reviewed journal editor, epidemiologist, cardiologist and internist who has been on the forefront of exposure, warning about the safety of the shots being called 'vaccines'. Dr. McCullough joined 'The Stew Peters Show' today, revealing worldwide data and documented occurrences suggesting the 'vaccines' are in complete free-fall failure in terms of effectiveness and safety.]

140. Report: 2 Kids DEAD After 24,000 Children Herded Into Stadium for JAB!
Stew Peters spoke with an Australian ex-military official who confirmed that AT LEAST two children are dead after being inoculated in a mass of 24,000 kids that were ushered into a sports arena to take the jab in the absence of any adults. The horrific Nazi-like ushering of masses of helpless youths is the furtherance of proof that Australia is the prototype for the New World Order.]

141. 15,472 Dead 1.5 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

142. Vilifying the Unvaxxed and Other COVID Deceptions
[Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Meryl Nass, who treat COVID patients, explain the science and statistics showing why fear and persecution of the un-vaxxed are unwarranted and how the vaxxed can infect others, may be the source of new variants, and are contracting COVID themselves in significant numbers while potentially facing dangerous and deadly side-effects from taking the vaccine. The doctors also talk about the suppressed prophylactic, early, and late-phase treatments protocols for COVID that could "crush" the country's COVID curve if they were national policy.]

143. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko & Steve Kirsch on COVID-19, Dr. Fauci, Vaccines & More
- Ask Dr. Drew

[Dr. Zelenko explores the latest studies on hydroxychloroquine and its potential use in treatment of COVID-19 symptoms, despite the efforts of social media platforms to restrict discussion of HCQ and other widely available medications like ivermectin. Steve Kirsch believes that repurposed drugs and early treatment are the fastest and easiest ways to end the pandemic, but fears that the financial priorities of pharma companies are blocking research and discussion of any alternatives to their vaccines. Dr. Zelenko, who received medical degrees from the University at Buffalo School Of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and has practiced medicine for over 20 years, was even banned from Twitter for discussing his methods, despite seeing great success in patients who follow his treatment protocol.]

144. Study: Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Carry 251 Times Viral Load, Pose Threat to Unvaccinated Patients, Co-Workers
[The scientists studied healthcare workers who were unable to leave the hospital for two weeks. The data showed that fully vaccinated workers — about two months after injection with the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (AZD1222) — acquired, carried and presumably transmitted the Delta variant to their vaccinated colleagues.]

145. Nothing to see here! 60% of deaths are COVID vaccines on 30 year-old database

146. SHOCKING: An Australian Gives Real Account of COVID Tyranny

147. Dr. Paul Alexander: “Never put these “vaccines” in your children’s arms”
[Here is a packed and passionate 20 minute interview with Canada's top clinical epidemiologist
Dr. Paul Alexander.]

148. Testimony of a Brave Nurse Who Refuses to be Vaccinated
[Registered Nurse, Katie Kirn, exposes the coercion and harassment that she and other nurses are experiencing because they refuse to be vaccinated.]

149. Dr. Robert Malone Update: After FDA Approved Pfizer Jab Sham as a Vaccine
[The FDA authorized a “vaccine” that DOES NOT currently exist. The FDA, MSM, & Pfizer are ALL coercing the world into believing that the Pfizer jab was FDA approved.]

150. Two Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine
[Buried in the fine print of Monday’s approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine are two critical facts that affect whether the vaccine can be mandated, and whether Pfizer can be held liable for injuries. The FDA appears to be purposefully tricking American citizens into giving up their right to refuse an experimental product.]

151. Parliamentary Debates: Australian House of Representatives
[Australian politician Mr Craig Kelly speaks to the House of Representatives demanding that they debate whether COVID vaccinations are harmful and whether they should be made mandatory.]

152. 20,595 Dead 1.9 Million Injured Reported in European Union's Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID Shots

153. Uncensored: Dr Tess Lawrie, Researcher and consultant to the World Health Organisation
[From the open letter written by Dr. Tess Lawrie to Dr. June Raine, chief executive of the UK’s Medicines and Health Care Regulatory Agency (MHRA) demanding the halt of the mass rollout of COVID vaccines. After discovering a “high number of COVID-19 vaccine-attributed deaths and adverse drug reactions that have been reported via the Yellow Card system”, Dr Lawrie took action at great personal risk.]

154. Uncensored: Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., Molecular Biologist and Toxicologist calls on the CDC to immediately stop COVID vaccine production and distribution
[In April 2021, citing fertility, blood-clotting concerns (coagulopathy), and immune escape, Dr. Lindsay explained to the committee the scientific evidence showing that the coronavirus vaccines are not safe. 
“We simply cannot put these [vaccines] in our children who are at .002% risk for COVID mortality, if infected, or any more of the child-bearing age population without thoroughly investigating this matter. [If we do], we could potentially sterilize an entire generation. Speculation that this will not occur and a few anecdotal reports of pregnancies within the trial are not sufficient proof that this is not impacting on a population-wide scale.”]

155. Japan Suspects Contaminant In Moderna Vaccines Is Metallic, 'Reacts To Magnets'
[The Japanese Ministry of Health announced that around 1.6 million doses of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine have been taken out of use due to contamination in some vials that 'reacts to magnets.']

156. Serious Risks of Harm to Children: Australian MRN - Ros Nealon-Cook
[Australian Mandatory Report of Serious Harm to Children due to Extended Lockdowns]

157. PhD Cellular Biologist: Why Segregate 70% Of African Americans For A Vaccine That Does Not Work?
[Dr. Christina Parks with a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology says that vaccine mandates do not make sense because the vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus. Vaccines are made to a specific variant and when that variant mutates the vaccine no longer recognizes it and you can actually get more severe symptoms, so we are mandating that people get a vaccine that could make people more sick when they are exposed to the virus.]

158. Japanese medical association chairman tells doctors to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID

159. Dr. Peter McCullough: Update on Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

160. 60% of Those Older Than 50 Who Die From COVID Are Double Vaxxed

161. Dr. Peter McCullough on Medical Myths
[Dr. McCullough details 5 points to consider in this interview: The virus does not spread asymptomatically; asymptomatic testing was overreach; natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable; the virus is treatable; vaccines do not have an acceptable safety profile - learn the details before demanding vaccines for employment or education.]

162. Dr Michael Mcdowell: Full Explanation of Sarscov2 Bioweapon Agenda “In Response to the Vaccine”

163. Truth for Health - Parents Forum on Vaccine Mandates 30 August 2021
[An international panel of experts address questions and concerns about the experimental COVID vaccines.]

164. Video: The Story of Ivermectin
[Read a detailed Ivermectin Study]

165. Dr Zelenko Interview with Craig Kelly - How can Australia Get it so Wrong?
[Dr Zelenko explains his treatment protocol and results that should have every Australian demanding answers and accountability for why Australia is enforcing vaccine mandates and blocking early treatments for Covid19.]

166. Trust The Science!! — COVID Vax Narrative Destroyed In 6 Min 32 Sec

167. Israel is now the world's COVID hotspot: Cases soar despite country's trail-blazing vaccine roll-out - sparking fears other highly-vaccinated countries will be hit by another wave due to jabs' waning immunity 

168. The New England Journal of Medicine: Resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Highly Vaccinated Health System Workforce
[UCSD shows vaccine failure within their own healthcare system, however, their conclusions on how to deal with it are more of the same human intervention narrative.]

169. Crisis in America: Millions of Nurses are Resigning or Being Fired Over COVID
Vaccine Mandates

[The Pharma-funded corporate media would like the public to believe that nurses who refuse to be forced to take an experimental shot as a condition for employment are a small minority. But are they? Who else is in the best position to evaluate the effectiveness or harm caused by the COVID shots, if not the nurses who treat those who are vaccinated and in hospital?]

170. Children are not COVID-19 super spreaders: time to go back to school

171. Former Olympic road champion suspects Covid-19 vaccine could explain loss of form
[Greg Van Avermaet suspects being vaccinated against the coronavirus may explain his current poor form, saying that results of recent blood tests “show that something’s not right with my immune system” - more evidence these so called “vaccines” affect young healthy individuals with unintended consequences.]

172. Israel now has more COVID infections per capita than any country in the world, even as “booster shots” are being widely administered there
[Israel had intimidated and coerced its population into having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 78 percent of people 12 years of age and older classified as “fully vaccinated.” The world was reassured that this rate of vaccination was more than enough to ensure individual and “herd immunity.” However, infection rates have skyrocketed across the country since then, and Israel is now logging the world’s highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people. At times, hospitalizations for the “fully vaccinated” have reached upwards of 95 percent.]

173. Top FDA vaccine officials RESIGN to avoid prosecution for crimes against humanity as White House, CDC commit GENOCIDE 
[Two senior Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials who have overseen decades of mass vaccinations resigned earlier this week, citing the astonishing fact that the White House, CDC and UN have conspired to lock the FDA out of vaccine approval decisions, bypassing FDA regulatory authority and pushing vaccines for political reasons that have no scientific basis. Also, the Red Cross has publicly announced that vaccinated individuals are prohibited from donating blood for certain plasma applications because, “the vaccine wipes out those antibodies.”]

174. Dr. Peter McCullough Destroys the Official COVID Narrative In-Studio with Alex Jones
[About Infowars]

175. Health Impact News: Military Members are Dying and Suffering Crippling Effects from COVID Vaccinations
[Several military families are claiming to have been affected by these COVID shots. They range from members in the earlier phases of their careers, to those retired.]

176. Qantas Pilot Speaks Out About Vaccine Mandate

177. 1976 Swine Flu Scandal: The CDC's History of Lying About Vaccine Dangers and Effectiveness
[Back before Big Pharma had total control of the corporate media, there were a few examples of investigative reporting that exposed the corruption in U.S. vaccination programs. This is a report done by Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes in 1979 about the rushed-to-market Swine Flu vaccine of 1976, and shows how the CDC cannot be trusted for truthful vaccine information. Today's experimental mRNA and spike protein vaccines, never before used on humans, are causing much more damage than any flu shot ever has, but Big Pharma is firmly in control of the corporate media now, and you need to turn to the alternative media to find the truth.]

178. Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother’s Pfizer shot, VAERS report says
[The case is the second known account of a breastfeeding baby dying.]

179. Ivermectin Toxicity Reviewed
[A comprehensive review of ivermectin reveals that it is among the safest and most well-tolerated drugs ever introduced to the market.] 
Read a detailed Ivermectin Study.

180. Alex Jones interviews Dr Peter McCullough: News, Reports & Analysis – 6 Sept 2021
[About Infowars]

181. Israel: Highest infection rate in the world
[Israel has been a global pioneer in COVID mass vaccinations as well as in introducing the highly controversial “vaccine passport” (Green Pass). Nevertheless, since late August 2021, Israel has been reporting the highest coronavirus infection rate in the entire world, showing that neither vaccine mandates nor “vaccine passports” are suitable means to limit or end the supposed pandemic.
Despite Record Vaccination Rates Augmented By Booster Program, SARS-CoV-2 Infections Soar In Israel

182. The Great Ivermectin Deworming Hoax
[There are real-world experiences from numerous countries, including Mexico, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and India that adopted Ivermectin and saw their COVID cases evaporate. Unfortunately, there is a media blackout on the use of low-cost Ivermectin to obliterate the Delta variant and instead they try to convince the public that receiving problematic yet profitable vaccines is the answer.] 
Read a detailed Ivermectin Study.

183. COVID Vaccine Dystopia: A Manifesto By Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn
[So many thousands of people worldwide have died from the jabs, probably 100,000 or more based on data from CDC, the European Union, and other nations. But negative vaccine impacts are largely ignored by big media, the public health system, and authoritarian politicians.]

184. Bombshell Exposure: ICU Nurse Says Hospital Set to Deny Care to Unvaccinated!
[Nurse Chelsea Walls has been working with COVID patients from the beginning, and she joined Stew Peters to expose all of the lies we have been told by the criminal 'media'!]

185. Video: Dr. Pierre Kory Exposes Why The Government Refuse to Use Ivermectin As A Treatment For COVID-19
[Read a detailed Ivermectin Study.]

186. Video: Hydroxychloroquine and its friends by Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology Yale University
[Another example of very safe and effective medication used in the treatment of COVID-19 being suppressed.] 
Read: Clinical outcomes of patients with mild COVID-19 following treatment with hydroxychloroquine in an outpatient setting.

187. VAERS COVID Vaccine Data
[The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) reports on serious injuries and deaths due to COVID vaccinations. There has been a massive under reporting of VAERS reporting system - the following 2017 pre-COVID article explains the reason: Why Did the CDC Silence the Million Dollar Harvard Project Charged With Upgrading Our Vaccine Safety Surveillance System?]

188. Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude, mRNA Lesson - Planet Lockdown (full interview) - Children's Health Defense Europe

189. Open letter from a group of Canadian physicians and citizens
[An extract from the letter: “You must recognize and acknowledge the problems our country faces with our media and with our supposed leaders. We are on a dangerous trajectory and we must STOP —NOW! The media’s control of information and the censorship of knowledgeable and experienced physicians, scientists, and lawyers are preventing access to the two sides of the story. The introduction of ‘Fact checkers’—who are wholly owned by Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Media — being paid to censor anyone who does not support the government narrative. The tools of intimidation, coercion, and bribery are being used to divide our society, and all of this is happening right in front of us. Obviously, this type of behaviour is not a reflection of good people with good ideas; to the contrary, it is criminal activity.”]  

190. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Masks, and the Deadly Falsehoods Surrounding Them
[Albert Einstein warned that “Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.” And on his deathbed, he cautioned, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted in important affairs.” With reckless disregard for both of those principles, powerful government officials and big tech executives have corrupted or suppressed the central scientific facts about face masks.]
Video: Masks - The Science with Dr. Lee Merritt

191. Dr. Peter McCullough: “The FDA Is Trying To WARN Us About The Vaccines!”

192. An Interview with World Renowned Immunology Expert Professor Dolores Cahill
[Prof. Cahill presents her perspectives on issues such as the potential risks, short and long term, associated with immunization, including Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE) and prion disease (causes brain damage). Questions associated with the delta variant are then discussed. Also, potential risks for the elderly in aged care facilities are discussed, so are the potential risks for children and young adults – given the particularly low C19 risks for that age group. Throughout the interview, the key role of early outpatient treatment is being stressed.]

193. Early COVID Care Experts: Hope Is Real
[COVID-19 can be treated with safe drugs and nutritional supplements, which work best when used together starting early in the illness, ideally before the patient has been hospitalized. Early treatment has been shown to dramatically reduce symptoms, hospitalization, and mortality. Read about the history, safety and current usage of these medicines, whose efficacy against COVID-19 has been established by numerous randomized and observational controlled trials. Find COVID-expert doctors who are available either in person or by telemedicine to provide expert outpatient, early treatment for COVID patients.]

194. Unexpected and heartbreaking: Thousands flood ABC affiliate's Facebook page with vaccination horror stories
[An ABC news fishing expedition on Facebook took a startling turn over the weekend, after a reporter asked readers to share stories of loved ones who died of COVID after refusing or delaying to get the vaccine. Instead, thousands of readers reported of loved ones who died after vaccination and, even worse, dying from adverse reactions to the vaccine.] 

195. Epidemiologist Dr Paul Alexander Speaks on the Radio With Whirlwind of Information
[Dr Alexander says, Children are not candidates for these vaccines, under any circumstance. They’ve not been safety tested.” He goes on to give statistics and scientific evidence from around the world regarding the ineffectiveness of COVID vaccinations. “You are being vaccinated with a vaccine that will fail. I want you to listen to my words: Will fail. And those doing it, those in public health, the medical doctors know this.”]

196. Former Pfizer VP warns booster shot is an extermination weapon to mass murder human beings
[Dr. Michael Yeadon says, “there’s absolutely NO possible justification” for the manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines and the upcoming onslaught of booster shots. Longstanding, efficacious treatments and traditional Chinese herbal medicine offers a variety of solution for common respiratory infections, but these treatments have been viciously attacked, censored and suppressed across the medical landscape, as the public health gatekeepers restrain doctors and nurses from treating people early and saving lives.

197. Top UK Immunologist Urges Investigation into Menstrual Cycle Changes and COVID Jab after 30,000 Reports
[Dr. Viki Male, an immunologist and reproductive lecturer at Imperial College London, says, “Changes to periods and unexpected vaginal bleeding are not listed, but primary care clinicians and those working in reproductive health are increasingly approached by people who have experienced these events shortly after vaccination.”] About Infowars

198. Open Letter to the NSW Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning
[An extract from the letter: “Pharmaceutical companies have stated that they have NOT done trials that have investigated the effects of this medical intervention on the reproductive organs, or on the carcinogenicity or toxicology, of this injected drug in the human body. This makes the NSW Education Department’s COVID-19 mandatory injection policy, a CLINICAL EXPERIMENT PERFORMED ON ON-SITE SCHOOL STAFF, that is in violation of all medical ethics! All governing education bodies will be complicit in any adverse events or death to employees.”]

199. Dr. Peter McCullough: The Viral Truth, Data, and Coercion
[Dr. Dave sits down with Dr. Peter McCullough to take an extreme deep dive look at the virus, the jab, and much more. They take a look at the current situation and how it has evolved over the past two years as well as what to expect in the future. Simply put, this is need to know information.]

200. Dr Peter McCullough lecture on the State of COVID treatment
[Dr McCullough discusses how most deaths are due to CDC refusing to permit pre-hospital treatment, which would keep most people out of the hospital. He also discusses how the "vaccines" don't prevent infection but do cause major problems.] 

201. Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Satanism’ Powerpoint Slide Presented To Army To Promote Vaccination
[The slide sardonically asks “how many children have been sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine?” before claiming only three people have died from side effects, and then listing the ‘tenets of Satanism’ taken straight from the ‘temple of Satanism’ website. Carlson went on to note how even elite Navy SEALS are being subject to mandates: “To be clear, in case you’re wondering if this is in response to some kind of crisis: We don’t believe a single Navy SEAL has died of COVID. These are some of the healthiest people in the world, the Olympic athletes of the military. Many of them have had the virus and recovered, meaning they have more natural immunity than the vaccine could ever provide.
”] About Infowars

202. Health and Human Services Whistleblower Reveals Federal Government Hiding Vaccine Side Effects Data
[Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse and Health and Human Services insider exposes the government's systematic suppression of adverse effects of vaccines.]

203.The Amazing Uttar Pradesh Turnaround in India—The Success of the Ivermectin-based Home Medicine Kits
[MSN appears to be the first mainstream news source to recognize the amazing feat accomplished by the health agencies in India’s most populous state. The state experienced a massive spike in infections by April, but just two months later, the turnaround was well on its way. This is an amazing accomplishment and heroic public health story demonstrating how organized, proactive testing, early care, and quarantines contributed to overcoming an outright scary Delta variant-based surge from April to May of this year.]

204. Biological and molecular evidence why children are effectively COVID immune and can be considered already vaccinated 
[COVID injections offer children no opportunity for benefit and only potential opportunities for harms. Children must not be vaccinated with these COVID vaccines, the key issue is they are not needed. No public health official has yet made an argument as to why children are to get these vaccines. Moreover, the developers have not followed the vaccines for the proper duration of time and this is very troubling for we thus do not know what the future will hold for recipients.]

205. New Study Shows 1 in 1000 Develop Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccination; Myocarditis and Other Related Heart Conditions Have Increased Death Rate Within 5 Years
[To date, this has been the largest case study that has looked at the correlation between COVID mRNA vaccines and myocarditis symptoms within a month of vaccination. If the results are true, it would actually be more of a risk for anyone under 65 to receive the shot than it would be to contract the virus and recover, especially depending on how young they are. Myocarditis and pericarditis both come with an extremely poor prognosis and end up killing over 50% within 3-10 years of their diagnosis.] Read full research article here.

206. Former HHS Trump COVID Advisor Predicts Mass Child Death
[Before we knew almost anything else about Covid-19, we knew this: Children are virtually immune to it. If they even spread the virus at all, they do so very little. None of our coronavirus interventions need to focus on children. It’s too intrusive and just not worthwhile.]

207. Video: The Testimonies Project: Testimonies after COVID-19 Vaccination
[The Testimonies Project was created to provide a platform for all those who were affected after getting the covid-19 vaccines, and to make sure their voices are heard, since they are not heard in the Israeli media.] 

208. Video: Cathy Zhang interviews Steve Kirsch on vaccine safety

209. Cases Are Down 60% in Denmark Since the Government Lifted All COVID Restrictions

210. Probability and Risk: A comparison of age adjusted all-cause mortality rates in England between vaccinated and unvaccinated
[The UK Government's own data does not support the claims made for vaccine effectiveness/safety.]

211. More Than 726,000 COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS as CDC, FDA Overrule Advisory Committees’ Recommendations on Third Pfizer Shot
[VAERS data released Friday by the CDC included a total of 726,965 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 15,386 deaths and 99,410 serious injuries between 14 Dec 2020 and 17 Sept 2021.]

212. Vaccine Impact: COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths COVER-UP! Nurse Whistleblowers Reveal How They are Pressured to NOT Report Deaths and Injuries to VAERS
[The government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) now lists twice as many deaths following COVID-19 shots for the past 9 months as deaths following ALL vaccines for the past 30 years! Not only is this information from the government’s own database NOT being reported in the pharma-funded corporate media, but nurses and other frontline workers are now coming forward to report that very few deaths and injuries from the COVID-19 shots are actually being reported to VAERS due to tremendous pressure by the pro-vaccine crowd to NOT report them.]

213. Despite 95% Vaccination Rate, Harvard Experiences “Substantial Outbreak” of COVID
[About Infowars]

214. FDA Doc Claims Fen-Phen Cover-Up
[Does this sound like today's situation with COVID-19 vaccines?]

215. Vioxx: The Downfall of a Drug - Merck Removed Vioxx from The Market After a Study Showed it Could Cause Heart Attack and Stroke.
[Does this sound like today's situation with COVID-19 vaccines?]

216. Dr. Suzanne Humphries reveals the truth about vaccination
[A very informative website about all types of vaccines. Dr Humphries writes: “After my experience in the hospital system and thoroughly examining the medical literature, it became obvious that most medical professionals who say ‘vaccination science was settled long ago, and is now laid to rest’ have read almost nothing on vaccination and are just following orders. I know, because that was also formerly true of me.”] We have temporarily disabled this website because it seems to have been hacked. We will reload it when this has been fixed.

217. Beyond Conformity - continuing the work of Dr Robert Reisinger
[A very informative website to help people become more educated about what vaccines there are, why they are promoted, and why people disagree. Dr Robert Reisinger said, “When you personally see the bright eyes of a child, and then see the light go out of those eyes after DPT vaccination (Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus), and then see the child confined, helpless...”]

218. Irish Council for Human Rights: Doctors speak out about mainstream media lies and vaccine failure

219. COVEXIT: Canadian Dr. Ira Bernstein Talks about the Recent Rome Summit & the Related San Juan & CCCA Declarations
[This interview of Dr. Ira Bernstein, from Toronto, Canada, is about the recent International COVID Summit held in Rome, which gathered medical doctors from all over the world to discuss and promote early outpatient treatment. The San Jan (Puerto Rico) Declaration, presented at the summit is also discussed, so is the recent COVID-19 Declaration by the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA).]

220. Nurse Whistleblower: “I'm Watching Them Commit Murder”
[A brave nurse came forward on “The Stew Peters Show”, making eye-popping claims, supported by first-hand eyewitness account of what's being done to mistreat unvaccinated COVID patients in her hospital.]

221. Dr. Zelenko - Forget Class Action Lawsuits, There Will Be Tribunals, What If Cures
Already Exist?

[Dr. Zelenko’s team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in the prehospital setting. Dr. Zelenko developed his now famous “Zelenko Protocol,” which has saved countless lives worldwide. Dr. Zelenko recommended that President Trump take hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Zelenko explains how and why he decided to use HCQ and how he has create success in curing over 7000 patients who had COVID. Cures already exist, and Dr. Zelenko believes that HCQ might even cure the flu and this is why the medical community is pushing back so hard, it would eliminate the flu shot and, as a result, the pharmaceutical companies will lose billions of dollars in profits.]

222. FDA Testimony of Dr. Jessica Rose - More VAERS Death Reports in 2021 than last 10 years combined
[Viral immunologist and molecular biologist, Dr. Jessica Rose, presents data to the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee during their 17 September 2021 meeting to consider approval of COVID-19 vaccine boosters.]

223. 30 Facts You Need To Know: A COVID Cribsheet
[Key facts and sources about COVID, that will help people get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020: “Covid deaths” – Lockdowns – PCR Tests – “asymptomatic infection” – Ventilators – Masks – Vaccines – Deception & Foreknowledge.]

224. Video: Cause of death after COVID-19 vaccination & Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines

225. German Pathologists Provide Autopsy Results of Eight People Who Died from the COVID Vaccine
[According to the latest data released by the CDC, between 14 Dec. 2020, and 10 Sept. 2021, over 14,000 deaths were reported to VAERS. During a recent press conference, pathologists Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter presented the results of the autopsies of eight people who died after COVID-19 vaccination.]

226. The HighWire: Is There a Covid Vaccine / Cancer Connection?
[Multiple sources in The HighWire’s network of Frontline Physicians, have reported an alarming uptick in aggressive cancers post-COVID vaccination. Could there be a link? Pathologist Ryan Cole, MD, discusses the available science and his lab’s findings.]

227. Attorney Thomas Renz “We Got Them. Fact Check This!” All New Whistleblower Info 
[Attorney Thomas Renz releases stunning data from never-before-seen Vaccine Injury/Death Tracking System. That data reveals that 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine. In addition, 28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. The Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.]

228. Unvaxed at Risk from Vaxed in Coming Dark Winter say Medical Analyst Karen Kingston
[She says, “…people who are injected are producing trillions of the disease causing spike protein, and they can infect other people.” One thing is for sure, more and more vaxed people and some unvaxed people are going to get sick, and many will also die from the vaccines forced on the world.]

229. Myocarditis deception - Steve Kirsch, COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund
[This video explains what the real myocarditis rates are based on the VAERS data. The rates are as high as 1 in 318 for 16-year-old boys an elevation of over 1,000 times weekly baseline. The bottom line is that the CDC should have caught this earlier, and it's much worse than they have led people to believe. The vaccines should be halted for kids on this data, but they just look the other way.] 

230. Dr. Zelenko Calls for Bill Gates and Fauci’s Arrest for War Crimes including genocide for pushing deadly experimental mRNA injections on mankind

231. Vaccine Pharmacovigilance and Failure of Early Warning Systems to Limit Death and Disability by Dr Peter McCullough

232. Attorney Thomas Renz reveals DoD data proving COVID vaccines worsen infections and hospitalizations
[Mike Adams of "
Health Ranger Report" reveals a Department of Defense report that destroys the false claims (propaganda) of Biden and Fauci that we are experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated.]

233. Dr. Peter McCullough on Studies That Reveal the Risk of The COVID Shot Versus COVID

234. Denver Police Officer and Father of Four Takes the Jab and Now Cannot Walk

235. Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism & Trusted Treatments vs Untested Novel Therapies
[Peter McCullough, MD, MPH speaks at the 78th Annual Meeting of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) on 2 October 2021.]

236. Blood Doctor Reveals Horrific Findings After Examining Vials - Stew Peters Show
[Dr. Zandre Botha was shocked after studying the blood of “vaccinated” patients that were coming to her with a serious illness after being injected with the shots being called “COVID vaccines”.]

237. Real America: Dan Ball with All Valley Urgent Care Doctor Brian Tyson (4 October 2021)

238. Awake Canada: The whole story of COVID, and our world affairs right now
[This is an important documentary. It is the complete story of how we got here, and the truth behind the media, us, the world leaders, and COVID-19.]

239. Dr. Roger Hodkinson Decimates Canadian Government
[One of Canada's top doctors is boldly speaking out and making the case that the government is completely lying to you, and this would make everything they are doing criminal activity. The "woke" ideologies that have infiltrated our government, universities, corporations, and businesses and have corrupted even the innocent by blocking all rational thinking from them.]

240. Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There’
[Project Veritas released the fifth video in its COVID vaccine investigative series today featuring a sit-down interview with Pfizer insider, Melissa Strickler. She leaked internal emails that show corporate executives telling staff to be secretive about the use of human fetal tissue in laboratory testing of the COVID vaccine. Pfizer’s Chief Scientific Officer, Philip Dormitzer, admits aborted fetus tissue is used in the company’s vaccine program, but that employees should just stick with Pfizer’s polished narrative omitting any mention of aborted fetal tissue to avoid any issues with the public.]

241. Dr. Chris Rake removed from UCLA for being Unvaccinated
[Dr. Christopher Rake, MD, MPH has been an anesthesiologist at UCLA for 15 years with a stellar record. But he drew the line in the sand and said "No" to Dr. Tomas Aragon's arrogant vaccine mandate. His punishment for refusing this assault on his personal bodily autonomy and his freedoms?: he was escorted off the premises of UCLA Westwood Hospital and told not to return.]

242. Orthodox Reflections: An "Orthodox" doctor finally gets exposed for not being concerned that the COVID-19 vaccines are linked to aborted fetal cells
[Irene Polidoulis MD CCFP FCFP writes her thoughts after listening to an Ancient Faith Radio (AFR) Podcast on the Covid-19 vaccines (Part 1), an interview between Fr. John Parker and Dr. Ryan Sampson Nash, who despite identifying as “Orthodox,” did not bring an Orthodox perspective to the podcast. According to Dr. Nash, the use of fetal cell lines in the development and/or testing of the Covid-19 vaccines as a moral dilemma of “small” proportion because “we already live in a world tainted with fetal cell lines.” In other words, because these cells have already been used for several decades in the development and/or testing of other drugs and products, there is no point in resisting taking a Covid-19 vaccine on these grounds. Dr. Polidoulis should be commended for being one of the first doctors to finally expose this
 “Orthodox” doctor who is more like a spokesman for the vaccine companies. But what do you expect when someone loves the praise of men more than the praise of God (John 12:43).]

243. Surgeon, Dr. Lee Merrit on No Child Should Receive The COVID Shot

244. COVIDLAND: The Lockdown – Full Documentary
[On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic under the pretense of a novel coronavirus that they falsely claimed had a death rate of 3.4%. More than 190 member countries of the WHO imposed lockdowns, putting most of the global population under strict martial law. Unscientific lockdowns proved to be a lucrative business model for the global elite, expanding their wealth by $5 trillion dollars. Meanwhile, the World Bank says that as many as 124 million people went into “extreme poverty,” the first time to increase in decades. Were lockdowns justified?]

245. Dr. Mike Yeadon: COVID-19 Lies (Full)
[Dr. Yeadon, former CSO/VP of Allergy and Respiratory Research, Pfizer Inc., says: “I’m afraid I came to the conclusion... literally every single one of central narrative points that the governments, and mine, tells you about this virus and what you should do, they're all lies.”]

246. Stew Peters: Worldwide Call to Stop Vaxx Now! Doctors, Scientists Reveal Findings
[Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to break information about a group of hundreds of global doctors and scientists that have delivered findings to the worldwide media, and have issued a chilling warning!]

247. Los Angeles County Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Vaccine Mandate
[Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has refused to enforce a local vaccine mandate, saying he would risk losing up to 10 per cent of his workforce if he did.]

248. Frontline Doctor claims 100-200 Members of Congress treated with Ivermectin
[Dr. Pierre Kory of Frontline Doctors recently tweeted this — “Between 100-200 United States Congress Members (plus many of their staffers and family members) with COVID.. were treated by a colleague over the past 15 months with ivermectin & the I-MASK+ protocol. None have gone to hospital.”]

249. The COVID shot vs. Alternative Treatment - Audio Interview with Dr. Zelenko
[Recently President Biden mandated that all employers with more than 100 employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine and soon one will be released and mandated for children. Absent from the President's remarks are the numbers detailing those having adverse effects from receiving the vaccines. Dr. Zelenko covers a great deal of vaccine related information from technology concerns to safety and more. For example, he contends that there's a patent that was recently filed and approved for technology that's already in the vaccines. This technology can be used to track location as well as measure internal physiological parameters such as your temperature, heart rate and other factors.]

250. The Vaccine Death Report - Millions Are Dying from The Injections
[The Vaccine Death Report shows all the scientific evidence that millions of innocent people lost their lives and hundreds of millions are suffering crippling side effects, after being injected with the experimental COVID injections. The report exposes the strategic methods used by governments and health agencies to hide 99% of all vaccine injuries and deaths. You will also learn who is really behind all of this, and what their true agenda is.]

251. COVID: The Grand Delusion - Lee Merritt, MD
[Dr. Merritt speaks at the 78th Annual Meeting of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), October 1, 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA. She presents COVID data very clearly.]

252. Merck Asks FDA for Emergency Approval of New COVID Drug Despite Safety Concerns
[Despite warnings from scientists that its new COVID drug could have seriously harmful side effects like causing cancers and birth defects, Merck officially submitted the drug, Molnupiravir, to the FDA for approval.]

253. Scientists Under Attack
[Dozens of researchers have received death threats, or threats of physical or sexual violence, after speaking about COVID-19 in the media.]

254. Exclusive: Dr. Peter McCullough Breaks CDC Bombshell
[The CDC is purposely omitting the real number of COVID-19 vaccine failures in its report because it does not want the public to know the high number of jab-related deaths.]

255. Israeli Ministry of Health deletes thousands of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events testimonies on its website
[This video exposes the cover-up and suppression of important information by government officials in Israel. They are not the only country doing this. Why any country would hide this crucial data in the first place is shocking. Wouldn't they want their citizens to know that the COVID-19 vaccines have a high rate of sickness and death? Are they motivated by money, or is there something more sinister behind it? See, also, item number 207 on this list.]

256. Lockdowns Coincided With Record-Breaking Drug Overdose Fatalities, CDC Data Show
[An astounding 96,000 Americans died from drug overdoses between March 2020 and 2021, the latest figures released by the Centers for Disease Control reveal. That’s a 29.6 percent increase from the previous year. “This has been an incredibly uncertain and stressful time for many people and we are seeing an increase in drug consumption, difficulty in accessing life-saving treatments for substance use disorders, and a tragic rise in overdose deaths,” National Institute on Drug Abuse Director Dr. Nora Volkow said earlier this year.]

257. Opinion: Are vaccine risks worth the cost?
[Clark County Today Administrator, Heidi Wetzler, asks a very important question regarding the global vaccine rollout: “How many vaccine deaths are considered acceptable?” The immense pressure doctors are under to turn a blind eye to adverse events is real.]

258. COVID Whistleblower: Doctors about to quit, pressured to vax themselves, pressured
to lie

[A New York City ICU Nurse has courageously come forward to say that she and many other doctors are being pressured into unsafe vaccines and are ready to quit.]

259. Analysis of US VAERS Vaccine Adverse Reactions Data by Biostatistician Christine Cotton
[French Biostatistician, Christine Cotton, recently began her own research and analysis of the VAERS vaccine adverse effect data, to establish a better understanding of what the real risks of vaccination are and their particular nature and probability.  Shocked by what she discovered, she began to speak out. 
See also the following related article which describes the appropriate guidelines for clinical trials here. Please note that the video and article are both quite technical and may be difficult to understand for those who do not have a medical background.]

260. Who Are These COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics and What Do They Believe?
[The ranks of the so-called vaccine skeptics include a Who’s Who of the world’s leading scientists. Few in the public know of them because they’ve been silenced, censored, and sidelined. Public health authorities may brand them as unscientific COVID kooks, but Doctors McCullough, Bridle, Malone, et al. haven’t been the ones acting as snake oil salesmen, offering instant cures to anyone in the crowd willing to chance their medicine. The hard sell and sweeping claims have been coming from the public health officials, most of whom have far fewer scientific accomplishments, and are far less knowledgeable, than the vaccine skeptics they cavalierly dismiss. ]

261. Israeli physicians, scientists advise FDA of ‘severe concerns’ regarding reliability and legality of official Israeli COVID vaccine data 

262. Dear Pfizer: Leave the ​​Children Alone
[Pfizer plans to go to the FDA to get authorization for vaccination of 5 to 12 year old children based on a study they claim to have completed. This is absolutely reckless, dangerous, based on lack of safety data and poor research methodology, and without any scientific basis. The published evidence is conclusive that the risk of severe illness or death from Covid-19 in children is almost nil (statistical zero) and this evidence has accumulated for well over a year now.]

263. Dr. McCullough: Breaking the Grip of Medical Tyranny 
[There is a new term on the scene of contemporary COVID-19 care, and it is not a good one: “medical tyranny.” This refers to a totalitarian posture taken by doctors, nurses, and hospitals caring for patients with acute COVID-19. The isolation procedure has taken family members and loved ones away from the bedside, and now frightened, ill, and isolated patients through forms of video, try to interact with healthcare providers about their inpatient treatment.]

264. Dr. Simone Gold exposes dangerous lies about pandemic 
[Dr. Simone Gold is the founder of America's Frontline Doctors, a group of physicians and lawyers who expose the life threatening misinformation campaign that is sweeping across the world since the pandemic. Dr. Simone Gold exposes 'incredible lies of incredible proportions'. Dr. Gold also gives critical information about the untested, experimental biological agents that are deceptively marketed as vaccines for COVID-19.]

265. “These Patients Deserve to be Heard” - VAERS Whistleblower 
[Deborah Conrad, a hospitalist physician’s assistant on the frontlines of the pandemic, pulls back the curtain on the complete lack and disregard in her hospital for reporting COVID vaccine injury to VAERS, America’s only mechanism to track the safety of these rushed-to-market, mandated products. In riveting detail, including emails & recorded phone conversations, Conrad exposes the internal push to turn a blind eye to injuries and “tow the company line” that this vaccine is safe.]

266. Emergency Rooms Across America Getting FLOODED With Patients Suffering Acute Organ Failure And Debilitating Symptoms… Media Claims It Has Nothing To Do With COVID Vaccines 
[Even though it is painfully obvious that “fully vaccinated” Americans are getting sick in droves, National Public Radio is chalking it all up to mystery. Most U.S. hospitals, it turns out, were as empty as could be prior to the release of the jabs. It was only after the injections had been widely distributed that hospitals across the country began to get flooded with new patients.]

267. Health Care Workers Speak Out on Why They Would Rather Lose Their Jobs Than Take a COVID-19 Vaccine 
[Despite the COVID-19 vaccines having been promoted as safe and effective by legacy media, many health care workers are refusing to take them, and those who openly speak out about their concerns get censored by Big Tech companies or kicked off their platforms.]

268. West Australian Hospitals Could Face Crisis As Staff Refuse Vaccine Mandate: Nurse 
[According to a Perth midwife, hospitals in Western Australia could soon be forced to shut down or face severe staff shortages as hundreds of health workers have expressed their defiance to vaccination mandates.]

269. Vaccine Mandates Ignore Science, Warns Doctor 
[Dr. Peter McCullough, one of America’s most esteemed doctors and researchers, is angered by COVID-19 response. To ensure patient safety, health agencies have insisted that potential treatments for COVID-19 undergo large, randomised trials for at least two to five years. The vaccines, however, were given a fast track toward public distribution. In just a few months after being manufactured, the shot was plunged into millions of arms around the world. The official story is that these new vaccines have been a resounding success. But the numbers don’t add up.]

270. Ten red flags in the FDA's risk-benefit analysis of Pfizer's Emergency Use Authorisation application to inject American children 5 to 11 with its mRNA product 
[The FDA briefing document is preposterous junk science and it must be withdrawn immediately. See also item numbers 262 and 271 in this list.]

271. Yale News: Children’s immune response more effective against COVID-19 
[Since the earliest days of the COVID-19 outbreak, scientists have observed that children infected with the virus tend to fare much better than adults. See also item numbers 262 and 270 in this list.]

272. Video: The Vaccine is More Dangerous than COVID-19: Dr. Peter McCullough 
[Dr. McCullough says: "We’re seeing strokes. We’re seeing myocarditis. We’re seeing blood clots, and what have you. So, it’s internally consistent."]

273. Public Health Director explains how they inflate the COVID death rate 
[Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health admits that any death is classified as a COVID death if they test positive post mortem.]

274. Early Treatment, Not Vaccine Hubris, Will Protect Kids from COVID 
[Peter McCullough, MD, MPH and Phil Kerpen talk with Laura Ingraham about children and COVID.]

275. Stew Peters Show: FDA Approves Emergency Use For 5-11 Y/O Kids, Panel paid by Pfizer 
[Dr. Jane Ruby expands on the deep ties the so-called FDA “Committee” has to Pfizer. They’re all paid handsomely by the big pharma giant! The FDA and Pfizer are both China-controlled.]

276. Disturbing evidence that media and governments lie to you 
[This video presents e
vidence, whistleblower confessions, and witness testimonies that the media and governments are deceiving you. Mark Van Ranst, a virologist appointed by the Belgian government teaches international leaders how to use media manipulation to fool a country into believing there is a pandemic and how to trick people into desiring a vaccine.]

277. Hawaii Attorney Michael Green Files Class Action Lawsuit Says Vaccine Has Killed
45,000 People

[Michael Green has filed a class action lawsuit at first representing 1,200 first responders against the Governor & Mayor's vaccine mandates, with thousands more expected to join. He says the vaccine is killing people all around the country, that there are effective treatments, and that it is unnecessary to test asymptomatic people because the CDC says that they don't spread the virus. Honolulu Fire Captain Kaimi Pelekai gives an emotional testimony about losing his job because he does not want to put this experimental vaccine that is killing people into his body.]

278. COVID Censorship is a Manifestation of Fear, explains Peter McCullough, MD, MPH 
[Dr. McCullough speaks with Fior Hernandez on Byline Anew, 14 October 2021.]

279. Joint Statement from The American Board Of Family Medicine, American Board Of Internal Medicine, and American Board of Pediatrics On Dissemination of Misinformation by Board Certified Physicians About COVID-19

280. The Federation of State Medical Boards: Spreading COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation May put Medical License at Risk

281. Health Ranger Report with host Mike Adams 
[This website is dedicated to educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal liberty - food freedom, medical freedom, the freedom of speech, etc. It has excellent articles and videos about many aspects of COVID-19 and vaccines.]

282. Dr. Peter McCullough Interviewed by Dr. Brian Ardis 
[Dr. McCullough and Dr. Ardis discuss early treatment, COVID vaccine safety and much more - 20 October 2021]

283. 22 Studies and Reports Raise Doubts About COVID Vaccine Efficacy and Vaccinating Children
[The evidence showing COVID vaccines are not as effective as advertised against the Delta variant exposes the problems with vaccine mandates that are threatening the jobs of millions of people, and raises further doubts about the case for vaccinating children.]

284. FDA Panel Member on Child Vaccines: We Won’t Learn About Safety ‘Until We Start
Giving It’

[A member of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) independent advisory panel said that the safety of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 will remain unknown until after children are already vaccinated. “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it,” said Dr. Eric Rubin during the meeting. “That’s just the way it goes.”]

285. Dr. Peter McCullough on 27 October 2021 in Phoenix AZ 
[Dr. McCullough speaks about vaccine safety, efficacy, and the continued need for early treatment.]

286. Dr. Rochagné Kilian - Blowing the Whistle on Covid-19 Vaccines and D-Dimer Levels 
[Canadian ER physician speaks out about significant increases in strokes, heart attacks, chest pains, kidney failures, etc. after people receive a COVID vaccine. Following this revelation, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario suspended Dr. Kilan’s license to practice medicine.] 

287. London Times reports ‘mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries’  
[British health officials are perplexed by the “big rise in a common and potentially fatal type of heart attack in the west of Scotland”. Canadian physician Dr. Charles Hoffe has warned of damage to blood vessels from mRNA injections resulting in microscopic blood clots. Dr. Hoffe found that 62 percent of patients who had received the COVID jab tested positive for blood clots.]

288. Inflated Reporting of COVID Deaths is a Real Conspiracy 
[Dr. Joseph Mercola analyses the data: In the early months of 2020, many mainstream news media laughingly called concerns that there were more deaths reported from COVID than could be attributed to the disease a “death toll conspiracy” led by “anti-vaxxers.” Yet, a few short months later, data confirmed what many already knew: The number of people who died “from” COVID-19 were not the same as those who died “with” COVID-19.]

289. Archbishop Viganò Writes Stunning Letter on Vaccine Program 
[Archbishop Viganò asserts that vaccines normally go through years of rigorous testing, and that the lack of such a process in the case of COVID-19 jabs represents public health authorities conducting “experimentation on the entire world population.” He goes on to state that the vaccines proving ineffective in preventing people from getting and passing on the virus means they can’t even be called vaccines.]

290. The CDC Suddenly Changes the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination’ 
[Much of the public may not yet know this, but missing from the new CDC definition of vaccine as of 1 September 2021 are these key phrases: “protecting the person from that disease” and “to produce immunity”. The new vaccine definition should reduce public confidence in current COVID vaccines. In fact, these changes reflect what is now known about the limitations of these vaccines. Fully vaccinated people can still get COVID disease and really do not have long lasting effective immunity to it.”]

291. Italian Institute of Health Drastically Reduces Its Official COVID Death Toll Number 
[An Italian newspaper reports that the Institute has revised downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than with COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000. Yes, you read that right. It turns out that 97.1% of deaths attributed to COVID were not due directly to COVID.]

292. People Who Received J&J Jab More Likely To Develop Rare Blood Clots 
[What this new study found was disturbing: a person who received the vaccine was 3.5 times as likely to develop brain blood clots as an average person before the pandemic.]

293. Booster Danger: 10 Times More Potent Than First Shots 
[Dr. Jane Ruby joined "The Stew Peters Show" for the weekly "Ask Dr. Jane" segment. She announced that new findings suggest the booster shots are "10 times more potent" than the first series of shots that are responsible for the death of nearly 20,000 documented on just the VAERS site, which it has been said only represents as little as 1% of the actual adverse events.]

294. We will kill 117 kids to save one child from dying from COVID in the 5 to 11 age range 
[That's according to a risk-benefit analysis done by risk-benefit expert Dr. Toby Rogers. His analysis has been viewed by over 22,000 readers. No mistakes were found. Nothing but praise. This finding is also consistent with scientific peer-reviewed literature.]

295.  Report: 75 European Fully Vaccinated Athletes Have Died or Became Seriously Ill From “Sudden” Heart Attacks In the Past 5 Months 
[A recent German media report has discovered a horrifying statistic for European athletes. Since June 2021, 75 fully vaccinated athletes have suffered “sudden and unexpected” heart attacks. Was this alarming number of heart attacks caused by the mass COVID-19 inoculation rollout? That’s the question raised by the report. See original German post here.]

296. Hospitals in America, Australia And Sweden Are Swamped With People ‘Sicker Than Ever’ — And They Don’t Have COVID 
[Hospitals are reportedly being overwhelmed with patients who are sicker than ever and the media insists that “no one knows why.” What could possibly be causing a surge in blood clots, heart attacks, heart conditions and weakened immune systems?]

297. Are the scientific journals censoring the Science? Part 1: Removal of Myocarditis report
[Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, one of the most cited physicians in the world, an eminent practitioner of internal medicine, a cardiologist and epidemiologist, co-wrote a report with Dr. Jessica Rose, Ph.D., a virologist and epidemiologist in Canada, called ‘A Report on Myocarditis Adverse Events in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in Association with COVID-19 Injectable Biological Products.’ Their report has recently been removed from the website it was published on.]

298.  Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Warning: Vaccine Created Spike Protein is Deadly in the Human Body
[Dr. Peter McCullough issues a warning to the public and exposes corruption behind the growing medical tyranny state. Hospitals are filled to capacity with new mystery illnesses! The vaccines are triggering ADE.]

299. 11 doctors injured by COVID shot go public, urge CDC and FDA to acknowledge
vaccine risks

[Serious effects reported by the physicians, that occurred to themselves or their patients, include small fibre neuropathy, constant shakiness to muscles, paresthesia, tinnitus, balance difficulties, fatigue, menstrual cycle irregularities, hair loss, persistent numbness and tingling in hand, cognitive impairment, and weakness. “A group of very sick and injured people in this country are being treated very poorly and with complete lack of dignity and empathy. It is time for this to stop,” said one physician who was affected by her COVID-19 shot in December.]

300. Physicians and Medical Scientists Hold Summit on Defeating COVID Authoritarianism 
[Expert panel explains how the Biden administration, CDC, and FDA actually ignore the science and data about the deadly COVID vaccine to push their political agenda. Speakers included Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Pierre Kory.]

301. Thousands of medical professionals declare COVID policies “Crimes Against Humanity” 
[More than 5,200 doctors and scientists have signed “The Physicians Declaration,” condemning policymakers for authoritarian approaches of forcing a “one-size-fits-all” COVID treatment strategy which is resulting in “needless illness and death.”] 

302. Opposition to new Biden vaccine mandate explodes as 27 states join fight 
[A total of 27 states so far have filed lawsuits against the Biden administration over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on private businesses of 100 or more employees.]

303. Gal Shalev Interview with Dr. Jessica Rose 
[Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist, speaks about her censored peer-reviewed VAERS paper that she wrote with Dr. Peter McCullough.]

304. Governor Gavin Newsom was out of sight likely because he had Bell's palsy from his booster shot 
[It’s been rumoured that Gavin Newsom, governor of California, was out of sight for nearly 2 weeks since getting his booster on Oct 27 because he developed Bell’s palsy. This can happen within hours after getting his booster, so this makes perfect sense since he disappeared shortly after the shot.]

305. All EUAs Illegal, One Million 5-11 Year Old’s Jabbed in 2 Days 
[Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to detail how all Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) are medically criminal and lack real scientific backing.]

306. 12-Year-Old Child Dies Two Days After Taking Pfizer Vaccine in Germany – Officials Pull Back on Mandatory Shots for Children 

307. French Health Authority Warns Men Under 30 To Avoid Moderna Jab 
[Cases of myocarditis mostly manifest within 7 days of vaccination, typically after the second dose has been given. Most patients who experience side effects are typically men under the age of 30, according to the HAS (French National Authority for Health), which cited research studies.]

308. Study by Experts: Vaccinated Are Spreading COVID-19 
[Staff members at schools in a Michigan township are experiencing negative reactions to COVID-19 booster shots. Because of that, schools were closed on Monday. Not only staff, but also schoolchildren are now getting vaccinated. But one study suggests that might not be necessary.]

309. US court blocks Biden's vaccine mandate for companies 
[A United States appeals court has temporarily blocked President Joe Biden's plans for a vaccine mandate for businesses. The law would require workers at private companies with more than 100 employees to get fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or be tested weekly. The court found "grave statutory and constitutional" issues with the rule.]

310. Hydroxychloroquine: the world has lost the sense of risk and benefit 
The WHO has already given its verdict: it is against prescribing these drugs. However, many scientists around the world, including some with a distinguished history in science, continue to insist that the drug works and that lives are being needlessly lost. This article goes through the clinical studies done in early treatment of COVID-19 and all results are strong and consistent - a 75% reduction in mortality.]

311. Despite Vaccine Passport Schemes, COVID Cases Surging Across Europe 
[New coronavirus cases in Germany topped the 50,000 mark for the first time, with authorities pushing for the imposition of more restrictions on top of the ones that haven’t worked. Many other European countries have also experienced spikes. Since all those countries have relatively high vaccination rates, one can only assume that the new surge is partly due to the waning effectiveness of vaccines.]

312. Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - COVID Vaccine is 'Creating Variants' 
[Prof. Luc Montagnier refers to the vaccine program for the coronavirus as an “unacceptable mistake”. Mass vaccinations are a “scientific error as well as a medical error,” he said. “It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”]

313. Pathogenic Priming in Belgium - 100% ICU Admissions are Vaccinated 
[Dr. Kristiaan Deckers of GZA Hospitals in Belgium says that people believe the hospitals are full of unvaccinated people. However, in early November 2021, he revealed that the ICU patients “are actually all vaccinated.”]

314. How Are These Poor & Overpopulated Nations With Low Vax Numbers Crushing COVID? 
[Researcher and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson recently pointed out that many densely populated nations are seeing lower COVID case numbers than many wealthy Western nations. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia collectively have 2 billion people and essentially no access to advanced COVID vaccines, but they all currently have very low COVID case numbers. Perhaps we’d all be better off if we had just let nature take its course and promoted exercise, a healthy diet and vitamin supplementation.]

315. Fauci’s 5 Felonies Exposed: Congress Must Act: End EUA & Pharma Immunity 
[Dr. Jane Ruby details Dr. Anthony Fauci’s crimes as exposed by Dr. David Martin, laying out 5 specific felonies the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has committed. She calls for an end to emergency use authorizations (EUAs), along with Big Pharma’s blanket immunity.] 

316. Calamitous Suppression of Early COVID-19 Treatment – Dr. Pierre Kory 
[Dr. Pierre Kory says: “Right now, the NIH (National Institutes of Health), says don’t use anything to prevent COVID-19, not even vitamin D that we know is protective, and not even drugs like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine or any of the other drugs that have shown the ability to lessen transmission. They say stay home and wait for you to turn blue, and then come to the hospital. This is absurd, and the people who are dying for lack of early treatment, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, 75% to 80% of people going to the hospital do not need to go if they have been given early treatment.”]

317. Dr. Jessica Rose - website 
[Dr. Jessica Rose is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. She holds degrees in applied mathematics, immunology, computational biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. Her website includes many valuable research articles and videos surrounding
COVID-19, including her most recent paper on VAERS analysis of myocarditis.]

318. Patents Prove SARS-CoV-2 Is A Manufactured Virus - Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola 
[Dr. Mercola talks about David E. Martin, Ph.D. who has been in the business of tracking patent applications and approvals since 1998. Dr. Martin says that there are more than 4,000 patents relating to the SARS coronavirus. In his testimony to ACU, he reviews some of the most pertinent patents, showing SARS-CoV-2 is not a novel coronavirus at all but, rather, a manmade virus that has been in the works for decades.]

319. Parents Increasingly Worried About Being Forced To Vaccinate Young Children As Biden Tightens Mandates 
[When the FDA and CDC (going against the advice of advisors) decided to approve the drug for children 5 to 11 to earlier this month, most American parents got the message: pretty soon, they would need to make a decision. Either submit and vaccinate their child despite the fact that most healthy children have little justification for being vaccinated against COVID, or watch as the public education and other services guaranteed their child by the American laws, and the Constitution, are denied to their children, all because worried parents had concerns about the long-term impact of vaccination.]

320. Emergency Over: All EUAs Illegal, One Million 5-11 Year Old’s Jabbed in 2 Days
[Dr. Jane Ruby speaks about the urgency of removing children from schools because of the new World Health Organisation policy which mandates that regarding immunisation programs, school attendance implies informed consent. Read WHO policy, “Considerations regarding consent in vaccinating children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old” here.]

321. CDC Director: ‘I Think You’re Correct’ About Inflated COVID Death Statistics 
[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director, Dr. Robert Redfield, acknowledged that the number of COVID-19 deaths could be inflated where someone who had the virus actually died from something else, but it was recorded as a COVID death.]

322. A Definitive Guide To Getting A Vaccine Exemption 

323. New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about 
[They missed hundreds of serious adverse events that are more elevated than myocarditis. A new VAERS analysis done by Albert Benavides blows the doors off the "safe and effective" narrative.]

324. CDC Admits It Has No Record of Unvaccinated Person Spreading COVID Post-Recovery 
[A response from the federal government to a lawyer’s 
FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request indicates the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading Covid-19 after recovering from the disease, making a strong case for natural immunity.]

325. Maria Zeee & Whistleblowers - Brave Nurse Janet from Western Australia breaks
the silence!

[Nurse Janet is a Registered Nurse of 40 years from Western Australia. She has recently stopped getting shifts for choosing not to get the vaccine. In this report, Nurse Janet gives us insight into lack of patient care, disregard of adverse reactions, treatment by superiors of staff who raise concerns, the rate of adverse reactions being seen vs. COVID patients, and more.]

326. Whistleblowers Speak on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries 
[Australian whistleblowers speak on mRNA COVID-19 vaccine injuries and gags by regulators. This video was not produced by Australian Medical Professionals Society, but the association vehemently rails against censorship of medical professionals by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and other regulators.

327. Dr. Byram Bridle: “The More Vaccinated the Country, The More Problems They
Are Having...”

[Dr. Bridle says: “More than half the people that have died in this pandemic would be alive today if we had accepted these early treatment strategies [using ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, for example]. That’s the reality. I’ve seen it with every physician who has administered this. They talk about our ICUs being overrun but every physician that I have worked with – and I have worked with many – who have used these effective treatment strategies, they’ve kept their patients out of the ICU. They don’t go to the ICU. They don’t die.”]

328. 21 Studies Showing Vaccine Mandates Aren’t Based on Science 
[Dr. Paul Alexander compiles 21 studies that demonstrate how COVID vaccine mandates provide no overall health benefit to the community and can even be harmful.]

329. Dr. Peter McCullough Calls for Immediate VAXX HALT
[It turns out vaccines don’t work, and nobody actually believes in them. There’s no reasoning, no actual research, no cost-benefit analysis, not a single rational thought from any of the highly-trained and highly-paid professionals. They have made themselves the dictators of our lives. Nobody understands this better than Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist, internist, and epidemiologist, who has been a steadfast advocate for alternative COVID treatments like hydroxychloroquine.]

330. VAERS COVID Vaccine Data Show Surge in Reports of Serious Injuries, as 5-Year-Olds Start Getting Shots 
[The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data on 12 November 2021 which included a total of 18,461 reports of deaths — an increase of 383 over the previous week, and 135,400 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 7,943 compared with the previous week. Please note that VAERS data represents only 1-10% of adverse events.]

331. Dr. Clare Craig: Unusual Heart Disease Statistics and Censorship 
[Dr. Clare Craig, a British diagnostic pathologist, spoke about her personal experience of censorship at #Together’s ‘Can there be Science without Free Speech?’ conference. She first starting speaking out publicly against the official narrative in September 2020. She said, “the data looked like we were over-diagnosing COVID and that the patients who were being called COVID patients in hospital were probably all as a result of false positive test results.”]

332. Fauci, Gates Admit COVID Vaccines Don’t Work as Advertised
[In interviews just days apart, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted COVID vaccines aren’t effective, but both suggested the solution is to give more boosters to more people.]

333. Dr. Mark McDonald – Part 1 – COVID & the United States of Fear
[A Psychiatric Perspective on Vaccination, Mandates & Authoritarianism - in this interview Dr. McDonald discusses the imposition of unnecessary and potentially harmful vaccines to children, the passivity of the health authorities regarding the substantial safety issues associated with the injections, the mandates, the passports and other coercive measures; the implications for families, which can be devastating; and the evolution of our societies towards authoritarianism.]

334. Dr. Mark McDonald – Part 2 – The United States of Fear 
[In this second and last part of our interview, Dr. McDonald comments on a variety of current issues, including asymptomatic testing; the false sense of security given by the vaccines; virtue signalling; critical thinking (demise); home schooling; university education; last year’s Frontline Doctors’ event in Washington, DC; the reactions to Dr. Stella Emmanuel’s speech; medical freedom, and much more.]

335. Biden Work Mandate Halted: Fifth Circuit Court Calls Mandate “Fatally Flawed”
[The Fifth Circuit Court halts the Biden/OSHA vaccine mandate for all companies over 100 employees! Stew Peters sits down with Dr. Jane Ruby to discuss this amazing win for freedom.]

336. COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised - Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  

337. Dr. David E. Martin Drops Shocking COVID-19 News On Canadians! 
[Dr. David Martin reveals shocking news everyone, especially Canadians must demand authorities investigate - potentially treasonous acts and crimes against humanity.]

338. Plea to President Trump: Senior COVID Advisor: Trump Must Denounce Mandates 
[Paul Alexander was a professor of health research at McMaster University in Canada before joining the administration as a health policy advisor. And he’s the one who came up with the COVID response that probably is the best one: Just let COVID spread. Stew sits down with Paul to talk about vaccine mandates and Trump.]

339. Unvaccinated Greeks will need a negative COVID test to access services
[Unvaccinated Greeks will need to show a negative COVID-19 test to access state services, banks, restaurants and retail shops.]

340. Gibraltar Cancels Christmas Despite Entire Population Being Vaccinated 
[Gibraltar has cancelled official Christmas events and urged people to avoid gatherings to combat an “exponential” spike in COVID cases despite its entire adult population being fully vaccinated.]

341. Interview with Brian Tyson, MD, from California – a Pioneer of Outpatient Treatment
for COVID-19 

[In this detailed interview, Dr Tyson explains the story of his involvement in fighting the disease, how leaving his patients without treatment was never an option. Dr Tyson
 expresses his views about clinical trials, vaccines, and the rejection of early treatment by the authorities at the State and federal levels, even when therapeutic results likes his – zero death and just one short hospitalization out of 1 700 patients – should speak for themselves and convince any skeptic.]

342. Vaccine Injury Attorney: FDA Asks Judge to Grant It Until Year 2076 to Release Pfizer Vaccine Data 
[The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.   That is not a typo.   It wants 55 years to produce this information to the public.]

343. Deaths among Children are 44% higher than the 5-year-average since they were offered the Covid-19 Vaccine according to ONS data
[Official data published by the Office for National Statistics proves that deaths among children have increased significantly compared to the five-year-average since they were offered the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.]

344. Emergency of Under-Treatment – Panel of 8 prominent doctors and scientists say earlier treatment is the only way out of health emergency 
[In this video, panelists Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Brian Tyson, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Heather Gessling, D. Brian McDonald, and Dr. John Littell discuss “Kids and covid”, “covid vaccines”, “variants”, and “your immune system”.  They also discus the controversy around Ivermectin and why that drug has not been approved to fight COVID.]

345. Tennis Pro Pat Cash Talks About His Mother's Two Strokes and Heart Attack From
the Vaccine

"Four days of splitting migraines followed by two strokes and a heart attack." The doctors did not report her adverse reaction to the vaccine because they told her no one is listening.]

346. The miracle of the Imperial Valley: Dr. Tyson’s first-person account of COVID-19 
[Dr. Tyson: We are still fighting the fight, and we will continue to do so. I hoped the video would be a tool that other physicians could see and hear. We need everyone to see the success we had. When it was finally posted on YouTube, it was exciting, it started to go viral, and then something happened. It was taken down! Why? Why would you take down a video with the knowledge, research, links, and website where everyone can see what we are doing! Why? I don’t have any reason. I can’t believe that big tech and government controls want to see people die. Why would you take down the message of hope? Why would you take down the message of treatment? Why do you want to continue living in fear when there are clear treatment options now?]

347. Heartbreaking: 7-year-old refused critical medical care over valid mask exemption 
[7-year-old Zander suffered a complete fracture of his shoulder, and his mother is struggling to access adequate treatment because of health-care providers' refusal to accommodate her son's medical mask exemption.]

348. Dr. Richard Amerling Speech at The Faith Health and Hope COVID Summit – 13 Nov 2021
[Dr. Amerling speaks about how evidence based medicine has taken over our health agencies and institutions. He explains how the doctor patient relationship is being destroyed.]

349. NSW Police Officer Belinda Hocroft Wins Court Case Claiming Mandated Vaxxine Is Unlawful and Incorrect

350. COVEXIT: Dr George Fareed – the Outpatient Treatment of C19
[California-based & Harvard graduate Dr George Fareed explains the early treatment protocols he has successfully implemented jointly with Dr Brian Tyson on thousands of patients. Dr Fareed’s invaluable perspectives rely on over 50 years of experience both as a clinical researcher and as a family medicine specialist.]

351. The Vaxxinated Are Dropping Dead in Plain View as Fauci and the Media Admit Total Vax Failure… While Pimping More Booster Shots for the Gullible 
[This is after months of claiming vaccines had “95% effectiveness” and that they were so safe and effective, everyone should be jabbed multiple times. Suddenly that false narrative has collapsed, along with a growing list of soccer players and young sports professionals who are literally dying on sports fields across the globe.]

352. Another major red flag about COVID vaccines and death 
[People appear to die at rates 20 percent or more above normal for weeks after receiving their second COVID vaccine dose, according to data from a huge Swedish study.]

353. Pandemic of the Vaccinated – Official data shows 91% of Covid-19 Deaths have been among the Fully Vaccinated since August; but they want to Lockdown the Unvaccinated 
[The public are being repeatedly lied to by elected officials, unelected advisors, and the mainstream media, with all of them claiming that the world is currently experiencing a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. This could not be further from the truth. But the lie has now been used to justify locking down the unvaccinated in Austria, and locking the unvaccinated out of society in Australia.]

354. Vaccine Expert Warns of COVID Vaccination Catastrophe 
[In an historic interview for The HighWire, host Del Bigtree sits down with Vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., D.V.M., to hear Geert’s dire warning about mass COVID vaccination of children, and the catastrophe which may follow.]

355. Evidence of Children Being Mass Murdered by COVID Jab Can End Emergency Mandate 
[Dr. Jane Ruby joins guest host Stew Peters to break down the current state of the growing out-of-control medical tyranny state.]

356. Could Boosters Backfire?—Dr. Paul Alexander on Booster Shots, Natural Immunity, and the Failures of Lockdowns: Part One
[“We do not know how the immune system is going to react to so much boosting. Why? Because the vaccine developers did not study it.” Paul Alexander, an expert in evidence-based medicine, research methodology, and clinical epidemiology breaks down the extensive data on natural immunity, the failures of lockdown policies, and the risks associated with COVID vaccines for children. He says, “If you say these vaccines are safe for my children, if you stand by them … remove the liability protection [for vaccine developers]. Then we will talk about vaccinating children.”]

357. Reap what you sow? Doctors dropping like flies in deaths described as “died unexpectedly” and “died suddenly” since mid-October
[Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences. We all know that. But you can literally search keywords like “died suddenly” and “died unexpectedly” in Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. and find endless stories like the following. Booster shots commenced on September 22. That could also be a coincidence. But all of the doctors in this article died on October 13 or later. The youngest is 32. The oldest is 59.]

358. Dr. Zelenko Exposes How Dr Rick Bright's Very Bad Move Sabotaged Early COVID Treatment Killing Masses

359. The Deadliest Shots in Medical History – Dr. Mercola & Steven Kirsch 
[In this interview, Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, reviews some of the COVID jab data he’s presented to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during various meetings.]

360. Why aren't healthcare workers speaking out about the catastrophe caused by
the vaccines?
[Everyone thinks that if the jabs were really dangerous, doctors and other healthcare workers would be speaking out about it. They are wrong. This article gives the four main reasons they do not speak out.]

361. Nurse Sounds Alarm On Heinous Medical Malpractice: Immediate Intubation, Remdesivir Killed COVID Patients
[A nurse who has worked in the intensive care unit for over two decades is blowing the whistle on the disturbing malpractice she has witnessed and was subjected to in a hospital’s intensive care unit throughout the coronavirus pandemic. “A major part of why people were dying from COVID is because they were putting people on Remdesivir and intubating them. The only drug they were giving people is Remdesivir – and we still are. Remdesivir costs $5,000 a bag and it doesn’t do anything. It can shut your organs down. A lot of the COVID patients treated with Remdesivir end up on dialysis,” she said.]

362. ‘Healthy’ mum-of-two, 51, died from blood clot ‘likely’ to have been caused by ‘very rare’ vaccine side-effect 
[Michelle Barlow began suffering headaches and nausea about a week after receiving her first dose of the jab.]

363. Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps
[The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to a quarantine camp located in Darwin, after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community of Binjari. The move comes after hard lockdowns were instituted in the communities of both Binjari and nearby Rockhole.]

364. Dr Vernon Coleman: Finally! Medical Proof the COVID Jab is “Murder” 

365. Dr. Paul Alexander on the Politicization of Science and Why Healthy Children Shouldn’t Get the COVID Vaccine: Part Two 
[Dr. Alexander reflects on his time in the Trump administration and the backlash he faced after he opposed school closures and advocated for early outpatient treatment. And he breaks down why he believes mandating COVID-19 vaccines for children is unethical, unscientific, and dangerous.]

366. Here Come the Tattoo Marks – Scientists Want to Stamp Children With Invisible Ink to Prove They’ve Been Vaxxinated
[The microchip, which can be implanted directly into the skin, was designed with special invisible dye that can be picked up with a special mobile phone filter. That dye is not visible to the naked eye.]

367. Aboriginals Hunted by Military, Kids Jabbed by Force – Stew Peters Airs Disturbing Video 
[Stew Peters shows a video of a tribe begging for help, and challenged “influencers”, professional athletes, celebrities, and lawmakers to act, IMMEDIATELY to save Aboriginals from tyranny.]

368. Crisis in Slovenia: Whistleblower Nurse Says Politicians Receive Saline Instead of
mRNA Jab

[A crisis has hit the eastern European country of Slovenia, with a whistleblower nurse telling the public that politicians and other high ranking citizens receive saline instead of the mRNA experimental medication.]

369. Vaccine Scandal in Slovenia – Bottles Have Code #’s for Placebo, Vax, or Kill Shot 
[Chief Nurse of the University Medical Centre, Ljubljana Clinical Centre, who deals with the administration of vaccine vials and manages everything, quit her job, went in front of TV cameras and took out vaccine bottles. She showed the codes on the bottles, each with the final number 1, 2, or 3 and then explained the meaning of these numbers...]

370. Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain
public trust

[‘We probably would have had a 95% refusal rate’ for these shots two years ago, but the pandemic and marketing of the injections as ‘vaccines’ has made them popular with the public, said Stefan Oelrich, president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division.]

371. Canadian Doctors Say Government Data Point to Spike in COVID Cases after Jab, Suppressed Immune System 
[Physicians from the Canadian province of Alberta claim their government’s data show COVID jabs cause short-term jumps in cases counts, deaths, and hospitalizations possibly because the “vaccine is causing immunosuppression.” Dr. Chris Gordillo said, “I’ve seen strokes, I’ve seen Bell’s palsy, I’ve seen a heart attack, blood clots, I’ve seen breathing disorders where people just cannot breathe after they’ve had these vaccines.”]

372. Former Pro Calls For "Investigation" After Another Soccer Player Suddenly Collapses 
[Sheffield United midfielder John Fleck fell to the ground during his team’s game at Reading and had to be taken off on a stretcher. The player becomes yet another unfortunate addition to a lengthy list of footballers and other top athletes who have suddenly collapsed on the field of play in recent months.]

373. Brandy Vaughan Died in 2020 Trying to Get This Out to the World – Hear Her Words 
[Brandy Vaughan died at age 44 of natural causes on 7 December 2020, was a former pharmaceutical representative who would start two organisations highly critical of Big Pharma and the mandatory vaccination of school-aged children as a requirement to attend school.]

374. NIH Chief Wants Online ‘Misinformation’ Spreaders ‘Brought to Justice’ 
[Francis Collins, the outgoing director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), wants those who contradict his wisdom to be punished. He finds it appalling that “somebody’s Facebook post carries as much weight as a statement from the director of the CDC about what is the truth of a public health crisis.”]

375. Interview: Dr. Byram Bridle, leading viral immunologist and vaccinologist on COVID-19 vaccines — Tamara Ugolini | Rebel News 
[In this interview with Dr. Bridle, they discuss his concerns surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and his experiences as a leading researcher fighting against scientific and medical censorship.]

376. Are We Overreacting to Omicron? - Dr. Paul Alexander
[The WHO has said that the Omicron variant can spread more quickly than other variants. Likely true. The virus is behaving just like how viruses behave. The nations that have ended lockdowns are likely to move past this new variant scare, and be fine. This is more of an overreaction by the WHO and governments and much ado about nothing.]

377. French top infectiologist calls for lockdown for all vaccinated
[The well-known French infectiologist Professor Christian Perronne explains: Vaccinated, not unvaccinated, are the real danger - drugs are the much more effective approach.]

378. 45% of deaths after COVID vaccination happen in the first 2 weeks 
[Steve Kirsch reports: Peter Schirmacher, one of the world’s top pathologists, said that 30% to 40% of people who died within 2 weeks after vaccination died were killed by the vaccine. His results were replicated by other German pathologists (since no US pathologist would dare accuse the vaccine of causing death or they would be immediately fired).]

379. Medical Professionals Say “No” to COVID Vaccine
[The Thomas More Society is representing a group of medical professionals who don’t want to take the vaccine. Senior counsel, Stephen Crampton, explains their position and the legal ramifications of vaccine mandates on people who have religious objections.]

380. New Variant Appears Two Weeks After Big Pharma Readies New Variant Vaccine 
[Big Pharma receiving Emergency Use Approval for new variant just weeks before it emerged proves this is a systematic corporate program to enslave society.]

381. Omicron variant has given politicians the ‘excuse’ they wanted  
[Sky News host Chris Kenny says politics and theatre “trump science and medical advice” amid the emergence of the new Omicron variant. “There is a sickness sweeping the nation, and it is not Omicron; it’s political overreach.”]

382. Natural Immunity is Robust, Complete, and Durable 
[No severe second infections have been confirmed, Dr. McCullough tells Laura Ingraham on November 30, 2021]

383. Oxford Professor: Official Data Shows Face Masks “Made No Meaningful Difference” to Infection Rates 
[University of Oxford Professor Jim Naismith asserts that despite England dropping its mask mandate in July and Scotland keeping its rules in force, official data shows this “has made no meaningful difference” to infection rates.]

384. Dr. Jessica Rose presents at the Women's Health Conference about the dangers of mass vaccinating our children 

385. At Least Three Children Die, 120 Hospitalized by Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine in Vietnam

386. Ten Omicron ‘Variant’ Predictions For 2022 and Beyond: Globalist Authoritarian
Playbook Revealed
[The omicron “variant” media hysteria is pure fiction. It’s nothing but a 1984-style Orwellian psychological terrorism operation that has been engineered to keep the populations of the world enslaved and obedient while terrorist governments carry out their global depopulation / genocide programs.]

387. Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin 
[An elderly COVID-19 patient has recovered after a court order allowed him to be treated with ivermectin, despite objections from the hospital in which he was staying, according to the family’s attorney.]

388. Court Orders FDA To Comply With FOIA and Release Information On Pfizer Vaccine – First Batch of Documents Shows Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths WITHIN FIRST 90 DAYS 
[The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the first batch of documents related to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine after a federal judge ordered that they must comply with a massive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was filed by a government accountability group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.]

389. Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services Will NOT Enforce Biden’s Vaccine Mandate 
[Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency responsible for administering the government healthcare programs, has issued a memo suspending their enforcement of Joe Biden’s costly and controversial vaccine mandate.]

390. The only fight you should have, is the fight for your health 
[Geert Vanden Bossche sends a message to people of Austria during the rally held in Vienna on 20 November 2021.]

391. COVID-19 Masks: How Effective and How Safe?

392. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Supporting the rights of workers against the mandatory Digital Certificate - press conference 
[Four Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) raise their voices against the 'digital certificate' vaccination identification scheme, and warn of its coming spread throughout all Europe.  They call Europeans to join them in a courageous stand against the true tyranny the digital certificates represent, and show how the certificates are a means of political oppression rather than a scientifically valid health measure.]

393. “Sudden Deaths” of Children Under the Age of 12 Start Surfacing After COVID-19 Shots Approved for This Age Group 

394. Jabbed Athletes Dropping Dead: Elite Athletes at Peak Condition Collapsing 
[One by one, elite athletes at the peak of physical condition are collapsing on the field. Some are literally dropping dead due to heart problems. Dr. Peter McCullough says it is no coincidence.]

395. Tucker Carlson: What Really Happened in Wuhan (EXCLUSIVE) 
[Fox News host Tucker Carlson sits down with Sky News Australia’s Sharri Markson to discuss What Really Happened in Wuhan, the culmination of  Ms Markson’s investigation into the origins of COVID-19. Mr Carlson discusses issues with decisions made by Dr Anthony Fauci and his role in funding controversial research in Wuhan, where the disease was first discovered.]

396. Spanish Investigation Finds Vaccine Passports Have No Impact on Infection Rates 
[Looking at how the scheme has been implemented in other European countries, the experts found that mandating people show proof of vaccination to enter venues like bars, restaurants and cinemas “is not reducing levels of transmission.”]

397. UK surgeon remains suspended a year after saying governments are using COVID to control people 
[Mohammad Iqbal Adil, a Pakistan-born British doctor, has worked in the NHS for almost three decades. An interim orders tribunal suspended him for a year because of videos he posted on social media.]

398. Children Offered Secret Ride to Vaccination Clinic 
[Canadian vaccine advocates have sparked online controversy and reportedly faced threats, after offering to give teens whose parents are against inoculation for Covid-19 a ride to a vaccination site.]

399. 140 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted 
[Dr. Paul Alexander: We should not force COVID vaccines on anyone when the evidence shows that naturally acquired immunity is equal to or more robust and superior to existing vaccines. Instead, we should respect the right of the bodily integrity of individuals to decide for themselves.]

400. An Excellent Summary of 15 Doctors, Scientists and Whistleblowers on the COVID-19 Vaccines
[When viewing videos, we often come across some excellent points that we would like to remember. Unfortunately, it is often impractical to pause the video and write these points down. In this section we have gone through many excellent videos and made available some of the most valuable information contained in each.]

401. Dr. Thomas Binder - The prevailing corona nonsense narrative 

402. Mass Vaccination in the Middle of Pandemic Underestimates Evolutionary Capacity of SARS-CoV2 to Evolve 
[Paul Elias Alexander, MHSc, MSc, PhD, Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD: emerging evidence that the Omicron variant is very mild, even milder than the mild Delta variant, with much lower transmissibility.]

403. COVID-19 a Pandemic of Fear ‘Manufactured’ by Authorities: Yale Epidemiologist 
[Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health said, “Overall, I’d say that we’ve had a pandemic of fear. And fear has affected almost everybody, whereas the infection has affected relatively few. However, the fear was manufactured for everybody.”]

404. Twitter Labels American Heart Association Site Link ‘Unsafe’ After Vax-Warning Study: Report 
[The American Heart Association published a study abstract in one of its medical journals, Circulation, warning that COVID-19 vaccines “dramatically increase” the risk of heart inflammation. Twitter reportedly warned users who tried to click a link to AHA’s journals that “the destination website may be ‘unsafe.’”]

405. Irish Independent politician Catherine Connolly criticises Government's 'moronic' response to COVID-19 pandemic

406. Tennis champ Novak Djokovic likely to skip Australian Open due to vax mandate
[Novak Djokovic said, ‘Personally I am opposed to vaccination and I wouldn’t want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine in order to be able to travel.’]

407. Medical exemption could allow tennis player Novak Djokovic avoid hotel quarantine and play in the Australian Open 
[Tennis Australia refused to comment on whether Djokovic would play in the Australian Open, repeating earlier messages saying all players needed to be vaccinated or provide a valid medical exemption before they could compete.]

408. Trump: Top Pfizer Salesman, Trump Continues to Push Jab Despite Horrific Death Toll 
[These vaccines were rushed out as quickly as possible, and Donald Trump played a central role in getting them rushed out. People don’t trust this vaccine because they have seen with their own eyes that the vaccine is hurting people. 
Stew Peters speaks to Dr. Paul Alexander about this.]

409. Explosion in New Heart Conditions Explained as “Post Pandemic Stress Disorder” 
[Experts in the UK say that an explosion in new heart illnesses in younger patients can be explained by a new condition called “post-pandemic stress disorder.”]

410. AstraZeneca uncovers what's triggering blood clots after its jab: Vaccine acts like a magnet and attracts platelets which body mistakes for a threat and attacks 
[Scientists found the virus used in the jab attracts a protein in the blood, called platelet factor 4, like a magnet. In a case of ‘mistaken identity’ the body’s immune system then attacks this cluster, triggering the blood clots.]

411. COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Risk Was Known, Ignored & Buried – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi 
[Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a Thai-German microbiologist, discusses mRNA vaccines, blood clots and Cerebral Venous Thrombosis. He warned about the vaccine side-effects months before the roll-out and appears to have been proven correct.]

412. Health Minister Questioned About “Explosion in Stillbirths” Among Fully Vaccinated Mothers 
[A Canadian member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament, confronted Ontario’s Minister of Health (MOH) about the supposed sharp rise in stillbirths being recorded in fully vaccinated women. Doctors said it was fine for expecting mothers to take the experimental vaccines, and in the city of Waterloo, there was said to be a 21x increase in stillbirths compared to an average of six per year.]

413. Must We Segregate the Unvaccinated from the Vaccinated?
[Dr. Paul Alexander: Governments around the world have encouraged and enforced a new form of segregation based on vaccine status. This is not only dangerously inhumane; there is no scientific basis for this.]

414. Before your child is injected, watch Dr. Robert Malone’s statement on child COVID vaccinations
[Before you vaccinate your child, which is irreversible and potentially permanently damaging, find out why 15,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world signed a declaration publicly declaring that healthy children should NOT be vaccinated for COVID-19. On behalf of these MDs and PhDs, Dr. Robert Malone, who has devoted his career to vaccine development, provides parents a clear statement outlining the scientific facts behind this decision.]

415. 4th Child Died in Vietnam Due to ‘Overreaction’ from Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA-based
COVID-19 Vaccine

416. Pathogenic Priming in Belgium - 100% ICU Admissions are Vaccinated 
[Belgian Doctor Gives Most Recent Statistics.] 

417. COVID/vaccine discussion: Dr. Peter McCullough with the legendary Joe Rogan
[Joe Rogan is the most popular podcaster in the US and, likely, the world. Dr. Robles, a major advisor of our Videos & Articles: Section Two, believes that this is one of the best interviews Dr. Peter McCullough has done – highly recommended!]

418. A Message to the UK Government and the BBC – Professor Sucharit Bhakdi
[Dr. Bhakdi: “You are now witnessing the greatest crime that England has ever committed in its history.”]

419. NIH Claimed Joint Ownership of Moderna mRNA Vaccine, Began Development WEEKS Ahead of Pandemic 
[Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, radio host Glenn Beck broke down astonishing revelations, claiming key members of the federal government quietly entered into a joint ownership of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine just as the pandemic was ready to hit the US.]

420. High-vaxxed Vermont releases numbers... and we have questions 
[87% of the state has 1+ shots but 95 vaxxed deaths is raising eyebrows.]

421. Planet Lockdown Interview Series 
[An excellent series of interviews covering the information needed to understand where we are today. People interviewed include: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and many more.]

422. Ask Dr. Jane: Expired Bioweapons, Phony, PCR Tests, Blood Clots 
[Dr. Jane Ruby answers questions about things like fake PCR Tests and even more blood clotting!]

423. Big Pharma, Gates, Fauci, UK officials accused of crimes against humanity in complaint to International court 
[Activists are charging UK officials and the world’s most powerful health figures with genocide, citing a range of statistics on the effects of COVID “vaccines” and policies.]

424. CDC Data – Fentanyl Overdoses Now Kill More Americans Aged 18-45 Than COVID, Cancer, Car Accidents & Suicide 
[As the media and many people live in constant fear of COVID-19, a more deadly emergency is being relatively ignored. According to the latest data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 79,000 Americans aged 18-45 died from fentanyl overdoses between 2020 and 2021. In comparison, an estimated 53,000 Americans died with COVID between Jan. 1, 2020, and Dec. 15, 2021.]

425. Child-Saving Doctor Targeted: Medical Establishment Aims to Destroy Dissident MD
[Dr. Paul Thomas has treated more than ten thousand children over the past three decades and has also raised nine children of his own. He’s published two books as well, but now the authorities are looking to end his career permanently because of his opposition to vaccinations.]

426. U.S. CDC advisers to weigh limits on J&J vaccine due to blood clot issues  

427. Pfizer's History of Fraud, Corruption, and Using Nigerian Children as 'Human Guinea Pigs' 
[One of the most significant cultural transformations of the last two years has been the newfound glorification of the pharmaceutical industry. An industry plagued by decades of fraud, corruption, and criminality managed to quickly rebrand itself as the savior of humanity during the covid-19 crisis.]

428. Fentanyl overtakes COVID-19 as leading cause of death for adults between 18 and 45 
[It is widely known that illicit fentanyl is driving the massive spike in drug-related deaths. A new approach to this catastrophe is needed.]

429. Biden’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19 
[As exposed in audio recordings, hospital executives in Arizona admitted meeting several times a week to lower standards of care, with coordinated restrictions on visitation rights. Most COVID-19 patients’ families are deliberately kept in the dark about what is really being done to their loved ones.]

430. Forty-one telltale signs COVID is a bioweapon operation 
[Abundant circumstantial evidence points to the COVID pandemic being part of an ethnic bioweapon operation whose apparent aims are death, disability, submission to irrational orders, coerced vaccination, travel restrictions, supply chain disruptions, asset stripping, and vaccine passports using social credit scores to control and harm select persons and groups. This article gives 41 signs showing this is happening.]

431. Dr. Peter McCullough: Myocarditis from COVID vs Myocarditis from the Vaccine

432. How these so called "Experts" push fear: Cardiac Complications in Young People 
[Dr. Peter McCullough speaks on the The Ingraham Angle]

433. More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms 
[Dr. Paul Alexander writes, "It is not unreasonable to conclude that surgical and cloth masks, used as they currently are being used (without other forms of PPE protection), have no impact on controlling the transmission of Covid-19 virus. Current evidence implies that face masks can be actually harmful. The body of evidence indicates that face masks are largely ineffective."]

434. Covidland - Episode 2: The Mask - Infowars Series 
[This second episode of the Covidland series, The Mask, uncovers the real science behind face coverings and explores the physical and mental health impacts of facemasks.]

435. UK Legal Team Applies to Have Vaccines Withdrawn Immediately 
[Dr. Sam White writes: “These injections are unsafe, still in clinical trial, and should be withdrawn immediately. Your failure to investigate known concerns amounts to gross negligence in office and renders you and the executive board liable for serious misconduct in office, mal or misfeasance in public office and, or, rendering all the office holders potentially liable for corporate manslaughter in that you have been wilfully blind to the known harms of the SARS-CoV-2 injections. You have taken no action. You have a lawful duty to protect the public, and you have wilfully failed in that duty.”]

436. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Confirms Jab is Deadly: Pfizer, FDA Caught Hiding Bioweapon Deaths 
[Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, a professional organisation of scientists and doctors, recently filed a FOIA request for the data used by the Food and Drug Administration to justify authorising the Covid-19 vaccines. Dr. Jane Ruby speaks to Stew Peters about the hidden injuries and deaths.]

437. Major Norwegian Study Finds COVID-19 Vaccines Interfere With Young Women’s Periods 
[The Norwegian study recorded a plethora of menstrual disorders after intake of various COVID-19 vaccines, including heavy or prolonged bleeding, irregular intervals, or extra pain.]

438. Swiss Policy Research: COVID Vaccine Adverse Events 
[This article gives an overview of severe COVID vaccine adverse events such as neurological disorders, miscarriages, birth defects, heart inflammation, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, severe skin reactions, blindness, shingles, anaphylactic shock, and more.]

439. New Zealand says 26-year-old plumber’s death ‘probably’ caused by Pfizer vaccine 
[A medical panel has concluded that the 26-year-old plumber’s death from myocarditis two weeks after his Pfizer shot was “probably” caused by the vaccine.] 

440. FDA Releases More Data On “Adverse Reactions” To Pfizer Vaccine 
[As the FDA prepares to approve Pfizer’s new pill for treating high-risk patients infected with COVID, more information about dangerous side effects tied to its vaccine are coming to light. Documents released by the FDA reveal that drugmaker Pfizer recorded nearly 160K adverse reactions to its COVID vaccine in the initial months of its rollout.]

441. A struggling system: Understanding the health care impacts of the pandemic 

442. It is OVER! COVID is done! 
[Dr. Paul Alexander writes: 
Omicron is less than a common cold, non-lethal, and ER physicians are sharing that it is very mild for the elderly, symptoms for a few hours, less than a day usually, no treatment needed; NO BOOSTER!]

443. NY Gov DROPS COVID Vax Requirement for Transportation Workers Citing Crew Shortages 

444. 75 Studies and Articles Against COVID-19 School Closures 
[Children are at very low risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 disease except in very rare circumstances; children do not drive COVID-19 as they do seasonal influenza. These lockdown and school closure policies caused (and are still causing) serious harm with long term consequences. Governments caused the death of many children due to the lockdowns and school closures.]

445. Pathology Results Show 93% of People Who Died After Being Vaccinated Were Killed By the Vaccine 
[Autopsies of those who died within 6 months of taking injection reveal post-inoculation adverse effects are not rare events (as reported by the media-gov't), but are in actuality frequent events.]

446. The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity - article and excellent video 
[Dr. Mark Bailey and Dr. John Bevan-Smith have just published a bombshell paper “The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity”. They cover everything behind the fraud - including the players, the PCR, the virology, the modelling and more.]

447. Hospitals Beg Fired Unvaccinated Nurses To Come Back to Work Amid Staff Shortages 
[This is just the beginning! The same thing will happen for many other jobs. People need to refuse vaccination even if it means losing their jobs, and just have a break until everything begins to crumble and people are begged to return to work.]

448. On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination 
[This text is a written summary of Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s and Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s presentations at the Doctors for COVID Ethics symposium. It covers topics such as: Why the vaccines cannot protect against infection; and The vaccines can trigger self-destruction.]

449. Over 60% of Unvaccinated Americans Have No Plans of Ever Getting COVID Shot, Poll Finds 

450. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: Organs of Dead Vaccinated Proves Auto Immune Attack 
[Dr. Bhakdi is a renowned German microbiologist, an award-winning researcher with over 300 published articles on immunology, bacteriology, virology and parasitology. He, together with his colleague, a pathologist, have confirmed that, in many cases where people have died after receiving the Covid-19 vaccination and it was not attributed to its adverse effects, in almost all cases they actually DID die as a result of the vaccine.  He says, “All gene-based vaccines, independent of manufacturers, produce the same result. Further, the COVID-19 vaccines, regardless of manufacturer, destroy a very important part of the immune system.]

451. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Tech, Banned by Twitter For Exposing Risks of Covid-19 Vaccines 
[Given Dr. Malone’s status as the architect of mRNA vaccines and his public credibility, it’s likely he was silenced because the ongoing vaccine push is political, not scientific. Otherwise the government would be listening to experts like Dr. Malone.]

452. Three-Year-Old Girl Dies From Heart Attack One Day After Receiving COVID Injection

453. “This Is a Test of Wills,” says Dr. McCullough – Must See COVID PowerPoint
[Dr. Peter McCullough joins Alex Jones live in studio to give his powerful presentation on the COVID virus, its mutations, and the mRNA gene therapy/viral vector injections. Dr. McCullough says, “No one who values their health should ever commit the body to a series of a multi-year injection of genetic therapies.”]

454. Video: After Two Years, CDC Head Admits PCR Tests Produce False Positives
[CDC head Rochelle Walensky admitted that the agency has rejigged its guidance, including cutting COVID isolation times in half, based on the fact that PCR tests are producing massive amounts of false positives. Yet the guidance for quarantining and CDC’s case numbers was based on them all this time.] 

455. COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions When Used With Many Common Meds: FDA 
[Pfizer’s antiviral oral drug, Paxlovid, developed to treat COVID-19 can cause severe or life-threatening effects when used with common medications including some anti-coagulants, some anti-depressants, and some cholesterol-lowering statins, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Yet the FDA on Dec. 22 granted emergency use authorization (EUA) to Pfizer’s COVID-19 treatment pill, Paxlovid, as treatment for mild-to-moderate cases of COVID-19 in patients from 12 years of age.]

456. Dr. Robert Malone Joins Joe Rogan Podcast
[Groundbreaking interview set to rattle the entire establishment.]

457. Dr. Robert Malone Interview with Kristi Leigh After Being Banned By Twitter

458. Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64 
[According to Scott Davison, head of the $100 billion insurance company, the majority of deaths being filed are not classified as due to Covid-19. He says: “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic.” He says they have also seen an increase in disability claims - at first short-term, and now long-term.]

459. Video: CDC Appears To Test Common Cold Virus As COVID-19 
[Man says his brother tested positive for a “mild” form of COVID that “wasn't Omicron”, but Coronavirus 229E - the common cold. CDC may be violating its own rules, which state: “...common human coronaviruses should not be confused with” COVID-19.]

460. Karen Kingston Bombshell Revelations - Never-ending Vaccines, Tracking Devices in Vaccines & Artificial Intelligence
[Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee and Biotech Analyst who has been blowing the whistle on the COVID-19 vaccine patents, including the contents of the vaccines and the greater plan at play. The WHO recently announced they want 70% of the world population vaccinated by 1st July 2022. In this interview, Karen explains the plan to integrate humans with Artificial Intelligence (AI) through what appears to be a never-ending cycle of vaccines. Is this a far-fetched conspiracy theory? We present what she has to say and let each person make up their mind.]

461. Great Reset Exposed By Dr. Robert Malone In Powerful Infowars Interview 
[Dr. Malone joined Infowars reporter Kristi Leigh to explain how he came to realize that the COVID pandemic is actually a mechanism of the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum’s agenda to deindustrialize and depopulate the world.]

462. MN Board of Medical Practice Requesting Files of Patients Prescribed Ivermectin: Doctor 
[A Minnesota family physician, Dr. Scott Jensen, is being investigated for the fifth time in the past 17 months by the state medical board for statements related to COVID-19. He says the board is now requesting to see medical records of his patients who were prescribed ivermectin.]

463. Video: Dr. Mattias Desmet, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough (Mass Formation Psychosis)
[TPC #653 is with Dr. Mattias Desmet, teacher of Mass Formation Psychosis; Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine; and Dr. Peter McCullough, the most published cardio-renal physician in world history.]

464. COVID, Ivermectin & ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’: Highlights of Dr. Robert Malone’s Blistering Interview To Joe Rogan 
[mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone gave a fascinating interview to Joe Rogan which aired on New Year’s Eve. If you have three hours to spare, we recommend you watch the entire interview at #456. This link gives highlights of topics discussed.]

465. Dr. Peter McCullough: Vaccine Mandates Should Be Repealed 
[COVID-19 vaccine mandates “have to be repealed” as the vaccines are “still in research” and “people cannot be mandated to participate in research,” says Dr. McCullough. Dr. McCullough, a cardiologist, epidemiologist, and internist who manages COVID-19 patients with heart-related complications and patients who become ill after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, contends that COVID-19 vaccine mandates violate the Nuremberg Code.]

466. VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports Website 
[View the latest Red Box summaries of adverse reactions - these are for Europe and USA only, NOT the whole world. Please keep in mind that the Harvard Pilgrim Study revealed that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are actually reported, so the numbers shown should be multiplied by 100.]

467. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Smashes COVID Narrative: “Nobody Has Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism” 
[Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discussed how the federal government has targeted the most vulnerable population: children. “There has never been a government in history that has told its people, ‘We are going to demand that children sacrifice themselves and take risks to save old people,’” Kennedy highlighted. “It’s always the other way around. The old, the mature, the adult, always put themselves at risk to protect their children.”]

468. Brazilian Journalist Collapses And Has Five Heart Attacks Days After 3rd COVID Shot 
[Video: Journalist Rafael Silva collapses during live broadcast mere days after getting booster jab. On the way to the hospital, he still suffered five more cardiac arrests.]

469. Pandemic is Nearly OVER Says Health Chief

470. Jab Chief Says “We Can’t Vaccinate the Planet Every 6 Months” 
[The professor demanded to see stronger evidence before throwing his support behind a fourth round of vaccines, stating, “It depends if your goal is to stop all infections, but that is wrong. The goal is to prevent severe disease and protect health systems around the world.”]

471. “Everyone Who Died With COVID Should Be Considered Murdered”: Nurse Promoting Early Treatment Exposes Scamdemic in Epic School Board Rant 
[Nurse slammed vaccines for failing to protect people from contracting COVID, and blamed government incompetence for leading to thousands of deaths. “You have now loaded your body with millions of spike proteins and you are a ticking time bomb for cancer, blood clots, etc.”]

472. Fauci: Hospitals Are ‘Overcounting’ COVID-19 Cases in Children 
[White House COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci said that hospitals are now overcounting COVID-19 cases in children because they are automatically tested when they are admitted, echoing a narrative that has been repeated by some skeptics for months.]

473. Lies, damned lies, and Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) statements
[Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Robyn Chuter gives a commentary on the lies being told to the Australian people.  She covers issues such as politicians circulating medical misinformation regarding boosters, the ATAGI’s inability to provide trusted medical advice due to so many of them being employed or receiving funding from vaccine manufacturers, and data from around the world clearly showing that boosters will not protect people from the Omicron variant.]

474. Shock Video: Qatari Soccer Player Collapses From Heart Attack on Field
[Top athletes around the world have been collapsing and dying since sports leagues mandated the COVID injection.]

475. People are dying, but not the ones you think for the reasons you think 
[While the mainstream media tracked deaths with the fanaticism of an insurance company, they’ve always lacked accuracy.  That is why it matters when a major American insurance company, which is in the business of accurate data about deaths, announces that Americans in the 18–64 age bracket are dying in unprecedented numbers.  The same data suggest that these aren’t COVID deaths, which makes them much more sinister.]

476. “The Science Isn’t Strong Enough”: British Health Minister Schooled by UK Physician on COVID Jabs 
[Cameras were rolling during an incredible exchange between British Health Secretary Sajid Javid and a savvy, unvaccinated UK healthcare worker, who educated the unelected bureaucrat on everything from the benefits of natural immunity, to the dangers of a never-ending booster scheme.] 

477. Video: The Pfizer Inoculations for COVID-19: More Harm Than Good
[An excellent tool produced by The Canadian Covid Care Alliance - the Pfizer 6-month data shows that Pfizer’s COVID-19 inoculations cause more illness than they prevent. Plus, an overview of the Pfizer trial flaws in both design and execution. For the presentation in PDF format click here.]

478. Canada To Announce Mandatory Covid Vaccinations Soon 
[Federal health minister says, “The only way as we know through COVID–19, be it this variant or any future variant, is through vaccination.”]

479. Dr Paul Alexander responds to a question regarding whether there is any proof, apart from the warnings of a few doctors, that there is reason for concern about COVID-19 vaccines
[Question: "Dr. Alexander, you keep raising concern about the vaccines, where is the proof? Is there any evidence? Anything, a study or two besides what you, McCullough, Malone, Tenenbaum, Risch say?" Dr. Alexander answers this question by supplying nearly 1,000 studies/pieces of evidence showing that, in reality, there is not only “a concern”, but a major concern, about COVID-19 vaccines around the world.]

480. Australia: Thousands rally against vaccination of children (VIDEOS) 
[Despite the rainy weather, a huge crowd marched through Melbourne, Victoria, to protest the vaccination of 5 to 11-year-olds. During the ‘Save Our Children’, people arrived outside the heavily guarded Parliament House to express their outrage over the vaccination of children.]

481. Biden Touts Vaccines for Children, Yet 0.00%-0.02% of Child Coronavirus Cases Fatal 
[Biden’s administration has, for weeks, continued to push parents to get their children vaccinated for the Chinese coronavirus. The Biden administration has even collaborated with Sesame Street as part of a greater effort to get vaccines on the radar of young children.]

482. Gloomsters who wanted to impose severe restrictions in Britain admit they were wildly wrong about 75,000 Omicron deaths 
[The scientists who advise the Government, warning that Britain had little option but to impose severe restrictions or face tens of thousands of deaths from Omicron have now distanced themselves from the need to impose further restrictions.]

483. They’re Hiding The Facts From You! | Dr. Robert Malone 2022 
[Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor of the mRNA vaccine is being systematically silenced and deplatformed for giving the people ALL facts regarding C19 and treatments.]

484. Nearly 75% of UK COVID Deaths Were Vaxxed, Govt Data Shows
[Shots don’t fully protect from infection or transmission and has horrible side effects.] 

485. Oncology Professor: Obsessive COVID Testing ‘Hysteria’ Is Like ‘Self Harm’ 
[Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George’s Hospital, University of London writes: “Hospitals, transport networks, our postal and rubbish collection services and hundreds of thousands of British businesses are now being crippled because of a mania over checking people for an infection that they may have no symptoms for.”]

486. Short-Staffed California Using Covid-Positive Hospital Workers After Firing Unvaxxed Staff 
[With Covid hospitalisations surging in California, the state has decided to allow asymptomatic hospital staffers who are Covid-positive to return to work.]

487. Toxicologist: “People Need to Wake Up!” 
[Video: Dr. Janci Lindsay makes an appearance on “The People Concerned Summit.” She speaks strongly against ignoring the vaccine adverse effects - including credible evidence it is harming reproduction.]

488. Forcing People Into COVID Vaccines Ignores Important Scientific Information 
[Article by Drs Harvey Risch, Robert Malone and Byram Bridle. It covers topics such as attacks on free speech; universal vaccination; discussing risks is not disinformation; possible underreporting of adverse events and death; and fatally flawed safety reviews.]

489. Professor: COVID Survival Rate For Under 20s is 99.9987% 
[Top epidemiologist Professor John Ioannidis has published a new study which concludes that the survival rate of people under the age of 20 who catch COVID is 99.9987%. Also, 97.1% of over 70s not in care homes survive.]

490. ‘Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever’ Super Virus In China Caused By Mutations Due To Mass Vaccination 
[Dr. Robert Malone explained that “vaccinating into a pandemic will drive the development of escape mutants that are resistant to vaccination.”]

491. CDC Admits Over 75% of COVID Deaths Were People “Who Had at Least Four Comorbidities” 
[CDC Director Rochelle Walensky acknowledged, “these are people who were unwell to begin with.” The numbers, which other sources suggest could be even higher, once again emphasise how the vast majority of healthy people survive COVID, even in the higher age bracket.]

492. Video: CNN Panics Over More People Beginning To Ignore COVID Fear Propaganda 
[CNN clown Brian Stelter and his weasel contributor Oliver Darcy expressed disbelief and horror that more Americans were beginning to live their lives normally again after two years of media driven pandemic panic and fear.]

493. Pfizer CEO Admits: “Two Doses of Vaccine Offer Very Limited Protection IF ANY” 
[New admissions a complete 180° from CEO's previous statements last year, which touted first and second vaccine doses as '100% effective.']

494. Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ of COVID According to Leaked Military Documents 
[As more and more information pours out of the Project Veritas leaked military documents, there appears to be a damning section in support of Ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment. “Ivermectin (identified as curative in April 2020) works throughout all phases of illness because it both inhibits viral replication and modulates the immune response.”]

495. Nearly Half of Ontario’s ‘Covid-19 Patients’ Admitted for Reasons Unrelated to Virus 
[Ontario, Canada has acknowledged that many of the people reported to be hospitalised with Covid-19 were actually admitted because of other health conditions and were incidentally found to be infected with the virus. The Canadian province will start differentiating between coronavirus patients and Covid-19 positive patients admitted for other reasons.]

496. European Medicines Agency Warns Endless Booster Shots Could Cause “Immune Response” Problems 
[Marco Cavaleri of the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) said, “We have not yet seen data with respect to a fourth dose. We would like to see this data before we can make any recommendation, but at the same time we are rather concerned about a strategy that [involves] repeated vaccinations within a short term.”]

497. Pfizer Booster Listed As Cause of Death in 26-Year-Old’s Autopsy, Death Certificate After Work-Mandated Jab 
[Mother of 26-year-old Joseph Keating says she’s glad they authorized an autopsy as it’s definitive proof the vaccine was what caused her son’s death. “We contacted the local news station to get the word out that this happened, and they said their hands were tied. We called the pathologist, no comment. The governor, no comment. The health department, no comment. The CDC, no comment. So, nobody’s talking about it.”]

498. Fully Vaccinated Australians In Hospital For COVID-19 Surpass Unvaccinated 
[Data published by the NSW government’s COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit has revealed that as of 9 Jan 2022, 68.9 percent of COVID-19 patients aged 12 and over in hospitals had two doses of the vaccine, with 28.8 percent unvaccinated.]

499. 16,000 Physicians Agree
[16,000 physicians and medical scientists recently published the Rome Covid Declaration, to alert citizens to the deadly consequences of disrupting life-saving treatment and suppressing open scientific discussion.]

500. Top NH Conservative Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin 
[One of New Hampshire’s leading political conservatives is fighting to keep his children from the state’s child protection services agency after giving his 13-year-old son ivermectin.]

501. Pfizer CEO Predicts Life On Earth “Will Return To Normal” In The Spring 
[Speaking to the French media, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla that while he expects COVID to continue to circulate for many years to come, he expects future waves won't cause the types of restrictions that people have become used to over the last two years, and that life will return to "normal" in the spring.]

502. Poll Finds Only 10% of Americans Trust Media on COVID, 30% Trust Fauci

503. Report: German Government Considering Shutting Down Telegram 
[A report in the German newspaper Die Welt suggests that the government there is considering taking action to shut down messaging app Telegram because people opposed to COVID restrictions and lockdowns are using it to organise protests and share information.]

504. Intracranial infection cases up 60-fold since vaccines rolled out 
[Ever since the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, neurologists have observed a 60-fold increase in intracranial infections. Before the widespread use of the COVID vaccines it was one per year but since then it is 5 per month. Intracranial means within the skull and therefore intracranial infection would include the infection of the brain and other tissues. One common intracranial infection is meningitis. All intracranial infections are serious and life-threatening.]

505. Four doctors: “What's In The Vaccine”?
[Instead of trying to convince people about the complex medical evidence that raises concern regarding the COVID vaccines, these 4 doctors are trying to get people to question the government and the medical establishment’s suspicious changes of policy regarding these vaccines.]

506. 453 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 263 Dead, post COVID vaccine
[Dr. Paul Alexander: "The media is silent on these and pretending this is not happening; it is happening because the vaccine developers lied to us. This is very sobering and it is a real issue, there is no such thing as mild myocarditis, the heart muscle cells that die do not replenished, the heart is scarred long term with higher risk of death in time."]

507. Australian Authorities Say Draconian Vaccine Passports Could Last For “Years”
[Australia has become notorious for becoming the developed world leader in inflicting the most draconian COVID control measures on its population. “Life will become very difficult for the unvaccinated…no pubs, no bottle-shops, no gym, no yoga classes, no gigs, no dance floors, no hospital or aged care visits,” said Western Australian Premier McGowan, adding that the unvaccinated must be “protected from themselves.”]

508. Lord Frost: COVID Restrictions Aren’t Gone Until Masks Are Gone
[“The evidence for masks is weak.” Lord Frost, who resigned from the government over his opposition to COVID restrictions, asserts that ‘Plan B’ measures in the UK can’t be considered “lifted” until rules on face masks are totally eliminated.]

509. MIT-Educated Doctor Ordered To Undergo Psych Evaluation After Prescribing Ivermectin 
[An MIT-educated doctor who prescribed COVID patients Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine had her medical license suspended and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. This is why so few doctors are willing to speak up. In this crazy world, they are risking everything for not toeing the line. This is someone who showed actual courage.]

510. Olympic Sprinter Announces Pericarditis Diagnosis on Facebook Following Booster Jab 
[A Swiss Olympic athlete detailed on social media how she developed heart inflammation shortly following a booster dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. It should be mentioned Atcho’s post received a warning from Facebook telling users that the “Covid-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and are then monitored closely.”]

511. Doctor Tells Patient On Phonecall Not To Take Any More COVID Vaccines Because They’ll Soon Be Halted Globally 

512. Dr. Michelle Perro to Fellow Pediatricians: ‘Rise Up, Take a Stance’ Against COVID Vaccines for Kids 
[Dr. Michelle Perro, a pediatric emergency doctor, has some COVID-19 vaccine advice for parents: “Don’t do it.” She said the disease is not dangerous in children, often lasting only one or two days. She also has some strong words for fellow physicians: Have the courage to speak out on behalf of the vulnerable.]

513. German Government “Concerned” About Massive Anti-COVID Restriction Protests 
[Influential German newspaper reveals, “Never before in the history of the Federal Republic have there been demonstrations that are more widespread than in the last few weeks,” with the government counting 1,046 separate protests involving around 188,000 participants. Instead of describing such developments as “depressing,” you’d think authorities in Germany would consider listening to the will of their people.]

514. Czech Republic Abandons Plan to Mandate COVID Vaccines 
[Under the former government, adults aged 60-plus, health care workers, firefighters, police officers and medical students would all have been subject to the mandate from March. However, new Czech Republic Prime Minister ditched the former administration’s decree, telling reporters that the government saw no need to make jabs compulsory and that it would only serve to create more division. The reversal took place after numerous high profile protests in Prague.]

515. Over a Million People Injured by COVID Vaccine, Billboard Campaign Warns 
[Informed consent activists are posting hundreds of billboards across America that will warn motorists about the alarming rate of vaccine injuries, as reported in the government’s own VAERS database. Banners 4 Freedom founder, Robert Agee, said: “There’s something going on with this vaccine that’s causing incredible adverse reactions, and for some reason it’s not being reported by the media or our government.”]

516. Texas Judge Blocks Biden's Vaccine Mandate For Federal Employees Nationwide 

517. CDC Director Walensky Says Boosters Needed For Vax Passports To Be Up To Date 
[Biden CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said, “What we’re really working to do is pivot the language to make sure that everybody is as up to date with their Covid-19 vaccine as they personally could be, should be based on when they got their last vaccine.” Just as nearly every alternative media outlet predicted, the pandemic did not end with the first or second shots, and we can tell you now that the third will not be the last.]

518. Science Magazine Claims: ‘In Rare Cases, Coronavirus Vaccines May Cause Long COVID-Like Symptoms’
[Science magazine reported that “coronavirus vaccines may cause long COVID-like symptoms,” though they insist it's only “in rare cases.” John Travis, Managing Editor for News at Science, shared the article on Twitter while noting how “delicate” their reporting had to be. Dr. Charles Hoffe said similar over six months ago and he got put under a gag order by the Canadian government and was widely demonized and censored for his trouble. I guess he wasn't “delicate” enough seeing as how he claimed he saw microclots in 62% of the patients he gave D-dimer diagnostic tests to post-vax.]

519. ‘I’m DONE’: Ex-New York Times Journalist Blasts Gov’t COVID Tyranny. She Says This Will be Remembered as a ‘Catastrophic Moral Crime’ 
[Former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss lampooned the U.S. government’s draconian pubic health responses to COVID, claiming that its continuous lockdowns and restrictions will be remembered as a “catastrophic moral crime.” She said, “So many of my liberal and progressive friends are with me on this and they do not want to say it out loud because they are scared to be called anti-vaxxed or to be called science deniers or to be smeared as a Trumper.”]

520. Video: Croatian MP Confronts Macron Over His Vaccine Mandate ‘Death Penalty’ 
[Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić directly confronted French President Emmanuel Macron during an EU Parliament summit, likening his draconian (cruel) vaccine mandate to the death penalty. He said to Macron: “Tens of thousands of citizens have died due to vaccine side-effects. Mandatory vaccinations represent the death penalty and its execution for many citizens.”]

521. Senator Rand Paul: ‘It’s Medical Malpractice to Force Vaccines on Children’ 
[“We now have the scientific evidence that shows the risk of myocarditis for young males is greater for the vaccine than it is for the disease,” Paul explained. “We also know that the more you get the vaccine, the higher your risk of myocarditis. So 90% of the myocarditis came with a second vaccine. What do you think it happens when you give them a third vaccine?”]

522. Aaron Rodgers Slams Biden For Calling COVID ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ and ‘Censoring Dissenting Opinions’ 
[Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers asks: “When in the course of human history has the side that's doing the censoring and trying to shut people up and make them show papers and marginalise a part of the community ever been the correct side?”]

523. Joseph Mercola: Do More Children Die From the COVID Shot Than From COVID? 
[According to published research, children are at risk for potentially lifelong health effects from the jab. Collette Martin, a practicing nurse testified before a Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee hearing saying she and her colleagues have witnessed “terrifying” reactions to the COVID shots among children—including blood clots, heart attacks, encephalopathy and arrhythmias—yet their concerns are simply dismissed.]

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524. Dr. Robert Malone: How Bad is my Batch?
[Dr. Malone’s personal testimony of his vaccine injury: “The first shot was fine. No issues. The second shot almost did me in. As in I almost died. After the injection, I had the usual fatigue, muscle-ache and then the palpitations started, as well as shortness of breath. Within a couple days, it got worse…”]

525. Fact-Checkers Are Used to Confuse the Public: Sharyl Attkisson 
[Five-time Emmy award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson said she has seen an increased effort to manipulate the public to appreciate censorship and disapprove of true journalism. She believes that one of the strategies that has been employed is the use of third-party fact-checkers.]

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526. CRACKPOT Dr. Fauci: “We May Need to Boost Again. That’s Entirely Conceivable” (VIDEO) 
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “This is insane, illogical, nonsensical, absurd; there is no science to support this insanity and the WHO, EU regulators, the Scottish data, UK data, all show the boosters are causing more infection.”]

527. Liberal Radio Host Jimmy Dore Warns Censorship Of Alex Jones Was Just The Beginning 
[Comedian and radio personality Jimmy Dore warned that the total de-platforming of Infowars founder Alex Jones was the canary in the coal mine for all entertainers who challenge the establishment. Dore’s remarks are the latest evidence that more and more entertainers are waking up to the reality that Big Tech will silence anyone who goes against the establishment, no matter how popular they may be with the people.]

528. Broadcaster Issued Warning After Falsely Claiming 90 Per Cent of COVID Patients Were Unvaccinated 
[British broadcaster ITV was issued a warning by regulator Ofcom after a guest and a presenter on a TV show falsely claimed that 90 per cent of COVID hospital patients were unvaccinated. The actual figure at the time was around 36 per cent.]

529. Globalists Attacking Red States With Deadly Tainted COVID Vaccines, Top Scientists Confirm 
[Is this a conspiracy theory or true? Unlike social media that censors everything, we believe that each person has the right to hear the information and make their own decision. Alex Jones breaks down shocking data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) revealing that “highly toxic” lots of the experimental COVID mRNA injection have been disproportionately deployed in conservative-led states, resulting in nearly twice as many deaths from the shot than in blue states.]

530. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “New Findings… Enough to Dismantle the Entire (Vax) Industry!”
[Dr. Reiner Fuellmich with a panel of experts discussing and sharing information and data about vaccine deaths. Dr. Fuellmich’s introductory comments include: “Looking at the totality of the evidence there's more than enough evidence that shows precisely how they've used different batches to have an experiment within an experiment, to try out what kind of dosage is needed in order to kill people and maim people ... This is inescapable evidence of there being pre-meditation, and once you have premeditation there is no immunity for anyone.”]

531. WHO Chief Says Europe Moving Towards Pandemic “Endgame” 
[Despite record cases being recorded in multiple different countries, Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s Europe director, told AFP that the milder nature of Omicron means COVID-19 could finally be on the path towards becoming endemic.]

532. Video: Fauci Declares It “Entirely Conceivable” That A FOURTH Booster Vaccine Will Be Needed 
[Appearing on ABC’s This Week Sunday, Anthony Fauci declared that “We may need to boost again. That’s entirely conceivable. Before we make that decision about yet again another boost, we want to determine clearly what the durability of protection is of that regular boost.”]

533. WATCH: Americans March in Washington DC Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate 
[Tens of thousands descend on nation's capital for Defeat the Mandates march as COVID tyrants continue to clamp down with unscientific and draconian COVID restrictions. The massive protest was organized by the Children’s Health Defense, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical scientists, and the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.]

534. City Suspends Vaccines for Children After 10-Year-Old Girl Suffers Heart Attack Following Pfizer Jab 
[A city in Brazil put an immediate halt to vaccines for youngsters after a 10-year-old girl suffered a heart attack mere hours after her first Pfizer injection. According to her father, the 10-year-old experienced changes in heart rate shortly after and collapsed unexpectedly. She was then rushed to a hospital where she had to be resuscitated.]

535. Must Watch: Censored Doctors Decry America’s Pandemic Response at Capitol Hill COVID Hearing
[Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) holds a panel discussion called, “COVID 19: A Second Opinion”. World-renowned doctors and medical experts gather to provide alternative solutions to the pandemic. The specialists include Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Bret Weinstein, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. George Fareed, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Dr. David Wiseman.]

536. Businesses in Wales Demand Vaccine Passport Exemptions After Government Fails to Prove They Work 
[COVID passes were introduced in Wales in October and applied to nightclubs, as well as indoor non-seated events for more than 500 people and outdoor events of more than 4,000 people. Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford stupidly claimed that Omicron was just as severe as Delta, while also boasting about how stricter lockdown measures had put Wales in a better place than England, despite Wales recording higher case numbers.]

537. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Backs Novak Djokovic Over Vaccine Row 
[Swedish international soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is vaccinated himself, came out in defense of his friend, speaking out against compulsory vaccine mandates during an interview. He said: “You should not be forced to get vaccinated to be able to go to work. Getting vaccinated for health reasons is not the same as getting vaccinated for a tennis tournament.”]

538. New York Judge Strikes Down State Mask Mandate Ruling That Gov. Kathy Hochul Overstepped Her Authority in Imposing a Rule That Needed to Have Been Passed by the State Legislature 
[The mandate was reintroduced in December 2021, but state legislators had ruled in March that New York was no longer under a state of emergency. This meant the new measures forcing New Yorkers to wear masks in all indoor spaces, which carried fines of up to $1,000 for those who did not comply, were unenforceable and are now void, Judge Thomas Rademaker has ruled.]

539. Large, Peer-Reviewed Research Study Proves Ivermectin Works Against COVID-19 
[Regular use of ivermectin as a prophylactic was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation and mortality rates. The results are in from the world’s largest study of ivermectin for COVID-19.]

540. The Spectacular Failure of COVID Shots 
[At this point, there is simply no question. The COVID shots are a dreadful failure in every way possible. Again and again, data analyses from around the world show a negative link between “vaccination” rates and worsening infection rates and other health trends.]

541. Klaus Schwab Confesses to Criminal World Domination Plan 
[Alex Jones delivers a cutting-edge breakdown of World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab publicly detailing how his cabal is able to “penetrate” governments and manipulate western nations to follow his Great Reset agenda.]

542. 37,927 Deaths and 3,392,632 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database as Young People Continue to Die 
[See the damning summary data for each of the four COVID-19 shots: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. Also read about a few of the tragic deaths following COVID-19 shots, which sadly are now including more and more children.]

543. 2019 Federal Law May Have Authorized Fake COVID-19 Statistics, Data 
[The U.S. government made significant changes to laws governing statistics just months before COVID-19, which could be seen as an attempt to ‘lawfully authorize’ falsified data.]

544. It’s Not Over! Experts Say New Omicron Strain Could Prolong Pandemic 
[After Omicron failed to produce the hospitalisations and deaths predicted by doomsday groups like SAGE, many hoped it could spell the end of the pandemic by providing widespread natural immunity. Hans Kluge, the World Health Organisation’s Europe director, said the continent was moving towards a pandemic “endgame” scenario. However, far from wanting the pandemic to come to a conclusion, it is in the interests of innumerable control freaks who have made a name for themselves out of the virus to prolong it for as long as possible.]

545. Department of Defense & Fauci Caught In Massive Scandal Hiding Death & Damage From COVID Vaccines 
[Attorneys Tom Rens and Leigh Dundas cover how the DOD has covered up the massive increases in miscarriages, cancer, neurological damage, and hiding the data being collected in Project Salas which show 71% of new COVID cases and 61% of hospitalizations are from fully vaxxed patients.]

546. Video: Rand Paul Gives Advice On What To Do When Confronted By ‘Crazy Lunatic’ Mask People 
[Appearing on Fox News, Senator Rand Paul said: “I have an opinion, but I’m not wanting to enforce it on anybody. I’m not telling you that you can’t wear a mask. I’m just saying don’t make me wear a mask when it doesn’t work… They don’t understand that we have a perspective, they have a perspective. But they want to force and ram their perspective down our throat through force. I mean, what kind of people are they? This has brought out the worst in people.”]

547. Man In Boston Kicked Off Heart Transplant List For Not Being Vaccinated 

548. Revolution! One Million People Marching To Ottawa To Demand PM Trudeau’s Resignation 
[Over a million Canadians, including a massive convoy of truckers, are on their way to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his COVID tyranny, according to reports and video.]

549. Boosters Are A Dangerous And Ineffective Product, They Need To Be Withdrawn 
[Investigative journalist Alex Berenson said the vaccine boosters are dangerous and ineffective against the Omicron variant in an interview on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' He said: "No one should get them. No one should get boosted."]

550.  Fully Vaccinated Australians may be developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome after latest Gov. figures reveal they are 10 times more likely to be infected with Omicron than the Unvaccinated 
[The latest official data from the New South Wales Government in Australia shows that triple/double vaccinated Australians are over ten times more likely to be infected with the alleged Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus, than Australians who have not been vaccinated, suggesting they may be developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or the early stages of antibody dependent enhancement.]

551. SUICIDES in 2019 were among leading causes of deaths in children, young persons, & this was BEFORE the deaths due to COVID lockdowns & school closures; It's 10 X worse in 2022

552. Military Whistleblowers May Blow Up the COVID Vaccine Narrative 
[To give the clinicians and researchers fighting the vaccine mandates more coverage, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) held an all-day panel. Two speakers shared some shocking statistics about illness and disease in the military over the 11 months COVID vaccines have been available.]

553. Children Given Possibly Botched Doses of COVID Vaccine, Nurse Whistleblower Claims 
[A nurse in New York has come forward claiming a paediatric vaccine clinic administered improper mixtures of the Covid jab to children and never informed the public. The whistleblower said: “On my first day there were no instructions about mixing the vaccine. I called the supervisor and asked, ‘how do I dilute this vaccine?’ He told me to ‘YouTube it.’ We were never given an in-service.”]

554. Elementary, my dear Watson: why mRNA vaccines are a very bad idea 
[Michael Palmer, MD and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD: "Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines have caused injury and death on an unprecedented scale. This short article explains from first principles why adverse events must be expected not just after the first injection of such a vaccine but after each booster shot as well."]

555. Video: Fauci Decrees Kids Under FOUR Years Old WILL Get THREE COVID Vaccines 
[In a recent interview, Fauci suggested that he wants to see the FDA authorise the vaccines for toddlers within a month. “My hope is that it’s going to be within the next month or so and not much later than that, but I can’t guarantee that.”]

556. Speech Therapist: 364% Surge in Baby and Toddler Referrals Thanks to Mask Wearing 
[Jaclyn Theek told WPBF News that before the pandemic, only 5 per cent of patients were babies and toddlers, but this has soared to 20 per cent. Parents are describing their children’s speech problems as “COVID delayed,” with face coverings the primary cause of their speaking skills being seriously impaired. As young as 8 months old, babies start learning how to speak by reading lips, a thankless task if parents and carers smother themselves with masks to comply with mandates.]

557. Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with “Never Before Seen” Rubbery Clots 
[Board-certified funeral director and embalmer, Richard Hirschman has made a startling discovery in the bodies of deceased people. He revealed that he is seeing arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. Mr. Hirschman reported that he started seeing these long, stretchy, fibrous blood clots in November of 2020, and then increasingly being found in 50% of the bodies he has been processing. Today that percentage is now closer to 80%.]

558. The Truth Is Coming Out About COVID Deaths
[Data show COVID-19 deaths have been wildly exaggerated by counting people who died from other conditions but had a positive COVID test within 28 days of their death.]

559. England to SCRAP healthcare worker COVID vaccine mandate
[Dr. Suneel Dhand: News from the UK after months of controversy over the National Health Service’s proposed healthcare worker COVID vaccine mandate due to take effect in April.]

560. New Johns Hopkins Study: “Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Effects” And “Imposed Enormous Economic and Social Costs”
[A new study out of the renowned Johns Hopkins University has concluded that global lockdowns have had a much more detrimental impact on society than they have produced any benefit, with researchers urging that they “are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”]

561. International Criminal Grand Jury Investigation: ‘Psychopathic’ Globalists Used COVID to Commit ‘Crimes Against Humanity’
[The group, called the Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion, gathered in Germany on Saturday to detail the many human rights violations inflicted by politicians around the world during the COVID pandemic under the directive of the World Economic Forum (WEF). German attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
 explained, “One, there is no corona pandemic, but only a PCR test ‘plandemic’ fueled by an elaborate psychological operation designed to create a constant state of panic among the world’s population. This agenda has been long-planned.”]

562. Video: What They Aren’t Telling You About N95 Masks
[Putting people at risk by omitting information. The President of 'Just Facts', Jim Agresti, warns us in this must see video.]

563. EU facing one million undiagnosed cancer cases
[Speaking ahead of World Cancer Day, WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr. Hans Kluge claimed cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment “suffered in an unprecedented way as health services have struggled to respond to COVID-19.”]

564. Maher: Medical Establishment Responsible For ‘A Lot’ Of COVID ‘Misinformation’
[HBO’s late-night host Maher said: “Last July, President Biden said, ‘You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.’ Well, I already knew that was wrong then, and now we all do. The former Director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, believes COVID originated in a lab, and now our intelligence agencies agree, it might have. But for months on social media, it was banned to even discuss it.”]

565. Dr. Paul Alexander: I warned them that ventilating the patients was killing people
[You will come to learn one day that we killed thousands with the ventilators, it did not help them, it harmed them, 80% or more of coronavirus patients placed on the machines in New York City died.]

566. New Johns Hopkins Study: “Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Effects” And “Imposed Enormous Economic and Social Costs”
[A new study out of the renowned Johns Hopkins University has concluded that global lockdowns have had a much more detrimental impact on society than they have produced any benefit, with researchers urging that they “are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”]

567. Pentagon DMED Whistleblowers Expose Vaccine Holocaust
[Lawyer Thomas Renz joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the evidence of a COVID Vaccine holocaust.] 

568. The US Public Health Response has been a Colossal Failure
[Dr. Robert W Malone: "The US Deaths keep piling up..."]

569. Video: Virginia Mother Slams School Officials Over “Asinine Political Theater” Mask Mandate
[Emotional mother accuses authorities of “playing politics with kids faces by placing restrictive fabrics over their noses and mouths.”] 

570. COVID jabs become mandatory in 1st EU country
[A new law has come into force in Austria, making it compulsory for everyone over the age of 18 to be vaccinated against Covid-19.]

571. Malone: The Mass Formation Madness Must Stop
[Our children are our future. They must be protected from heavy handed, ineffective policies that marginally protect adults over the well being of our more precious asset. Our children. Let me write it again for emphasis… our children are our future.]

572. EU Wants To Keep Vaccine Passports In Place For Another Entire Year
[The unelected bureaucrat governors of the EU in the European Commission have proposed keeping the bloc’s COVID vaccine passport system in place for another entire year, despite the fact that many member countries are ramping down restrictions.]

573. More Important Ivermectin Study Results
[Strictly regular use of ivermectin as prophylaxis for COVID-19 leads to a 90% reduction in COVID-19 mortality rate, in a dose-response manner: definitive results of a prospective observational study of a strictly controlled 223,128 population from a city-wide program in Southern Brazil.]

574. Dr. Peter McCullough Responds To Rogan Controversy And Destroys Establishment COVID Vax Disinformation
Dr. Peter McCullough joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the mounting evidence of heart injuries in children under age 12 following COVID injections.] 

575. Video: Rand Paul Warns COVID Mandates Have ‘Always Been About Growing Government Power Over Your Lives’
[Senator Rand Paul warned that the COVID mandates and restrictions have always been more about getting people to act submissively to government than they have been about health and safety. He also notes the “more vaccines you give young males, the higher their incidence of myocarditis.”]

576. Video: Chicago High School Students Stage Walkout Over Mask Mandate
[Vernon Hills High School (USA) still imposing draconian mask mandates in violation of judge's ruling against mask mandates in schools. A group of students decided to walk out after their school principal issued an ultimatum: wear the mask, or leave the school.]

577. Watch: Popular Doctor Comes Clean About Witnessing COVID Vax Adverse Reactions
[Posting to over 100k Instagram followers, Dr. Josh Redd shared a video addressing “something that hasn’t sat well” with him. “I know the ramifications of sharing this, but I can’t sit back and be quiet anymore, We’re seeing a lot of people develop autoimmune diseases. We’re seeing a lot of POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, a circulatory and neurological issue), a lot of cardiovascular problems, a lot of heart conditions and a lot of menstrual issues. We’re seeing men that can’t get erections anymore.”]

578. ‘This is Just Devastation’: Funeral Industry Insider Says She’s Inundated with Heart Attack, Stroke, Blood Clot Victims
[A funeral worker in Sydney, Australia, says the deceased are being cremated in droves after dying from vaccine-related side effects – and warns children are next. 'We've had enough! We don't want to see the little kids getting jabbed,' says funeral worker.]

579. Cop Interrupts Catholic Mass to Enforce Face Mask Order
[Police in Perth, Australia, stunned parishioners at a Catholic mass when they interrupted a priest’s service midway through to make sure people were wearing face masks.]

580. Indoctrination: Students Hold Pfizer, Moderna Signs While Performing “Safety Dance” Parody – “If You’re Not Vaxxed You’re No Friend of Mine”
[Students participating in a holiday show at a middle school in New York held up signs promoting vaccine manufacturers, while singing a parody song encouraging the segregation of unvaccinated students.]

581. CNN Flips Script on Masks (Again): Mask Mandates Can End Because “Science Has Changed”
[CNN medical analyst shockingly says government mask mandates can be rolled back, and decision to mask can be left up to individuals. The CNN commentator astonishingly went on to say children should be first to be unmasked, acknowledging masks are psychologically harming children.]

582. Opening statement by lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich of the Corona Investigative Committee
[Attorney at Law Dr. Reiner Fuellmich lists serious accusations against the leaders of the global pandemic response and provides the names of experts from all over the world who stand ready to provide evidence to support these accusations of crimes against humanity.]

583. CDC Considers Increasing Time Between Vaccines to Cut Risk of Heart Inflammation

584. New Data Sheds Light on COVID Natural Immunity

585. Rand Paul: Dems Have “Overplayed Their Hand” With ‘Stupid Theater’ COVID Mandates
[Senator Rand Paul urged that Democrats have gone too far with forced mask mandates and other “theater” COVID restrictions, and that ironically it is working to bring Americans on the left and the right together in opposition to the regime taking away freedoms.]

586. Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Variant Says She Was Pressured to Not Reveal it Was Mild
[South African doctor, Angelique Coetzee, let slip the bombshell revelation during an interview with Germany’s Welt. She said, “I was told not to state publicly that it was a mild illness. I have been asked to refrain from making such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I declined.”]

587. Kansas woman Jeanie Evans died of an allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine, autopsy shows

588. Pfizer Suppresses Explosive Information – Exclusive Report

589. Not Normal! Two High School Basketball Players Collapse Mid-Game And Die On Same Day
[A pair of teenagers from different states both collapsed and died during their high school basketball games. Is this the 'new normal' we have to get used to? While mainstream media frequently pulls on the public's heartstrings to push their agenda, they mostly ignore these tragedies.] 

590. Megyn Kelly on The Truth About Fauci and Collins Trying to Suppress the COVID Lab Leak Theory
[Megyn Kelly drops the truth about Fauci and Collins trying to suppress the COVID lab leak theory, what we know now about what "experts" thought about the theory back in February 2020, and more.]

591. AZ Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Schools 60 Minutes Australia – 1776 Would Commence If Americans Were Treated Like Aussies During COVID
[Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake slammed a reporter for 60 Minutes Australia during a recent virtual interview after the mainstream hack tried to paint her as a conspiracy theorist. This interview is a sign that the legacy media is totally collapsing.]

592. ‘This is Information Warfare’: Dr. Malone Exposes ‘Top Owner of Spotify Also Top Owner of Moderna’
[Dr. Robert Malone, the co-inventor of mRNA technology, spoke with Tucker Carlson Today about his recent brush with cancel culture following his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. 'All of these chatters that many have bought into that it’s about culture wars, it’s about vaccines. No, it’s not – It’s about power and money,' Malone says.]

593. Medical Murder: How “Covid Protocols” Are Being Used For Eugenics (Video)
[Scott Schara is sharing the heartbreaking details of how hospital staff mistreated his daughter with Down’s Syndrome and ultimately left her to die while he cried out for them to step in. This deadly scam must be exposed!]

594. Protesters Gather in Australia’s Capital Against COVID-19 Mandates, Prime Minister Issues Response
[Marching through Canberra before gathering on the lawn in front of Parliament House, the protesters, made up of people who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated but are against the mandates, held up signs and placards with the messages they wanted those in power to heed. Some of these messages read: “Free Australia. End mandates,” “Hands off our children,” “Last year’s hero, this year’s unemployed,” “Trust your immune system,” “Coercion is not consent,” “We want choice, We want truth, We want freedom,” “Save our sovereignty,” and “Don’t listen to the lamestream media.”]

595. EU Investigates MRNA Vaccine Side Effects After Forcing People to Take It

596. Pfizer drops India vaccine application after regulator seeks local trial 
[Renowned Dr. Paul E. Alexander:  Pfizer did not want a trial in India? Why Pfizer? You want approval based on what? Prior trial? India said NO, eff off.]

597. Video: COVIDLAND: The Lockdown - Part One
[‘COVIDLAND’ is a riveting and fast-paced movie made by award-winning filmmaker Paul Wittenberger and narrated by Alex Jones that’s designed to break people out of their trance, see the big picture, and take our world back!]

598. Video: COVIDLAND: The Mask - Part Two
[Covidland: The Mask is the second episode in the riveting Infowars Original Series known as Covidland. This installment in the series documents the truth about face masks while drawing on expert interviews familiar with the regulatory codes for personal protective equipment (PPE) to examine the health impact that masks have on the youth.]

599. LinkedIn blocked links to natural immunity data
[A Professor of Surgery at John Hopkins, Dr. Marty Makary, said that a research letter he helped author was censored by LinkedIn for violating the platform’s “Professional Community Policies.” The post was reinstated later “after a friend complained to the CEO.”]

600. Bombshell: Pfizer CEO Admits COVID-19 Created in Lab
[Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admitted that his company manufactured SARS-CoV-2 in their labs for the development of mRNA vaccines rather than use a naturally-occurring coronavirus.]

601. Dr Ariyana Love ~ This Information Will Shock You ~ Hopefully Into Action
[This link has been recommended by Bishop George of Canberra, ROCOR. Dr Love - naturopath and journalist speaks about the COVID-19 bioweapons.]

602. Pfizer, FDA Lose Bid to Further Delay Release of COVID Vaccine Safety Data
[A federal judge rejected a bid by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Pfizer to delay the court-ordered release of nearly 400,000 pages of documents pertaining to the approval of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.]

603. Breaking Exclusive: Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Exposes Pfizer Fraud
[Find out how the globalists are profiting from COVID.]

604. Yale Study Confirms Pfizer Vaccine Caused Teen Boys to Die of Myocarditis
[Yale researchers
studied the deaths of teenage boys after Pfizer vaccine and confirm boys died from vaccine-induced myocarditis. 'Parents and kids should know more deaths will happen,' warns Dr. Peter McCullough.]

605. “A Recurring Fountain Of Revenue”: FDA Exec Admits Biden Planning Annual Shots, Including Toddlers
FDA Executive Officer Christopher Cole on President Joe Biden: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible.”]

606. German TV Presenter Pushes for Mandatory Vaccination – Then Collapses Live On-Air
begins mumbling unintelligibly and stares blankly, before appearing to fall over. German TV presenter's black out similar to other fainting spells witnessed in recent weeks, with many suspecting experimental COVID jab to blame.]

607. U.S. Government HIV Gene Therapy Experimentation Dates Back To At Least 2009
Rising cases
of HIV following mass COVID vaccinations raises questions about the mRNA gene therapy technology used in the experimental injections.]

608. 'We have an issue here': SA Police Association calling for end to police vaccine mandates
Police Association
of South Australia President Mark Carroll says while vaccine mandates for the state's police force were "justifiable" in October, "things have changed".]

609. Fetal Cell Lines Were Used to Make the Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine—Here’s What That Means

610. Truckers WIN!! Vaxx Passports DROPPED Across Canada! Justin Trudeau HAS LOST!

611. Tucker: Lawmakers are panicking over this
Carlson Tonight' host analyzes Canada's trucker strike and what US leaders would do if the convoy came to America.]

612. Rand Paul Vows To “Force A Repeal Of The Federal Regulation Mandating Masks”
In an Newsmax
interview, Senator Rand Paul asserted that “There’s no science behind these mask mandates, we’re just punishing our children, let’s end it.”]

613. Video: University Students Protest Against Mask Mandate Being DROPPED
at the University of Nevada-Reno staged a protest after the Democratic state governor announced that he was immediately ending the mask mandate, prompting the university to also end its mandate. That’s right, the students were protesting against being able to take off the masks!]

614. Massive! CDC Admits To Collecting ‘COVID’ Nasal Swab PCR Tests For Genomic Sequencing Analysis – DNA Harvesting
The Centers for Disease Control published a controversial post on Twitter admitting that Americans who took a Covid-19 nasal swab PCR test may have had their DNA harvested.]

615. Jordan Peterson & Douglas Murray Berated For Not Pulling Masks Up Quickly Enough After Sips
[As much as this story sounds silly, the analysis on mask wearing is excellent.]

616. Bill Gates: “We’ll Have Another Pandemic. It Will be a Different Pathogen Next Time”
Speaking at Germany’s
annual Munich Security Conference, globalist billionaire Bill Gates confidently warned the world a new pandemic is coming. The power-hungry globalist also praised Australia's tyrannical lockdowns. In another bizarre comment, Gates said it was “sad” that the Omicron variant was able to act as a natural vaccine by getting out to the world’s population faster than the experimental vaccines.]

617. Dr. Ben Marble: They Have Already Dosed Half the Planet with Slow-Acting Lethal Injections
promoting early treatment protocol accuses billionaire globalists and World Economic Forum of murder.]

618. Federal Appeals Court: United Airlines Vaccine Mandate ‘Coerced’ Employees to ‘Violate Religious Convictions’
A federal appeals court ordered further review of United Airlines’ coronavirus vaccine mandate, calling it “coercive” and reversing a lower court ruling.]

619. Bill Gates says Omicron ‘sadly’ spreads immunity faster than vaccines
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said the Covid-19 Omicron variant had outpaced world vaccine drives in spreading immunity, urging health officials around the globe to respond more quickly to the next pandemic.]

620. EU state sets up commission on legality of Covid jab mandates
Team of
doctors, lawyers to produce report on whether Austria’s mandatory jabs are illegal.]

621. Media Backflip: The Guardian Makes Coherent Case For Vaccine Refusal
This link h
as been recommended by Bishop George of Canberra, ROCOR. After two years of hysterical Covid fear-mongering, the corporate press is apparently coming to its senses. You may fall off your chair, but The Guardian this week coherently defended dissenters, explaining why their refusal of the vaccine may have been driven by logic — not ignorance or selfishness.]

622. Report: CDC Has Withheld COVID Data From Americans To ‘Prevent Vaccine Hesitancy’
The New York
Times reported that the CDC has chosen not to publish huge amounts of COVID data, instead keeping it secret, because it fears that the information would cause ‘vaccine hesitancy’ among the American public. The report notes that the withheld data includes information on boosters, hospitalisations, wastewater analyses, as well as critical information on COVID infections and deaths broken down by age, race, and vaccination status.]

623. List Of Over 100 Studies Proving How COVID Vaccines Are More Harmful Than What We’re Being Told 
This link has been
recommended by Bishop George of Canberra, ROCOR.]

624. Prominent Lockdown Advocate Admits He Got it Wrong
A prominent lockdown advocate who advised the UK government admits in a new book he got it wrong and that there was never any proper consideration of the devastation caused by lockdowns. Professor Mark Woolhouse said, “We knew from February (2020), never mind March, that the lockdown would not solve the problem. It would simply delay it.”]

625. Bill Gates: ‘Sadly Omicron Has Done a Better Job Than the Vaccines’
During an
event at the Munich Security Conference, Bill Gates said that “sadly” Omicron is a “type of vaccine” and has “done a better job getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines.”]

626. Former Pfizer VP Warns COVID-19 Vax Program is Part of a Worldwide Conspiracy and a “Criminal Manufacture”
[Dr. Michael Yeadon lays
bombshell analysis on the COVID vaccine and more. This investigation is of the people, by the people, and for the people!]

627. Video: Bill Gates Sardonically Compares Wearing A Mask To Wearing Pants
[This is
yet another example of unmasked elitists laughing at everyday people who protest their governments forcing them to cover up their faces in spite of science proving it does nothing to prevent the virus.]

628. France Deactivates COVID Vaccine Passports MONTHS Ahead of Expiration In Effort to Force People to Get Booster Jab Sooner
A French woman interviewed by
France24 expressed she’d given up trying to keep up with passport rules and participating in society in general. “It’s sad but that’s how it is. I don’t have the right to do anything anymore, so I’m not even trying. I hope the passport is suspended soon,” she said. The same authoritarian social credit model of control will roll out to the rest of the Western world if the people don’t stand up and push back against it.]

629. Dr. Robert Malone: We the people, demand to see the data!
CDC withholding evidence concerning COVID vaccine safety is scientific fraud.]

630. “Alarm Signal”: Number of Vaccine Side Effects Significantly Higher Than Government Reports, Insurance Company Finds
[Analysis of policyholders by German insurance company suggests German government citing skewed, underreported data. Data extrapolated to population means about 3,000,000 Germans have experienced adverse reactions, says insurance company CEO.]

631. English Football Match Hit With Yet Another ‘Medical Emergency’
[Experts say “just a coincidence.”]

632. COVID Spike Protein Contains DNA Sequence Patented By Moderna THREE YEARS Before Pandemic Began, Scientists Discover
[The researchers claim that since there is a 1 in 3 TRILLION chance Moderna’s patented sequence randomly appeared through natural evolution.]

633. Scientific Fraud and the CDC - These are the people that are entrusted to tell us the truth
[Video and transcript: Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr Robert Malone sat down with Art Moore in Washington State to talk about the CDC covering up data, scientific fraud and what comes next.]

634. 4 Million French Discover their Vaccine Passport has Expired Because they Didn’t Get the Latest Booster
[France is still one of the stand out basket cases of Europe, imposing some of the harshest COVID restrictions and being the last to lift them.]

635. Why Are Hospitals Spending So Much On Ineffective C-19 Treatments?
[Dr. Pierre Kory: Remdesivir claimed the top spot for hospital drug spending in 2021, with sales earning Gilead $4.2 billion in the first nine months alone. The problem is that, at best, the drug doesn’t work. How is it possible that an ineffective and potentially dangerous drug that is scarcely used throughout the world received more money from U.S. hospitals than any other drug?]

636. Pfizer for Kids: Dodgy Data and Conflicts of Interest
[Why has the CDC been withholding vast amounts of COVID data from the public?]

637. Watch: Moderna CEO Struggles To Answer Why COVID-19 Contains Patented Gene Sequence
[“The hypothesis of an escape from a lab by an accident is possible. Humans make mistakes,” admitted Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel.]

638. Ohio and Texas Issue Warning on Toxic Chemical Found in Mailed At-Home COVID
Testing Kits

[Some tests were found to contain the preservative sodium azide, a liquid reagent that can cause low blood pressure when ingested, resulting in dizziness, headaches or palpitations.]

639. Covid-19: High Court quashes ‘unlawful’ vaccine mandate for police and defence force staff
[Justice Cook said: 
“The order limits the right to be free to refuse medical treatment recognised by the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (including because of its limitation on people's right to remain employed), and it limits the right to manifest religious beliefs for those who decline to be vaccinated because the vaccine has been tested on cells derived from a human foetus which is contrary to their religious beliefs.”]

640. The Truth Is Coming Out About COVID Deaths
Dr. Joseph Mercola: "Hospitals receive payments for testing every patient for COVID, every COVID diagnosis and every ‘COVID death,’ as well as any time they use remdesivir and mechanical ventilation."]

641. On the Vaccine Frontlines
Dr. Robert Malone: More safety issues, fraud and lack of efficacy continues to haunt the Feds.]

642. New Vaccine Studies Shocks Doctors Calling for it to be Pulled From Shelves Before it Kills Potentially Millions of People
[As it turns out, the Pfizer vaccine is almost entirely ineffective in children ages 5-11, according to the latest batch of trial data released by the vaccine giant.]

643. Fox News & Newsmax Took Biden Money To Push Deadly COVID Vaccines To Its Viewers
[HHS purchased advertising from major news networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC, cable TV news stations Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, digital media companies like BuzzFeed News and Newsmax, and hundreds of local newspapers and TV stations.]

644. Putin Receives Nobel Prize In Medicine For Ending COVID Pandemic

645. The Three Pillars of the COVID Narrative are Crumbling
[Lockdowns, vaccines, and boosters wildly failed to live up to their promise.]

646. Watch: Doctors Speak Out Against Covid-19 Vaccine
[Respected medical doctors break down the deadly impact of Pfizer's data on Covid-19 injections.]

647. Allegations of Genetic Harm to Newborn Females are Easy to Verify
[An anonymous tip from December of 2020 aged exceptionally well, with bad repercussions for the female fertility in girls born to parents that have both been vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines.]

648. The Curtain Close on COVID in Florida
[Governor DeSantis hosts a roundtable with physicians nationwide on ending COVID theater once and for all.]

649. The Alarming Trends in COVID Vaccine Side Effects
[Dr. Joseph Mercola: The newest data from a large German health insurance company and the Israeli Ministry of Health continue to show side effects from the COVID jabs and boosters are anything but ‘rare.’]

650. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson: Biden’s Failure to Promote Early Treatment ‘Cost Hundreds of Thousands of Lives’
[While other “third-world” countries were able to successfully treat their citizens with drugs such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin (IVM), Biden and his administration participated in the smear of these medicines in order to promote the vaccines as the only course of action. The scheme instilled fear in many Americans who were told (and they believed it) that there were no medications to treat COVID at the first sign of symptoms, and therefore, to prevent them from having to be hospitalized or, worse yet, dying, they needed to be vaccinated.]

651. Thread: The Globalists Want Everyone To Forget What Was Done In The Name Of COVID
[Humanity has experienced the largest experiment of psychological biological warfare the world has ever seen - It is called Covid-19. Now that rumors of WWIII dominate news coverage, COVID has become a political side issue.]

652. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky: “Nobody” Predicted Jabs’ Waning Immunity
[Lest anyone forget, Walensky showed no caution when she chose to lie to the public and tell them over 99.5% of COVID deaths in hospitals were among the unvaccinated, even though the CDC's own data at the time showed that was a load of crap - the data now is far, far worse with the UK reporting last month that 9 out of 10 COVID deaths were among the fully vaccinated.]

653. Senior Epidemiologist Apologizes to Daughter’s Generation For “Morally Wrong” Lockdown Measures
[The Edinburgh University academic said “plain common sense” was a “casualty” of lockdown and that his daughter’s generation “has been so badly served by mine.” He also said he was told to stay silent on doomsday modeling.]

654. Florida Becomes First State to Recommend AGAINST Vaccinating Children
[During a roundtable meeting with medical experts held by Gov. Ron DeSantis, Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Lapado advised parents against getting their children jabbed, saying it provides no benefit to healthy children.]

655. Even Mild COVID Infection Linked To Brain Damage, Research Shows
ead Oxford neuroscience researcher says: “It is brain damage, but it is possible that it is reversible. But it is still relatively scary because it was in mildly infected people.”]

656. The COVID Vax Massacre! Exclusive Report
[The establishment is trying to hide the truth about the deadly clot shots. The following is a video
compilation of vaccinated news reporters, politicians and sports people who suddenly collapsed.]

657. The Pfizer documents - Video analysis
[Dr. John Campbell goes through documents by Pfizer and FDA that were 
released due to a freedom of information request. In the first 3 months of administering the Pfizer vaccine, there were over 42,000 adverse events reported including 1,223 deaths. Dr. Campbell has the ability to explain the documents in a simple and understandable way.] 

658. Dr. Peter McCullough: Findings From Early COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Potentially Alarming
[Dr McCullough called the results of a newly released study disturbing. “On the CDC website, it says the vaccines don’t change the human genome. This paper that just broke in the last week is strongly suggesting the CDC was gravely wrong!” Definition of genome: the entire genetic code of an organism: the inheritable traits of an organism which are stored in a full set of chromosomes.]  

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659. DeSantis: “There Is No Place In Florida For COVID Theater”
[Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that all COVID restrictions have come to an end in the State with a video post on social media captioned “There is no place in Florida for COVID theater.”]

670. Biden Admin Bans Unvaccinated Tennis Ace Djokovic From Competing
[The multi time grand slam champion tweeted “The CDC has confirmed that regulations won’t be changing so I won’t be able to play in the US. Good luck to those playing in these great tournaments.” The legend has vowed to boycott all tournaments, including Wimbledon in London and the French Open in Paris if organisers say he must be vaxxed in order to take part.]

671. Watch: Bayer Exec Brags mRNA Shots Are ‘Gene Therapy’ Marketed as ‘Vaccines’
[Without help from the global pandemic people may never have been convinced to inject themselves with an experimental mRNA gene therapy, a scientist bragged during a world health conference. “If we had surveyed two years ago… Would you be willing to take gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body? we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate.”]

672. COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Enhancing Disease: Dr Malone
[“The data are showing that vaccination can actually increase the risk of being infected with the Omicron version of this virus,” Dr. Robert Malone told The Epoch Times in a recent interview.]

673. Science News: Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality as well as improved outcomes, more data on myocarditis after vaccination
[Dr Robert Malone highlights important information taken from 3 recent studies: 2 on the use of ivermectin and one on myocarditis in young adolescents following COVID vaccination.] 

674. UK data on COVID & the latest available Scottish data 
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “The UK and Scottish data show us that those double vaccinated versus unvaccinated persons has a far greater risk of dying and becoming infected. We see that the risk declines by 3rd shot (booster) of infection etc. but the risk of severe illness and death is very high for the vaccinated especially as age increases from 40s to 50s and above and especially the elderly. This is why so many of our parents and grandparents have died post vaccine, they account for the majority of hospitalization and death e.g. near 90% in most instances as per data. We also see the protection decreases very fast the more we vaccinate, that is, the more shots that are administered.”]

675. 'Pfizer's child-sized vaccine fails to produce expected immunity in younger kids; company adds third dose to trials'
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “These beasts won’t stop, they now wish to try 3rd dose; why? the FDA maybe? Between the Pharma companies and the corrupted politicized FDA, we must be very concerned now about these decisions; it seems the drug makers RUN the FDA...”]

676. Video: Fauci’s Criminal COVID Bombshell
[Where has Dr. Fauci gone? All of a sudden the fame addicted Vaccine Dictator has disappeared. Could it have something to do with the 55,000-page set of documents recently released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) revealing to the public the data Pfizer submitted to the FDA from its clinical trials in support of a COVID-19 vaccine license?]  

677. California Raids Preschools For Not Forcing 2-Year-Olds To Wear Masks, Interviews Toddlers Without Parental Consent
[The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is being criticized for a recent raid on three preschool locations that have not been forcing their children to wear masks. The owner of the schools, Howard Wu, said the government engaged in a “simultaneous, multi-school raid” that resulted in “unnecessary and inappropriate child interviews.”]

678. CNN Commentator: ‘Every Child Should’ Receive Experimental mRNA Jab
[Florida lawmakers' recommendation against vaccines for healthy children set off firestorm of criticism by Big Pharma-sponsored corporate media.]

679. ER Doctor Admits Fellow Physicians Were Right About Dangers of COVID Policies: ‘You Were Correct from the Beginning’
[Emergency medicine doctor, Dr. Joseph Fraiman, admits: “The reality is hospitalizations and deaths were not reduced by 20 percent by ANY policies… Initially I did think you all were crazy, or dumb, or maybe you just didn’t understand what I was seeing, but I now realize - actually, I’m sorry because I believe now you guys were correct and you were correct from the beginning.”]

680. Video: The Urgent True Information Labeled Misinformation
[Although it was ignored and/or attacked by the mockingbird media. The defeat the mandates rally was there for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. As was the panel of experts gathered together by Senator Ron Johnson. Exposing alarming data, experimentation on our military, and a cover up by the Pentagon and the CDC.]

681. As Transportation Security Administration (TSA) extends Mask Mandate, Rand Paul Vows To Force Vote To Scrap It
[Senator Rand: "Apparently government doesn't want to relinquish its power and plans to extend the mask mandate on planes & public transportation. Not on my watch! I'll be forcing a vote next week to end this unscientific mandate."]

682. Two Alternative Search Engines, Brave Search and Presearch, have committed to not censoring their search results
[There is so much need for uncensored search engines and hopefully these two companies will keep to their promise.]

683. The Lancet Paper: Adverse Events are not Insignificant - Don't let legacy media fool you!
[Dr Robert Malone: The CDC published a research paper in The Lancet and the legacy media immediately promoted the study as documents that the vaccines are safe and effective with severe side effects being rare and of short duration. The conclusions reached by the legacy media did not match what I, as a trained physician and scientist, found important. Please remind me, why are we relying on/allowing journalists to interpret science when they are not trained for this?]

684. Video: Pfizer Suppresses Explosive Information
[Pfizer is forecasting a $54 billion in Covid-related sales in 2022. But bad news on the horizon is quietly being discussed. According to Rubicon Capital’s Kelly Brown, the changes center around disclosures of unfavorable safety data. Stating that in Q4 they added: “or further information regarding the quality of pre-clinical, clinical or safety data, including by audit or inspection.”]

685. World Council For Health Slams WHO’s Pandemic Treaty: ‘Threat to Sovereignty & Inalienable Rights’
A coalition of doctors, scientists, lawyers, and civil rights advocacy organizations known as the World Council for Health (WCH) criticized the World Health Organization’s (WHO) pandemic treaty as a “power grab” in a scathing open letter. The pandemic treaty “increases the WHO’s suffocating power to declare unjustified pandemics, impose dehumanizing lockdowns, and enforce expensive, unsafe, and ineffective treatments against the will of the people.”] 

686. Pfizer CEO Backpedals, Claims Pressured Into Producing ‘Counterintuitive’ mRNA Injections
[Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tried distancing himself from the COVID mRNA vaccines, suggesting he only developed the “counterintuitive” technology under pressure from colleagues. He said, “Actually, mRNA was a technology that never delivered a single product until that day, not vaccine, not any other medicine.”]

687. DHS Releases New Rules on Extremism, Will Target Anyone Who Questions 2020 Election or Challenges COVID Narrative
[The Department of Homeland Security has released new guidelines on “extremist” behavior, which include questioning the 2020 presidential election or promoting “conspiracy theories” about the COVID pandemic and mandates.]

688. Rand Paul Introducing ‘Fauci Amendment’ To Prevent ‘Health Dictatorship’
[Senator says action will “ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again.”]

689. Watch: Pfizer CEO Pushes Fourth Booster – Admits Doesn’t Stop Infections
[Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla promoted a fourth experimental vaccine dose during an appearance on CBS Face the Nation, despite acknowledging the jab’s short-lived “protection” and its inability to fight infection. He admits the vaccine, ‘is not that good against infections.’]

670. 9 in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People: Report
[Dr. Joseph Mercola: “A reporter from The Exposé points out that while the world has been distracted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UK government quietly released a report that confirmed 9 in every 10 deaths from COVID-19 in England were in people who were fully vaccinated.]

671. Fauci Says MORE Vaccines WILL Be Needed; “We’re Not Done With This”
[Health dictator Anthony Fauci declared that Americans will need to take more COVID vaccines, just a day after the CEO of Pfizer proclaimed that a fourth shot is needed immediately.]

672. JP Morgan Lifts Ban On Hiring Unvaccinated Workers
[Just days after saying it would hire ex-cons, JP Morgan has decided that it will also hire unvaccinated individuals as it scrambles to fill jobs amid a stubbornly persistent labor shortage in the US.]

673. Researchers Examine Autopsies of Two Boys Who Died Days After COVID Vaccine
[Pathologists who examined the autopsies of two teenage boys who died days after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine concluded the vaccine most likely caused the teens’ deaths. What would the reaction be if mainstream media put out a headline stating that two boys died as a result of the COVID vaccine?] 

674. A war on the masculinity of boys – are these the same people who are for the mass vaccination of children?
[Oregon’s top children’s hospital teaches young boys to “tuck” their genitals and directs kids to sex-toy/porn shop. Will parents finally wake up or are they going to sit back and watch their children be destroyed psychologically, spiritually and physically?]

675. CDC Slashes Covid-19 Death Tally
[Biden administration quietly revises data, including 24% cut to number of US children killed by the virus.]

676. Dr Robert Malone: Remain Skeptical My Friend
[In 2009, the largest health care fraud settlement in Department of Justice history was settled. This was the largest criminal fine of any kind imposed in the U.S and the largest ever civil fraud settlement against a pharmaceutical company. Who is this pharmaceutical company that so egregiously disregarded the laws of this country, regarding bribery and fraud? This campaign endangered patients. They advertised dosages of a drug that the FDA considered dangerous. That company that did all this is Pfizer.]

677. 44 Studies on Vaccine Efficacy that Raise Doubts on Vaccine Mandates 
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “Here I summarize studies and reports that shed light on vaccine induced immunity against COVID. They highlight the problems with vaccine mandates that are currently threatening the jobs of millions of people. They also raise doubts about the arguments for vaccinating children.”]

678. Poll: Vaccinated People Far More Likely to Support Risking WWIII Over Ukraine
[A new poll finds that vaccinated people are far more likely to risk World War III over Ukraine by supporting aggressive measures against Russia, while unvaccinated people are more likely to support diplomatic measures.]

679. Pfizer’s CEO says, “A 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine will be needed” – you are watching criminality and nonsense & recklessness play out in your face.
[Dr. Paul Alexander: Pfizer is a reckless dangerous criminal organization based on what it did with this fraud COVID vaccine; I am no anti-vax but now question based on what COVID crooks did; I want Pfizer investigated.]

680. COVID Vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease
[Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) research scientist Stephanie Seneff discusses the risks of COVID-19 shots, including their link to neurodegenerative diseases and vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS).]

681. Australian Media Tries To Hide Massive Heart Attack Vaccine Damage
[Video: The establishment creates an excuse for the incoming slew of health issues. 
News Australia tries to blame the massive heart attacks and death happening in young people on a genetic defect.]

682. The case of counting infections, hospitalizations, and deaths immediately after taking the vaccine (1-14 days) as ‘unvaccinated’ - this is the fraud of Pfizer!
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “The issue is these people counted as ‘unvaccinated’ are actually ‘vaccinated’ and suffering the decline, the immune suppression post vaccine that these COVID vaccines cause… Pfizer and all involved have created a crooked, criminal way, a corrupted way of counting infections, cases, hospitalizations, deaths. They are not counting the first 14 days post 1st shot as being vaccinated and this skews the burden to the unvaccinated and so none of the reports and studies are to be taken as credible. It makes the unvaxxed appear far worse than the vaxxed and this is not so.”]

683. Dr Robert Malone: "PR agents" or Journalists - Corruption Kills Science
[Even the Wall Street Journal says don't jab the kids! And, City Journal writes about why science reporters don’t report fairly on the origins of Covid-19.]

684. Frontline Doctor: Millions Will Get AIDS From COVID Vax By The Fall
[A frontline doctor is warning that COVID-vaccinated patients she’s treating are showing signs of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) as a result of taking the experimental mRNA injections, and that many more triple vaccinated individuals will likely contract the deadly disease by fall/autumn 2022.]

685. If Lockdowns and Mandates Failed, Why Are They Still Pushed?
[Hundreds of studies show lockdowns failed to meaningfully reduce COVID-19 deaths, while COVID-19 shot mandates are counterproductive and harmful. Despite this, these totalitarian schemes are ongoing.]

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686. People Injured by Covid Vaccine Mandates Step Forward
[Despite assurances of safety from health officials, spike proteins from the COVID vaccine shots can circulate in your body after injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs. Increasing numbers of people are becoming compelled to speak out and share their stories of how COVID-19 shots changed their lives.]

687. Globalist COVID policies have caused a Worldwide Education Crisis
Healthy children who contract Covid-19 have almost zero chance of death yet kids are the ones that have suffered the most from the consequences of the world-wide public policies. Dr Robert Malone speaks about a joint UNESCO, UNICEF, and World Bank Report titled “The State of the Global Education Crisis: A Path to Recovery” dated 3 December 2021.] 

688. Video: Dr. Byram Bridle of Canada re COVID vaccines
[Steve Kirsch interviews Dr. Byram Bridle of Canada: Watch video interview a wide range of topics are discussed and/or read the article with a summary of the topics discussed.]

689. Doctor Offered Hush Money After Warning Of Vaccination Dangers
Video: Dr. Alexander recently talked with Kristi Leigh about how he received phone calls from Pfizer with a lucrative offer.]

690. Data Reveal Disturbing Trend From COVID Jab
[Epoch Times: Reports of alterations in women’s menstrual cycles following COVID-19 shots have poured in around the globe. Changes include heavier and more painful periods and changes in menses length, as well as unexpected breakthrough bleeding or spotting among women who haven’t had a period in years or even decades. Health officials have tried to brush off the reports, and doctors have told women that it’s just a result of stress. Sure enough, a study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology in January 2022 confirmed an association between menstrual cycle length and COVID-19 shots.]

691. Pfizer Seeks Approval to Inject Infants with Deadly Gene Therapy Shots
[If Pfizer can add the mRNA vaccine to the childhood vaccine schedule, it will enjoy permanent liability protection under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.]

692. New Zealand Scraps COVID-19 Restrictions Including Vax Passports, Mandates, QR Codes
[New Zealand has announced the end of QR codes, mask rules, COVID-19 vaccine passports, and other mandates in all industries except health and disability, aged care, corrections, and border forces.]

693. mRNA madness: FDA authorizes both 4th and 5th COVID shots
[America is number one again, but for all of the wrong reasons. 'If you didn’t catch the fifth shot authorization statement initially, that’s because the FDA seems to be delivering its advice in deliberately confusing language.']

694. Judge Blocks COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Entire Navy
[The new ruling means “anyone in the U.S. Navy whose religious accommodation from the vaccine mandate was denied is now protected from any sort of punishment or involuntary separation, things like that,” said Mike Berry, a lawyer with First Liberty Institute, which represents the plaintiffs in the case.]

695. 10 Lives Changed Forever by COVID Shots
[Dr Joseph Mercola: “These are real people with real stories to share, and the more people who see them, the more awareness can grow to provide those who survived with the help and medical care they deserve — while warning others of the potentially deadly consequences of COVID-19 injections.”]

696. Former BlackRock Advisor Tells Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: ‘FDA Is in on the Cover-Up’
[In an interview with former BlackRock advisor Edward Dowd on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dowd discussed why they believe COVID vaccine makers committed fraud, and government agencies know it.]

697. Fauci Says We’ll Never Know If Covid Restrictions Really Worked, Admits Lockdowns Had “Negative Consequences”
['Obviously when you do have that kind of restriction on society there are unintended negative consequences, particularly in children...,' Fauci acknowledges. Says people should be ready to go into lockdown mode in the event of a new Covid-19 outbreak.]

698. In Lab Study, Pfizer Vaccine Showed Potential to Alter DNA in Human Liver Cells, But Scientists Caution More Research Needed
[There have been large numbers of adverse events associated with the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine. RNA vaccines are appealing because they can be developed quickly compared to vaccines that use other technologies. However, with this novel technology, we don’t know all the potential risks, such as the possibility of genetic modification of the genomic DNA. Swedish researchers showed the mRNA from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine can be reverse-transcribed into DNA in human liver cells in vitro, but more research is needed to determine if this transcribed vaccine-derived DNA can integrate into human genomic DNA.]

699. 4th COVID Shot Offers Little Protection Against Infection, Israeli Study Shows
[Researchers at Sheba Medical Center conducted a small study that found the efficacy of a fourth dose of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines resulted in only marginal protection from SARS-CoV-2 infection.]

700. Stew Peters Show: Zelenko Exposes Pfizer Assassination List and Circuitry in Vaxx Vials
[On the "Stew Peters Show", Dr. Vladimir Zelenko exposes a plan by Big Pharma to execute doctors who are challenging the web of lies that have been told after the safety of the bioweapon vaccine and boosters. Also, Dr. Jane Ruby details a shocking discovery regarding warmed up vials of the Pfizer jab which have morphed into explosive injections that self-assemble into chip like circuits.]

701. More Than 20 Per Cent of Post-Lockdown Americans Are “Not Too Happy” For First
Time Ever

[Results likely linked to pandemic response, not pandemic itself.]

702. Video: Why Are TV Presenters Across The World Collapsing?
[There is no way it could be the vaccine. Fauci, Gates, and all of our health leaders said the COVID vaccine is “safe and effective”. Newscasters have always collapsed on live TV, right?]

703. Twitter censored Oxford academic who shared Daily Mail article about inflated COVID deaths
[Twitter is still fighting against COVID-related information using various censorship methods, including censoring academics and labeling what appear to be legitimate news stories based on scientific studies as “potentially spammy or unsafe.” Eventually, Twitter backtracked, admitting it got it wrong.]

704. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a threat to millions of children in the womb
[According to a recent report by the Mail on Sunday, the WHO has just called for the removal of all restrictions on abortion. Although this is not about the COVID-19 vaccine, it does demonstrate what is really behind those who are pushing the COVID-19 vaccine – the death of as many as possible. For them, this can be accomplished either through abortions or vaccines.]

705. University of Toronto drops vaccine mandate after being hit with human rights complaint
[The University’s own law faculty website took aim at vaccine mandates, suggesting the policies may inflict more harm than good. They wrote, “vaccine mandates, including those recently renewed by Ontario universities, are scientifically questionable, ethically problematic, and misguided.” The article added that discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccine status “disproportionally impacts human rights, promotes stigma and social polarization, and adversely affects health and wellbeing.”]

706. Fauci Flashback: “The Most Potent Vaccination Is Getting Infected Yourself”
[Throughout the pandemic, a large contingency of doctors, researchers, and non-mainstream media outlets have been pounding the table over natural immunity as an alternative to vaccination to protect against Covid-19, with the obvious conclusion that vaccine passports are moot if a large percentage of the population has a higher degree of protection than even the vaccinated because they've already had the disease. And as time has gone on, 'the science' has validated this theory.]

707. Censored: Doctors and Researchers Testify To Massive Fraud of The COVID-19 Response
[Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Bryan Ardis, attorney Thomas Renz and researcher Steve Kirsch speak before the Pennsylvania house and senate to cover the horribly corrupt and murderous COVID-19 national response. There is a ten-minute highlight at the start of this video.]

708. Swedish study: Yet another win for natural acquired adaptive immunity
[Key finding: The risk of SARS-CoV-2 reinfection and COVID-19 hospitalisation in individuals who have survived and recovered from a previous infection remained low for up to 20 months.]

709. Second batch of Pfizer files they didn't want you to see: natural immunity stronger
and more

[The Ingraham Angle video: Pfizer's very own study showed those prior infected were protected from severe disease also known as NATURAL immunity! Pfizer also knew that the vaccine was increasing the chance of infection within 7 days post vaccine... they lied!]

710. US Military Doctor Testifies She Was Ordered by government administration to 'Cover Up' Vaccine Injuries
[Dr. Theresa Long, medical officer with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the Biden regime’s mandate. Dr. Long also testified that the data shows that deaths of military members from the vaccines exceed deaths from COVID itself.]

711. WHO Admits COVID Vaccine Linked To Hearing Loss
[The World Health Organization on Thursday admitted it’s investigating a link between Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and hearing loss – a correlation highlighted by Infowars nearly a year ago.]

712. ‘What’s going on’: Tennis world stunned after Miami Open carnage – 15 fully ‘vaccinated’ players unable to finish
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “I am trying to find out of credible and if so, shows the danger of the injection. It may be the beginning.”]

713. New Study finds persistent Heart Abnormalities among Covid-19 Vaccinated Children
[A study conducted at the Seattle Children’s Hospital of children suffering myocarditis following their second dose of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was published in the Journal of Pediatrics on 25 March 2022. The Pfizer mRNA vaccination roll out has been undertaken in the absence of long term follow up testing. Moreover, heart disease is not the only category of serious illness whose incidence may be increased by mRNA vaccination as other recent studies suggest. Possible long term adverse effects include cancer, kidney and liver disease, and neurological conditions. A recent court-ordered document release shows Pfizer is aware of such cases.]

714. “It’s Beyond ANY Shadow of a Doubt That the Vaccines Are Causing LARGE NUMBERS of Deaths”: Dr. Peter McCullough (VIDEO)
[The majority of people have taken their jabs, the virus has a 99.95-99.99% recovery rate for most, and Fauci himself said last month that we are moving out of the pandemic phase. So why are people still dying? Dr. Peter McCullough, the most published Cardiologist in history says: “It’s beyond any shadow of a doubt that the vaccines are causing a large number of deaths.”]

715. Breaking: Recently Unredacted Documents Prove Pfizer & FDA Knew Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Occurring in Vaccinated
[The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released another batch of internal Pfizer documents under court order showing even more evidence that Pfizer and the FDA knew of the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) phenomenon and tried to cover it up. The trove of 11,000+ pages of documents, released on 1 April 2022, reveal both agencies knew that vaccine-induced ADE was occurring and worked to cover it up by claiming “no new safety issues have been raised.”]

716. Zero COVID Disaster: China Deploys Army as Parents and Children Separated in Quarantine Facilities
[“Parents who brought their children in for treatment have seen them taken by authorities and moved to official quarantine facilities, often leaving families in the dark about their children’s condition. When both parent and child have tested positive, doctors have used threats to browbeat families into compliance. In some cases, children as young as 3 months old have reportedly been separated from their breast-feeding mothers.”]

717. Mask Wearing Has Left a Generation of Toddlers Struggling With Speech and Social Skills
[A report found that those turning two “will have been surrounded by adults wearing masks for their whole lives and have therefore been unable to see lip movements or mouth shapes as regularly.” Speech therapist Jaclyn Theek said that mask wearing during the pandemic has caused a 364% increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers. “They’re not making any word attempts and not communicating at all with their family,” she said, adding that symptoms of autism are also skyrocketing.]

718. Vaccine Horror: Man Describes Losing Leg After AstraZeneca Jab
[A Scottish man described a horrific Covid-19 vaccine injury on Twitter Monday which sadly caused him to lose a leg. “A year ago today I collapsed at home 14 days after my 1st Az jag. I spent over 7 hours in surgery having clots removed from my abdomen and both legs. I lost my left leg from above the knee and I have numerous other things going on. All from the vaccine. I was fit and healthy.”]

719. Fauci’s United Front Is Collapsing
[Medical journalist Katherine Eban posted the results of a long and detailed investigation into the lab-leak theory of the origins of SARS-CoV-2. We have a very long way to go before the full truth is out but Eban’s article adds tremendous detail about the great lengths to which our Fauci-led cabal of officials worked hard to suppress opposition on the question of lab-vs-natural origin. They kept papers from being posted on preprint servers, held Zoom sessions with authors in an attempt to intimidate them, and spent tremendous energy making it clear that there would be a no-leak “united front” no matter what.]

718. Attorney Gains More Proof The Federal Government is Covering Up Death Shots
[Video: Attorney Tom Renz gives an update on all of the illegal activity he says he’s uncovering in this interview with Krisi Leigh. He says now that so many whistleblowers are coming forward, and there’s irrefutable proof our own federal government has been changing numbers to hide deaths after the vaccine, they are closing in. Renz also says Fauci has repeatedly lied and should be in jail.]

719. African Union, Covax Refuse To Buy More Vaccines From Moderna As Demand Plummets
[Get ready for another wave of COVID fearmongering as Big Pharma tries to push a second (then a third, then a fourth…) booster dose as demand wanes, even as scientists warn about a new hybrid mutant strain. Consumers take the view that, if they have made it this far without the jabs, then they certainly don't need them now.]

720. It Was the Lockdowns, Not the Pandemic That Created the Havoc
[The cost of the lockdowns will be felt for generations. It is crucial to properly link cause and consequence. It is not, and has never been, the pandemic that has been creating financial insecurities for families and destroying the social lives of our youth. It is not the pandemic that is increasing the rates of depression, drug abuse, and suicidal thoughts among teenagers.]

721. Hospital Refuses Father-to-Son Kidney Transplant Over COVID Jab
[Epoch Times: A 9-year-old boy is being denied a life-saving kidney transplant because his father is not vaccinated against COVID-19. The father is opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine for religious reasons, but also because he has seen a rising number of clients get critically ill after receiving it. He believes the hospital is contradicting itself by requiring a living donor to be vaccinated, but not a deceased one.]

722. Vaccine mandate for South Australian teachers and transport workers dropped as COVID-19 cases approach record
[Unvaccinated teachers and school staff in South Australia, as well as public transport workers and taxi and rideshare drivers, will be able to return to work. Professor Spurrier said, “Education is a universal right for every child and so we need to make sure that we maintain staff so that every child has that opportunity to learn.”]

723. Anti-COVID vax pharmacist banned from work
[A suspended Melbourne pharmacist has been accused of spreading "dangerous nonsense" about COVID-19 health restrictions and vaccinations in her bid to resume practising. She was suspended by the Pharmacy Board of Australia over her opposition to COVID-19 vaccinations and her failure to adhere to public health directions.]

724. BREAKING REPORT… Naomi Wolf on War Room – FDA Failed to Mention Heart Damage to Teens When Approving Pfizer Vaccine (VIDEO)
[The FDA failed to mention heart damage to teens when approving the Pfizer experimental COVID vaccines. Former Bill Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf went on The War Room with Steve Bannon and discussed this shocking and likely criminal development.]

725. Horowitz: What did Pfizer know and when? 3 important findings from recent document releases
[It’s no longer OK for elected officials to mindlessly repeat the vaccines are “safe and effective” without any reflection about the mass injury we’ve witnessed, along with the waning and the negative efficacy, in itself, engendering calls for endless boosters. This article reveals just three of the most recent revelations from the newly released Pfizer documents that expose the government/pharma narrative to be a lie at its core.]

726. The Lentivirus Apocalypse Is Coming (Video)
[We now live in a world where the hidden 1,291 adverse effects according to a Pfizer document are popping up everywhere. The Vaccine injuries and deaths are mounting.]

727. Babies Struggle to Understand “Basic Facial Expressions” as a Result of Adults
Wearing Masks

[Despite a highly contentious debate over the effectiveness of face masks, mothers giving birth were forced to wear face coverings in hospitals. The report emphasizes how those who claimed the moral high ground by wearing masks were actually responsible for causing serious developmental disorders in children.]

728. COVID Legislative News: Compulsion and Control - Who Decides?
[Dr. Robert Malone: "There has been some good news on the legislative front in the past week. But unfortunately, there are still a number of bills and regulatory policies pending that could change the very nature of a pandemic response worldwide. Policy that would allow public health to easily gain control of government during a bio-threat emergency. Policy that might allow public health to be weaponized for other purposes." Dr. Malone gives a breakdown of pending and recently passed COVID legislation in the states.]

729. REVEALED: Pandemic of the Vaccinated (Video)
[After close review, we find that the vaccine “rebound” effect can prevent natural immunity from developing properly. We also discover that the Bill Gates Foundation has been supplying Ivermectin annually to 30 different African countries - could this explain their low COVID case rates? Also, we learn that the new RTS/S (Mosquirix) malaria vaccine can actually cause malaria - Are COVID vaccines behaving in a similar manner?]

730. Australian Senator Walks into Parliament and Drops Truth Bombs About Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum (WEF)
[South Australian Senator Alex Antic lifted the curtain on the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda during a recent parliament meeting, exposing it as a subversive communist ploy. The senator went on to explain the WEF was instrumental in promoting the harshest COVID restrictions on the planet, “including lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports and mask mandates, despite these policies assaulting many of our basic liberties.”]

731. Dr. Paul Marik speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this short 4 minute video Dr. Paul Marik speaks about medical tyranny, the right to choose and how masking and COVID vaccines do not work.]

732. Dr. Pierre Kory speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this short 4 minute video Dr. Pierre Kory speaks about the success of early treatment and the lies being told by pharmaceutical 

733. You Cannot Boost Your Way Through COVID by Dr Joseph Mercola
[That the mRNA-based COVID shot is not a real vaccine is evidenced by the sheer number of “boosters” required to keep COVID-19 at bay. When the injections were released at the beginning of 2021, the promises flowed. Getting the two-dose regimen was said to be 95% effective and would keep you safe from serious infection. If everyone would just roll up their sleeves and get the jab, the pandemic would be over in no time. Before the year was over, reality started setting in, as effectiveness waned far more rapidly than anyone expected. What’s worse, the shot actually increased the infectivity of the Delta variant, and toward the end of 2021, hospitals around the world were starting to fill up with “vaccinated” COVID patients.]

734. Horror: mRNA Shots May Be Altering Human DNA to Produce Spike Protein on
Long-Term Basis

[Top epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough broke down a study showing how spike proteins produced by the experimental mRNA COVID vaccine can be passed down through cell lines to future generations, forever altering human genetics. He said, “Sperm and egg [cells], will contain some of this and pass it down to the baby, and we'll never be able to get this spike protein out of the human species.”]

735. Dr. Brian Tyson speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this short 4 minute video Dr. Brian Tyson speaks about his success with treating over 10,000 COVID patients and how early treatment is being ignored by authorities who keep pushing for people to take the failed vaccines.]

736. Dr. Richard Urso speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this short video Dr. Richard Urso speaks about natural immunity, the severe side effects of COVID vaccines, and the mainstream media’s silence on these issues.]

737. U.N. Chief Guterres Backs Big Pharma Plan to ‘Get Vaccines into Arms’ of Every Person
on the Planet

[The U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in order to reach the billions who have so far not received coronavirus vaccine shots, countries needed to “fulfil and accelerate dose-sharing and donation commitments” to U.N. agencies and allies tasked with supplying the mass vaccinations. The U.N. chief lamented the slowness of some vaccine take ups even as “a third of the planet is still lacking even one dose” saying trust is essential in government authorities.]

738. Dr. Ryan Cole speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this short 5 minute video Dr. Ryan Cole speaks about how media companies are withholding information, lying, censoring and spreading propaganda so people will not know the truth. He also talks about the injustice of taking away people’s freedoms in the guise of public safety.]

739. Democrats Vote Against Stopping Intel Agencies From ‘Monitoring, Investigating & Prosecuting’ Unvaccinated Americans
[Every Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee voted down a proposal prohibiting intelligences agencies from spying on or prosecuting Americans who refused to take the experimental COVID injection - what a surprise. “The fact that moms are going to be targeted as domestic terrorists because they think their 5-year-old doesn’t need the freaking vaccine because they looked at the data...is ridiculous,” says Republican Rep. Thomas Massie.]

740. Dr. Paul Alexander speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this short 4 minute video Dr. Paul Alexander speaks about all the lies regarding COVID vaccines, PCR tests, asymptomatic transmission, natural immunity, vaccinating children, etc. He also talks about the importance of standing up for our freedom.]

741. Dr. Flavio Cadegiani speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this video, which is under 4 minutes, Dr. Flavio Cadegiani speaks out about allowing doctors to treat people and save lives. He also says that the absence of transparency is the absence of truth and that real scientists need to be heard instead of silenced and suppressed.]

742. Dr. Robert Malone speaks at at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this 8 minute video, Dr. Robert Malone says that the science is settled regarding the COVID-19 vaccines – they are not working to prevent infection, replication, the spread of Omicron, and they are not safe. Data from all over the world suggests that the triple vaccinated may be at increased risk of infection, disease and death. If there is risk, there must be choice!]

743. Dr. Tess Lawrie is a COVID hero with a powerful vision
[Dr. Tess Lawrie used to work as a consultant to the World Health Organisation (WHO), evaluating evidence and developing recommendations. When she saw Dr. Pierre Kory testify before Congress about ivermectin, she gave up her Christmas holiday to run one of these reviews (unpaid) and see if the evidence really did back what Dr. Kory was claiming. It did, so she went to work, writing to health authorities and governments around the world and sharing the great news - not surprisingly, that did not go down too well.]

744. Bill Gates Says “Crazy” Protests Against His Vaccines Are “Kind Of Weird”
[While pushing a billion dollar ‘pandemic prevention’ global government health ‘solution’ at a TED Talk this week, Bill Gates addressed ‘conspiracy theories’ regarding himself and COVID vaccines. He has constantly described anyone who questions his global vaccine push as “crazy,” calling for censorship of dissenting opinion.]

745. Study shows inhalation of microplastics found in masks getting into lung tissue for the
first time

The health implications of tiny plastic fragments invading lungs are unknown, but it's a growing health concern, especially for children.]

746. ‘All About Politics & Control’: Gov. DeSantis Bashes Democrat ‘COVID Theater’ Amid
Renewed Mandates

[Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) lambasted Democrat “COVID theater” policies while assuring Floridians that mandates and lockdowns will never be imposed in the Sunshine State. "If I had a dollar for every lockdown politician that escaped their own policies to come to our free state, I would be set for life. That's just a fact," says Florida governor.]

747. New Zealand Father Banned From Contacting His Children Until He Gets Vaccinated
[Epoch Times: A New Zealand father has been banned from having contact with his three children until the whole family is vaccinated, a family court judge has ruled. The father has not consented to his children receiving a COVID-19 vaccination because he does not believe it is safe nor able to properly protect people from COVID-19.]

748. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this 6 minute video, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty speaks about how he was fired from the University of California after challenging the university’s vaccine mandate. Amongst many other things, Dr. Kheriaty talks passionately about the illogical vaccine mandates, the silencing and persecution of doctors who do not follow the mainstream COVID narrative, and the censorship of free speech.]

749. Dr. Lynn Fynn speaks at Defeat the Mandates in LA, California
[In this 5 minute video, Dr. Lynn Fynn speaks about masks mandates, the “DNA-damaging injection” failing to stop viral spread, the harming of children and the censoring of doctors and scientists who are warning the people about the risks posed by the COVID-19 vaccinations.]

750. Biden Extends Mask Mandate For Americans, While Scrapping All Restrictions For Illegal Border Migrants
[While simultaneously ending all COVID restrictions for migrants crossing illegally into the United States, Joe Biden’s CDC has extended mask mandates for Americans on planes and public transport. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wasn’t prepared to comment on the possibility that the mandate will be further extended next month. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described the move as “the Biden equivalent of continuing the beatings until morale improves.”]

751. Video: Fauci Declares “You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated”
[Appearing on MSNBC, Anthony Fauci let the truth about lockdowns slip… that they are theatre designed to scare people into getting vaccinated. He also praised China’s insane lockdown.]

752. California Balks On Vax Mandate For Schoolchildren
[While California was the first state to announce that all school-aged kids would require the Covid-19 vaccine, state health officials are now taking a big step back - delaying a statewide mandate until at least July 2023.]

753. U.S. Department of Defense awarded a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before COVID was known to even exist
[The world first started to hear about a novel coronavirus in early January 2020, however, it was not until the 11th February 2020 that the World Health Organisation officially named the novel coronavirus disease as Covid-19. So with this being the official truth, why does United States Government data show that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract on the 12th November 2019 to Labyrinth Global Health INC. for ‘COVID-19 Research’, at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19?]

754. Biden COVID Czar: Little Kids Should Still Wear Masks Because CDC Says So
[The Biden Administration’s ‘COVID Coordinator’ declared Thursday that little kids should still be wearing masks in school because the ‘experts’ say so, but claimed that lifting all restrictions for migrants crossing the border is different.]

755. German Insurer Warns: “More Vaccine Side Effects Than Previously Known”
[A board member of German insurer BKK ProVita recently had analyzed the data of millions of insured individuals of the BKK group. The results conclude that the number of COVID-19 “vaccine” side effects is much higher than is being reported by the German federal agency and medical regulatory body.]

756. How Dangerous Are Masks for Children?
[Dr Paul Alexander: “What is indeed frightening is that all of these blue and similar surgical face masks cause plastic fiber inhalation and the outcomes could be devastating, especially to our children… These face mask plastics will degrade very slowly over time and as such, in the lungs it may remain and just build up to dangerous levels.” We may be faced with catastrophic consequences of what we did to our children over the last two years of unsound Covid restrictive policies. These are matters too important to disregard.]

757. Confidential Pfizer Document suggests ‘Covid Vaccine Shedding’ leading to ‘Menstrual Cycle Disruption’ and ‘Miscarriage’ is possible via ‘Skin-to-Skin Contact’ & ‘Breathing the
same Air’

[Hundreds if not thousands of women have reported that they have suffered irregular bleeding/clotting after receiving one of the mRNA Covid vaccines. Sadly thousands of others have also now reported the loss of their unborn/new-born child. However, there also now exist hundreds of testimonies made by women who are claiming that they have lost their baby or suffered irregular bleeding/clotting after being in the company of others who have received one of the mRNA Covid vaccines. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? Well unfortunately a Pfizer document confirms that these farfetched reports are perfectly possible.]

758. New COVID Study Shows Lockdown-Heavy States Had Some of the Worst Health Results
[As hard as it is to believe, the Chinese regime is still employing a “zero covid” strategy and claims it can eradicate COVID entirely through lockdowns and vaccinations. This approach has no basis in any actual science, however, and contradicts decades of epidemiological research condemning lockdowns. Moreover, a 2021 joint study from USC and the Rand Corporation concluded “excess mortality increases” following “the implementation of SIP [shelter-in-place] policies.”]

759. CDC Extends Travel Mask Mandate 15 More Days
[Despite the uptick in reported COVID cases in the U.S., hospitalisations and deaths continue to decline, according to Department of Health and Human Services data. The COVID theater will never end as long as Democrats can still politically weaponize it.]

760. WHO chief promotes Bill Gates’ book on ‘next pandemic’
[World Health Organization director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised the latest book by billionaire and self-styled pandemic ‘expert’ Bill Gates on Friday, declaring himself in full agreement with the software tycoon’s insistence that “we must act on Covid-19’s lessons and innovate so that we can deliver swift, equitable health solutions to prevent the next pandemic.”]

761. Dr. Bryan Ardis: Remdesivir Was Never ‘Safe’ And Fauci Knew It
[With so much evidence against effectiveness of Remdesivir, why was it not only allowed, but also approved by the FDA? In March of 2022, Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano held a panel discussing Covid-19, treatments, and related topics. In his testimony, Dr. Ardis pointed out that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who somehow became the world’s resource on COVID-19, said in March of 2020 that Remdesivir was the only approved drug for treatment of COVID-19 (prior to FDA approval in October of the same year). The problem with this announcement, Dr. Ardis said, is that Remdesivir had recently been used in an African study to treat Ebola in the Republic of Congo with less-than reliable results.]

762. More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions (Lockdowns, Restrictions, Closures)
[Nearly all governments have attempted compulsory measures to control the virus, but no government can claim success. The research indicates that mask mandates, lockdowns, and school closures have had no discernible impact of virus trajectories.]

763. White House Announces New COVID Summit to “Vaccinate the World”
[While the pandemic has been pushed from the headlines in recent months, the Biden administration said a summit is necessary to “bring solutions to vaccinate the world, save lives now, and build better health security.”  Biden administration still considers a summit necessary to get “shots into arms”.]

764. Officials Manipulated COVID Data to Exaggerate Crisis, Mathematician Tells RFK, Jr.
[Norman Fenton, Ph.D., a mathematician at Queen Mary University of London, in an interview on 'RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast' said, “It was clear I think from the start that most of the data that governments put out — not just the UK government, but most governments around the world … were kind of misleading because it was based on very easily manipulated statistics.”]

765. British children up to 52 times more likely to die following a COVID shot: gov’t report
[Data from Britain's Office for National Statistics show a stark increase in deaths among children both single- and double-jabbed compared to their un-jabbed counterparts. For children aged 15–19, the risk of death increases by almost double if they take the first shot and by over three times if they take the second.]

766. COVID Vaccine Mandate for Pilots Violates Federal Law, Puts Passengers at Risk, Citizen Group Warns
[COVID-19 vaccine mandates for pilots violate federal regulations and place pilots and passengers at risk, according to a December 2021 letter from the California-based Advocates for Citizens’ Rights that was only recently made public. It includes data showing pilots across the aviation industry — including commercial, military and general aviation pilots — face increased health risks from the vaccines due to the unique nature of their profession. The letter also states that a significant number of vaccine injuries and adverse effects involving pilots have been recorded, and in some instances have forced pilots to stop flying.]

767. mRNA Vaccines Produce Persisting Spike Protein, Likely Causing Clots, Heart Inflammations, Cancers: Dr. Ryan Cole
[Epoch Times: Cole is a pathologist who has operated a lab for 18 years. He has seen, mostly through the microscope, about 500,000 patients in his career. Cole said that he had seen an uptick in cancers that he shouldn’t be seeing. In addition, he has seen elevations and clotting factors persisting for a long time post-vaccination. However, when he voiced his concerns, no government agencies were willing to look into this finding.]

768. The FDA ‘knew’ COVID jabs weren’t ‘safe and effective’ but pushed them anyway
[Naomi Wolf has teamed with health experts and attorneys to mobilize researchers to pore through the thousands of documents on the Pfizer vaccine trials that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was forced to release through a lawsuit. “It looks to me – this is not an overstatement from what I’ve seen – that this was a clinical trial that by August 2021, Pfizer and the FDA knew was failed, the vaccines were not safe and effective. That they weren’t working. That the efficacy was waning … and that they were seriously dangerous,” Wolf said. “And they rolled it out anyway.”]

769. Shocking! HHS Secretary Admits Vaccines Kill Minorities Twice The Rate of White People
[The White held a Convening on Equity Summit where HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra admitted that COVID vaccines are killing minorities at twice the rate of white people. Was this an admission of guilt or a slip of the tongue?]

770. Masks are Officially Dead!!!
[Dr. Steve Turley video: Masks are officially dead as the Biden Mask mandate is struck down by a Trump-appointed federal judge!]

771. EU commission sued over Covid-19 vaccine secrecy
[Five Green MEPs are suing the European Commission over its ultra-secretive vaccine contracts, arguing that the heavily redacted versions released by the EC “made it impossible to understand the content of the agreements.” The MEPs are demanding the details of the contracts the EC signed with vaccine-makers BioNTech, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Novavax, including price per dose, advance payments, conditions for vaccine donations, liability, and indemnification matters.]

772. A puzzling phenomenon: Patients report a rebound of COVID-19 symptoms after taking the antiviral Paxlovid
[When it first hit the market, the COVID-19 antiviral treatment, Paxlovid, was hailed as a game-changer, an effective medicine that kept at-risk people out of the hospital. But now some patients are reporting on social media an unusual and unnerving phenomenon: their COVID symptoms appear to rebound after taking the medication. Many report that after finishing their five-day course of treatment, feeling better, and testing negative on an at-home rapid test, they then test positive again a few days later.]

773. Heart Inflammation More Prevalent Among Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated: Study
[Epoch Times: Heart inflammation requiring hospital care was more common among people who received COVID-19 vaccines than those who did not, according to a new study of tens of millions of Europeans. “The risks of myocarditis and pericarditis were highest within the first 7 days of being vaccinated, were increased for all combinations of mRNA vaccines, and were more pronounced after the second dose,” researchers wrote in the study, which was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association following peer review.]

774. Rhode Island Dems Seek To DOUBLE State Income Tax For Parents Of Unvaccinated Minors
[This Bill is meant to punish unvaccinated individuals for violating blanket order requiring all residents receive the experimental COVID injection. In order for parents to receive an exemption for a minor, they will need to have three different doctors state on record that the child is “not fit for immunization” and the child themselves will have to sign the form.]

775. VENTILATORS for COVID actually killed! Did more harm than good, and thats the irony, in that too, we were misled

[Dr. Paul Alexander: Lots have been learnt the last 2 years and one thing we have learnt is that the rush to use so many ventilators was actually catastrophic for many. It seems that the ventilator actually damaged the lungs terribly and killed.]

776. Video: Fauci Decrees That CDC Should Be Above Authority Of Courts
[Fauci is saying that unelected CDC bureaucrats should be able to impose their will on the country without question or pushback.]

777. Lockdowns Did Not & Do Not Protect the Vulnerable; They Never Did, this was Always False
[Dr. Paul Alexander: We locked down the healthy and well in society, which is nonsensical, while at the same time failing to properly protect the actual group that lockdowns were proposed to protect: the vulnerable and elderly. The lockdown polices were highly illogical, irrational, non-sensical, absurd, specious, reckless, and unscientific. It was upside down and back to front.]

778. Dr. Byram Bridle: A Moratorium on mRNA 'Vaccines' is Needed
[Do you remember when public health and government officials assured everyone that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ function like traditional vaccine technologies? However, a document that Pfizer had submitted to the Japanese health regulatory agency reveals that most of Pfizer’s vaccine spread throughout the body instead of staying at the injection site. This also meant there was the potential for toxicities that would never occur with traditional vaccines. Note: this is a long but thorough article to make important scientific information accessible to the general public.]

779. Top Doctor: COVID Virus The Greatest Power Grab Of All Time (Video)
[Dr. Peter Breggin is an American psychiatrist and critic of shock treatment and psychiatric medication and Covid-19 response. He wrote the highly acclaimed book "COVID-19 and the Global Predators" which is highly recommended by doctors such as Dr. McCullough, Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Alexander. Dr Breggin joins Kristi Leigh and Owen Shroyer for a powerful interview about global predators and how they planned everything that befell us under COVID-19. He also speaks about how the World Health Organisation plans to become the central authority in order to control the health care of as many countries as they can.]

780. Are COVID Vaccines Causing Liver Failure?
[Dr. Joseph Mercola: Researchers have uncovered innate immune suppression triggered by COVID-19 shots and other disturbances that could cause liver disease. As of April 8, 2022, 74 cases of severe hepatitis that health officials can’t explain have been reported in children up to 10 years old.]

781. Dr. Anthony Fauci Admits “Pandemic Phase” of COVID is Over
[In another sign that the absolute horror of the last two years might be finally coming to an end, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that the “pandemic phase” of COVID is over. Despite the widely reported devastating impact of lockdown, some people are scarred for life by the alarmist hysteria that dominated the pandemic and will likely continue to wear masks and take dubious jabs for years to come.]

782. Video: Not For Our Sake
[A message from a group of senior doctors and scientists, all with decades of experience. They speak passionately against vaccinating children.]

783. Another Two Boys Died in Their Sleep Days After Receiving Second COVID-19 Vaccine
[Just days after getting their second COVID-19 vaccine, two teenage boys died in their sleep. Medical experts have been investigating what happened and have now released their report. An epidemiologist says it adds to a body of evidence that confirms Pfizer’s vaccine can lead to death in children.]

784. Tanzania: 60 Million Follow ‘Murdered’ President’s Independent Spirit and Reject COVID Vax and Policies
[The late President Magufuli of Tanzania fought corruption and was also opposed to COVID-19 vaccines. He famously tested fruit for COVID, which got a positive test result from the fraudulent tests. After Magufuli’s mysterious death, he was replaced with a female World Economic Forum attendee who tried to implement the cabal’s COVID agenda of masking and ‘vaccine’ injections. But within one week, police stopped wearing masks and everyone else followed. And the entire country, with a population of more than 60 million, stopped complying. Children go to school without masks, people work freely unmasked, the police absolutely do not enforce any COVID rules, public buses are packed to the hilt. Zanzibar, Tanzania has become a vacation destination for people who have rejected COVID shots and other pandemic regulations.]

785. New Zealand High Court Finds That PM Jacinda Ardern’s “Quarantine Lottery” Violated Citizens’ Rights
[New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern imposed a dystopian zero-Covid policy that resulted in New Zealanders stuck offshore or stuck in other countries and unable to return home. New Zealanders desperate to return home were forced to participate in a ‘quarantine lottery’ in order to secure a bed in a military-run ‘quarantine hotel.’ Many New Zealanders were stuck waiting in other countries as their visas expired. High Court Justice Jillian Mallon on Wednesday ruled this violated New Zealand’s Bill of Rights Act, which guarantees every citizen the right to enter New Zealand.]

786. Covid pandemic over – Fauci
[The Covid czar said “intermittent vaccinations” could keep the virus at a “low level” in the US. He could not say how often new immunizations would be needed, however.]

787. Moderna will ask FDA to approve its COVID vaccine for children SIX-MONTHS-OLD 
[Many parents rightly remain wary of giving young children the vaccine. They’re at very low risk of a severe COVID infection. COVID jabs also carry a risk of heart inflammation – particularly in boys and young men.]

788. Study: Lockdowns Drove 60,000 Children in UK to Clinical Depression
[Figures show that 400,000 British children were referred to mental health specialists last year for things like eating disorders and self-harm. According to a report by the Telegraph, about 60,000 extra kids  suffered clinical depression thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. Once again, the study underscores how those who vehemently promoted lockdowns, while demanding voices of dissent be silenced, were on the wrong side of history.]

789. What I’ve Seen in the Last 2 Years Is Unprecedented’: Physician on COVID Vaccine Side Effects on Pregnant Women
[Dr. James Thorp is an extensively published 68-year-old physician MD board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as maternal-fetal medicine, who has practiced obstetrics for over 42 years. Thorp told The Epoch Times that he sees 6,000–7,000 high-risk pregnant patients a year and has seen many complications among them due to the COVID vaccines. “I’ve seen many, many, many complications in pregnant women, in moms and in fetuses, in children, offspring,” Thorp said, “fetal death, miscarriage, death of the fetus inside the mom. What I’ve seen in the last two years is unprecedented,” Thorp asserted.]

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790. "SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination and Myocarditis in a Nordic Cohort Study of 23 Million Residents"; highest risk among males 16-24 yrs after 2nd shot
[Dr. Paul Alexander: This was a punishing study that showed the failure and danger of the mRNA vaccines, especially in young persons and males.]

791. Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) after vaccination against COVID-19 in the UK: a multicentre cohort study (Perry et al.); another piece to the puzzle, be informed
[Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) has emerged as a rare side-effect of vaccination against COVID-19. CVT is the most common manifestation of this syndrome. Dr. Alexander writes, “We are seeing blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre, cancer including deaths…this is very very serious and these COVID vaccines must be stopped now! Pfizer and Moderna have to answer for their IMO crimes.”]

792. Video: Where Is the Outrage Over COVID Vaccine Deaths? - Dr. Peter McCullough
[Dr. McCullough says: “When a child dies of cancer, the family members start a funding campaign to help fund cancer research... but here with COVID-19 vaccination, [there is] almost a uniform absence of family outrage over the loss of their loved one, unnecessarily so with the COVID-19 vaccine.”]

793. Dr. Roger Hodkinson: ADE and Other Issues with Mass Vaccination During a Pandemic
[This very enlightening video is part of a larger exclusive interview with Dr Hodkinson at RAIR Foundation USA.]

794. Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?
[This 15 minute video talks about Klaus Schwab (author of “COVID-19: The Great Reset”), the agenda of the World Economic Forum, the proposed digital ID system, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari's idea of hacking into people's brains and eliminating free will, and much more.]

795. Lawsuit Alleges 15-Year-Old Boy Was Driven To SUICIDE By Bullies Saying He Was UNVACCINATED
[In a shocking example of where ‘othering’ of unvaccinated people can lead, a lawsuit alleges that a fifteen year old boy from Chicago was bullied so relentlessly about his vaccination status that it drove him to suicide.]

796. Troops accuse Pentagon of ‘religious purge’
[The US government is still mandating all members of the military to get a Covid-19 vaccine and discharging those who refuse – even on religious grounds – in what amounts to a deliberate purge of troops with beliefs the current Pentagon considers wrong. “It’s a purposeful purge,” argued Army Major Samuel Sigoloff. “Anyone who would disobey an unlawful order is being purged out of the military,” he added, alleging there is a “shadow policy” in place to protect the leadership doing this.]

797. Moderna knows the truth is coming out | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris
[Video: Moderna is seeking emergency approval to issue its Covid vaccine to children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old. But Dr. Fauci just said that the pandemic phase of Covid was over so why would we need emergency approval? Can't we just wait for full approval before we consider this for babies? Oh that's not profitable?]

798. Dr. Bryan Ardis: Watch the Water - is this a possible conspiracy theory?
[Video: The plandemic continues, but its origins are still a nefarious mystery. How did the world get sick, how did Covid really spread, and did the Satanic elite tell the world about this bioweapon ahead of time? Dr. Bryan Ardis has unveiled a shocking connection between this pandemic and the eternal battle of good and evil. He also speaks about how remdesivir, an antiviral medication sometimes used to treat COVID, is killing people.]

799. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies Prove That the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous, and All Those Pushing This Agenda Are Committing the Indictable Crime of Gross Misconduct
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “I am not telling you what to do as your doctor, just trying to share information for you to be informed for your informed decision-making for your/our doctors sold us out for money, grants, salary.”]

800. Dr. Paul Elias Alexander: I wish to be clear, these COVID mRNA Pfizer & Moderna vaccines are not effective and not properly safe; not safety tested, the vaccines WILL, not may, 'WILL' kill our children
[Dr. Alexander writes, “I am not your personal physician, yet I am sharing my view and you talk to your doctor, but in my opinion, I would never ever give these vaccines to my teens or young children, or infant; zero, it will harm/kill.”]

801. Denmark halts Covid-19 vaccinations
[Copenhagen scrapped most of its pandemic restrictions back in February, arguing the virus no longer posed a serious threat to its healthcare system, and Denmark has now become the first nation in the world to suspend its mass vaccination program.]

802. CDC Quietly Published New Rules for Quarantine & Isolation on Last Day of Obama’s Presidency
[CDC and HHS "has been granted the authority by Congress to 'apprehend and detain' individuals for the purposes of preventing the introduction, transmission and spread of quarantinable communicable disease as specified in an Executive Order of the President," document states.]

803. Patients Taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid Experience Second Round of Covid-19 Shortly After Recovering – Doctors are Baffled
[There are more and more reports of patients who were taking Pfizer’s antiviral pill experiencing a second round of Covid-19 shortly after recovering. Pfizer’s Paxlovid became the first US authorized home COVID-19 treatment. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s antiviral pill for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19 infections.]




804. UK’s General Medical Council to restrict what doctors can say online
[A new update to the Hippocratic Oath: The UK’s General Medical Council has updated the Hippocratic Oath to reflect current censorial times. The updated draft will prohibit doctors from spreading “misinformation” online.]

805. Bill Gates warns 'we've NOT seen the worst of Covid': Microsoft billionaire says there is 'way above five percent' risk of pandemic generating more transmissive and 'even more fatal' Coronavirus variant
[Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates’ warning comes after Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), warned that people still needed to be weary of the virus, and that decreases in overall testing and Covid surveillance in many countries left the world at risk to a resurgence of the virus.]

806. COVID Persists – What About the Vaccine?
[Epoch Times: With mayors dropping dead, ambulance calls up 40% and insurance companies speaking out, like Humpty Dumpty, it would only be a matter of time until an honest judge somewhere ruled the vaccines are experimental. Is this why the ludicrous claims are dying a natural death? It must be obvious to all that the shots do not prevent spread and therefore there is no logical way you can mandate them. Because if my shot does not protect you (and only with lots of fairy dust will it protect me) why would you have any interest in whether or not I am vaccinated? Once you stop caring about my vaccination status, the control starts to fall apart. Time to move on to something else.]

807. McCullough and Rose paper showing myocarditis in young males pulled by journal, pulled, we are at a new level now, the journal 'after' publishing and then gets leaned on by pharma, pulls your paper...
[Dr Paul Alexander writes: “As I said, medical journal publishing is dead, evidence-based medicine is dead (EBM), journal editors are corrupted malfeasants now, and COVID did this, they all succumbed to grant money, doing tricks… In short, if you allow your teen son or daughter to get these vaccines, any boosters, you risk serious harm or even death…myocarditis is not mild and never goes away, the heart muscle is dead, scarred for good, it will come knocking in 20 or so years when they are 35 or so…be warned.”]

808. You Will NEVER Trust a Celebrity Again After Watching This
[Celebs pushed deadly COVID shots on the population in coordinated campaign as horrific side effects go unreported by mainstream media.]

809. Women Shedding Uterine Lining Surged in 2021, Research Shows and we are asking and saying it is linked to the vaccine
[Dr Paul Alexander reports on two studies that show an increase in reports of “decidual cast shedding” during 2021, compared with the pre-pandemic period.]

810. Biggest Lie in World History: There Never Was A Pandemic. The Data Base is Flawed. The COVID Mandates including the Vaccine are Invalid
[Professor Michel Chossudovsky: The PCR “Covid-19 Confirmed Cases” are meaningless. The multibillion-dollar antigen and home test project is fake. Media disinformation has prevailed  for more than two years despite the fact that both the WHO and the CDC (with the usual innuendos) have confirmed what was known from the very outset in January 2020, namely that the RT-PCR test used to justify every single policy mandate including lockdowns, social distancing, the mask, confinement of the labour force, closure of economic activity, etc. was flawed and invalid.]

811. Sanitation, Nutrition Better Than Vaccines at Protecting Children From Disease, Study Shows
[Using data from India, researchers from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) modestly propose sanitation improvements “may play a role in strengthening [young] children’s immune response” and reducing their disease burden, while vaccine campaigns can’t come close to making the same claims.]

812. Pfizer's Paxlovid can be very dangerous, be warned: could cause severe or life-threatening interactions with widely used medications, including statins, blood thinners and some antidepressants.
[Dr Paul Alexander: “This drug and the other Molnupiravir (MONEYpiravir) were not studied properly and based on 1 study each, while FDA et al. discredits IVM (Ivermectin) and HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) based on hundreds of studies.”]

813. No One Can Be Forced to Be Vaccinated, Says India’s Top Court
[The Supreme Court of India said that no individual can be forced to receive a vaccination, adding that no state government can take a step that may violate the integrity of a person’s body. The court stressed that restricting unvaccinated people’s access to public places is not proportional and should be repealed in the present conditions.]

814. Cardiologist Estimates 30 Percent of U.S. Pilots May Have COVID Jab-Induced Heart Conditions
[Epoch Times: Some individuals who appear to be facing worrisome jab-related heart problems are commercial airline pilots.  Advocacy groups also say these pilots are being forced to keep quiet about their health issues – and that a far greater percentage of them are likely suffering than the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would like to admit. Of course, people experiencing chest pain caused by jab-related pericarditis or myocarditis (heart inflammation) is concerning enough. But to know that men and women are experiencing these issues while flying commercial aircrafts is deeply worrisome.]

815. Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of suffering a Stroke by 11,361%
[Stroke is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. It looks as if the disease may be on the rise thanks to the experimental Covid-19 injections because a study of VAERS data has revealed that per number of doses administered, ‘stroke’ is 115x / 11,361% more likely to be suffered as an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines than the Flu vaccines.]

816. Union College Student Booted for Rejecting Vaccine Booster After Having Serious Side Effects
[Epoch Times: A pre-med biology and Spanish language student of Union College in Upstate New York was unenrolled and given 3 days to pack up and leave for refusing to get a COVID booster shot, after she experienced serious adverse reactions from a 2nd Pfizer vaccine jab. “I had no prior health issues before the vaccine. After getting it, I had side effects immediately. I ended up in the ER and I continue to have symptoms since then. And so when the school mandated the booster, I was reluctant to get it. I sent the school out an email letting them know my concerns: ‘I ended up in the ER, I’m still sick from it.’ I sent my paperwork from the ER, they denied that. I talked to my doctor, my doctor told me it was ‘ill-advised’ [to get the booster], nothing that I was saying was going to be accepted by the school.”]

817. It is criminal, child abuse, to make children wear masks...the CDC is way out of step with the data and science on the ineffectiveness and harmfulness of masks
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “We are damaging immune system of kids with these bogus masks that never worked to curb anything...the blue masks and white cloth ones have always been worthless, failed, ineffective and dangerously toxic, they won’t tell you, I will.”]

818. Study: COVID Vaccine Complications 40X Higher Than Reported
[The study by Berlin Charité, a university hospital, interviewed 40,000 vaccine takers at various times in Germany after they had taken their Covid-19 shots as part of a long-term observational study. “The number of serious complications after vaccinations against Sars-CoV-2 is 40 times higher than previously recorded by the Paul Ehrlich Institute [a Germany federal agency],” reported MDR.de, translated from German.]

819. Video: The Emergency Phase Is Over—All Mandates Should Be Dropped: Dr McCullough
[Dr. Peter McCullough: “We have never overflowed the hospitals. The closest we got was January of 2021; the hospitals are [now] empty... I’ll speak for [doctors]: we have it from here; we can handle, we can treat the remaining high-risk patients. The emergency is over with; [the] emergency phase is over with. All the declarations should be dropped. It's fine to drop all the mandates and return to normal.”]

820. Video: Who and What Are Powering The Global COVID Lies
[Dr. Jane Ruby meets up with Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President, Allergy & Respiratory Research Head at Pfizer for a riveting two part, in depth discussion on the COVID lies, the motivations and the immensely powerful interests in the dystopian nightmare unfolding, the silence of pharmaceutical companies whose products are killing, maiming, and destroying everyone and everything in their paths and more.]

821. Survey reveals parents’ stance on COVID vax for children
[Of those surveyed, 27% said they would “definitely not” have their child vaccinated, while another 11% said they would do so only if legally required. Around 38% said they plan to wait and see how the vaccines actually work on children under five before making a decision. More than half of parents said they still do not have enough information on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines for the age group.]

822. Whistleblower Exposes 3 Big Issues in Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Clinical Trials
[Epoch Times: British Medical Journal (BMJ) published an article that revealed three big issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial based on interview with a whistleblower, Brook Jackson, a regional director of one of Pfizer’s vaccine trial companies. Issue 1: During the Trials, There Was Data Falsified. Issue 2: Early Unblinding of Trial Participants. Issue 3: Slow Response to Adverse Events, Not Prioritizing Participant Safety. Jackson raised several problems in her report such as: 1) Participants were not monitored after receiving injections 2) There was no timely follow-up of patients with adverse side effects 3) Errors occurred during testing, and people would not report the errors 4) Mislabelled laboratory specimens 5) Staff who reported these types of problems received retaliation.]

823. REMDESIVIR for babies as young as 28 days old and as small as 7 lbs (3.2kg); this in my words is MURDER, this is CRIMINAL, FDA's approval of this Gilead drug is dangerous as will KILL children; it kills!
[Dr Paul Alexander: “I warn again, this Remdesivir kills ‘now’ for adults, it is liver & kidney toxic, multiple organ disaster, like VENTILATORS - it kills, it is a failed EBOLA drug, kids are statistical zero risk.”]

824. Top German professor raises COVID vaccines alarm
[After an estimated half a million cases of adverse effects, Professor Harald Matthes called on doctors to “take action”. Matthes has been conducting a study entitled ‘Safety Profile of Covid-19 Vaccines’ for a year, and after surveying 40,000 vaccinated people, he has noticed that one in every 125 have struggled with serious side effects. “The number is not surprising,” Matthes explained. It corresponds to what is known from other countries such as Sweden, Israel or Canada. Incidentally, even the manufacturers of the vaccines have already determined similar values in their studies.”]

825. University Lifts Mask Mandate – After Graduation
[Oakland University ditched its indoor mask mandate, but only after its graduation ceremonies were over. Up until March 2022, the university employed an extensive, five-page COVID-19 surveillance dashboard that allowed the public to view vaccine mandate compliance rates for full-time students, faculty, and staff.  The dashboard also enabled the public to view student vaccination and exemption rates, as well as weekly positive cases. Campus Reform spoke to students under COVID-19 surveillance at the beginning of the semester, and those students described such policies as “an invasion of my privacy” as well as "medical apartheid.”]

826. FDA Restricts Covid Vaccine Over Safety Issues
[The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has limited its approval of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine to those over the age of 18, pointing to dangerous side effects observed in younger recipients. The agency announced the move following a review of data, saying the J&J shot (alternatively known as the Janssen vaccine) would no longer be authorized for minors due to “rare and potentially life-threatening blood clots.” Referring to the blood-clotting ailment, it said “After conducting an updated analysis, evaluation and investigation of reported cases, the FDA has determined that the risk of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS)... warrants limiting the authorized use of the vaccine.”]

827. The Triumph of Natural Immunity
[A new CDC study shows that around 75% of American children have already had covid. That means that they have strong natural immunity that protects them from covid infections as they get older. Despite this, the CDC, the FDA and other government agencies are pushing all of them to get vaccinated. Why?]

828. D-dimer tests show at least 62 percent of mRNA “vaccinated” patients have microscopic blood clots, reports Dr. Charles Hoffe M.D.
[Dr. Charles Hoffe believes that the mRNA vaccines create microscopic blood clots in the capillaries of the vaccinated and at least 60 percent of mRNA based vaccine recipients could eventually succumb to heart failure. Dr. Hoffe believes that the blood clots which have made it to frontline news by inducing heart attacks and hospitalization are actually the minority. The majority of the blood clots are microscopic and remain undetected, unless D-Dimer tests are performed within a specific timeframe. Dr Hoffe was removed from hospital duty for promoting vaccine hesitancy.]

829. COVID Whistleblower Nurse Goes Head-On With N.W.O.
[Undercover nurse and whistleblower Erin Marie Olszewski sits down with Titans of Liberty to speak about how she recorded hospitals in Cuomo’s NYC murdering COVID patients.]

830. Report: CDC Spied On Americans To See If They Were Complying With Lockdowns
[A report by Vice News details how the CDC purchased tracking data for millions of Americans’ mobile phones with an intention of monitoring their movements to see if they were complying with lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions during the COVID pandemic.]

831. Ireland considered full-blown surveillance state in response to Covid, book alleges
[In an effort to combat the coronavirus, Ireland’s government considered a “dystopian surveillance system,” that could have included the monitoring of phone, CCTV, and financial transactions, an upcoming book will reveal. They only implemented some of the originally-considered measures.]

832. “Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine among children 5-11 and 12-17 years in New York after the Emergence of the Omicron Variant”, showed protection declined rapidly
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “This one study was kept hidden and swept under the rug but was profound; while an observational study, was profound and adds to the clear evidence that the mRNA vax is ineffective and fails.”]

833. The US, Canadian & UK & Australian etc. governments lied to us on everything COVID! medical doctors lied also & denied early treatment; they lied for money: catastrophically, together, they harmed us.
[Government and the medical profession worked together; the medical profession backed up the government falsehoods; even if you did not believe the government, you believed your doctor; A BIG MISTAKE!]

834. Pilots Injured by COVID Vaccines Speak Out: ‘I Will Probably Never Fly Again’
[In interviews with The Defender, pilots injured by COVID-19 vaccines said despite a “culture of fear and intimidation” they are compelled to speak out against vaccine mandates that rob pilots of their careers — and in some cases their lives.]

835. Student Athletes Now Being Screened For COVID Vaccine Adverse Reaction Risks
[Heart inflammation becoming so common in vaccinated athletes that private medical practices are now starting to conduct COVID-vaccine physicals.]

836. Mortality Rates Are on the Rise. Are COVID Vaccines to Blame?
[Dr. Joseph Mercola: Data from across the world show COVID-19 mortality rates are far higher in areas with high vaccination rates, and risk-benefit analyses reveal the shots do more harm than good in most age groups.]

837. The End Game of China’s Zero-Covid Policy Nightmare
[As most of the world decides to live with the virus, China is doubling down on a strategy to crush it. But at what cost?]

838. Bill Allowing Preteen Vaccines Without Parental OK Advances + More
[A California measure that would allow children age 12 and up to be vaccinated without their parents’ consent, including against the coronavirus, has cleared its first legislative hurdle. If the proposal becomes law, California would allow the youngest age group of any state to be vaccinated without parental permission.]

839. The FDA Finally Admits that COVID-19 Should Be Treated Like the Flu
[Evidence shows director general of World Health Organization severely overstated the fatality rate of the coronavirus leading to the greatest global panic in history. Top officials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wrote that, going forward, Americans will have to accept COVID-19 as another respiratory virus like influenza.]

840. ‘Non-Starter’ to Authorize COVID-19 Vaccine for Infants: Dr. Peter McCullough
[Epoch Times: Moderna has requested the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to grant an emergency use authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as 6 months. However, according to Dr. Peter McCullough, such authorization shouldn’t be granted because there’s almost no clinical benefit for children that young.]

841. Bill Gates Admits School Shutdowns During Pandemic Were Complete Disaster
[Bill Gates candidly admitted that children were at low risk from COVID-19 despite the media and government hysteria, and that prolonged school shutdowns created a deep “learning deficit” that will take years to recover from.]

842. Sweden Suffered Fewer Deaths Per Capita Than Much of Europe Despite Refusing to Enforce Strict Lockdowns
[Scandinavian country got it right. New figures from the World Health Organization show that Sweden had fewer COVID deaths per capita than much of Europe despite refusing to enforce strict lockdowns and mask mandates like numerous other nearby countries.]

843. Health Authorities Tracked Movements of Canadians via Cellphones During Pandemic
[The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) was able to obtain detailed insights into people’s movements and recorded their visits to liquor stores, pharmacies, visits to friends and trips to other provinces, also collecting information on time spent in each location. The ethics committee asserted that the PHAC should have told Canadians their movements were potentially being monitored and given them the option to opt out.]

844. Bill Gates wants to create a 3,000 person social media unit to quash “vaccine misinformation”
[Billionaire Bill Gates has announced that he plans to create a new unit, hiring 3,000 people to take to social media, put out messaging, and “help propagate accurate vaccine information in the future,” CNBC reported. Gates wants social media to be a place with “good messages” from “people of trust in the community, such as political and ethnic leaders.”]




845. Official U.S. Government data suggests Fully Vaccinated Americans are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
[Official data made available by the U.S. Government and Centers for Disease Control strongly suggests that fully vaccinated Americans are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. But they are not alone, because further data made available by the UK Government and the Government of Canada suggests the vaccinated population in both of these respective countries are also developing the debilitating condition.]

846. Watch: Forensic Engineer Destroys Mask Mandates Citing Science
[Stephen Petty, the owner and operator of a forensic engineering company, eloquently broke down why masks, and thereby mask mandates, don’t work. During a 15-minute presentation before the New Hampshire Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Petty – a certified industrial hygienist, certified safety professional, and professional engineer with 45 years of experience in the field – explained there was never any control group testing to verify masks actually do work (they don’t).]

847. Israeli data shows 25% spike in emergency heart problems among “fully vaccinated” young adults
[In 2021, the government of Israel colluded with Pfizer to oppress the Israeli population with vaccine passports, segregation, deprivation of rights and unlawful detainment. After forcefully experimenting on the population with multiple doses of spike protein mRNA, the Israeli government ultimately caused great suffering and death, while infections continued to surge in the vaccinated. The latest data out of Israel shows that the COVID-19 vaccination was “significantly associated” with a 25 percent spike in emergency medical services for heart problems in young adults (16-39 years old). The 2021 EMS data was compared to years 2020 and 2019 and was peer-reviewed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).]

848. Lockdown Advocate Admits Negative Impacts Were Never Considered
[Professor John Edmunds, who advocated for longer lockdowns in his role as a SAGE government advisor, now admits that the negative impacts of lockdowns were never included in SAGE modeling and that they should have been. He said, “There is of course an enormous economic impact from many of the interventions and other indirect impacts on psychological health and so on. Now these in principle could be included but in practice they were not.” Edmunds is another individual who, having once vehemently advocated for stricter and longer lockdowns, is now having to concede that they were a mistake and is fleeing the sinking ship that is the entire lockdown narrative.]

850. FDA's Peter Marks to Congress: Youngest kids vaccine won't need to hit 50% efficacy mark
[Dr. Paul Alexander: "Why the rush, Dr. Marks? Why would you drop the threshold of 50% that the FDA itself set? This stretches the imagination as to why at this time. I have always argued that the 50% threshold was arbitrary and had no sound scientific underpinning and should have been raised. You are saying if the children vaccine is less effective, you will still authorize. Would you drop the threshold to 15%? Say 5%? How low? Why even have a threshold if you can just summarily discount it?"]

851. Thousands of Women Are Reporting the Same Vax Side Effects
[Video: Missed periods, painful cramps and more severe bleeding — is there a connection between the COVID jab and these changes to women’s monthly cycles? These researchers are now conducting a study to determine if COVID vaccines can have an effect on female reproductive health.]

852. SMOKING GUN: CDC Data Exposes Excessive Deaths Following Mass Covid Injections
[Video: Renowned cardiologist Dr. Richard Fleming compiled CDC data showing how excess deaths spiked following the introduction of Covid vaccines, and again during the introduction of booster jabs.]

853. "NIH director confirms agency hid early COVID genes at request of Chinese scientists"; so what else did the NIH hide?
[Dr. Alexander: The alphabet health agencies in the US, the CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID…all all corrupted political entities… We know full well the CDC hides data from the public all the time; INVESTIGATE!]

854. COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease
[Epoch Times: Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at MIT for over five decades, discusses the COVID-19 vaccines. Dr Seneff says, People are dying of the immune response to COVID, they’re not dying from the virus. The virus is not killing them. It’s the immune response to the virus that’s killing them. So, if you don’t have an immune response, what happens? Nobody knows.”]

855. The Inhumanity of Compulsory Virus Control
[Dr Paul Alexander: “There was no good reason, no sound science, no justification to have continued the illogical lockdown lunacy and school closure policy that did far greater harm than good. Why when we saw the failure of lockdowns did we harden them? Never in human history have we done this and employed such overtly oppressive restrictions with no basis.”]

856. Emails reveal top US scientist warned Chinese colleagues that Republicans wanted to investigate Wuhan lab for COVID-19 origins
[A top U.S. scientist at a lab in Texas that shared close ties with the Wuhan Institute of Virology was offered a job at a Chinese university about one year after warning Chinese scientists that members of Congress were likely to start an investigation of the COVID-19 lab-leak theory, records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. “These startling documents show that China had partners here in the United States willing to go to bat for them on the Wuhan lab controversy,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.]

857. Infant Drowns in Three Inches of Bathwater As Mom Faints One Day After AstraZeneca Jab
[A baby in the UK drowned in a bathtub after her mother, who’d received AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine a day earlier, fainted during the bath routine. “I started to pick her up and that’s all I can remember... The next thing I can remember is James shouting and pulling at me,” the distraught mother described.]

858. Proof: We Are In A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated
[Data released by Walgreens Co. shows 'not vaccinated' people had lowest Covid positivity rate compared to people who received one or more doses. The data proves what many have long suspected – that it is mRNA vaccinated individuals who are the prime spreaders and contractors of the Covid-19 virus.]

859. Are Recombinant Covid Vaccines Causing These Deaths?
[Epoch Times: After people started receiving vaccinations for Covid-19, many side effects have gradually emerged, such as blood clots, myocarditis, and in more serious cases, deaths. In cases of death after vaccination, people usually hear experts say that the causes of death “have not been confirmed to be vaccine-related.” However, the first “confirmed vaccine-related death” recently appeared in Taiwan, resulting in the highest-ever compensation of NT$6 million (approximately AUD $290,000). How can we determine whether symptoms or deaths after vaccination are related to the vaccines?]

860. mRNA data to the FDA and trials by Pfizer and Moderna were frauds? Yes they were “Editor of the British Medical Journal tells the FDA about Serious Concerns over Pfizer Trial Data Integrity”
[There have been serious frauds and we need Pfizer and Moderna investigated and their two CEOs Bourla and Bancel investigated in a proper legal inquiry; short duration of follow-up prevented ANY proper assessment of vax safety.]

861. Bombshell: NIH Hid Fauci & Other’s $350 Million In “Royalty” Payments From Big Pharma
[The conflict of interest alone should have been enough to remove Dr. Anthony Fauci and others from positions inside the National Institutes for Health, the Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Yet, here we are as a bombshell has been dropped unmasking that not only did Fauci and other bigwigs receive $350 million “royalty” payments from Big Pharma, but the NIH tried to hide those numbers.]




862. Military doctor: Defense medical database totally corrupted as vax injuries scrubbed
[Military physicians who were alarmed by the recent documentation of a 300% increase in cancer cases diagnosed among service members, as well as surges in miscarriages, myocarditis, Bell's palsy and more, say now that the military's medical database has been corrupted and no longer can be trusted.]

863. 41.5K people died within 21 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England & a further 291K died within 6 months
[Data published by the Office for National Statistics reveals that 41,449 people sadly died within 21 days of receiving a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in England between 1st January 2021 and 31st January 2022, and a further 290,915 people sadly lost their lives within 21 days to 6 months of being vaccinated. The data shows that the fully vaccinated are nearly 3 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated as vaccine effectiveness against death falls to minus-166%, then we have to ask, has it all been worth it?]

864. Bill Gates: ‘Conspiracy Theories’ About Me That Convince People Not to Take COVID Shots Are ‘Tragic’
[Vaccine pusher Bill Gates calls all “conspiracy theories” against him as “tragic” because they helped prevent people from receiving the experimental COVID injection. Gates insisted his involvement in vaccines was not driven by profit, but rather by philanthropy. But if this were the case, why would he have said it is “sad” that the Omicron variant was able to act as a natural vaccine? If he truly cared about people, wouldn’t he be happy that people were acquiring natural immunity against COVID? Instead, Gates says the government needs to find “creative” ways to convince vaccine-sceptical Americans to get the COVID injection.]

865. People Who Pushed Idea of Universal Vaccination Are ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’: Former Pfizer VP
[Epoch Times: Former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon maintains that since the infection fatality ratio of COVID-19 has not been high, the vaccines should not have been mandated. Moreover, he heavily blasted the corporate media repetitions that refer to these as safe, effective, and necessary to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Yeadon said that being sure the vaccines would cause no harm in the long run should have been essential.]

866. Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide in C0V-19 Injections!
[Video: For the first time ever to come out of our country, Australian scientists have made contact with Zeee Media to provide evidence of their findings of nanotechnology in the COVID-19 Vaccines. Their identity is being protected so they can continue doing their important research behind the scenes in Australia, a country under extreme medical tyranny where professionals like this are terrified of speaking out, lest they be raided, lose their jobs, or worse.]

867. Investigation Launched After ‘Mystery’ Surge in Deaths of Newborn Babies
[Health authorities in Scotland have launched an investigation after a mystery surge in deaths of newborn babies, the second time the phenomenon has been recorded in the space of six months. A report by the Herald newspaper notes that vaccination uptake has increased in expectant mothers but found no “direct link” between COVID surges and the deaths.]

868. They Just Won’t Stop!
[More evidence is emerging of the tremendous damage lockdowns and mask mandates have had on the cognitive development of infants.]

869. Dr. Harvey Risch: They're still coming after your kids
[In this short 4-minute video, Dr. Harvey Risch speaks against COVID vaccines in children.]

870. ‘Good Morning America’ Admits COVID Booster Shots Can Cause AIDS
[ABC News Senior Medical Contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton subtly admitted vaccine-induced AIDS exists during a recent edition of “Good Morning America.” Discussing a new study published by the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet, Dr. Ashton explained the fourth dose of both Pfizer and Moderna Covid jabs is causing surges in antibodies which can lead to a disruption of the immune system. Dr. Ashton went on to describe “an immune phenomenon known as tolerance where, if you already have high antibody levels and you get another booster, that your immune system can start to say, ‘What am I needed for?’ and kind of start to shut down.”]

871. BREAKING: “FDA authorizes Pfizer Covid booster for children 5 to 11 years old”
[Dr P. Alexander: “This is criminal, and all involved to me are beasts for children WILL die from these shots that were not safety tested. These beasts at FDA & Bourla at Pfizer & Fauci & NIH’s Francis Collins know 1) kids are at statistical zero risk 2) mRNA vax is ineffective 3) not properly tested 4) antibodies are not measure of immunity.]

872. CDC Now Investigating 180 Cases of Children With Hepatitis of “Unknown Cause”
[The CDC is now investigating 180 cases of children with hepatitis of an “unknown cause,” although health experts in the UK say the cause is likely kids having weakened immune systems due to lockdown. Nowhere in the mainstream reporting of this new surge in cases is it mentioned that multiple lockdowns could have caused the outbreak. Instead, the CDC is still “conducting lab tests to see if the Covid virus might also be a possible cause,” despite the fact that the children impacted in the initial cluster of cases in Alabama did not have COVID-19.]

873. Wearing masks leads to breathing in dangerous levels of carbon dioxide, study finds
Wearing a face mask results in exposure to dangerous concentrations of carbon dioxide in inhaled air, even when the mask is worn for just five minutes when sitting still, a study has found. The authors note this is the first study to assess properly the CO2 concentration of inhaled air while wearing a face mask.]

874. Amish response to COVID…seems they had it all figured out and were correct
[Video: An Amish community in Pennsylvania may have become the first group in the US to achieve herd immunity, a local health official claims.]

875. Horror: Undefeated Boxer, 38, Dies in Ring After Suffering Heart Attack
[Many believe boxer's death caused by COVID vaccine, as jab linked to numerous documented instances of athletes suffering heart issues.]

876. SARS-CoV2 Spike protein is a toxin
[Dr. Robert Malone: 
Factcheckers were wrong. How many people developed brain damages or lost their life or that of a loved one because of accepting a vaccine based on the falsehoods propagated by these grossly unqualified “factcheckers”? Do they have criminal liability for their falsehoods and propaganda? As you look through this, please keep in mind that the FDA has approved three doses of these mRNA vaccines for administration to all of our 5-11 year old children. Under emergency use authorization, of course. Even though there is no medical emergency.”]

877. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche – ADE, Evolution of the Virus & Expected Excess Deaths
[Video: In this detailed interview, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche joins Maria Zeee to give another stark warning about ADE and excess deaths. He also discusses the alarming power grab of the World Health Organisation.]

878. Did Pfizer Commit Huge Fraud in Its COVID Vaccine Research?
[Epoch Times: Dr. Joseph Mercola writes, It’s becoming more and more apparent as to why Pfizer tried – albeit unsuccessfully – to withhold their COVID jab trial data for 75 years. Now, with the release of the data, internet sleuths are uncovering problems suggestive of fraud and manipulation.]

We highly recommend people subscribe to The Epoch Times. They offer a free subscription which gives access to some their excellent articles. You can do this by clicking "Free Account" - see here. For more access, sign up for a paid account by clicking "Subscribe" - see here




879. 2021 WHO & Gates Foundation Exercise Portrayed Global Monkeypox Pandemic Killing Millions
[A group called the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) partnered with the Munich Security Conference in March 2021 to engage in an exercise simulating how the world would react to an outbreak of monkeypox. The World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, both the Chinese and American CDCs, and other major organizations participated in the event. Now, the WHO is having an emergency meeting over a real monkeypox outbreak.]

880. German Supreme Court Rules Compulsory Vax For Health Workers Constitutional
[Three months after denying an injunction over a mandate requiring healthcare workers to present proof of full vaccination, Germany's Supreme Court ruled that the mandate is constitutional. The need to 'protect' vulnerable populations in hospitals outweighs 'my body, my choice' arguments, the court says.]

881. Another virus, another mask! New Yorkers told to mask up again
[Local patient tests POSITIVE for same genus virus as monkeypox; CDC issues alert and WHO calls emergency meeting after US probes six cases while Europe confirms 100.]

882. Your Government quietly confirmed the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome while they had you worried about Russia-Ukraine and the Cost
of Living

[Something is very wrong, and it is because of the Covid-19 injections. All around the world, Governments are publishing official data that all show the same thing. Those same Governments however are not willing to explain why. But with the publication of confidential Pfizer documents, Governments around the world are running out of places to hide, and if these worrying trends continue, they will be forced to admit the Covid-19 injections are either causing Antibody-Dependent Enhancement or something much worse.]

883. US experiments ‘may have contributed to emergence of Covid’
[US experiments may have contributed to the emergence of Covid-19, leading economist Prof Jeffrey Sachs has warned, as he called for an independent inquiry into whether the virus leaked from a lab. Prof Sachs, who has twice been named in Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, called for universities and research institutions to open up their databases for scrutiny, amid fears labs were genetically modifying viruses. Covid-19 first began spreading from a wet market in Wuhan, about eight miles from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Prof Sachs said it was clear that scientists from the University of North Carolina (UNC) and New York-based EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) had been working with WIV to manipulate viruses.]




884. Dr. Peter McCullough Exposes Bill Gates’ Plan For Next Lockdown & The Truth About Monkeypox
[Video: Dr. Peter McCullough and author John Leake break down the true dangers of the monkeypox amid outbreak hysteria generated by the media and the World Health Organization.]

885. ‘Imagine The Compliance’: Pfizer CEO Pitches Davos Elites On WiFi Microchip Pills
[Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla may have forgotten he was on camera, as he dazzled the audience at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos with fantasies of ingestible computer chips that signal authorities when a drug has been digested. Further, Yuval Noah Hariri said, “Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept to legitimize total biometric surveillance. We need to not just monitor people, we need to monitor what’s happening under their skin.”]

886. Dr. McCullough: ‘Medical crisis’ is being exploited to push global government
[The world-renowned physician has spoken prolifically about how to treat, and not to treat COVID. Now, he is cutting to the heart of what he believes is behind harmful protocols.]

887. ‘These Aren’t Normal Cancers’: What Doctors Are Seeing After COVID Shots
[Video: Brian Hooker interviews Ryan Cole, M.D. about his jaw-dropping COVID vaccine research. Dr. Cole and others have found unusual and surprising numbers and types of cancer after the rollout of COVID-19 injections. He also talks about the critical science on “several foot long … atypical clotting” as well as the high concern about reproductive toxicology.]

888. Belgium Begins Monkeypox Quarantines, Biden Warns ‘Everybody Should Be Concerned’
[Belgium has become the first country to introduce a mandatory 21-day monkeypox quarantine for those who contract the virus, after three cases were recorded in the country. The United States has vaccines "available to be deployed," says Biden's Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.]

889. Bolsonaro Rejects WHO’s Pandemic Treaty: ‘Brazil Is Autonomous’
[Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro declared his country would not sign onto the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Pandemic Treaty, assuring that Brazil will not surrender its sovereignty to the globalist institution. “I’ve already spoken to our foreign relations cabinet and if that proposal goes forward, it won’t be with Brazil,” says Brazilian president.]

890. Archbishop Viganò Warns Nations of WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Power Grab: ‘Yielding Sovereignty Is Considered Crime of High Treason’
[Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò warns, “These resolutions will transfer sovereignty regarding the health of citizens to a supranational body that is largely financed by the pharmaceutical industry and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation... If these resolutions are approved by a majority, the WHO will have exclusive international authority in the case of a pandemic to impose all the rules, including quarantines, lockdowns, obligatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.”]

891. Pfizer Moves to Dismiss Lawsuit From COVID-19 Vaccine Trial, Citing ‘Prototype’ Agreement
[Epoch Times: Pfizer has asked a U.S. court to throw out a lawsuit from a whistleblower who revealed problems at sites that tested Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Brook Jackson, the whistleblower, alleged that Pfizer and associated parties violated clinical trial regulations and federal laws, including the False Claims Act. Warner Mendenhall, a lawyer who is working on Jackson’s case, said that Pfizer has “clearly not followed federal procurement laws… And now they’re saying, ‘of course we didn’t follow federal procurement laws, we didn’t have to—this was just for a prototype.'”]

892. Novak Djokovic’s vaccination stance will show he is on the right side of history
[Dr Aseem Malhotra writes: There was absolutely no scientific or medical justification whatsoever for Novak to take the vaccine especially as it would not help reduce the chances of him passing it on to others. The decision then became an individual one and for that given his age and fitness would put Djokovic at extremely low risk of suffering serious illness from the virus indeed... Whether one agrees with Djokovic’s stance or not, his moral courage and the legitimacy of his case ought at least to be acknowledged, and he may well end up on the right side of history.]

893. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi – “God Save Us!!!” – World Governments Are Murdering People
[Video: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi joined Maria Zeee in an emotional address to urge global citizens to take a lawful stand against their governments and health authorities who are clearly pushing a global depopulation agenda, aimed as mass-murdering their citizens.]

894. Bombshell Report: Monkeypox Appears To Be ‘Lab Strain With Unknown Characteristics,’ Says ECDC Source
[The monkeypox outbreak currently springing up in countries around the world appears to originate from a “lab strain”, a source at the European Centers For Disease Control reportedly revealed. Independent investigator Dr. Benjamin Braddock claimed on Twitter that an unnamed source at the ECDC told him that preliminary analysis of the monkeypox found the virus came from a lab and may be related to the U.S’s biological research in Ukraine. He tweeted, “ECDC source tells me that the preliminary analysis of monkeypox indicates that it is ‘a third lab strain with unknown characteristics’ and that there is chatter about this being somehow related to Moscow’s charges against U.S. biological activities in Ukraine.”]

895. COVID-19 is a Treatable Disease | Dr Paul Marik | Dr Pierre Kory
[In this short 2 minute video Drs Marik and Kory talk about the false information given against extremely safe drugs because the pharmecutical companies cannot profit. 
Dr. Paul Marik says, “After penicillin, this is probably the most important medication ever developed by the medical science. It's had a greater impact on humanity than almost any other drug except penicillin... You're more likely to die from aspirin or Tylenol than taking ivermectin. It's, in fact, impossible almost to kill someone with Ivermectin [because] it's so safe.”]




896. Report: Wuhan Bio Lab Carried Out Gain Of Function Research On Monkeypox Virus
[The Wuhan bio lab that was the centre of controversy surrounding gain of function research on coronaviruses appears to have been carrying out the same kind of research on monkeypox, to make it more lethal to humans, according to a report citing the peer reviewed journal Virologica Sinica which published the lab’s findings in February.]

897. More Evidence for Early Treatment
[Dr. Robert Malone speaks about the excellent Trial Site News article entitled: “Opinion: What have We Learned about Early Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic?” He writes, One of the key takeaways of the article is the apparent malfeasance of the World Health Organization, governments, Trusted News Initiative (TNI) and old media to silence the successes of Ivermectin in countries like India... The question remains, why and who is behind the censorship? Who made the decisions that any information on treatment for COVID by countries such as India, Brazil and Mexico have been removed from social media and censored from old media.”]

898. Poll: Plurality Consider Abortion ‘the Same as Murdering a Child’
[A plurality of Americans consider abortion the same as the murder of a child, a survey from The Economist/YouGov showed.]

899. Bill Gates Says Movie ‘Outbreak’ Outlines Model For How to Prevent Another Pandemic
[Bill Gates claimed the movie “Outbreak”, an action film in which the US government quarantines and plots to nuke a small town infected with a deadly Ebola variant, “nails it” as a model to prevent another pandemic. You can’t make this up. Predictably, Gates opted to disable the comments on his post.]

900. Video: Monkeypox - how bad is it?




901. WHO Warns Monkeypox Could "Accelerate" During Summer, CDC Alerts US Doctors As Virus Reaches 13 Countries
[Health authorities in Europe, North America, and Australia have begun to investigate an outbreak of monkeypox, raising concerns that a broader outbreak of the viral infection could be underway in the West. Europe should expect a wave of monkeypox cases in the coming months, according to Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization's top official on the continent.]

902. Fears Monkeypox is Detected in a THIRD US State with Florida Resident Forced into Isolation
Mystery outbreak
continues to spread: CDC says case is 'related to international travel'. Joe Biden stated, 'I just don't think it rises to the level of the kind of concern that existed with Covid-19,' adding that 'we have vaccines to take care of it.'] 

903. China Brags Repressive Lockdowns Will Keep Monkeypox Out
China’s state
-run Global Times on Monday boasted that repressive coronavirus lockdowns imposed on Chinese cities will keep monkeypox, a disease spreading at slow rates in some parts of the world, at bay.]

904. Multiple Attorneys General Considering Criminal Charges Against Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci for Illegal Gain of Function Research
Richard Fleming joined The Alex Jones Show in-studio to break down the case currently being examined by multiple state attorneys general to indict Fauci, Gates, and those involved in engineering a pandemic.]




905. Exclusive: The federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines
[Dr. Paul Alexander comments: “These companies have blood on their hands for the harms and deaths from these COVID vaccines... We need every single decision-maker who costed lives in COVID to be accountable.
The work is just beginning. We must never forget this COVID fraud and we MUST get accountability. Their actions, their greed, their ineptness, their malevolence (some), their recklessness, killed people.”]

906. Ron DeSantis: There Is ‘No Way’ Florida Will Support W.H.O. Global Pandemic Treaty
There is “no way” Florida
will ever support the World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) global pandemic treaty, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said. “You saw a lot of these elites advocate very pernicious policies,” he added, noting that “part of the reason people want to move here is because we rejected those policies, but they advocated very pernicious policies, including locking kids out of school.”]

907. Pandemic Lessons Learned: Deer Are Not Military Horses
[Epoch Times: 
China has
been implementing a zero-COVID policy to varying degrees since the beginning of the pandemic, using it to boost the regime’s “success” in controlling the spread of the virus as being superior to Western democracies. The CCP not only has control of the movement of citizens and control of the media, it also attempts to control people’s thoughts. However, it cannot control Omicron, despite its cruel lockdowns. In fact, Omicron is, like air, beyond the control of any government.]

908. Portugal: maybe the world's most vaccinated nation and they boasted about it; you are seeing what is very troubling
[Dr. Paul Alexander: 
“What is happening? Did the vaccine not work? The mRNA shots. Seems that the vaccinated are in fact getting infected, and getting severely ill... what their lockdowns ZERO-COVID has done is it only delays the inevitable, it suffered people, damaged economies, and left the population vulnerable as it opens back up.”]

909. Smart Device’ Covid Test Sends Data Directly To CDC & Other Federal or State Agencies
New technology is being rolled out to get people used to medical
surveillance and government-corporation collusion. A Bluetooth-operated molecular Covid-19 test called Cue is being promoted by companies like Google, the NBA, Netflix and others to get people accustomed to constantly checking themselves for viruses and sending their health data directly to the government.]




910. Vaccinated Women - Fertility signals are coming through
The topic of pregnant and nursing moms getting vaccinated under encouragement and coercion is painful. It’s painful to research, painful to write about, and painful to learn how carelessly the most precious among us are being treated. Dr. Naomi Wolf and her team have uncovered so many new important pieces of information in the Pfizer documents that were released thanks to legal force. Pregnant women were excluded from clinical trials when they were declared safe and effective for pregnant women. Pfizer, the FDA, the CDC, the entire “medical community” and your local employer who declared that you couldn’t come to work if you’re not vaccinated have concluded that this was safe and effective for pregnant women based on trials that were done on rats in France.]

911. The War on The Unvaccinated Was Lost
The unvaccinated
are the heroes of the last two years as they allowed us all to have a control group in the great experiment and highlight the shortcoming of the Covid vaccines. Many of the so-called health experts and political leaders in Australia admitted the goal was to make life almost unlivable for the unvaccinated, which was multiplied many times by the collective mob, with the fight taken into workplaces, friendships, and family gatherings. Today the hard truth is none of it was justified as we took a quick slide from righteousness to absolute cruelty.]

912. School Closings and Violent Youth: A Potential Link
[Dr Paul Alexander:
 Our greatest fears have now seemed to materialize. The school closures, social dislocation, the two years of isolation, the lockdown psychosis, plus dehumanizing masking and the resulting anxiety, depression, and despair, may have unleashed and may have enhanced depraved and murderous behaviour... Lockdown policies have damaged society, structurally and psychologically, and for a very long time to come. It might take the rest of the 21st century or longer for society to recover from the devastation of lockdown policies.]

913. Dr. Robert Malone: COVID treatments were suppressed to promote the vaccines
While major
studies showing the success of ivermectin against COVID-19 were ignored, scientists have criticized the clinical trials which Big Pharma relied upon, saying the tests were 'designed to fail.']

914. Exclusive Report: The Truth About Monkeypox
In this exclusive Greg Reese report, viewers will learn facts about monkeypox that mainstream media’s corporate masters won’t allow them to cover.]




915. Compilation of over 140 Case Reports of Vaccine Related Myo/Pericarditis & Other Cardiac Injuries post COVID vaccine
See this list of case reports of
serious injury post COVID vaccine - very serious. A case report or case series is a report written by the attending physicians - sometimes with help or input from others - describing the clinical details of a patient they treated. They are exceedingly rare, as doctors don’t have the time to write up lengthy academic papers on a level that is acceptable to submit to a legit medical journal. Also, with the covid vaccines, there is the additional pressure to not make the vaccines look bad in any way or promote “vaccine hesitancy”.]

916. Is SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Related to the Hepatitis in Children Outbreak? Here’s What We Know
[Epoch Times: 
healthy children in many countries have suddenly developed hepatitis of unknown origin, causing panic around the world. Among these child patients, 8 percent to 14 percent need liver transplants. The public are worried that this is related to the SARS-CoV-2 and/or COVID-19 vaccines.]

917. Spike Protein to Babies
[In this short video clip,
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg speaks about spike proteins being present in breastmilk.] 

918. INTERVIEW: DR. Paul Marik, Pierre Kory On Breaking Treatment Protocol For Vaccine Injured
American Conversations
Host Christine Dolan speaks with FLCCC's Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory on their breaking release of new treatment protocol for Covid vaccine injured patients.]

919. Bombshell: CNN Admits mRNA Vaccines May Be Adversely Affecting Immunity
More than 18 months after their release, fake news network CNN is now questioning whether Covid-19 mRNA vaccines could be lowering immunity. An article titled “The quest for longer-lasting Covid-19 vaccines,” says that as breakthrough infections for double-vaccinated and boosted individuals have continued, CNN admitted scientists are trying to figure out why immunity supposedly provided by the jabs just doesn’t seem to last.]

920. CDC now officially admit problems with PAXLOVID
[The CDC now
 officially admit that there are problems with Pfizer's anti-COVID drug, Paxlovid; “COVID-19 rebound has been reported to occur between 2 and 8 days after initial recovery and is characterized by a recurrence of COVID-19 symptoms.”]

921. 18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates
[Epoch Times: John Pierce Law has filed a lawsuit against Atlas Air, on behalf of US Freedom Flyers (USFF) and Atlas employees, and plans to sue all major airlines, 18 altogether, plus the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), contending that the vaccine mandates imposed by these agencies on the airlines’ employees infringed on their constitutional, religious, and medical liberties. “Fundamentally, this case is about whether Americans should be required to choose between their livelihoods and being coerced into taking an experimental, dangerous medical treatment,” reads the lawsuit.]




922. Monkeypox ‘Games’ Could Lay Groundwork for WHO Pandemic Response Takeover
[Epoch Times: 
In terms of government power, the timing of this outbreak couldn’t be better for the World Health Organisation (WHO)—which may soon be granted powers to manage laws on global health outbreaks, and which is oddly well-positioned for a monkeypox outbreak following a recent “germ-games” call, and recent incidents tied to figures who include Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates.]

923. Why is our research in trouble? 
Wolfgang Wodarg,
MD, German internist, pulmonologist, social medicine doctor and doctor for hygiene and environmental medicine, explains the conflicts of interest in science. He illustrates the consequences of not publishing undesirable studies, particularly in the case of drug testing. This 3-minute video is in German with English subtitles.]

924. Biden Set To Profit Off Monkeypox Vaccine That He Ordered As President
Will anyone be
held accountable for this blatant conflict of interest? Patrick Howley joined Owen Shroyer on “War Room” to deliver breaking news about the pharmaceutical corruption of Joe Biden and his connection to the monkeypox virus.]

925. Watch: Klaus Schwab Cosies Up With Head Of Pfizer As They Condemn ‘Conspiracy People’ And ‘Anti-vaxxers’
At the ongoing globalist World
Economic Forum gathering of elitists in Davos, Switzerland, Klaus Schwab and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sat down to discuss their “groundbreaking” plans to distribute vaccines globally while attacking those they describe as ‘conspiracy people’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’ who resist. Bourla told Schwab that his company has ensured governments in Europe and the U.S. will continue to protect pharmaceutical companies against lawsuits if vaccines they sell are “not working out well.”]

926. Lockdowns saved just 10,000 lives in Europe and US combined
[Updated John Hopkins study finds draconian measures had 'little to no effect' on Covid death rate. MailOnline was one of only three major British media outlets to cover the initial findings when they were released back in January. Experts at the time claimed it was unsurprising that some left-wing publications avoided the story because they wanted to 'maintain fear around the pandemic'.]

927. CDC panel recommends monkeypox vaccine for lab workers, public health responders and health care workers
The CDC's top advisory panel
in regards to vaccines and immunization has made its first recommendation for monkeypox vaccines. The panel recommends that shots be given to lab workers and health care workers that may be exposed to the virus in their work. Ten cases of the virus have been detected in the U.S. so far - including nine confirmed. The U.S. has a stockpile of around 1,000 doses of the two-dose jab, and 100 million doses of a previous smallpox shot.]

928. Los Angeles County High School Banning Unvaccinated Students from Graduation Ceremony 
After prohibiting unvaccinated seniors from attending prom and senior awards night, Granada Hills Charter High School is banning unvaccinated students from its graduation ceremony. This is the pressure on young people today. Is this right? Can young persons withstand this pressure and this slight? This is further adding to the divisiveness in society where unvaccinated are pitted against vaccinated. This is very wrong.]

929. REPORT: How Monkeypox Was Planned For Pandemic
Brian Wilson gives a few examples
of how monkeypox was perfectly predicted if not planned to become a pandemic, and he lays out the industries set to make a fortune from it.]

930. Fauci's Researchers: Natural Immunity Gives Better Immune Response Than Moderna Covid Vaccine
A month bef
ore America's top infectious disease bureaucrat conceded that mRNA vaccines offer only short-lived protection against Covid-19, Anthony Fauci's researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) offered a possible explanation why. These vaccines target Covid's spike protein, whereas natural immunity recognizes the whole of the virus, including the nucleocapsid protein that envelops the RNA core. “Some vaccine platforms give a very high degree of protection, but the durability isn't very long,” Fauci told CNN. He doubts the short-lived immunity is “peculiar to coronavirus” as opposed to an inherent disadvantage in mRNA technology, which Fauci nonetheless called “a really great platform.”]

931. Dr. Naomi Wolf: '28% Of Vaccinated Pregnant Women' Suffered From 'Serious Adverse Effects', Steve Bannon-WAR ROOM
Very powerful interview between
Bannon & Dr. Wolf. Imagine, no pregnant women were included in the legacy vaccine trials, yet the FDA authorized the vaccine IN pregnant women. This is not allowed, this is criminal, this is very wrong! The FDA/vaccine companies did same for COVID recovered.]

932. Doctor Addresses Disputes Within The Resistance Community – Exclusive Interview
Dr. Richard Fleming
joined Kristi Leigh in-studio to discuss all topics pertaining to the forced vaccine resistance movement, ranging from upcoming events to rifts within the faction itself. This powerful interview gives you an intimate look at the inside of a movement headstrong and ready to fight for medical freedom.]

933. VAERS Database Hijacked: Vaccine Data Tracker Compromised, Adverse Events Deleted
available data from VAERS clearly reveal that these shots are the most dangerous ‘vaccines’ ever created; they account for more injuries and deaths than all previous vaccines from the last three decades combined. Evidence also shows reports have been deleted. Albert Benavides joins the Stew Peters Show to discuss the truth behind covering the vaccine genocide of children.]

934. BOMBSHELL: Top Research Scientist Exposes How Vaccines Are Used To Implant Cancer Viruses For Depopulation
Dr. Judy Mikovits explains
how vaccines are a Trojan horse to introduce a variety of other cancer-causing retroviruses into the human body. She breaks down how all vaccines are tainted with a variety of viruses by a group of eugenics scientists who want to change human DNA.]




935. Latest US Data Shows Vaccine Injuries Skyrocketed; How Will We Recover?
[Epoch Times: 
VAERS has 32
years of data on deaths from all types of vaccines worldwide. According to its data, the number of deaths remained steady at a few hundred per year until 2021, when it suddenly spiked to 21,889. And as of May 2022, there had been 6,955 deaths, and the count is still ongoing. These statistics are very alarming.]

936. COVID vaccines may impair long-term immunity to the virus
[Dr. Paul Alexander: Research suggests that vaccination against COVID via mRNA vaccines may reduce the body's ability to produce a key type of antibody.]

937. Bill Gates: Next Pandemic Likely to be Caused by Climate Change
Billionaire Bill Gates says there’s a 50 per cent chance the next pandemic will be caused by man-made climate change or be deliberately released by a bio-terrorist. During an interview with Spanish news outlet El Diario, Gates said that the next major pandemic is likely to occur within 20 years, “It could be a virus made by man, by a bio-terrorist who designed it and intentionally circulated it. That is a very scary scenario because they could try to spread it in different places at once… Or it could be something that makes the leap from the natural world.”]

938. UK Man Dies From ‘Catastrophic’ Blood Clots in Brain Following AstraZeneca Jab After Being Uninformed of Life-Threatening Risks
Jack Hurn, 26, began suffering headaches and had to undergo emergency surgery less than two weeks after receiving the jab. UK government’s Joint Committee in Vaccines and Immunization was already recommending ‘adults under 40 without underlying conditions be offered an alternative to the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.’]

939. Infowars Poll: COVID Vaccines 10x Greater Threat To Children Than School Shootings
When asked what issue
poses a bigger threat to children, 56% of the over 33,000 surveyed so far believe the mRNA injections pose a greater threat compared to 5% who answered ‘school shootings.’ Former Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon noted in 2021 that the COVID jabs are 50 times more likely to kill children than the coronavirus itself, according to VAERS data, which officially says over 12,000 individuals have died as a result of the jab that rolled out in late 2020.]

940. President of European Pharma Giant charged for falsifying COVID Vaccination Record & purchasing fake Vaccine Passport
Spanish police
carried out an investigation – Operation Jenner – which uncovered a vast network of celebrities and “elites” who paid money to have their names fraudulently entered into the National Immunisation Register, despite refusing to be vaccinated.  One of the “elites” was Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa-Faro, president of European pharmaceutical giant PharmaMar.] 

941. Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch discuss Monkeypox
[Video: This is a short extract from "The Ingraham Angle". Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch discuss monkeypox, Dr Risch saying it's a "nothing burger" and the only risk is in those heavily vaccinated.]

942. Cancers, Hepatitis, Bell’s Palsy, Herpes: Dr. Roger Hodkinson Warns 'Vaccines' Problems Will Worsen
[Video: RAIR
Foundation USA spoke with eminent doctor Roger Hodkinson in Canada. Dr. Hodkinson said, “The vaccines are a brand-new product that was not properly tested before being rushed to market, so that there would be problems was predictable, but the scale of the problems has exceeded expectations, and we have not seen the end of them.”

943. COVID-19 Virus & Vax About Control Not Health – Dr. Michael Yeadon
Dr. Michael Yeadon was
a chief scientist in drug discovery research and also a VP at Pfizer for 20 years.  He has been sounding the alarm about the Covid “lies” being told and warning the so-called vaccines for CV19 are “neither safe or effective.”  Yeadon contends the entire Covid plandemic is just a piece of the puzzle in a much wider plan by “evil” globalists. Dr. Yeadon also talks about Monkey Pox, more lies on future vaccines, mass murder and the fight we face, which he describes as, “It’s evil what has gone on, and I do think this is a diabolical push.”]




944. Monkeypox Outbreak Caused by Climate Change, Professor Claims
Dublin City University
Professor Anthony Staines claims climate change is 'driving animal populations out of their normal ranges and human populations into areas where animals live.' The professor’s assertions come as billionaire globalist Bill Gates warned there’s a 50 percent chance the next pandemic could be caused by climate change, or be the result of a man-made virus released by a bioterrorist.]

945. Dr. Jane Ruby Show: New Monkeypox Vaccines Cause Myocarditis
Dr. Ruby discovers
that the newest combination Smallpox/Monkeypox vaccines that were approved 4 years ago, with no smallpox in the world…has a known record of causing heart damage, known to cause myocarditis and pericarditis – but the DOD in its quest to decimate our own military, rolled it out in 2018 anyway. Now the United States government has purchased millions of doses, despite there being no smallpox confirmed in the world… And there is probably no Monkeypox either.]

946. Stillbirths, Miscarriages and Abortions in Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Women - Evidence from an Israeli hospital
[Dr. Paul Alexander: 
This work by Josh Guetzkow, senior Israeli lecturer, is shockingly devastating on mRNA vaccine; odds of having a stillbirth, abortion or miscarriage are 1.36 times higher if you are vaccinated.”]

947. COVID Restrictions Are Coming Back
[COVID restrictions are returning in response to what the media is hysterically reporting as “soaring case numbers” in the US. Really? This video takes a look at those “soaring case numbers.”]

948. WHO Forced to Back Down After Numerous Nations Reject Pandemic Treaty
[The World Health Organization was forced to go back to the drawing board after Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia and the entire continent of Africa rejected its pandemic treaty power grab in favour of national sovereignty.]




949. Stop Masking Children - They Need To Interact With The Microbial World
[Dr. Byram Bridle: “I have been shocked to see how many children are still masked; even when outdoors with nobody else nearby; even when in vehicles with the windows closed… stop isolating our children from their microbial world. Let them get dirty. Let them interact with other children. Let them hug family members and friends… And, for goodness sake, let children see the mouths of others so they can learn to speak properly.”]

950. Report: 9 in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People
[Epoch Times: A reporter from The Exposé points out that while the world has been distracted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UK government quietly released a report that confirmed 90% of deaths from COVID-19 in England were in people who were fully vaccinated. When data from multiple sources all reveal the same trends and values, it’s easy to see how the CDC would be unwilling to acknowledge the information or want to release their data for fear it would have a negative impact on the mass vaccination campaign.]

951. Monkey Pox Update
[Dr. Robert Malone: “Will the blatant fearporn ever stop? The controlled media have no shame.” 




952. Economist Whistleblower Who Predicted Covid Tyranny Breaks Down How to Fight the Next Lockdown
[Economist Edward Dowd joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what we should expect from the monkeypox push and the next possible lockdown.]

953. First group of Doctors to challenge the Vaccine mandates in Australia - To be heard in the Queensland Supreme Court 17th June 2022
Dr Paloma van Zyl (BMed. FANZCA), a faithful Orthodox Christian woman, writes the following:

For the first time ever, a group of Australian Doctors is pushing back against the Government “vaccination” Mandates, in Queensland. This group hopes to bring about open scientific discussion about Covid-19 and its management in Australia. Doctors have been gagged in Australia (with threat of de-registration), and many are too scared to speak out. Other doctors have very effectively been deceived and mislead by the mainstream media, the Government and major medical bodies, they continue to defend unethical mandates and unsafe drugs. Staff infected with COVID may work in hospitals, however, well unvaccinated staff may not. None of this makes any sense! The public has understandably lost trust in their doctors and the medical system. There are major concerns with the efficacy and safety of the current COVID-19 gene therapies.

If we succeed. This will have far reaching effects for all current mandates in Australia. Setting a precedence will allow all the other mandates to subsequently fail.

COVID -19 is not a vaccine preventable disease. The current injections do not prevent infection or transmission. There is evidence that they actually INCREASE the severity of COVID disease and not reduce it. They are not risk free. They DO cause harm. We would like to bring all of this to light. Bodily autonomy is a God given right. Until very recently, this basic and fundamental principle was upheld in medical ethics. We must fight to retain this basic right. We have put our reputations and careers on the line to fight, for us, for you, and for the future of generations.

Please support us spiritually and if you can spare, financially. We are seeking funds to help pay for the expensive court process. For more information click here.

Please share this link to our crowd funding webpage within your social circles. Click here.

954. Antidepressants are the Root Cause of Mass Shootings
[Dr. Robert Yoho MD (ret), writes brilliantly on the role of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) in the mass shootings; SSRI antidepressants are insidious, poisonous, often lethal, and are promoted by mobster Pharma companies. Lockdowns and masks may contribute, but the toxic SSRIs were proven to cause violence since the 1990s when they were first studied. People who take these medications must accept the risk that the medications themselves will enable them to commit suicide or harm others.]

955. FLCCC launches Post-Vaccine Syndrome Protocol
[Video: Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory have introduced the new I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment protocol, designed to help people who have experienced adverse symptoms after a COVID vaccine.]




956. Video: Protesters Occupy NYC Bookstore After Asked For Vaccine Proof
[A scuffle broke out at a New York City bookstore after activists were denied entry for refusing to provide proof of COVID vaccination.]

957. Dr. Paul Alexander: The COVID Lockdowns 'Were Catastrophic Failures'
[Video: Dr. Paul Alexander is interviewed by Steve Bannon of War Room. He speaks about the catastrophic failures of the COVID lockdowns and the link between lockdowns and MASS shootings. The predictable habits of life were shattered by the lockdowns and school closures, and many were vulnerable to begin with; many of these young people were driven to derangement, with drug use.]

958. Germany Admits Covid ‘Vaccine’ 40 Times Deadlier Than Previously Known
[A significant new study out of Germany shows the number of people suffering from serious complications after receiving the Covid “vaccine” is 40 times higher than previously known. Despite these shocking new revelations, self-proclaimed ‘pandemic expert’ Bill Gates proudly, and falsely, boasted on France 2 television that those who die of Covid are the unvaccinated.]

959. Ghost Shot: Pfizer quietly admits it will never manufacture original FDA approved
COVID vaccines

[The 23 August 2021 FDA approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine was marked as a turning point in the battle against COVID-19. The announcement was highly publicised and many Americans arrived at their local pharmacies under the impression, via government and pharmaceutical propaganda, that they were receiving an FDA-approved COVID vaccine. Yet that legally distinct product, as we know it, never existed. And now we know, via Pfizer, that it will never exist. Those who received the “Pfizer shot(s)” have been injected with the emergency use authorization (EUA) version of the shots.]

960. Japanese Cardiovascular Surgeon: Stop the Vaccine Boosters Now Due to Serious Risks
[Dr. Kenji Yamamoto, the cardiovascular surgeon, reminds all of the waning nature of vaccine effectiveness. By month number eight, after the administration of two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, immunity “was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals.” The European Medicines Agency (EMA) suggests avoiding frequent booster shots given that they could “adversely affect immune response and may not be feasible.” Dr. Yamamoto declares, “As a safety measure, further booster vaccinations should be discontinued plus several other measures taken for vulnerable patients.” The respected cardiovascular surgeon acknowledges that the media is censoring COVID-19 vaccine injuries, including deaths.]




961. Troubling Trend: Deaths Spike in Highly Vaccinated Australia
[Bad news for Aussies – deaths appear to be spiking on continent down under where most are vaccinated and boosted. A similar unnerving pattern has also been documented in Western European countries.]

962. WARNING: Urgent warning to women under 40 after sharp rise in sudden killer
[Dr. Alexander: I am warning people because we know that the COVID vaccine dramatically escalates the clotting and bleeding risk and the DVT risk is also increased. Talk to your doctor about aspirin, high dose 325 mg for a period post vaccine, it reduces risk of clots.]

963. Mass Vaccination Triggers Spike in Cases, Deaths
[Epoch Times: Countries with the world’s highest vaccination rates — including four of the top five most vaccinated — are fighting to contain coronavirus outbreaks that are, on a per-capita basis, higher than the surge devastating India, a trend that has experts questioning the efficacy of some vaccines.”]

964. Healthy young people are dying suddenly & unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)
[Dr. Paul Alexander comments on this article from the Daily Mail: “I think the thing to consider rhymes with the word 'MAXINE'...no? hhhhmmmm, coming to think of it, in the last 15 months, we were forced, mandated, to take something that was 'safe and effective'?”]

965. Science versus Scientism (Part 1) - More root cause analysis of the COVID crisis
[Dr. Robert Malone: “Dr. Anthony Fauci, appropriately named as the ‘America’s high priest of scientism’ by Everett Piper, has been dishonest with the American people throughout the COVID crisis, and has repeatedly substituted his opinions for scientifically-based factual information, directly contributing to one of the greatest losses of life, freedom and livelihood in the history of mankind. This is an embodiment of the true essence and nature of Scientism. I have spent my whole professional life dealing with the new priesthood of Scientism, and it has always infuriated me. Scientism has nothing to do with the scientific method that I was so rigorously trained in. In my experience, those who ascribe to this substitute religion are typically second or third-rate intellects who exploit a broken system of public funding of the ‘Scientific’ enterprise to build personal status and power, typically coupled to a cult of personality.”]

966. Study finds ‘worrying’ uptick in 2021 all-cause mortality, excluding Covid
[Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Open University of Cyprus, 
Elpidoforos Soteriades, said, “Vaccination basically started slowly in the beginning of the year [2021] and gradually expanded to cover a large proportion of the population over time. Vaccinations were increasingly offered to different parts of the population the following months including the third and fourth quarters of the year 2021. Therefore, it is highly concerning that we observed a parallel increase in mortality during the same period of time. If anything, someone would expect to see a decrease in morbidity and mortality during the time of the vaccination campaign given the marketed benefits of these vaccines. However, we have documented exactly the opposite with respect to mortality.”]




967. Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP: devastating COVID response and harmful COVID Vaccines
[Dr. Mike Yeadon, PhD, former Pfizer Vice President, talks with Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, on the lies, the devastating COVID lockdown response for 2 years and the harmful COVID Vaccines (e.g. mRNA). They discuss the failed COVID policies, the catastrophic vaccines and the harms that could come. They focus on why children MUST NOT be injected with these vaccines.]

968. Latest Bad News About COVID Vaccines
[Epoch Times: From deaths due to vaccine-induced myocarditis to a significant increase in heart attack risk among youth, the risks tied to COVID-19 shots continue to grow – while their effectiveness in children reached an embarrassing low.]

969. Rich People in Spain, Including Pharmaceutical Company President, Caught Buying Fake COVID Vaccine Certificates
[Police in Spain have uncovered a scam involving more than 2,000 famous people, including top medical personnel and the head of a major pharmaceutical company, who illegally bought fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates from a nurse without taking the shot. The article points out, “Let’s not forget the biggest scandal here: that the president of a pharmaceutical company would be so wary of taking a drug which all the trials and medical authorities insist is safe and effective. What does he know that he’s not letting on?”]

970. Coronavirus: Sharp increase in deaths not all explained by virus, says scientist
[An epidemiologist has sounded the alarm after discovering a sharp signal in excess deaths in Cyprus this year, and has called on authorities to urgently look into the matter, as Covid-19 does not appear to be the cause.]

971. Highlights of interview with Dr. Peter McCullough on how to treat COVID-19
[Interviewed by Mike Adams, Dr. Peter McCullough said that coronavirus (COVID-19) patients can be treated with drugs that are readily available, including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. He stressed that people infected with COVID-19 should demand treatment, noting that the only people who died after being admitted to hospital were those who did not receive outpatient treatment. McCullough reiterated that early treatment treats the problem. Masks and vaccines do not really treat the illness, he said.]

972. 58 cases of life-threatening side effects in infants under 3 years old who received mRNA vaccines were reported to VAERS
[Dr. Paul Alexander: “Why would they vaxx that age?... VAERS reports shows that, contrary to FDA’s briefing document, 58 were seriously harmed: serious bleeding, anaphylactic shock, anticholinergic syndrome, encephalitis, hypoglycemia and neuroleptic syndrome.”]




973. Origins and Trajectories of the COVID Phenomenon
[Nick Hudson is the founder of PANDA, a group that seeks to develop science-based explanations relating to the COVID crisis. Mr. Hudson says, “the philosophy with which public health officials went about approaching this apparent pandemic was that they needed to maximise perceived threat. Masks did nothing to stop the virus but they were extremely effective in reminding every single person out there on the street of the presence of this deadly virus.”]

974. MUST-SEE: Mortician Finds Massive Hand-Sized Clots In Cadavers After Vax Release
[Guest host of The Alex Jones Show, Mike Adams, is joined by a mortician who has found a large number of strange tissue clots in the blood of cadavers examined after the COVID vaccine was released to the public.]

975. Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals
[Epoch Times: A survey of 300,000 people who did not get the COVID-19 vaccine revealed the unvaccinated did not place a disproportionate burden on health systems — in fact, they experienced very low rates of hospitalization and severe COVID-19. Yet this group faces unfounded discrimination, job losses and mental health issues intensified by its marginalization by mainstream society.]




976. WHO to Rename Monkeypox to Combat ‘Racism’ and ‘Stigma’
[The World Health Organization has announced that it will rename the monkeypox virus to combat racism and stigma over concerns that Africans may feel offended. Despite monkeypox almost entirely circulating amongst gay men, the WHO insisted that gay pride parades should go ahead as normal despite the body suggesting that other festivals should be limited. Apparently, protecting the feelings of LGBT adherents and people living in African countries is just as pressing as stopping the actual spread of the virus.]

977. Early COVID Treatment works – yet more examples
[Dr. Robert Malone: “There is no question in my mind that early COVID-19 treatment saves lives, and many different repurposed drug treatment protocols for treating this disease have become popular despite withering criticism and gaslighting from FDA, NIH, corporate media and hospitalist physicians. For examples of treatment protocols, see those developed by FLCCC, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Drs. George Fareed and Brian Tyson, and the European doctors who practice under the banner of Ippocrateorg.org.”]

978. Vaxxed, Double-Boosted Fauci Catches Covid
[NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, the US figurehead of the COVID-19 crisis, has contracted the very disease he has been claiming to fight. His diagnosis comes as the mainstream media has slowly started reporting on the fact that vaccinated and boosted people appear to be catching Covid at higher rates than those who have not been boosted.]




979. Dr. Naomi Wolf Discusses the FDA Approval of the Moderna Vaccine for Kids
[In this short clip, Dr. Naomi Wolf says, “The Pfizer documents internally show that 100 micrograms, which was the Moderna dose for adults (first and second dose), is so toxic… that they had to drop it due to the scale of adverse events that it was causing. So, to reissue it for even younger people and even smaller people is murderous.”]

980. 29-Year-Old’s Career Came ‘Crashing’ Down After Pfizer COVID Vaccine Injury
[In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Hayley Lopez, who developed postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome at age 29 after her first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, can no longer work at the job she loves because she cannot pass the required medical tests. “I worked very hard to get to where I am in my career and at the time, I felt as though my world would end if I lost my job. I got the shot to keep my job and now it may end my career.”]




981. What FDA Advisors Got Wrong About COVID Vaccines for Young Kids
[Advisors to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommended the agency grant Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 years old. This is despite questions about safety and efficacy, and about whether children, who are at low risk of serious illness from the virus, need the vaccines. What the vaccine advisory committee saw and heard during the meeting should have stopped them from recommending authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months — but it didn’t.]

982. Watch: Rand Paul Shreds Fauci on Lack of Gov Data Supporting Boosters for Children
[Sen. Rand Paul blasted NIAID Director Anthony Fauci for promoting booster jabs for children despite refusing to provide data proving their effectiveness, or their necessity.]




983. Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64
[The head of Indianapolis-based insurance company, OneAmerica, said the increase in deaths represents “huge, huge numbers,” and that’s it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64”. He said at the same time, the company is seeing an “uptick” in disability claims, saying at first it was short-term disability claims, and now the increase is in long-term disability claims. At the same time, the president of the Indiana Hospital Association said that hospitals across the state are being flooded with patients “with many different conditions.” The number of hospitalizations in the state is now higher than before the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago, and in fact is higher than it’s been in the past five years.]

984. Vaccine Carnage In The ER , a nurse speaks out
[Mary-Jane Stevens is an Australian registered nurse, who has worked in the emergency department of a Queensland hospital for some time. She reveals how the fact the COVID vaccines were experimental was hushed and they were, instead, marketed as ‘safe and effective’. Ms Stevens tells of the many vaccine injuries she treated during her time in the emergency department, as well as her personal experience with a vaccine injury.]




985. Four Times FDA Was Dead Wrong About an ‘Approved’ Drug
[Throughout the pandemic, health officials have urged the public to “trust the science,” reassuring people that “the science” is the basis for any recommendations originating from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As history shows, the FDA and CDC don’t always get it right — in fact, sometimes they’re dead wrong. Whether they err because they allow pharmaceutical companies to deceive them, or because the agencies are populated with “experts” whose financial conflicts of interest cloud their judgment, the results are the same.]




986. CDC Panel Approves COVID Vaccine For Children Under 5 Years Old
[Despite overwhelming evidence COVID-19 poses virtually no risk to children and young people, advocates for the injection insist the 18 million children in the 6-month to 5-year-old age group must take the shot for their own safety. The vaccine trial data Pfizer presented to the FDA suggests not enough research was collected about the efficacy of the jab, and that some available data was outright ignored, according to British pathologist Dr. Clare Craig.]

987. UK Health Agency: 99 Per Cent of Monkeypox Cases Are Gay Men
[A survey of monkeypox cases by the UK Health Agency has found that 151 out of 152 participants are men who “identify as gay, bisexual or men who have sex with men.” Despite monkeypox cases being overwhelmingly gay men, some critics have suggested that encouragement by health authorities for gay men who suspect they may have caught the virus to refrain from having sex is “homophobic” and a form of “stigmatization.” Though most of the world was put on lockdown over covid with tens of millions of people losing their jobs, public health authorities have made it abundantly clear that asking gay men to stop having sex with dozens of strangers to stop the spread of monkeypox is untenable.]

988. The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
[Dr. Joseph Mercola: Media outlets around the world have started highlighting a medical phenomenon called “sudden adult death syndrome,” or SADS, in what appears to be a clear effort to obscure the reality of COVID jab deaths. Underlying factors for SADS include undiagnosed myocarditis, inflammatory conditions and other conditions that cause irregularities in the electrical system of the heart, thereby triggering cardiac arrest.]




989. Florida ‘Puts Data Over Ideology’ in Opposing COVID-19 Vaccines for Young Children: State’s Surgeon General
[Epoch Times: Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo who also serves as the state’s health secretary, wrote, “Did the COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids under 5 show a reduction in severe illness? Did the trials show a benefit for those with a prior COVID-19 infection? Is there a benefit for kids with no pre-existing conditions… Florida puts data over ideology. That’s not going to change.”]

990. Are we doing more harm than good in the name of public “health”? 
[Dr. Robert Malone: “The CDC, under Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) has now admitted that even though they had promised to analyze the VAERS data before advising about these vaccines for children, they did not. The VAERS data were NOT taken into consideration before the authorization of these genetic agents for babies and young children. Frankly, this is shocking. So shocking, it is hard for me to even write about it… It is time to stop. Parents must stop. The time is now to just say no.”]

991. “Shameful”: American Academy of Pediatrics Shills Covid Vaccine for Children
[The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is telling parents to consult pediatricians about the Covid jab for children, despite little to no evidence of its effectiveness. The jab’s essential ineffectiveness in children was highlighted by Sen. Rand Paul during a Senate Health Committee hearing, saying, “There are no studies – and Americans should all know this – there are no studies on children showing a reduction in hospitalization or death with taking a booster.”]




992. Publix Pharmacies Refuse to Offer Covid Vaccines to Children Under Age 5
[Florida-based grocery chain Publix says it will not issue Covid jabs to children younger than 5, despite an announcement by the CDC recommending the jab for children aged 6-months and older. The Florida grocer’s new policy also follows state Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Lapado’s announcement in March advising parents against getting youngsters jabbed, saying it provides no benefit to healthy children.]

993. Dr. Peter McCullough | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown Series
[Dr. McCullough is an American cardiologist and outspoken critic of the questionable handling of the COVID-19 “pandemic.” He is one of the most notable and credentialed voices speaking out in the United States and is a wealth of information. He is articulate, balanced and a voice of reason. In this interview covers topics such as: PR testing methodology, Therapeutic Nihilism, myocarditis amongst the vaccinated, early treatment suppression prior to the pandemic, persecution of medical personnel for exercising their licensed authority, the upside down irrational nature of COVID-19 policies including vaccine mandates, and the efficacy of a global, indiscriminate mass vax campaign, in contrast to vaccination of mainly at-risk patients.]

994. Pfizer Vaccine Impairs Sperm Count—Conspiracy Theorists Were Right
[Epoch Times: A new peer-reviewed study published in the journal Andrology on June 17 vindicates another dark suspicion about COVID-19 vaccines: They harm male fertility. Specifically, researchers find declining sperm counts for up to five months after the second dose of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 jab. The biggest unanswered question from this study is the reproductive side effects associated with a booster shot.]




995. Covid Vaccine Reactions More Likely to Put You in Hospital than to Prevent Covid Hospitalization, British Medical Journal Reports
[Alex Jones covers a study released by British Medical Journal Editor Dr. Peter Doshi and others revealing the experimental mRNA Covid jabs are more likely to put people in the hospital with adverse reactions than to prevent them from being hospitalized from Covid.]

996. Nigel Farage: This is no longer about health 
[Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Novak Djokovic being banned from the U.S. Open over his vaccination status. Mr. Farage says, “This is no longer about health, it is about control. It is about government deciding how you should live your life, what you should and should not do.”]

997. Anthony Fauci says that he's experienced rebound Covid symptoms after taking a Pfizer's antiviral Paxlovid - which studies now show is NOT effective for people who are vaccinated
[Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed that he is suffering from ‘Covid rebound’ symptoms after being treated with Paxlovid. According to Pfizer's own data, the drug is limited in its abilities to fight Covid-19 in a vaccinated person. The CDC issued a warning about the potential for Covid-19 rebound symptoms after taking Paxlovid in May 2022 but noted that none of the reported rebound cases saw patients suffer a severe case of Covid-19, though Dr. Fauci described his symptoms as ‘much worse’.]




998. 45-Year-Old Canadian Paralyzed After Pfizer Shot Waiting for Government to Respond
[Julian Scholefield was paralyzed from the waist down in July 2021, 12 days after his second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Nearly a year later, he’s still waiting for the government to respond to his request for compensation. “I’m paralyzed now, not because of a reckless accident, but because I followed the guidelines of our government… My life has become a daily struggle and my wife and children must provide care and assistance for me,” Scholefield said.]

999. Australia Sees 963% Increase In Respiratory Virus Among ‘Pandemic Babies’ Who Have ‘No Immunity’
[Doctors in Australia are concerned about a shocking increase in babies being diagnosed with common viruses. Some doctors are theorizing that young children are becoming more ill due to their lack of exposure to viruses during pandemic lockdowns. Another possible link to the children’s lack of immunity could have been passed down from their parents. Since the experimental Covid-19 mRNA jabs were not tested as thoroughly as they should have been, the people of the world are still just guinea pigs in the world’s largest science experiment. Former British MEP James Freeman asked on Twitter why his government told pregnant women the experimental shots were safe “when Pfizer trial data shows otherwise,” citing Australia’s “pandemic babies” as a possible result of inoculating pregnant women.]




1000. Big Tech banned claims vaccinated could spread Covid. Now the government admits it was “hope” not “science”
[The problems with Big Tech platforms censoring for so-called “misinformation” was highlighted again in the last week when, while testifying before Congress, former White House COVID response coordinator Deborah Birx said that claims of Covid vaccines efficacy were based on “hope,” not actual science. Yet it was this supposed “science” that Big Tech platforms used to censor claims about the vaccine.]

1001. The end of Covid-19 vaccine safety science in America
[On 28 June 2022, the FDA decided that henceforth THEY will choose the variants for reformulated Covid-19 shots and NO clinical trials will be conducted to evaluate safety. Why? Because $cience. At the meeting, the manufacturers (Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax) were asked what their production timelines are… and they said out loud, “So long as we don’t have to provide any clinical data, we’ll have them ready by fall.” No one had a problem with that.]

1002. EU Renews Digital Covid Pass Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback
[Acting on a proposal of the European Commission, the European Parliament, as expected, voted to renew the EU Digital Covid Certificate for another year. The vote was 453 for, 119 against and 19 abstentions. This was despite the overwhelmingly negative results of a public consultation on the subject that was launched by the European Commission under the heading of “Have Your Say” and that was open to the public from February 3 to April 8. The consultation elicited over 385,000 responses – almost all of which appear to be opposed to renewal!]




1003. Brazilian President Bolsonaro Says He Refused Covid Vaccine Because He Had Natural Immunity & Feared Possible Side Effects
[Speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says he refused to take a Covid jab because he’d already acquired natural immunity, and was also wary of possible side effects. “I read, too, Pfizer’s contract and one of the clauses said, ‘We shall take no responsibility whatsoever from any side effect arising from the vaccine,'” he told Tucker. “I became concerned about that…and Congress in Brazil decided to vote and pass a piece of legislation saying that Pfizer, or any other pharmaceutical company would not take responsibility for any side effect arising from the vaccine.” Also, the president puts the blame of many deaths that occurred in his country squarely at the feet of the mainstream media for demonizing early treatment protocols that could have saved lives.]

1004. WSJ: Pfizer Trial Found Vaxxed Toddlers ‘Were More Likely to Get Severely Ill With Covid’
[The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that toddlers vaccinated during Pfizer’s trial were “more likely to get severely ill with Covid than those who received a placebo” and “most kids who developed multiple infections during the trial were vaccinated.” Scientists are also discovering that triple-vaccinated adults who were previously infected with the Wuhan variant have a weaker immune response to Omicron, leaving them more susceptible to reinfection.]

1005. WARNING: At no time, do we vaccinate our children, ever ever ever!
[Dr Paul Alexander: No healthy children should get these COVID injections because they are near zero risk of being affected by COVID. The shot gives no benefit but damages the immune system and can kill. We just witnessed the FDA and CDC approving these COVID shots in kids as young as 6 months old to 4 years old, when in the data submitted by the vaccine makers, we saw that children in the vaccine arm had more severe illness than the kids in the placebo control arm. And we saw that children who were infected multiple times were vaccinated.]




1006. Vanishing vaccine mandates
[With hardly a whisper from its chief public health officers, Australia largely abandoned its vaccine mandates. There has been no explanation given as to why unvaccinated workers can now be ‘welcomed back’ into workplaces. There has been no apology to those who lost their jobs for refusing to be jabbed, or who lost their lives, or their good health, following vaccination. So, why the sudden change in policy?]

1007. San Diego Loses 22% Of Its Police Force Due To Vax Mandates
[San Diego is witnessing the largest exodus of police officers from the city since 2009 and the majority of them are quitting because of the city's continued obsession with covid vaccine mandates.]

1008. Uruguay Judge Orders Pfizer to Release Vaccine Ingredients, Suspends Use For Children
[Pfizer must turn over all information on its COVID-19 mRNA injection, including whether ingredients like “graphene oxide” or “nanotechnological elements” are part of its biochemical composition, a Uruguay judge ruled.]

1009. Report: Casket Maker Fears Bulk Orders of Child Size Coffins Signal Impending Vaccine Deaths
[A man whose family purportedly runs a casket manufacturing business says for the first time ever they’ve received bulk orders for children’s coffins, a sign he fears could be indicative of impending childhood Covid vaccine deaths.]




1010. US Army SLASHES pay for 60,000 soldiers who refuse to get jabbed as Biden cracks down on unvaccinated
[More than 60,000 unvaccinated Army National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers will be barred from performing their military duties and have their pay and benefits cut because they refuse to get their shots. The military branch has raised the stakes for anti-vaxxer soldiers and promised to go one further and discharge their personnel if they continue to resist immunization. There have been 30,000 requests for religious and medical waivers from the requirement, but none have been granted.]

1011. Swedish Study: Pfizer Jab Installs DNA into The Human Genome
[Video: Finally, there is evidence that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, installs DNA into the human genome. We were told this could not happen, but a Swedish study shows that it can. Dr Peter McCullough joins Joni Table Talk host to discuss this new study and what it means.]

1012. 1250+ COVID Vaccine Publications and Case Reports
[Researching Covid vaccine adverse events can be overwhelming, and the information is incredibly challenging to find. This is a link to an ever-growing list of peer-reviewed studies specific to Covid vaccine adverse events. The list is maintained by dedicated staff of injured PhDs and medical professionals.]




1012. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Forced Vaxx Is All-Out War On the Human Race
[Video: Top osteopathic physician, 
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the globalist campaign to force deadly COVID injections upon the entire world.]

1013. What Weakened Immune Systems Have Wrought for Children 
[In the report of 24 June 2022, the WHO noted a further rise from 450 cases to 920 cases of acute hepatitis in children worldwide from May 26 to June 24, mostly (78%) in children under the age of 6 years. Unfortunately, forty-five children required liver transplants and 18 children died. Experts say COVID measures have worn down the immune system and made children more vulnerable for infections that normally do not occur in summertime and don’t need hospital visits.]

1014. UK Gov. quietly published a report confirming the Vaccinated account for 94% of all COVID-19 Deaths since April, 90% of which were Triple/Quadruple Jabbed
[A report that was quietly published by the UK Government, just hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, reveals that Covid-19 deaths have risen dramatically among the triple vaccinated population in England over the past couple of months whilst declining drastically among the unvaccinated population. With the most recent figures showing the vaccinated population in England accounted for a shocking 94% of all Covid-19 Deaths in April and May, and 90% of those deaths were among the triple/quadruple vaccinated population.]




1015. Funeral Director Reveals What They Are Finding In The COVID Vaccinated Post Mortem
[This video shows blockages removed from blood vessels of a young man who died suddenly (SADS). The man was triple COVID vaxxed, under 30 years old, fit, and had no comorbidities. Embalmers have been finding enormous blockages in the vessels of the dead since the second quarter of 2021. No embalmer or funeral director has seen these kinds of blockages before. They can be so large and tough, that it can be impossible to pump embalming fluid in the vessels without first removing the blockages.]

1016. WHO Director-General Wants You to Put the Slave Mask Back On
[World Health Organisation director's latest calls for masks contradict studies conducted during the coronavirus pandemic proving masks have little to no effect countering viral transmission.]

1017. Pfizer, Moderna Shots More Likely to Cause Serious Injury Than Reduce Risk of COVID-Related Hospitalization
[Epoch Times: “This important study uses actual Pfizer and Moderna clinical trial data to show that the risks of serious adverse events outweigh the benefits of these vaccines against COVID-19 hospitalization,” said Brian Hooker, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense chief scientific officer and associate professor of biology at Simpson University in Redding, California where he specializes in microbiology and biotechnology. “The public, and public health officials, need to immediately consider the implications of these study results,” Hooker added.]




1018. Video: Killing your child with COVID vaccines that damage innate immune system
Dr. Paul Alexander: “Let’s be frank: These COVID gene injections have failed. They have definitely failed against the Delta variant and it’s failed against the Omicron, all of its subvariants… Nothing is better for you than natural immunity… Under NO condition must a parent vaccinate their child with these COVID vaccines.”]

1019. Dr. Robert Malone BLOWS UP Fauci's VAX and Booster Scam
[Video: Dr. Robert Malone is interviewed on Real America's Voice about the COVID Boosters. He says the COVID vaccines damage the immune system. Dr Fauci is lying. What he's pushing out is disinformation. It is propaganda and is designed to cover their backs.”]




1020. Wake Up! Even The Masks Made You Sick!
[The Johns Hopkins Pandemic study showed that the lockdowns did more harm than good. Hundreds of people under 40 are going into cardiac arrest and suffering from Sudden Adult death syndrome. The masks not only never worked, but research is now showing they may actually make you sick. The rationale behind their widespread mandated usage must be questioned. Everyone knows or will soon know that the entire pandemic response has been a blatant ruse that created 500 new billionaires, crippled our economy, exponentially killed and injured millions and decimated our educational system.]




1021. Guitarist Who Lost 8 Fingers After J&J Vaccine Tells RFK, Jr.: People Have to Be Held Accountable
[On an episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” guitarist Jeff Diamond described having eight fingers amputated and losing his singing voice after developing blood clots about a week after getting the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.]

1022. Excess Deaths Not From COVID Approach 9,000 in Last 10 Weeks
[There have been over 8,750 more deaths than usual from causes other than COVID-19 in England and Wales in the past 10 weeks, the latest data from the Office for National Statistics show. Health experts have called for an urgent investigation of this alarming trend, though the Government has yet to signal it intends to do this or to offer any explanation of the high rate of deaths. Looking at deaths by cause, cardiovascular deaths (related to the heart and blood vessels) of different kinds have been running high during the period.]

1023. 5th COVID Jab Rollout Signals Continued Culling of World Slave Class
[Video: Queensland Australia Has Rolled Out The 5th Jab for it's gullible citizens, which signals the continued death and destruction for those too naïve to realize their government does not love them. They will not stop until the people peacefully resist.]




1024. The Origins Of Covid-19 & Why The Vaccines Don’t Work
[A 7-minute video clip from an interview with Professor Edward Steele, an Australian molecular and cellular immunologist, geneticist and microbiologist and the author of six books and over 100 scientific research papers. Dr. Steele makes a great case as to why these COVID injections never worked. For full interview, click here.]

1025. Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Jab Effects
[Epoch Times: Dr Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Ryan Cole, an anatomic clinical pathologist with a subspecialty in skin pathology and postgraduate Ph.D. training in immunology, who has been on the frontlines exposing the fraudulent COVID narrative. In the interview, Dr. Cole talks about many COIVD related issues such as the neurological side effects of the COVID jabs, the rise in cancers and autoimmune diseases, the potential impacts on the reproductive system, and the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED)
being shut down after exposing the dramatic increases in post-COVID jab medical visits.]

1026. Spike Protein From Vaccine Can Persist in the Body For Months and Cause Debilitating Symptoms, Study Finds
[The finding that spike protein can persist in the body for months following vaccination, apparently causing ongoing inflammation of the immune system and debilitating symptoms, is highly significant – and contrary to what the vaccine producers claimed would be the case. It suggests a possible mechanism for serious adverse events affecting the cardiovascular system, such as heart inflammation and blood clots, for some months after vaccination. In light of the high rate of deaths from cardiovascular causes in the last 12 months, the possibility that the vaccines may be involved should be investigated without delay.]