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Commemoration of the Living and the Departed

at 40 Divine Liturgies

Commemoration of our living and departed loved ones is the best way that we can help them.

Lists of commemorations may be offered for the Proskomedia, the first part of the Liturgy, at which particles are taken from prosphoras for each of the names listed; later, the particles are put into the Chalice containing the Blood of Christ, during which a prayer for the forgiveness of sins of those commemorated is read. 

Some Questions Often Asked About this Topic

Why is it necessary to commemorate the dead?

Read the following pamphlet: The Dead Are in Great Need of Our Help

Is it necessary to give a donation when requesting commemorations for departed loved ones?

Saint John the Wonderworker of San Francisco writes:

"Therefore, panikhidas (memorial services for the dead) and prayer at home for the dead are beneficial for them, as are good deeds done in their memory, such as alms or contributions to the Church. But especially beneficial for them is commemoration at the Divine Liturgy."

"O relatives and close ones of the dead! Do for them what is needful for them and what is within your power. Use your money not for outward adornment of the coffin and grave, but in order to help those in need, in memory of your close ones who have died, for churches, where prayers for them are offered."

Before submitting names for commemoration please read the guidelines below:



Guideline for Submitting Names for Commemoration of the Living or Departed:

Orthodox Christians

* Specify whether the name(s) submitted are living or departed.

Submit baptismal names only - do not include last names/surnames.

Please do not use nicknames. For example, Alexander rather than Alex, Katherine rather than Kathy, Nicholas rather than Nick, Stephen or Stavros rather than Steve, Constantina rather than Tina, Dina or Connie and Michael rather than Misha.

* Use the correct spelling of saints’ names. 

* Use the term "newly-departed" for one who has reposed within the first 40 days.



* For hierarchs, specify their title: Patriarch, Metropolitan, Archbishop or Bishop.

* For clergy and monks, specify their titles. Do not use the title Father. For example "Fr John" could be an abbot, priest, hieromonk, archimandrite, archpriest, deacon, archdeacon, protodeacon, hierodeacon, rassaphore monk or schema monk.

* For nuns, specify their titles. For example "Mother Elizabeth" could be an abbess, rassaphore nun, or schema nun. 

* For novices, simply write Novice and their name. For example Novice Helen, Novice George, etc.

* For subdeacons and readers, write their title and name. For example Subdeacon Peter, Reader Anastasios. 



Please note that non-Orthodox names are not commemorated during the Divine Liturgy or other services. Non-Orthodox Christians are commemorated during the private prayers of the monastery. Always specify when submitting the names of the non-Orthodox.