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Update on New Talks

By Father Kosmas


                                Writings by Father Kosmas


Some Thoughts About the Current Situation in the Orthodox Church and in the World 

Part One: Conspiracy Theories in the World

* Part Two: Conspiracy Theories in the Church

Part Three: Ignoring the Counsel of the Elders and Consulting the Academics

Part Four: How Rationalism has Caused Many Problems in the Orthodox Church 

To be continued...


On Vaccines: For the Orthodox Faithful who are Confused About COVID Vaccines


* Part One: How COVID-19 Vaccines Differ from Traditional Vaccines

* Part Two: Orthodox Christians and COVID Vaccinations

* Part Three: Orthodox Clergy Who are Pro Mass Vaccination

* Part Four: Orthodox Councils and Synods That Fell into Heresy or Other Errors

* Part Five: COVID-19 Facts that are Being Intentionally Ignored or Hidden

* Part Six: A New Commandment: Thou Shalt be Blindly Obedient to Your Doctor!

* Part Seven: The Holy Fathers – You Must Disobey the “Orthodox” Heretics 

* Part Eight: Saints and Grace-filled Elders on Traditional and COVID-19 Vaccines

* Part Nine: Not All Doctors and Scientists Agree that COVID Vaccines Are Safe

* Part Ten: Blood Clots, Heart Problems and Their Link to the COVID-19 Jabs 



Part Eleven: The Connection Between COVID-19 Vaccines and Aborted Fetuses

Part Twelve: Abortion, Therapeutic Abortion and Hormonal Contraceptives - CURRENT 

* Part Thirteen: Fetal Cell Lines in Medicines and in the Food and Cosmetic Industries - SOON



The following sections have been added or revised: 

* Dr. Wodarg – on the corruption of the World Health Organisation and pharmaceutical companies, and their role in the COVID-19 “pandemic” - NEW 


To be continued...