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Update on New Talks

Section One

The time will come for true confession of the Faith! All those who will confess, will be alone
and persecuted!
Saint John of San Francisco (†1966)


Section One

COVID Restrictions, Masks, Lockdowns, Vaccines,

Pandemic Prophesies and Deceptions

According to Saints, Holy Elders and Clergy

The opinions and information expressed in these articles may not necessarily be those of the Russian Orthodox Church or those of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. 

For videos and articles compiled by Father Kosmas, click on the links below 

1. Wisdom from Athonite Fathers: Concerning Masks 

2. Dreadful Warnings from Heaven (2020) - Concerning the Ecclesial Renovations of 2020 by Archimandrite Savvas Agioreitis

3. An Interview with Father Savvas 

4. Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou (Church of Cyprus) Warns Against Masks

5. God Has A Plan - Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfou Regarding The End Times And Current Events

6. An Epidemic is Coming by Metropolitan Augoustinos of Florina, Greece

 [Read the English translation while listening to his one minute speech in Greek]

7. An Athonite Elder Speaks Out About Covid and Vaccines - Elder Philotheos of Karakallou Monastery

8. Father Savvas the Athonite on vaccination and side effects

9. St. Cyril of Kazan and the "sanitized" holy water of 1909

10. Orthodox Church's Teaching on Whether There is a Danger of Spreading Disease
Through Holy Communion, Kissing the Hand of the Priest, or Our Presence in the
Holy Temple of God
 - Metropolitan of Edessa, Joel

11. Athonite Elder Speaks About Prayer Against COVID - Elder Parthenius of St Paul's Monastery  

12. This Could be the Last Mistake You Ever Make! - Please Don't! - Elder Gabriel of Mount Athos

 [Read a transcript of the above video]

13. The Apocalyptic Times are About to Fall Hard Upon Us - Elder Justin Parvu

14. The Christian "Special Forces" fighting against antichrist - Prophetic words of Elder Ephraim

15. Against those who dare to forbid the kissing of the Holy Icons 

16. The chemical injections and delusions of the Antichrist (Updated!) - from the teachings of Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios and Elder Savvas Achilleos - and followed by footage of a 2005 Pentagon briefing
[Read a transcript of the 3 sections of the above video. We have also included a very important disclaimer for the 2005 Pentagon video.]

17. Should we flee from Holiness to avoid sickness? - Archpriest Peter Alban Heers

18. A most dreadful prophecy - A revelation from Elder Savvas Achilleos - who reposed in 2016!

19. On those who do not venerate icons whether by force or out of fear

20. The Coronavirus Crisis: Letter from the Holy Mountain - Elder Evthymios of the Kelli of the Resurrection in Kapsala on Mt. Athos addresses the crisis and the Church's response to it 

21. Part 1: On the Holy Temple of God & COVID-19 Infection: Interview with Archimandrite Savvas Agioreitis 

22. Part 2: The Role of a Spiritual Father in the Current Crisis: Interview with Archimandrite Savvas Agioreitis

23. Part 3: How Shall We Live During This Current Persecution of Orthodoxy?: Interview with Fr. Savvas Agioreitis

24. Part 4: The Current Challenge of Caesaropapism to the Orthodox Faith: Interview with
Fr. Savvas Agioreitis

25. Saint Paisios the Athonite: On the Vaccine and the mark of the Beast! 

26. St. Peter Zverev's Sermon on the 1910 Cholera Pandemic

27. St. John of Kronstadt and the 1903 Siberian Plague

28. St. Paisios of Mt. Athos on the Blasphemous Treatment of Holy Things, God's Wrath, and Trusting God

29. The Belt of the Theotokos and the Pandemic of 1910

30. Father Gabriel the Athonite answers questions - interview with Elder Gabriel

31. A Letter to an Abbess Concerning the Vaccines - By Elder Evthymios of Kapsala, Mt. Athos, a spiritual child of Saint Paisios the Athonite

32. Holy Communion and Germs - by Archbishop Michael of North and South America (Greek Archdiocese)

33. Valuable Life Lessons from Blessed Elder Athanasius of Grigoriou in a Time of Delusion and Apostasy

34. Cypriot Holy Synod Did Not Unanimously Recommend Vaccination as was Announced - Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou Says

35. Covid Persecution of the Church Accelerates by Fr. John Peck

36. Do Not Rush to go and Take the Vaccine - Metropolitan Neophytos
[We are working on providing a transcript in English of the Metropolitan's talk - hopefully we will have this ready in a few weeks.]

37. Bishops: Do not persecute the priests for preserving Orthodox traditions! by Metropolitan Ambrosios of Kalavryta and Aigialeia in northern Greece

38. Abba Pambo’s frightful prophecy about the End Times

39. Orthodox Ethos: Traitors Inside the Church by Fr. Athanasius Mitilinaios

40. Coronavirus: Morphou bishop comes out in support of arrested scientist

41. On Holy Communion and Wearing Masks in Church by Priest Stylianos Karpathiou 

42. Metropolitan Neophytos: God will find a way to save the good-hearted people of the world

43. Elder Savva Lavriotis Speech at protest. A must listen!

44. The Gates of Hades Will Not Prevail Against My Church and The Truth About the Vaccines 
by Fr. Constantine Tzortzis, Nicholaos Papageorgiou, Petros Markou and John Tzortzis
[These two excellent articles by Fr. Constantine and his team will provide the faithful many answers to their questions regarding COVID-19, masks, other restrictions, vaccines, etc.]

45. The Temple of Pharmakon by Fr. Zechariah Lynch

46. The Broken Covenant
[A group of anonymous priests denounce their bishops for agreeing with government authorities that church services and priestly ministries in the community are not an essential service. A bit slow in the beginning but well worth the read.]

47. Crown of Creation: Orthodox Christians, Bio-Ethics, and The Covid-19 Vaccine

48. Have We Lived by Lies? by Fr. Zechariah Lynch

49. On Masks and Other Unacceptable Innovative Practices Introduced into Orthodox Worship as a result of COVID, Concluding with Advice on the COVID Vaccines - Sermon by Father Savvas Agiorites
[A transcript of Fr. Savvas's sermon in English with commentary by Father Kosmas.] 

50. Prophecies of Saint Nilus about the Last Days by Archimandrite Savvas Achilleos
[This video has English subtitles. To turn them on, press the CC button which will enable closed captions. More info on this.]

51. Open Letter: To Our Beloved Hierarchs, Brother Concelebrants, and our Faithful Flocks

52. Pastoral Letter Regarding Vaccines by Bishop George of Canberra, Auxiliary Bishop, Australia-New Zealand Diocese, Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia 

53. God Does Not Allow Anyone to Be Contaminated in the Temple - Sermon by Metropolitan Kosmas of Aitolia and Akarnania
the English translation of the Metropolitan's sermon.]

54. Elder Ephraim of Arizona Appeared and calls us to Repentance
[Referring to the people of the world, he said, "Get on your knees and weep; shed tears of repentance so that perhaps Christ will soften. This also has to do with what is happening in America. Many people will depart through all that is coming, many people will depart [i.e., they will die]."]

55. “We will have Modified People...” - A Call to Prayer Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou
[In this video, the Metropolitan explains that the current virus is only the beginning of a series of events, and that we must use these times as practice for what is to come. He goes on to emphasize that the "shots" meant to treat this virus are in fact harmful, and will lead to modified people in the same way genetically modified food exists.

56.Father Peter Heers: Why I will not be Receiving the Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine

57. Believers Denounce their Metropolitan as he Preaches About Vaccines
[“It is a disgrace, outrageous! This is not a spiritual sermon, speak to us about the saint. If we wanted to hear about vaccines, we would be watching SKAI TV!”] 

58. Pastoral Letter Regarding Vaccines by His Grace Bishop Siluan, Primate of the Serbian Metropolitanate of Australia and New Zealand 

59. Warning from Mount Athos (August, 2021)
[Romanian Elder Julian of Prodromos Skete, Mount Athos, who turned 95 on January 8, speaks about COVID-19 vaccinations and what effect they have on one's mind and soul. There seems to be a growing consensus amongst the elders that COVID-19 vaccinations are detrimental to one's soul.]

60. Communing During the Pandemic is an Act of Confession — Metropolitan Neophytos
of Morphou

61. A Statement Detailing the Basis of the Objection to Certain Vaccines with Supporting Evidence by Bishop George of Canberra, Auxiliary Bishop, Australia-New Zealand Diocese, Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

62. The War Against God - Fr. Constantine Tzortzis, Nicholaos Papageorgiou and John Tzortzis
[Much has been written about COVID-19 vaccines being responsible for a high rate of adverse reactions, causing sickness and lifelong health issues and even death. However, little has been written about the spiritual consequences to one's soul after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. This is an excellent compilation and analysis of this much-neglected topic by Fr. Constantine and his team. After carefully reading through this, one will not be able to disregard the warnings of so many Orthodox saints and holy elders.

63. Open Letter to NSW and Victorian State Leaders by by Bishop George of Canberra, Auxiliary Bishop, Australia-New Zealand Diocese, Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
[About mandatory vaccine passports, Bishop George says, The Church CANNOT enforce such discriminatory measures in our parishes and refuse entry to anybody who seeks to attend without the proposed vaccine passport, or any other certificate, as this would lead to discriminatory outcomes and would violate the Church’s teachings and canons.]



More videos and articles will be added on a regular basis.


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For the Orthodox Faithful who are Confused About COVID Vaccines


Christian shepherds, that is, bishops and priests, are going to be filled with vainglory (with some exceptions),
utterly failing to distinguish the right way from the left……The Churches of God are going to be deprived of godly
and pious shepherds.” Saint Nilus (†1651)


Now the devil is on vacation, because his work has been taken over by the bishops.” Fr. John Romanides (†2001)