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Elder Gabriel the Athonite Against Vaccines



This Could be the Last Mistake You Ever Make!

Please Don’t!


Elder Gabriel the Athonite

Note: Underlines have been added by Father Kosmas for emphasis.

An urgent plea, offered on 27 June 2021, from Elder Gabriel - a disciple of St. Paisios the Athonite

Elder, what do you say about the vaccines? What is your opinion?

The Elder replies, “We are not going to be vaccinated! Renowned doctors are saying it. The Abbot of St Paul said, ‘Whoever is vaccinated will live for only 3-5 years.’

“To be blessed by God we need to have Holy Confession. Praying ‘Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy on Me!’ and ‘Most Holy Theotokos save us!’ Read the Holy Bible and give alms to a poor family. When our Spiritual Father gives us His Blessing to have Holy Communion, these are the golden keys that open Heaven and the blessings of God to earth.” 

Elder, do you believe the vaccines are conditioning us to accept the mark of the antichrist? 

The Elder says, “Yes, because they are pressuring us. I have people telling me their relatives get sick, they go to the hospital, they die and they tell the relatives, we’ll pay you to sign that your relatives have died from covid! What is this, is it valid?” 

Note: this was also stated by St Paisios himself.

The man behind the camera [this text is excerpted from a recorded video of Elder Gabriel - editor] says, “It also happened to me.”

The Elder continues, “They want to depopulate the world, this is why they create vaccines. I was told they will create many vaccines which will dominate their body and study the brain. With a click of a finger they will create Hypertension and Thrombosis. They want to depopulate the world, they’re scared to start a war because they’ll be in danger.”

Note: this was also said by Elder Justin Parvu.

Do you think Elder, the blood banks are filled with infected blood? 

The Elder says, “Of course they are. They murder babies and put aborted fetuses in the vaccines, these cause infections in your body… If a healthy person receives the vaccine not knowing what’s in it, it’s similar to someone who told his relatives to write the following on his grave, ‘I was well, I went to the doctor to become better and now I ended up here, in my grave.’

“Someone specialised in the armed forces, told the soldiers in his base as they were training in dangerous exercises, if you make a mistake, you die, you need to be very careful. There was a big sign saying, ‘The first mistake you make will be the one last of your life.’ 

“If you take the vaccine you might not have another chance to make another mistake. How many decades have they been around for? Nobody was forced before to take the vaccines and now they’re forcing you, it’s dangerous.

“These people aren’t trustworthy, can you trust somebody who kills embryos and puts them in vaccines, such ones are capable of anything.

“A policeman told me, he knows a nurse who says, she sees many complications after having the vaccine including Thrombosis.”

[Editor’s note: if any of us have perhaps already been vaccinated, let us not despair, but rather confess and repent. Let us refuse further “treatments” and hope in the mercy of our Holy Triune God! May all of us, regardless of whether we have accepted the “injection” or not, prepare for our departure – for death comes as a thief (especially for those who have chosen to not prepare themselves). In truth, if we don’t spend our days in repentance, does it really matter if we die 3 years from now or 100? All is vanity and soon we will behold terrible realities.]



Video with transcript in English - click here.



Original video in Greek - click here