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Section Three


Section Three

Other Beneficial Videos and Articles

The opinions and information expressed in these articles may not necessarily be those of the Russian Orthodox Church or those of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

For videos and articles compiled by Father Kosmas, click on the links below 

1. Fr. George Calciu: Should the Church Compromise with the Government?

2. Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfou: Onoufrios is the Canonical Metropolitan of Kiev 

3. Metropolitan Neophytos on the Plans of the New World Order

4. Christ will Intervene! Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfou discussing Saint Paisios' prophecies

5. The Miracle of Holy Fire, Jerusalem, 2017

6. The Holy Fire & Pascha at the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem - with commentary 

7. Easter Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem 2017!!! Commentary by Dr. Steve Turley 

8. Science Investigates the Easter Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem!!! Follow up video
by Dr. Steve Turley

9. Greek News article: The Holy Fire Miracle and the Scientific Research

10. Legalized by the Antichrist - the final Apostasy - the apocalyptic vision of Vladyka Averky Taushev of Jordanville

11. Fr. Seraphim Rose: on the modern "theologians"

12. Social justice and the Antichrist - from the writings of Vladyka Averky of Jordanville

13. Do we compromise to keep our churches open? Or do we flee to the catacombs? - A letter from St. Damascene the bishop of Glukhov

14. Can people be excommunicated for their Orthodoxy? - from the teachings of St. Dionysius the Areopagite, and St. Maximus the Confessor - with supplemental material from St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite 

15. St. Paisios the Athonite on Ecumenism, Common Prayer with the Heterodox, and the Erroneous Ecumenist Phronema concerning the Monophysites

16. The Stance of St Iakovos of Euboea on the Reception of Converts and the Baptism of the Heterodox

17. Ecumenism: A Betrayal of the Orthodox Faith 

18. Those Who will Give the Testimony of our Christ will become Awesome Martyrs, Awesome Saints in the other World! Elder Ephraim of Philotheou and Arizona

19. A demon speaks about the Virgin Mary (Theotokos) Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou

20. Metropolitan Seraphim Replies to Phanar Hierarch Who Called the Pope His Patriarch
[According to Metropolitan Seraphim, “even the most fanatical Uniate (a papist in Orthodox vestments) will envy Metropolitan Polycarp's unacceptable compliments to the unrepentant heresiarch ‘Pope’ Francis.” While the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church is accused of thousands of sexual crimes and atrocities against the Orthodox, in particular, about 880,000 Orthodox Serbs were killed by the Ustasha hordes at the instigation of the Vatican, Pope Pius XII and Zagreb Cardinal Aloiziy Stepinac, convicted by the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity.]

21. Erecting Babel: the call of the Serpent to mutual understanding and joint-mission - Metropolitan Augoustinos of Florina, Greece

 More videos and articles will be added on a regular basis. 


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