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Update on New Talks

Videos & Articles


With God’s help we have now added this new webpage called Videos & Articles. On this webpage there are three sections that will be regularly updated.

Section One: Orthodox Saints, Holy Elders and Clergy on COVID Restrictions, Masks, Lockdowns, Vaccines, Pandemic Prophesies and Deceptions

Section Two: Doctors and Others Speak Out about Masks, Lockdowns, Vaccines, Early Treatment and COVID Misinformation

Section Three: Other Beneficial Videos and Articles 

Scroll down on this page to find these 3 sections or use the "Videos & Articles" drop down menu on the top right hand corner.

Please note that due to the continual restrictions, including lockdowns, as well as other temptations, Father Kosmas has been unable to attend the parish church to present Talk 82 - Understanding and Dealing with Covidism Based on the Lives of the Saints.

Therefore, he has decided to work on making his notes available on this webpage for the benefit of Orthodox Christians who are anxious and confused not only about what is happening in the world, but especially what is happening in the churches due to COVID. Father Kosmas has already begun this work and he asks for everyone’s prayers to help him and his helpers in this difficult task.


Click here to view videos and articles in Section One, Section Two or Section Three


More videos and articles will be added on a regular basis.