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Section Five


                                            Section Five

Beneficial Non-Orthodox Videos and Articles

The opinions and information expressed in these articles may not necessarily be those of the Russian Orthodox Church or those of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia or Father Kosmas. Father Kosmas’ aim is to simply make available credible information that is different to the current narrative (indoctrination/brainwashing). 

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1. The Dangers of Education
[Mikki Willis interviews Dr. Mark McDonald
a child and adolescent psychiatrist, about schools, gender and where we're headed next. Dr. McDonald: “I would have said, two or three years ago, there are good public schools and there are bad public schools. I have now begun to tell parents for the first time in my career, in the last year, take your children out of school… The real question is, what are you willing as a parent to invest in and to sacrifice to make sure that your child has every opportunity to succeed?”]

2. Fox News Airs Segment Endorsing And Encouraging Child Transgenderism
[Fox News ran a long segment for “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” praising the “extraordinary courage” a California family showed by “transitioning” their 5-year-old daughter into their “son.” If people understood what so-called “sex change” operations entail they’d actually be more afraid, not to mention sickened and disturbed. All this propaganda targeting children is going to lead to is more misery, suicides and mass shooters.]




3. Russia BANS All LGBT Propaganda as New Traditionalist World RISES!!!
[Dr. Steve Turley speaks about the Russian Federation banning all LGBT propaganda. He goes through the proposed law and how a number of other nations are ready to follow suit. This is all a part of the reawakening of a traditionalist civilizational world.]

4. Study Contradicts Transgender Narrative, Suggests Puberty Blockers Spike Youth Suicide
[Making puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones easier for minors to access has increased youth suicide rates, a new report from the Heritage Foundation asserts. The report directly challenges claims from pro-transgender clinical organizations, activists, and the Biden administration that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones reduce suicides of minors who believe they are the opposite sex.]

5. ‘Queer Ethics Professor’ Calls for Pedophilia to be Destigmatised and Taught in Schools
[A so called ‘ethics professor’ from Norway has claimed that pedophilia should be classed as an ‘innate sexuality’ and taught in schools. Ole Martin Moen from Oslo Metropolitan University, a gay man who identifies as “queer,” also claims that a significant “percentage of high school students have an innate pedophilic sexual identity,” something he equates with those who identify as LGBTQ+. Oh, are we finally adding the ‘P’ now?]




6. Woke Teacher Busted For Grooming, Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old at School
[A Hawaii teacher admitted to recording himself having sex with a 13-year-old student and sharing the video with another teacher, along with hundreds of other explicit images of child pornography. The teacher claimed to have sex with the boy at the school during lunch breaks. This disturbing story comes amid the highly debated topic of gender ideology being taught in schools, with dozens of drag queen grooming events taking place in schools and other venues across the country during “Pride Month.”]

7. Three major retailers in Australia are using facial recognition technology, often without shoppers realising
[Major Australian retailers Kmart, Bunnings and The Good Guys are using facial recognition technology in stores, raising concerns among privacy experts. Edward Santow, a professor at the University of Technology Sydney who focuses on the responsible use of technology, says “Even if that technology was perfectly accurate, and it's not, but even if it were, it also takes us into the realm of mass surveillance... I think there will be great concern in the Australian community about walking down that path.”]

8. Video: Clown World Police
[UK police are no longer dispatching officers to respond to burglaries. They failed to solve a single burglary in nearly half of the country’s neighbourhoods over the past three years. But they have plenty of time for interrogating and arresting people who make ‘offensive’ social media posts.]

9. 97.8 Percent of Mass Shootings Are Linked to This
[The Epoch Times: While many have bought into the simplistic idea that availability of firearms is the cause of mass shootings, a number of experts have pointed out a more uncomfortable truth, which is that mass shootings are far more likely the result of how we’ve been mistreating mental illness, depression and behavioral problems. Depression per se rarely results in violence. Only after antidepressants became commonplace did mass shootings really take off, and many mass shooters have been shown to be on antidepressants. Antidepressants, especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), are well-known for their ability to cause suicidal and homicidal ideation and violence.]




10. Poll Shows American Belief in Transgender Ideology is Falling
[Despite its relentless promotion in virtually every sector of society, belief in the reality of trans ideology is falling amongst Americans, a new poll shows. Woke brainwashing in television and movies is also causing financial pain for the entertainment industry, with early signs they may start to abandon such social engineering because it is severely impacting the bottom line.]

11. GROOMED: Bombshell Documentary Lays Out How Schools Sexualize Your Children
[Critical race, queer, and gender theory are just the tip of the iceberg in the 'woke' indoctrination agenda against your children. This documentary produced by Reclaim The Media, exposes how the politically ideological left-wing are embedding critical gender and race theory into school curricula.]

12. Congressional Republicans: Abortions Cost U.S. $6.9 Trillion in 2019 
[Nearly 630,000 abortions cost the United States roughly $6.9 trillion in 2019 alone, according to a report released this week by Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee. The committee released the report in response to claims by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other economists that restricting abortion would negatively affect the economy by diminishing labor market outcomes of women. To Yellen’s claim that black women need abortions to succeed, Senator Tim Scott delivered a stunning reply: “I’ll just simply say that as a guy raised by a black woman in abject poverty, I am thankful to be here as a United States senator…. My circumstance is like so many others... millions of kids being raised in poverty by single parent households who happen to be black. Telling black teenage moms that there is only one alternative for them is a depressing & challenging message.”]




13. The Rush To Defend Big Pharma After People Suggest SSRI Drugs Connected To Mass Shootings
[In the wake of the Highland Park, Illinois mass shooting on the 4th of July, Americans began asking questions about the role Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) play in mass shootings. 
SSRIs are antidepressants and anxiety medicines that have been used by dozens of mass shooters in the past couple of decades. The link between the drugs and violent outbursts appears on pharmaceutical package inserts.]

14. UN says porn for kids is fine
[The United Nations thinks pornography is fine for children and that blocking it would infringe their human rights. The shocking claims were made in a report published by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and exposed on 13 May 2021 by the Centre for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam), a pro-family lobby group at the United Nations. According to C-Fam, kids need access to porn, apparently for LGBTQ “education”. “Indoctrination” might be a better word.]

15. Sweden Wants to Allow 16-Year-Olds to Change Their Legal Gender
[Sweden has long been celebrated across the Western world as the poster child of the LGBT movement, with some of the world's most liberal laws. The Swedish government has proposed lowering the age threshold for changing one's legal gender in the population register from 18 to 16. The new approach facilitates making medical changes easier as well. According to the new bill, it will be up to the health and medical services to allow gender-affirming surgery.]




16. Mother Loses Custody of Daughter for Refusing Transgender Status: ‘She Is a Girl’
[A court denied a mother custody of her daughter in 2019 when she refused to validate her 12-year-old’s claim that she was “transgender.” The mother is fighting to regain custody of her daughter without submitting to the court’s demand that she declare her daughter is now her son. She said, “They want me to have a certain understanding that there is such a thing as a child who is born transgender, and this is who they are. I do not believe that to be true. I will not lie to the court. I will not state otherwise. I believe too strongly in my oath to tell the truth. My child is a girl, and I won’t lie to her or anyone else. I think that’s good parenting.”]

17. If Parents Don't Get A Grip On Their Kids' Social Media, Trans Activists Will
[Social media and smartphones are harmful to kids. LGBT activists have taken to the online world to recruit more followers, specifically seeking young people, to join their cause and become their allies. They prey on the vulnerability of children in order to convince them of the validity and normalcy of their radical, sexually perverted lifestyles. Consider completely keeping your children off of all social media until they are in their late teens. Delay social media use as long as possible.]

18. Video: Drag Queen Teacher Trans-forms Classroom Into LGBT “Nightclub”
[A gay teacher who moonlights as a drag queen bragged about turning his high school classroom into a seedy night club on social media. Evidently this educator is more focused on turning their classroom into some kind of queer hookup spot rather than teaching students reading, writing and arithmetic, but it also serves as a great reminder of how transgressively woke public schools are becoming for allowing this in the first place.]




19. US Military Hosts Drag Show, Encouraged Children to Attend With Bouncy Castles and Face Painting
[A ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summer Festival’ hosted by the U.S. Military featured “hyper-sexualized” performances by drag queens along with bouncy castles and face painting in a bid to encourage children to attend. The U.S. military, having been completely infiltrated by the forces of woke nonsense, is now approaching Sweden levels of transformation.]

20. Trans Activist Pledges to Send Hormone Drugs to Youth Across State Lines
[A transgender activist, organizer, and public speaker, has pledged to send prescription drugs across the country, particularly to states that have criminalized the use of hormone replacement therapy on minors. An Instagram post announced, “There are over 20 states trying to criminalize hormone therapy, particularly for trans youth. So my friends and I had an idea: sending out our extra prescriptions around the country. If you need hormones, I’m working with a distribution network to get you access.”]

21. Christian High School In Manhattan Hosted Mandatory Drag Show In Place of Church Service
[Students say they were supposed to attend church services but were greeted with a surprise substitution show featuring a dancing drag queen in orange go-go boots. The event was sponsored by the school's LGBT support club and members of the school faculty. Teens were tapped on the shoulders and ordered to stand for the show, while others were given pride stickers and stated “Take one or you’re homophobic.”  Other kids got involved in the show and began twerking in the chapel.]

22. New Zealand Consent Laws Under Scrutiny After Judge Says Minors Can Have
Consensual Relationships

[Is this the beginning of where the world is heading? The trial of a man found guilty of 33 child sexual abuse charges has placed New Zealand’s little-known law that a person under 16 can give consent for sex under scrutiny spurring calls for the government to amend the laws.]




23. 5 men and women harmed by ‘trans’ surgeries share their stories of regret, anxiety and depression
[LGBT activists and parents are pushing for kids to begin “transitioning” at a younger and younger age, which may include the chemical and genital mutilation of children. These procedures can have long-lasting psychological and physical effects. This article is the first in a series about the harms of transgenderism and includes stories from people who “transitioned” but have since recognized the lies of the transgender movement, since it is impossible for a man to become a woman or for a woman to become a man.]

24. Just 29 of 142 NHS Hospitals Refer to Pregnancy as Exclusively Biological Female Issue
[A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that just 29 of the 124 NHS hospitals in England with maternity units still exclusively use the words “woman” or “mother” to refer to pregnancy, while all the others include terms such as “birthing people” or “pregnant people.” Despite refusing to acknowledge whether or not a single one of their patients has identified as anything other than a woman, hospitals told the newspaper that they use the phrase “women and birthing people” in order to be as “inclusive and representative as possible.”]

25. Boston Children’s Hospital: Children Know They Are Trans ‘the Minute They Were Born’
[A harrowing video from the Boston Children’s Hospital claims that children can know that they are transgender “from the minute they were born, practically.” In the video, Dr. Jeremi Carswell, the Director of the Gender Multispeciality Service at the Boston Children’s Hospital, makes the startling claim that “A child will often know that they are transgender from the moment that they have any ability to express themselves.” She continues and doubles down, remarking, “They knew from the minute they were born, practically.” Further, she states, “Playing with the opposite gender toys” is a sign your child is transgender.]

26. Dr Robert Malone: Well Being: Homeschooling
[The teacher's union and the pandemic make homeschooling an obvious choice. Dr Malone and his wife homeschooled their children and have never regretted it, actually he writes that they believe they should have pulled their children out of school earlier than they did. Regarding the education system and what children are being taught in schools today, he writes ,I believe that, given the sad state of affairs of so many public schools, homeschooling is a much better alternative at this time. There is also the benefit of teaching children family and community values.”]




27. Distraught parents now face prosecution if they don't accept gender transition of their vulnerable kids - as experts slam radical new law based on 'ideology and falsehood'
[A new law in the Australian state of Victoria forces mothers and fathers to accept their children's desire to change gender. So far-reaching is the new law that even trying to arrange counselling and expert assessment for their kids could lead to parents - and the mental health professionals - being prosecuted if the advice did anything other than affirm the children's newly-discovered gender dysphoria. And while the parents are powerless to intercede, their kids are often subject to encouragement and persuasion from activist pro-trans teachers and counsellors.]

28. Bootleg Abortion Pill Sales On The Rise
[Ever since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade in June, dozens of websites have popped up which are illegally shipping abortion drugs anywhere in the US without a prescription – which violates Food and Drug Administration rules.]

29. Video: Tucker Carlson Slams Hospitals “Performing Horrifying Experiments On Children” 
[In this video, Tucker Carlson highlighted how hospitals around the US are performing so called ‘gender-affirming’ “experiments” on kids as scientific journals confirm hysterectomies are being carried out on teenagers expressing a desire to ‘transition’. He said, “It turns out some of these hospitals are performing horrifying experiments on children: elective hysterectomies on minors, physical and chemical castration, things you think would be crimes but that apparently aren’t and that are going on in children’s hospitals in the United States.”]




30. California School District Textbook Claims There Are EIGHT Genders
[Fox News reports that the textbook titled “Comprehensive Health Skills for High School,” which also makes reference to ten sexual preferences, was ordered by the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. The different ‘genders’ that the book lists include agender, androgynous, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming and gender questioning. The book also lists sexual preferences as hetero, homo, and bisexual as well as androsexual, polysexual, skoliosexual, demisexual, pansexual, gynesexual, and asexual. Responding to the findings, one mother of a child in the district, who is also a credentialed school psychologist, charged that the education system with sexualizing children. “They are being exploited by very evil people... This is part of a larger agenda that those at the very top are well aware of what they’re doing,” she further asserted.]

31. Mother details how a university affiliated school taught four-year-olds pronouns,
gender identities

[Texas mum tells how she unenrolled her daughter after learning that teachers were allegedly pushing gender theory and pronouns in a classroom full of four-year-olds. The preschool teacher told students she was ‘non-binary’ and used ‘they/them pronouns.’]

32. Hungary: All Women Who Want an Abortion Must Listen to its Heartbeat First
[All women in Hungary who want an abortion must listen to the baby’s heartbeat before going through with the procedure. The new rule came into force after an announcement by Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér. He said, “The presented medical findings must record that the healthcare provider presented the factor indicating the vital functions of the fetus to the pregnant woman in a clearly identifiable manner.” If only other European countries would follow Hungary’s example.]




33. N.J. Department of Education Vows To Punish Teachers If They Refuse to Teach Children About ‘Gender Identity’ and Anal Sex
[The New Jersey Department of Education has pledged to carry out “disciplinary action” against school districts that won’t implement the state’s new sex education standards, which include lessons about anal sex, abortion, and “gender identity.” They threatened to pull federal funding after several school districts passed resolutions rejecting the adoption of the new sex ed standards.]

34. They Wanna Castrate These Young Boys’: DeSantis Says Doctors Should Be Sued For Child Gender Reassignment Surgeries 
[Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized doctors providing so-called “gender-affirming care” to children, saying the public should have the right to pursue legal action against them. He said, “[They] talk about these young kids getting ‘gender-affirming care.’ They don’t tell you what that is. They’re actually giving very young girls double mastectomies; they want to castrate these young boys. That’s wrong. You don’t disfigure 10, 12, 13-year-old kids based on gender dysphoria. 80% of it resolves anyways by the time they get older. I think these doctors need to get sued for what’s happening.”]

35. Watch: Planned Parenthood Cartoon Touts Puberty Blockers For Children
[Planned Parenthood has produced a cartoon, aimed at children, promoting the virtues of puberty blocking pharmaceutical drugs. The longer term studies that have been undertaken indicate the drugs could cause sterilization, reduced bone density, cognitive problems, increased body fat percentage and body mass index, decreased lean body mass, and arterial hypertension. But the 2 minute cartoon says, “Puberty blockers are safe and can give you more time to figure out what feels right for you, your body, and your gender identity.”]




36. Controversial Vanderbilt University Medical Center SUSPENDS Transgender Operations for Kids - Following Video of Hospital Doctor Boasting How Surgeries are ‘Huge Money Makers’
[The prestigious university hospital came under fire last month after an investigation found it 'castrated' minors for lucrative financial gain. The center came under fire last month after conservative activist Matt Walsh released a 2018 video showing Dr Shayne Taylor - an LGBTQ specialist at the hospital - touting transgender surgeries as 'huge money makers' for the hospital.]

37. Sick! Daycare Workers Terrorize Toddlers With Demonic Halloween Mask
[Video from a North Mississippi daycare is going viral as Americans have become enraged at one of the workers in the footage wearing a scary Halloween mask and intentionally terrifying young children. The extremely young children were visibly horrified as a female employee wearing a mask similar to the one from the film “Scream” shrieked loudly just inches from their faces.]

38. Video: CBS News Report Frames Removal Of Gay Porn Books From Children’s Library As ‘Book Banning
[CBS Evening News ran a report lamenting the fact that various controversial LGBTQ themed books have been removed from a school library in Jamestown, Michigan after parents complained that the material was pornographic. This case is one of many where parents have spoken out against books and subject matter, including transgenderism, pedophilia, gay pornography, and critical race theory, that children as young as Kindergarten age are being subjected to in America’s schools.]

39. NHS Warning: Many “Trans” Kids Merely Going Through A “Phase”
[In what may be a watershed moment in Western society’s approach to purportedly transgendered children, the UK’s National Health Service is now warning that such feelings “may be a transient phase, particularly for pre-pubertal children.”]




40. Groundbreaking Case? 18-Year-Old to Sue Over 'Grossly Negligent' Transgender Treatment
[An 18-year-old California girl is taking on one of the nation's largest medical groups. Chloe Cole alleges that Kaiser Permanente coerced her into transgender medical treatment that she says was grossly negligent and resulted in permanent mutilation and damage to her body. Cole, who has since de-transitioned, is planning to sue Kaiser, alleging that doctors and staff convinced her and her parents that she should undergo treatments by saying that medical transition was the only way to resolve her gender dysphoria and address her high risk of suicide.]

41. Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed Director Claimed Children Are “Sexual Beings” From Birth
[Executive director of Planned Parenthood's Center for Sex Education located in New Jersey, Bill Taverner, said 'we are all sexual beings from birth to death'. Taverner has also been advocating for porn literacy for certain age groups as well as comprehensive sex education for kindergarten to 12th grade students.]

42. California Is Now Castrating Children From All 50 States
[Video: California Democrats recently passed SB-107, which allows all American children to access destructive transgender surgeries without parental consent. What is their end game?]

43. Hundreds Of Parents Protest Gay Porn Books At School Meeting
[Parents in Dearborn, Michigan once again expressed mass opposition to sexualisation of their children in school via controversial ‘LGBTQ+’ books. Hundreds turned up again to make their voices heard. One parent noted, “A normal, psychologically sound and stable mind would come to a conclusion that that specific material is nothing but sexually explicit.”]




44. Experts issue warning over "American Girl" pushing gender transitions: 'Protect your daughters' 
[The American Girl doll brand is facing backlash over a book targeted at prepubescent girls that promotes gender transition seemingly without parental consent. The book, titled "A Smart Girl's Guide: Body Image," which is marketed to girls ages 3 to 12, encourages children to talk with a doctor if they are questioning their gender identity. The book also points the young girls to resources and organizations that can help them if they don't have an adult they trust.]

45. Couple Tells Story Of Pro-Life Activist Saving Their Baby’s Life Outside Planned Parenthood
[A Philadelphia couple is crediting a pro-life advocate with helping to prevent them from aborting their child as the man faces potential prison time. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania arrested Mark Houck on charges of allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which imposes federal charges on anyone who “intentionally injures, intimidates, or interferes with or attempts to injure, intimidate or interfere with any person” aiding or performing abortions.]

46. Being a Couch Potato is Risky Business: Causes and remedies of sedentary behavior in children
[Sedentary behavior is a major health risk linked to elevated levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems in children. Thus, there is an urgent need to design strategies that can address this issue.]

47. Poll Finds Strong Majority of Americans Condemn Drag Queen Story Time
[According to Mark Mitchell, the head pollster at Rasmussen, the question alone had “riled up about the most hate in any survey” he had ever conducted, emphasizing the fury amongst Americans the issue has caused in recent years. The event revolves around men dressed as women reading stories to young children, often in public libraries or schools, ostensibly as part of an effort to expose kids to LGBT culture in a bid to promote ‘tolerance’ at a young age.]




48. Desperate father pleads with his pediatrician ex-wife NOT to chemically castrate their son
[A desperate father has been pleading with his ex wife to not 'chemically castrate' their son after she moved to California from Texas. Jeff Younger claims his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, planned to 'chemically castrate' their son by the age of nine, his current age. He claims she moved to California to seek gender treatment for their son. Younger claimed the child's school district 'tried to secretly transition' James and forced the father to dress his son in girl's clothes. "I'd bring my son to school in boy's clothes and they'd give him a dress and make him use the girls' restroom," the father-of-two claimed.]

49. Walgreens and CVS are the first major US pharmacy store chains to say they will sell the abortion pill
[Walgreens’ parent company and CVS are the first major national pharmacy chains to say they will sell the abortion pill under the new rules laid out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The new rules allow any pharmacy to become certified to dispense mifepristone, a drug used to induce abortion up to 10 weeks into a pregnancy.]

50. Researchers are testing biometric recognition of newborns for vaccinations
[Work has been underway for a while in the US – and research and reports say it is progressing well – to achieve an effective level of collecting people’s biometric data. From the very moment they are born. Newborns are fingerprinted and added to a database.]

51. Canadian public schools are indoctrinating kids in transgender insanity without parental consent
[Schools are not only affirming of transgender identification, as has been the case for some time. They are actively keeping information about children from parents on the presumption that parents might be a danger to their own children and that they, the government employees, are better suited and equipped to deal with these incredibly sensitive, life-changing, and potentially irreve
rsible changes. Don’t wait for it to happen to you. If your children are in public schools, pull them out.]




52. Girl, 17, weeps as she recalls seeing naked trans woman with penis in women’s changing room at California YMCA
[A Californian teenager sobbed before the city council as she told of her trauma at seeing 'a naked man' she says was a transgender woman inside the women's changing rooms at her local YMCA. She was haunted by the thought of her five-year-old sister, who she brings to the gym in the summer, encountering the same situation. 'This is the YMCA, where hundreds of children spend their summer afternoons in child care camps.' Staff told her the trans woman was perfectly entitled to be in the changing rooms.] 

53. UK schools ban all physical contact in order to keep them “safe”
[Two British schools announced that they would ban all forms of physical contact between students – forbidding “hand-holding” and “hugging.” Parents complained to local media, but one school argued that “anything could happen” if children were allowed to socialise normally.]

54. Desperate young detransitioners are crowdfunding their medical treatments
[There’s big money in Big Trans. If children are started on the gender transition path early, they will essentially be medical patients for life—and paying customers for life. Children and teens are also being persuaded that transition is something they need and are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to attain it. “Doctors only want to help you when you’re switching gender, not going back. They have no idea what to do with us.”]




55. Biden Administration Opens Civil Rights Investigation into School Bans on Groomer Books
[President Joe Biden’s Department of Education Office for Civil Rights is seeking legal precedent saying the failure to represent “LGBTQ” characters in school content can constitute discrimination. School districts across the U.S. have been forced by parents to remove books deemed sexually explicit or racially divisive. Many of the books describe, in detail, and glorify the completion of sexual acts between minors and even pedophilic interactions.]

56. Liberal MP accidentally admits Trudeau’s euthanasia program helps ‘eliminate’ suicidal Canadians
[Canada’s Minster of Mental Health and Addictions Carolyn Bennett appeared to have a “Freudian slip” in the House of Commons yesterday after commenting that people who provide euthanasia services are indeed “trained” to “eliminate” suicidal people.]

57. Gender-confused teens committed suicide after receiving trans hormones from researchers
Transgender research regularly is flawed, ignores contrary opinions. Researchers cherry-picked data, according to one social science journalist. Two gender-confused teens on hormones as part of a children’s hospital study committed suicide, the latest evidence of the dangers of injecting kids with drugs to affirm their delusions about being able to change their sex.]




58. Watch — Female Athlete Who Competed Against Trans Swimmer: Left Is Aiming for ‘Systemic Eradication of Women’
[Riley Gaines, a former college athlete, warned during an interview with Breitbart News that categorizing transgender men as women, particularly in sports, is contributing to the “systemic eradication of women.” She said, “We have dictionaries changing their definition of woman, what’s happening in women’s prisons, what’s happening in changing spaces at YMCAs and all of these different gyms and things like that. It’s like we’re totally trying to erase women as a whole. And so now, in sports, where we have men who are claiming to be women playing, it’s just continuing on with that theme.”]

59. Mom Who Fatally Strangled Her 3 Kids Had Prescription Med Psychotic Breakdown
[According to defense attorney Kevin J. Reddington, Massachusetts mother of three was experiencing an SSRI drug-induced psychosis from a “horrific overmedication” that caused her to act on suicidal and homicidal thoughts when she killed her children. The lawyer said the lady and her husband “went to doctors repeatedly saying ‘Please help us.’ This was turning her into a zombie …the medications that were prescribed were over the top, absolutely over the top.”]

60. I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle
[A compelling read: “I left the clinic in November of last year because I could no longer participate in what was happening there. By the time I departed, I was certain that the way the American medical system is treating these patients is the opposite of the promise we make to “do no harm.” Instead, we are permanently harming the vulnerable patients in our care. Today I am speaking out… I am doing so knowing that I am putting myself at serious personal and professional risk. Almost everyone in my life advised me to keep my head down. But I cannot in good conscience do so. Because what is happening to scores of children is far more important than my comfort. And what is happening to them is morally and medically appalling.”]

61. ‘Felt Like Leaving a Cult’: Mom Who Indoctrinated Son to Become Girl Says She Regrets ‘Sacrificing Child to Gods of Gender Ideology’
[A mother who taught her son to believe boys could be girls said she regrets her actions and likened parting ways with the left’s gender ideology movement to leaving a cult.]




62. Do ALL Birth Control Pills Cause Abortions?
[Video: The 3 types of hormonal birth control pills suppress ovulation and thicken cervical mucus to trap sperm. However, the third way that the pill prevents pregnancy works AFTER conception. This is abortion.]

63. Abortionist turned pro-life doctor affirms killing a baby is ‘never necessary’ to save the mother’s life
[Dr. John Bruchalski, a former abortionist turned pro-life doctor is making the case that the most powerful argument for legal abortion, situations in which it is supposedly necessary to save the lives of pregnant women, is a “false flag operation” not rooted in medical fact. Dr. Bruchalski attests that for all the severe and life-threatening complications women can face during pregnancy, “intentional feticide is never necessary even in the worst-case scenarios,” and instead the “medical goal should be to care for both patients and to get them both as far along in the pregnancy as possible as long as the mom and baby are doing well.”]

64. Video: Woke AZ Teacher Slams Anti-Porn Bill, Says Parents Not Qualified To Decide What Their Children Learn
[An Arizona teacher spoke out against a proposed bill for schools to bar books discussing sexuality and LGBTQ ideology, claiming parents have no right to decide what their children learn. In an example that perfectly illustrates the entitled mentality of the radical left, a woke Arizona teacher during a Senate Education Committee hearing last week claimed only she and others with “advanced degrees” were qualified to indoctrinate children about sexuality.]




65. Are We Medicating Millions of ADHD Children without Scientific Justification?
[ADHD is currently the most common childhood disorder in Western-oriented countries. Its ever-increasing rates are now skyrocketing. But what if the scientific consensus is wrong? What if the medications for ADHD are not as effective and as safe as we are told? After all, stimulant medications are powerful psychoactive substances, which are prohibited to use without medical prescriptions, under federal drug laws.]

66. School Kids Taught How to Masturbate and Virtues of ‘Rough Sex’ in Lessons Hidden
from Parents

[British schoolchildren have been taught about how to masturbate and the virtues of “rough” and anonymous sex as well as leftist theories surrounding topics such as “gender fluidity” as if it was established fact in lessons hidden from parents, a dossier compiled by Conservative MP Miriam Cates has revealed.]

67. Leave the Kids Alone
[Australian Senator Alex Antic: Leave the kids alone. That’s the message. Babies and toddlers should not be exposed to grown men dancing in G-strings in strip show style performances. 
Australians, be warned, you are witnessing the precursor attacks designed to lower the age of consent and normalise the sexualisation of children. Turning a blind eye and dismissing it as “colourful fun for the kids” is not acceptable.]





68. ‘Abort God’: Ohio Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Attacked by ‘Jane’s Revenge’
[A pro-life pregnancy center in Ohio was spray-painted with messages saying, “fund abortion,” and “abort God,” in another attack claimed by a radical group called “Jane’s Revenge.” Other phrases painted on the walls of the HerChoice pregnancy center, included “liars,” and “fake clinic,” a label that far-left, pro-abortion politicians often give to pregnancy resource centers that actually work to help women prepare for motherhood.] 

69. US abortion battle goes to Supreme Court
[The Justice Department wants to keep mail order abortion pills legal. The US Department of Justice will go to the Supreme Court in a bid to overturn a lower court’s ruling that restricted the availability of abortion pills. The legal showdown began when pro-life groups in Texas attempted to ban chemical abortion nationwide.]

70. Fentanyl Overdose Deaths Skyrocket 279% Since 2016 Amid Nationwide Drug Crisis
[Fentanyl is fueling the worst drug crisis in the history of the US. New federal data shows the rate of overdose deaths linked to the synthetic opioid has skyrocketed over the last five years.]





71. New York Times Slammed for Promoting Assisted Suicide for Mental Illness
[Assisted suicide is “moral progress” and should also be available for those suffering mental illness, according to a recent New York Times piece that ironically admits many who have experienced intense mental suffering eventually “find themselves grateful for their lives once the suicidal moment or attempt has passed.”

72. WHO Pushes “Early Childhood Masturbation” For Toddlers, Encourages Questions About Gender Identity For Kids Aged 4
[Backlash has ensued following the renewed focus on the World Health Organisation’s “sexuality education” guidance for schools to provide to children as young as four years old. The guidance states that children under four should be encouraged to “ask questions about sexuality” and “explore gender identities.” The development comes on the heels of two UN bodies publishing a report that outlines an agenda to decriminalise all ‘consensual’ sexual activity, even between adults and minors.]

73. UN Advisory Group Unveils Legal Framework to Decriminalize Pedophilia
[The Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) NGO, which works alongside the United Nations, announced new criminal law reform principles that basically sanction pedophilia under the guise of protecting human rights. The bizarre principles claiming minors should be free to engage in consensual sexual conduct were slammed on social media as more evidence the corrupt globalist organizations want to legalize pedophilia.]




74. Texas Children’s Hospital Fires Physicians In Aftermath Of Project Veritas Exposé On Trans Care For Minors
[Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas has announced it will be letting go of its doctors currently on staff in response to a recent undercover video exposé from Project Veritas. The Project Veritas videos showed a Dell Children’s social worker admitting the clinic provides certain gender-affirming treatment for patients “as young as eight, nine” and “sometimes after only one consultation.”]

75. Video: Deranged Liberal Defends Sterilizing Children With Gender Procedures After First Denying Existence of Practice
[An “Oxford-educated” liberal got into a heated argument with child safety advocate Billboard Chris over transgender surgeries and procedures. After initially denying that hormone treatments sterilize “transgender” children, the liberal then defended the practice, claiming, “I mean, it’s sterilizing, but if that’s what they want, why does it matter?”]

76. WPATH-Connected Transgender ‘Health’ Doctors Prescribe Puberty Blockers to Minors as Young as Eight Years Old and Irreversible ‘Cross-Gender Hormones’ to Minors as Young as 14 Years Old…
[Project Veritas released a video exposing the transgender surgery industry - where several medical professionals were recorded admitting that children as young as eight years of age are considered for gender transitions. According to industry experts, transgender surgeries are a lucrative business which leads certain doctors to conduct them for profit at the expense of patients – who are often young teens.]

77. ‘Are You Excited to Die?’: Instagram Influencer Makes ‘Positive’ Video About Her Grandma Choosing Euthanasia
[A disturbing video highlighting the decline of American society is going viral showing an Instagram influencer celebrating her grandmother choosing to end her own life.]




78. Steve Kirsch Testifies the Truth About All Vaccines to Pennsylvania State Senate
[Video and transcript: All these vaccines are causing harm to our kids. It’s not just the COVID vaccines; it’s every single one of them... If you compare the results of kids whose mom didn’t get vaccinated, no K shot, and no vaccines, and if you compare the outcomes of those kids versus kids who got the CDC schedule, there is a dramatic difference. It is an unbelievable difference. It is a difference that nobody wants to talk about. There are no studies, zero, that show the opposite.”]

79. RFK takes Dr. Tariq Butt to School: Chickenpox Vaccine May Backfire Causing More Adult Shingles out to 75 Years after Shot
[By Peter A. McCullough: I was struck by a recent town hall meeting on News Nation where Dr. Tariq Butt in the crowd pronounced the efficacy of the chickenpox vaccine among others...  Robert F. Kennedy Jr went on to educate the moderator and Dr. Butt on childhood vaccines. While the chickenpox vaccine did reduce the childhood rash, RFK pointed out that when the kids grow up to adults, they will face an increase risk of painful and long-lasting shingles.]

80. Shock Video: Adults Encourage Young Children to Masturbate in WHO Sex Education Course
[The World Health Organization (WHO) has new “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) guidelines that feature adults talking to young children about their genitals and encouraging them to masturbate. It’s one thing for parents to educate their children on the realities of the birds and the bees, it’s quite another for a global body to release videos showing adult strangers asking children when and where they masturbate and encouraging children 0-4 years old to explore their “gender identity.” This is grooming on a global scale.]





81. ‘Uncontrolled Experiment’: How Smart Devices Are Damaging Kids Brains
[According to many experts, chronic, heavy exposure to radio frequencies emitted from wireless technologies could have severe repercussions for our health, especially that of children, who are now exposed even before birth. Research also suggests as little as two hours of screen time per day can impair a child’s thinking and language skills, interfere with sleep, and increase anxiety and depression.]

82. New police testimony + peer-reviewed literature both show vaccines ARE causing SIDS: No doubt about it!
[A police officer in a town of 350,000 investigated 3 to 4 SIDS cases a month for the past 7 years. She realized early in the process that gathering vaccine data was useful. So she has 7 years worth of data and it shows that over half the cases happened within 1 week from a vaccine. That is statistically impossible if the vaccines are not causing SIDS.]

83. Candace Owens: A Shot in the Dark - Childhood Vaccines 
[Video: The increased number of childhood vaccines should be making us healthier. But in 2019, the US ranked 24th out of 44 countries in infant mortality. In the first episode of A Shot In The Dark, Candace questions the accepted narratives that vaccines are making us healthier. She also shares her own traumatic story after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine.]





84. Candace Owens: A Shot in the Dark - “It's Just A Vitamin” (Vitamin k)
[Video: From the 1980s to the early 1990s, the incidence of cancer in American children under 10 years of age rose 37 percent. Candace investigates whether there is a correlation between increased vaccines and shots like Vitamin K and this increased cancer rate. The CDC and FDA have conflicting claims regarding Vitamin K’s safety. But by analysing synthetic Vitamin K's ingredients, Candace questions whether it’s more than "just a vitamin."]

85. Candance Owens: A Shot in the Dark - The Circumcision Decision
[Video: In the United States, 70-80% of all males are circumcised at birth. We’ve been led to believe that circumcision is sanitary, but as Candace shows, the evidence might not support this. She also reveals the ugly truth about the ways in which hospitals are raking in money from selling infant foreskins to the beauty industry for use in skin creams.]




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