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Section Five


                                            Section Five

Beneficial Non-Orthodox Videos and Articles

The opinions and information expressed in these articles may not necessarily be those of the Russian Orthodox Church or those of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

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1. The Dangers of Education
[Mikki Willis interviews Dr. Mark McDonald
a child and adolescent psychiatrist, about schools, gender and where we're headed next. Dr. McDonald: “I would have said, two or three years ago, there are good public schools and there are bad public schools. I have now begun to tell parents for the first time in my career, in the last year, take your children out of school… The real question is, what are you willing as a parent to invest in and to sacrifice to make sure that your child has every opportunity to succeed?”]

2. Fox News Airs Segment Endorsing And Encouraging Child Transgenderism
[Fox News ran a long segment for “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” praising the “extraordinary courage” a California family showed by “transitioning” their 5-year-old daughter into their “son.” If people understood what so-called “sex change” operations entail they’d actually be more afraid, not to mention sickened and disturbed. All this propaganda targeting children is going to lead to is more misery, suicides and mass shooters.]




3. Russia BANS All LGBT Propaganda as New Traditionalist World RISES!!!
[Dr. Steve Turley speaks about the Russian Federation banning all LGBT propaganda. He goes through the proposed law and how a number of other nations are ready to follow suit. This is all a part of the reawakening of a traditionalist civilizational world.]

4. Study Contradicts Transgender Narrative, Suggests Puberty Blockers Spike Youth Suicide
[Making puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones easier for minors to access has increased youth suicide rates, a new report from the Heritage Foundation asserts. The report directly challenges claims from pro-transgender clinical organizations, activists, and the Biden administration that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones reduce suicides of minors who believe they are the opposite sex.]

5. ‘Queer Ethics Professor’ Calls for Pedophilia to be Destigmatised and Taught in Schools
[A so called ‘ethics professor’ from Norway has claimed that pedophilia should be classed as an ‘innate sexuality’ and taught in schools. Ole Martin Moen from Oslo Metropolitan University, a gay man who identifies as “queer,” also claims that a significant “percentage of high school students have an innate pedophilic sexual identity,” something he equates with those who identify as LGBTQ+. Oh, are we finally adding the ‘P’ now?]




6. Woke Teacher Busted For Grooming, Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old at School
[A Hawaii teacher admitted to recording himself having sex with a 13-year-old student and sharing the video with another teacher, along with hundreds of other explicit images of child pornography. The teacher claimed to have sex with the boy at the school during lunch breaks. This disturbing story comes amid the highly debated topic of gender ideology being taught in schools, with dozens of drag queen grooming events taking place in schools and other venues across the country during “Pride Month.”]

7. Three major retailers in Australia are using facial recognition technology, often without shoppers realising
[Major Australian retailers Kmart, Bunnings and The Good Guys are using facial recognition technology in stores, raising concerns among privacy experts. Edward Santow, a professor at the University of Technology Sydney who focuses on the responsible use of technology, says “Even if that technology was perfectly accurate, and it's not, but even if it were, it also takes us into the realm of mass surveillance... I think there will be great concern in the Australian community about walking down that path.”]

8. Video: Clown World Police
[UK police are no longer dispatching officers to respond to burglaries. They failed to solve a single burglary in nearly half of the country’s neighbourhoods over the past three years. But they have plenty of time for interrogating and arresting people who make ‘offensive’ social media posts.]

9. 97.8 Percent of Mass Shootings Are Linked to This
[The Epoch Times: While many have bought into the simplistic idea that availability of firearms is the cause of mass shootings, a number of experts have pointed out a more uncomfortable truth, which is that mass shootings are far more likely the result of how we’ve been mistreating mental illness, depression and behavioral problems. Depression per se rarely results in violence. Only after antidepressants became commonplace did mass shootings really take off, and many mass shooters have been shown to be on antidepressants. Antidepressants, especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), are well-known for their ability to cause suicidal and homicidal ideation and violence.]




10. Poll Shows American Belief in Transgender Ideology is Falling
[Despite its relentless promotion in virtually every sector of society, belief in the reality of trans ideology is falling amongst Americans, a new poll shows. Woke brainwashing in television and movies is also causing financial pain for the entertainment industry, with early signs they may start to abandon such social engineering because it is severely impacting the bottom line.]

11. GROOMED: Bombshell Documentary Lays Out How Schools Sexualize Your Children
[Critical race, queer, and gender theory are just the tip of the iceberg in the 'woke' indoctrination agenda against your children. This documentary produced by Reclaim The Media, exposes how the politically ideological left-wing are embedding critical gender and race theory into school curricula.]

12. Congressional Republicans: Abortions Cost U.S. $6.9 Trillion in 2019 
[Nearly 630,000 abortions cost the United States roughly $6.9 trillion in 2019 alone, according to a report released this week by Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee. The committee released the report in response to claims by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other economists that restricting abortion would negatively affect the economy by diminishing labor market outcomes of women. To Yellen’s claim that black women need abortions to succeed, Senator Tim Scott delivered a stunning reply: “I’ll just simply say that as a guy raised by a black woman in abject poverty, I am thankful to be here as a United States senator…. My circumstance is like so many others... millions of kids being raised in poverty by single parent households who happen to be black. Telling black teenage moms that there is only one alternative for them is a depressing & challenging message.”]




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