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Update on New Talks

Talk Schedule

Next Talk

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Saint George Russian Orthodox Church
15 Garfield St, Carlton, Sydney


Can We Spiritually Progress Without Reading the Lives of Saints?


3:30 pm: Church service in English (see the “2019 Schedule” below for the schedule of services in English before each talk).

4:45 pm: Talk begins in the hall at the rear of the church.

Age group
These talks attract people of all ages. However, for this particular talk children under the age of 16 should not attend.  

Orthodox books and CDs in English are available for purchase.   

Food and Refreshments
Beverages, savouries and sweets are offered to those who wish to stay.

2019 Schedule of Talks and Services 

Sunday, 27 January – Talk 77. Service: The Great Supplicatory Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos. 

Sunday, 12 May – Talk 78. Service: The Paschal Canon. 

Sunday, 9 June – Talk 79. Service: The Supplicatory Canon to St Xenia of Petersburg - cancelled

Sunday, 14 July – Talk 79. Service: The Supplicatory Canon to St Xenia of Petersburg. 

Sunday, 6 October – Talk 80. Service: The Supplicatory Canon to Saint Nektarios of Pentapolis. 


Any enquiries please contact: (02) 9558 2207


Dress Code

When attending church services, clothing should be modest and loose-fitting, and conform to the following: 

For Men:

Men are asked to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts.

No shorts or short-sleeved shirts.

Shoes/sandals with socks.

For Women:

Women are asked to wear dresses/skirts that at least cover the knees, and long-sleeved shirts or tops. 

No pants or shorts, low-neck or short-sleeved shirts or tops, or tight skirts, mini-skirts, or high-slit skirts.

Women are asked to have their heads covered with a scarf, and to wear shoes/sandals with stockings or socks. 


Lipstick looks terrible smeared on icons, crosses, the communion spoon, and the priest’s or bishop's hand. Hand-painted icons have been ruined by lipstick. Aside from the fact that smearing lipstick on these holy things is a sin, it’s also not very considerate to the next person to venerate them. Women should not receive Holy Communion while wearing lipstick. Not only does this show proper respect for the Body and Blood of Christ, it also shows respect for others who wish to commune of the Holy Body and Blood of Christ and nothing else!

Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco (whose relics are incorrupt) even issued an ukase (decree) forbidding the veneration of icons while wearing lipstick. When Saint John was bishop of San Francisco, he would have an altar boy holding a towel standing nearby during the kissing of the cross. When a woman wearing lipstick would approach to venerate the cross, he would take the towel and wipe it off her lips, in front of everyone, before he would allow her to kiss the cross, or sometimes would not allow her to venerate it at all.

Thank you for your cooperation