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Believers Denounce their Metropolitan as he Preaches About Vaccines



Believers Denounce their Metropolitan

as he Preaches About Vaccines


On Tuesday, 27 July, 2021, at the end of the Vespers service for the feast of St Irene Chrysovalantou in Thessalonica, Metropolitan Varnavas of Neapolis gave a sermon, as is customary. When he began to speak about the importance of being vaccinated, in order to protect the elderly and each other, the parishioners began to strongly protest. They denounced the Metropolitan, demanding that he stop speaking about vaccinations, and instead preach about the saint, whose memory they had gathered to celebrate.

Throughout the sermon, the parishioners repeatedly shouted the following: “It is a disgrace, outrageous! This is not a spiritual sermon, speak to us about the saint. If we wanted to hear about vaccines, we would be watching SKAI TV!” A large number of parishioners walked out of the church in disgust and protest, while the Metropolitan was still preaching.


Comments by Father Kosmas:

We need to remember that the Holy Fathers have said that the keepers of Orthodoxy are the clergy and pious laypeople. People often mistakenly think that the keepers of Orthodoxy are only the clergy; however, throughout the history of the Church, we see, at times, that pious laypeople have protected Orthodoxy from heresy and uncanonical practices more than the clergy.

Many Orthodox Christians not only feel that something is wrong about the restrictions on churches and the mass vaccination of the world, but are especially troubled when they see bishops and priests working closely with antichristian governments to achieve this.

Original Greek source: Romfea.gr


A transcript of the above video, translated from the Greek by Fr Cyprian Alexandrou: 

The Faithful: "It is a disgrace… disgrace, it’s outrageous…, it's a disgrace... , this is outrageous..."

Metropolitan Varnavas: "We have an old people's home.. to protect our elderly brethren."

The Faithful: "Is this a spiritual talk that he is giving now? Speak to us about the Saint! If we wanted to hear about vaccines, we would be watching SKAI TV.... (People booing) ... They [the bishop and clergy] deserve what they are getting, as they have too much boldness ...if we wanted we could have watched Skai TV"

Metropolitan Varnavas: "That is why we need to protect our elderly fathers and brothers… and that is why, my good brothers, in peace and love, let us be peaceful, the Christians cannot be behaving in this way in the temple, but we love them and pray for them. Peace, unity and (inaudible) so we can continue, all together, the struggle."

Faithful: "Are you recording this?" "Yes. Lord have mercy." “Put it up then!"

Metropolitan Varnavas: "Wishing you many blessed years. Through the prayers...."