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Elder Philotheos of Karakallou Monastery Mt Athos Against Vaccines



Abbot of Athonite Karakallou Monastery

Speaks Out On Covid and Vaccines


Mt. Athos, June 11, 2021

Note: Underlines have been added by Father Kosmas for emphasis.

The COVID pandemic was no accident, and the way the vaccines are being imposed so dictatorially reveals a more sinister purpose at play, Archimandrite Philotheos, abbot of the Athonite Karakallou Monastery, the latest Athonite elder to address the topic, says in a newly-released video.

We sense that the coming of this pandemic was no accident, and in fact, that it was manufactured. And then came the vaccine, supposedly ‘to suppress the pandemic,’ but we sense that this is all being directed, is artificial, in order to achieve what they want—their ultimate purpose,” the Athonite elder says.

“And we can see in the way they are now imposing the vaccine that the dark forces have their ultimate goal. We have also been prepared for this by the Revelation of St. John the Evangelist, and we have been warned by the Apostolic Fathers who speak of the days of the Antichrist,” Abbot Philotheos continues.

This ultimate goal and purpose is the “future sealing,” Fr. Philotheos explains. “And they’re preparing for all this now. So we see in what a dictatorial way they are trying to push the vaccine! With what brainwashing from the media and the internet! And we know they’re paying the reporters, the channels, and all that.”

“They abolish democracy, abolish human rights, abolish so many things these days. How do they reconcile all this? Under the pretext, of course, of the pandemic that they have produced,” the abbot says.

“They are already saying that the coronavirus will come even stronger in the autumn so they can influence the rest of the people! But all this troubles us and causes us, justifiably of course, to be suspicious. And that is why we see the work of the devil behind all of this,” Fr. Philotheos warns.

“We hope in the enlightenment of God and in the goodwill of many Christians and intelligent people who see this and resist it and sense that something is happening behind it all. And as you can see, many things will be revealed. The grace of God will reveal them.”

That’s why we are pained and worried to see this situation now, and we implore God’s grace and the Panagia to guard her people, God’s people,” the elder concludes.

Several other Athonite elders have made several warnings, including Elder Parthenios, the abbot of St. Paul’s Monastery, Elder Euthymius of the Holy Resurrection Kallyva in Kapsala, who was a disciple of St. Paisios, Elder Gabriel of the Kelli of St. Christodoulos of Patmos, also a spiritual child of St. Paisios, and Elder Paul of Vouleftiria, a doctor of molecular biology and biomedicine.

Original Source: Orthodox Christianity website

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