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For the Orthodox Faithful who are Confused About COVID Vaccines


                   For the Orthodox Faithful who are Confused

About COVID Vaccines

by Father Kosmas

14 September 2021


PART ONE: Pro Mass Vaccination Clergy and Others


Is the topic of vaccines a medical issue only or is it also a spiritual issue? 

In the last 18 months, I have received several emails from Orthodox Christians who are confused and disturbed over the COVID situation and the restrictions in the churches. Lately, these emails have especially been about COVID-19 vaccines. Apart from putting together, with God’s help, an archive of various videos and articles relating spiritually and medically to all this, I have also started to upload my notes for Talk 82, which was going to cover these issues. What follows is a selection of these notes, as well as what I have learnt over the last year when dealing with the difficult topic of COVID-19 vaccinations.

However, before we examine what the saints and elders say about this topic and the spiritual significance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, it is very important to provide some medical information. The topic of vaccinations needs to be looked at from both angles, as they are related. We will see that even the contemporary grace-filled elders speak about, not only the spiritual effects, but also the physical effects of this particular vaccine.


Do the COVID-19 vaccines meet the criteria for traditional vaccines? 

It should be noted that even though the terms vaccination or vaccines will be used throughout this article, we are referring rather to a novel experimental gene therapy (mRNA /DNA therapy technologywhich has not been used on humans ever before, and this technically is not actually a vaccine at all, in the traditional sense. Furthermore, the effects of this mRNA technology, according to many renowned scientists, are potentially very harmful and therefore it should be tested in humans only with caution over a long period of time. Many scientists are concerned about the potential for immune system problems, which indeed form perhaps the majority of the side effects and deaths reported from these new COVID vaccines.

Read more here.  

Therefore, to make this article easier to understand, when the reader sees the words vaccination or vaccines one should know it actually means supposed vaccination or supposed vaccines. Indeed, if the manufacturers did not call them vaccines, this new type of technology would have become a great concern to the majority of the public. However, now so many unsuspecting people have embraced the COVID jab with open arms because they are constantly referred to as vaccines by so many in society all over the world. Only a small handful are sounding the warning bells that these jabs are not vaccines, but unfortunately, these people are discredited as conspiracy theorists.

The following is an extract from an open letter, dated 9 September 2021, to the NSW Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning which systematically demonstrates, by medical definitions, that the current COVID-19 vaccines are not like traditional vaccines that have been used for many years:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that a drug is called a ‘vaccine’ if it protects people before they come into contact with the disease, and if it prevents the transmission of the disease in the community. Yet this COVID-19 injection will not do these things. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administrator (TGA), states that this medical intervention will not prevent you getting the disease, nor will it prevent transmission of the disease in the community.

Further, the WHO definition states, “because vaccines contain only killed or weakened forms of germs, viruses and bacteria, they do not cause the disease or put you at risk of its complications.” Yet, the COVID-19 injections do not contain any of the killed or weakened Coronavirus 2019 (the causal agent); as such, it is questionable as to whether this intervention meets the criteria to be called a ‘vaccine’ at all.

Read the entire open letter here.


Orthodox Christians are justifiably troubled about COVID vaccinations

Many of the faithful have been put in a difficult position to either vaccinate or lose their jobs and freedoms. This has led many to get vaccinated even though they know it has been shown that vaccinations are causing numerous people to become sick and even die. Apart from this, the faithful need to know that these experimental vaccines can affect one mentally and spiritually - this aspect will be discussed further on. 

Before making any decision regarding vaccinations, I strongly advise that you take some time to look at the new category called Videos and Articles that has been added to our website, which includes topics such as COVID, vaccines, lockdowns etc., according to saints, elders, clergy, doctors and others. It has become obvious that the anti-Christian governments, the anti-Christian medical establishment and the anti-Christian media are pushing for mass vaccination, regardless of the large amounts of evidence of disastrous side effects (many that are life-long), and a relatively high death rate.

If that was not bad enough, the faithful are even more confused about the messages of support for the worldwide, unprecedented mass vaccination campaign which is coming from many Orthodox bishops, priests and monastics who are cooperating with the civil authorities. Many of these clergymen have even gone to the point of being vaccinated in public for all to see, and there are now reports that Orthodox churches, that are closed for public worship, are being used as vaccination hubs. This has only added to the confusion of the faithful regarding the topic of whether to receive this experimental vaccination or not. It is so painful to see them lost, scared, anxious, depressed, hopeless, utterly confused and terrorised. Yet, now and then, the faithful hear a very different message from some clergymen. One such hierarch offering a different view is Bishop Siluan of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Australia and New Zealand, who wrote:

We condemn any blackmail or any coercion, including that of vaccination. Without freedom of choice there is no humanity.

To the faithful who feel that they are being forced, and who are constantly hearing bishops and priests telling them to get vaccinated (and if they do not, they are great sinners), this is like a drop of water to a person thirsting in the desert.


Does the Orthodox Church forbid vaccines?

There are no canons regarding vaccinations, but there are canons that forbid Christians doing harm to their bodies and to their souls by committing anything that is immoral or unethical. We also have saints and holy elders, both living and departed, who have clearly warned us, with their precise prophesies and teachings, about the events of today, including the dangers of mass vaccination. There is confusion amongst many Orthodox Christians as to whether these teachings and prophesies relate to traditional vaccines that have been used for centuries. But this cannot be the case because God would have enlightened the saints to speak about traditional vaccines. Several of the saints and elders’ prophesies tell us that the vaccine will be mandated/forced onto the people; this was never the case with traditional vaccines. Therefore, it would seem that what the saints and elders are referring to is a different type of vaccine. Many believe that they are referring to the current mRNA vaccines.

There is a general agreement amongst these saints and elders that Orthodox Christians should not receive this type of vaccination because it will cause physical, mental and spiritual harm. Thanks be to God that there are still bishops, priests, monastics and laypeople who listen to the counsels of these holy people rather than the supposedly enlightened of this world, including a significant number of Orthodox clergy and Orthodox physicians and scientists. More on this in Section One on our website.


Orthodox clergy who are pro mass vaccination

There are also those (who are, sadly, greater in number) who do not follow the teachings of the saints and elders regarding these experimental vaccines, including patriarchs, bishops, priests and monastics. Their views are easy to find because they prevail in the ecclesiastical world in comparison to those with an opposing view, who are methodically censored and scorned by these pro mass vaccination clergymen, monastics and Orthodox physicians and scientists.

Please note that when speaking of those shepherds, that is, bishops and priests, who are betraying their flocks, I am not referring to those who have mistakenly taken the vaccine out of sincere ignorance, simplicity, a genuine trust in the ecclesiastical and government authorities, or a true, but misguided, desire to combat COVID-19 and protect their flocks from it. There will be more about this group of shepherds later in the article, as well as advice for anyone who has proceeded to vaccination without being aware of the saints and elder’s teachings, or the warnings of medical experts. I am, rather, referring specifically to those clergymen who are pushing the agenda of the New World Order of terrorists on their flocks. It should be known that this article will not be lenient on these supposed shepherds (who have finally shown that they are, as Christ says, wolves in sheep’s clothing) because the saints and elders themselves are not lenient with them.

The following are just five examples of the many hierarchs and priests, that are pushing, or sweetly convincing, the faithful to participate in mass vaccination. The first two use humanistic and emotional arguments to justify their positions. The third uses his knowledge of the holy Fathers to justify his pro vaccination position. The fourth example is of a hierarch who is strongly against Ecumenism and COVID restrictions including the closing of churches. The fifth example is of a popular abbot of Mount Athos who is considered a holy elder and, according to some, a miracle worker. Their unorthodox, condemning and, at times, bullying approach to those who refuse to be vaccinated and their clever worldly or patristic arguments are, unfortunately, typical of many Orthodox bishops and priests around the world, as well as monastics, who should be a light for the faithful.

Example One: Speaking on state television, the head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department for external church relations, a known ecumenist hierarch, said that those refusing to vaccinate are committing:

A sin for which they will have to atone throughout their lives … I see situations every day where people visit a priest in order to confess that they had refused to vaccinate themselves or their close ones and unwillingly caused someone’s death... The sin is thinking of oneself but not of another person.

[atone: do penance by making amends for one's sins] 

Read more here.

Example Two: Again, an Orthodox patriarch, a hardened and veteran ecumenist, recently and sternly announced that:

The New Testament affirms that whoever does not love man, cannot love God. These people
are indifferent
to the protection of fellow human beings. The rejection of the mask and all precautionary measures does not arise simply from ignorance but from the dying of love
within them

Science, when it opens auspicious prospects for the future of mankind, is a gift from heaven. Our faith certainly is not affected when we follow the instructions of experts. Nor do the restrictions on participation in the Services diminish the importance of the Church and what is conducted in it for the life of the faithful. Protective measures are not directed against the Church. They protect the faithful, who, like everyone else, are just as vulnerable to the virus.

Read more here.

Example Three: This is an important example because it is not from an Ecumenist, but from a hierarch of the Orthodox Church of Greece who is known as an Orthodox traditionalist, and has written many popular patristic books. The following is an extract from a statement, dated 31 August 2021, to the clergy of his diocese.

We should not be indifferent to the confrontation of this disease, that is why we must make use of the vaccine, unless the doctor who follows the health of each one of you and is scientifically trained, has a different opinion on this… As clergy we are obliged to take measures to ensure good hygiene, so that we do not become a cause and occasion for the Christians whom we shepherd to be infected, because in such a case they turn against the Church and we are responsible.

I would like to point out that St. Nicodemus the Athonite has declared his opinion, (twice at least, from what I know) that if a Christian is not careful at the time of a pandemic and becomes the cause of death of others, he should be penanced as a murderer. Specifically:

In his “Rudder” (a footnote to the 66th Apostolic Canon) St. Nicodemus writes: “Note also that one is condemned as a murderer who, in a time of plague or pestilence, goes to houses or towns and infects others when he knows well that he himself is infected and thus becomes the cause of many deaths.”

In his “Manual for Confession” (On the Sixth Commandment) St. Nicodemus writes: "Thou shalt not kill”. In this commandment “those who, in time of plague, knowing they are infected, associate with others and thus infect them; those who kill themselves; and simply, all those who are reckless, are guilty of error.”

That is why St. Nicodemus recommends that the spiritual father asks the one confessing, among other things: “Perhaps you knew that you were infected and you associated with others, and so infected them and they died? For you are to be placed under a rule as a murderer.” So you can see the seriousness of the matter. Whoever, in a time of pandemic, as it happens in our time, is not careful and infects others, is judged with the penance of murder! A basic way of protecting ourselves and others is vaccination, as is the case with other diseases.

If your personal doctor, knowing your medical history, recommends that you do not take the vaccine, that does not mean that you should not take other necessary measures; and of course it does not mean that you will be recommending to Christians not to get vaccinated. In such a case you will give word to God, according to what the great teacher of the Church, St. Nicodemus the Athonite has written.

This is just one of the many arguments he made in his statement. What is important is that this hierarch uses his knowledge of the Holy Fathers of the Church (specifically Saint Nicodemus the Athonite in this case), to present such a convincing argument for vaccines, that it would lead Orthodox Christians to believe that they must get vaccinated. The faithful may believe that because this bishop is known as an Orthodox traditionalist, he must be correct and his advice should be followed. It is like saying that those who are Orthodox traditionalists can never make mistakes. Only those who do not study the lives of saints would believe this.

Let us examine the argument of this “patristic” hierarch who claims that Orthodox Christians must be vaccinated. He bases his argument on the teachings of Saint Nicodemus the Athonite, who wrote specifically about those who know they are infected and are not careful about infecting others. Furthermore, this hierarch emphasises Saint Nicodemus’ statement that if someone was to die because of the carelessness of a knowingly infected person, that person should be penanced as a murderer.

We must point out that what Saint Nicodemus said is absolutely correct. However, the quote from Saint Nicodemus is not relevant to the COVID-19 situation because we are told from the medical authorities themselves that the vaccine does not protect a person from catching or spreading this disease – something we are also hearing on the news continually. Apart from this powerful fact, there are many other facts that will be covered in the next section, that contradict this clever hierarch’s misleading view that billions of people must be vaccinated and if they are not, they lack common sense and are deluded. Many in Greece, including Orthodox priests who are doctors and scientists, refuted his distorted arguments, which resulted in him firing back with more illogical reasoning. Let us put it this way, he was unhappy that people were disagreeing with him. Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. (Matthew 24:11)

Example Four: This is also an important example because it is from a hierarch who is known as the most outspoken anti-Ecumenist in Greece. The following is taken from a radio interview, dated 18 February 2021. On the issue of COVID-19 vaccines, he says:

It’s another kind of medicine. Vaccination is a success of human science, which God has inspired. It is a method to deal with any pandemic. Deadly diseases of the past have been eradicated through vaccination… I do not consider it to be anything harmful for our spiritual life and neither is it a matter of spiritual life. Vaccination is simply a medical act of dealing with a dangerous microorganism

When asked whether he thought the COVID vaccination was the mark of the Antichrist, he said:

The mark of the antichrist will be a conscious act of acceptance... there will be agreement, compliance, consent. It will be your decision.

He also expressed his sorrow and grief that the churches were closed because of the belief that people might get sick:

We are sincerely saddened because the holiness of the Holy Relics, the Holy Icons, the Grace of the Mystery of the Eucharist, only transmit life. Illness or death can never arise from them.

Read more here

On the one hand, this outspoken hierarch is against the closing of churches and against anyone who believes that one can get sick within the church, while on the other hand he is saying that the current vaccines are nothing but another kind of medicine. How can someone be so right in one thing and so wrong in another? This will be answered soon.

Example Five: The following is a different type of example because it is of an abbot from Mount Athos who is well-known as a holy elder and, some even say, a miracle worker. Unlike the other four examples, the abbot contracted coronavirus and survived without being vaccinated (though later he did receive vaccination). On 9 September 2021, during an interview on Greek television, he said:

We need to get vaccinated, because I was unfortunately still unvaccinated, I had the intention of doing it, but for various reasons, I didn’t do it at that time. The Church does not dismiss science… Saint Nektarios, such a great saint, reposed in the hospital. This great saint accepted medical assistance. Saint Paisios had intestinal cancer, he went to the doctor, he had surgery, he stayed there at the Monastery of Souroti, and the doctor monitored him closely, and helped him as much as he could, and even he [Saint Paisios] accepted medical assistance. And many other virtuous people have also accepted medical assistance. This is not sinful.

He was then asked about some Orthodox hierarchs in Greece who were of the opinion that this vaccine is very bad. He responded by saying:

Just as we receive medical assistance for our stomach, for our intestines, for our legs, for our hands, we also receive medical assistance and protection for the issue of the pandemic which is extremely important. This is my opinion, I am not giving orders. This is my opinion, that every Christian must consider this and should get vaccinated because this is how, I think, we will be able to overcome this pandemic.

The reporter then asked the abbot what he thought about some clergy who have an opposing opinion about the vaccines, and generally about the pandemic, and who persuade many of the faithful with their ideas. He said: 

I think this is wrong, in my opinion, this is wrong. We should leave the people alone, and not spread propaganda. The priests can simply state their opinion, but it is better, if anyone has an opposing opinion, to keep it to themselves. They are allowed to have their own opinions… We need to listen to Socrates, who was a “Christian before Christ” as some say. He said, we need to listen to the experts. In the same way, we need to listen to the scientists and act accordingly, because this is for our good, for the good of our neighbour, for the good of our family, and for the good of all. From what they told me here, I don’t follow the news, but they told me that around 3 billion people have been vaccinated. So does that mean that they are all idiots and that the others [who oppose vaccinations] are the smart ones? You can see that even the World Health Organisation, after I researched a little, says very clearly what the vaccines consist of, what medical equipment and medical substances [are used] - they are not hiding anything, as some people are saying. They think that they are hiding something in there, that they are putting cells [of aborted fetuses] and various other things, but this isn’t true, and isn’t anything serious and is not true.

a) See video here.

b) See video here

When first reading the above interview, one can think it is a joke in bad taste, especially when he says that people should not believe that doctors are bad and need to be avoided. No one who is against COVID vaccines has ever said that all doctors are bad or that seeking medical help is sinful. The number of medical and spiritual errors made by this abbot leaves one speechless. His advice to listen to Socrates is bizarre, especially considering we have so many Orthodox saints and holy elders who have spoken against these vaccines. His belief that people should not express their opposing opinions publicly while freely expressing his own opinions and thoughts on public television (just in the above short extract, he did this five times) is scandalous. 

It must also be pointed out that this popular abbot, during an interview, was asked his opinion about his patriarch's acceptance of the schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox Church (OCU), which has resulted in a tragic split between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Patriarchate of Constantinople. He avoided giving a direct answer. Here are his words:

Do not forget that the Holy Mountain is officially part of the Ecumenical Patriarchate... we, too, are subordinate to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, we belong to it ecclesiastically, but this does not mean that we have ceased to love Russians. We also pray for them, and we pray that unity will return.

In other words, he chose to support his patriarch rather than condemn his devastatingly uncanonical act.

Read more here.

In another interview the abbot was asked about wearing masks in church. His answer was:

Listen, if the State insists and wants us, for medical reasons, to put on a mask, we do not lose anything, my child. The mask does not touch on the ethos of the Church or the doctrine of the Church, so it doesn't matter, I don’t consider that a problem.

See video here

You will know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:16).

Again, we can ask ourselves, how does one whose spiritual father was a spiritual child of Saint Joseph the Hesychast, and is an abbot of one of the largest monasteries in Mount Athos, make this type of public statement? It would be best to let his spiritual grandfather answer this question for us.

In the book “Monastic Wisdom”, Saint Joseph the Hesychast writes:

Read, if you want, the Ecclesiastical History by Meletios of Athens, and see how many teachers – Origen and thousands of others – were at first great luminaries of the Church possessing extensive learning. But since they gave themselves over to the sea of knowledge before receiving, in hesychia, the purification of their senses and the peace and tranquillity of the Spirit, they sank in the ocean of the Holy Scriptures. They thought that their scholarly learning was sufficient. Thousands were lost and anathematised by the Councils, of which they had previously been champions. Read and you will see!

One such example of the many that we find in the lives of saints is that of Archimandrite Eutyches of Constantinople. During the Third Ecumenical Council, Saint Cyril of Alexandria was assisted by Eutyches in the defence of the Most Holy Theotokos. However, approximately 50 years later, this defender of the Most Holy Theotokos fell, out of pride, into the heresy of Monophysitism and was condemned (anathematised) by the Fourth Ecumenical Council.

Therefore, it is wrong to believe that those who are known for their Orthodoxy, and even for their holiness, cannot fall into deception or heresy. We need to be careful and well informed, by reading the holy Fathers and the lives of saints, so as not to put ourselves in a position of following mistaken, misinformed, deceived or heretical bishops, priests, monastics, etc.

Read the lives of Saints Gerasimos of the Jordan (4 March), Andrew, Archbishop of Crete (4 July), Hosius, Bishop of Cordova (27 August), Paul the New, Patriarch of Constantinople (30 August), Eudocia the Empress (13 August), all of whom fell into heresy but, unlike Eutyches, later repented. But there are also many other examples in the lives of saints of those who were considered great lights of the Church, but later fell into heresy, or were even creators of heresy (heresiarchs), and were anathematised by Orthodox councils because they did not repent. Saint Joseph the Hesychast mentioned Origen, an early Christian scholar, ascetic, theologian, priest and a great defender of the Orthodox faith against heresy. He was a prolific writer who wrote roughly 2,000 treatises. He has been described as “the greatest genius the early church ever produced.” His works were read by many holy fathers of the Church, and yet, this great light of the Church fell into heresy and was anathematised by the Fifth Ecumenical Council. Therefore, no Orthodox Christian should ever say that someone cannot fall into deception or heresy. This is why Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou continually teaches:

We listen to whatever the God-bearing saints tell us. That’s how we were taught by Saint Porphyrios, by Saint Iakovos and Saint Paisios, “Listen to the Saints, my son.” The bishops can make mistakes. The patriarchs can make mistakes. Synods can make mistakes. Where you have saints that agree, you don’t have mistakes! This is called agreement of the Fathers


Important facts omitted by the pro mass vaccination Orthodox clergy and others 

As wise and spiritual as the words from the above clergymen might sound, what they said completely ignores the large number of people around the world who have already become very sick and even died from the vaccines. Also omitted from their speeches and writings (and those of all pro-vaccination bishops, priests, monastics, and Orthodox physicians and scientists) are the following important facts:

1. It is the first vaccine to have public health officials saying that people will have to expect adverse reactions;

2.This is the first vaccine to make no clear claims about reducing infections, transmissibility, or deaths that can occur from the disease.

3. There have been absolutely no mid- and long-term safety data for these vaccines;

4. Many renowned physicians and scientists are warning the public not to take these vaccines. Unlike traditional vaccines, COVID vaccines are an unprecedented novel gene therapy composed of either mRNA or DNA packaged in a synthetic lipid nanoparticle, all of which are potentially harmful to the body and have caused death to some who received them.

5. The COVID-19 vaccines do not act as traditional vaccines in that they do not prevent people from catching or spreading the virus (as confirmed above by the TGA in Australia). In America, the CDC openly accepts these facts, although spokespeople for the institution tend to de-emphasise them and persistently repeat warnings that people need to be vaccinated so they will not become sick and spread the virus. Whether someone is vaccinated or unvaccinated, they can, knowingly or unknowingly, each spread the disease to their neighbours. The act of vaccination offers no protection from being a transmitter of disease, or even a “superspreader”.

6. Newly released data from Israel and a study from the Cleveland Clinic show there is no reason to be vaccinated if a person has been previously infected with COVID-19 because they are much less likely to contract the Delta variant, develop symptoms from it, or become hospitalised with the virus. The fully vaccinated are still getting COVID and experiencing adverse reactions. Natural COVID immunity is better than being fully vaccinated.

7. At first, national public health agencies around the world were strongly declaring that people need to be vaccinated to stop the spread of the virus. When it became evident that vaccinated people were still getting sick and spreading the virus, these agencies and their friends in the mainstream media, Big Tech and social media, became concerned that the public would refuse vaccination. So now, the new argument is that if a person is vaccinated and contracts COVID, their symptoms will be significantly reduced (less suffering).

8. No specific post-vaccine autopsy studies have been conducted. No public health agencies have asked for autopsy studies, even though so many deaths have been reported after people have been vaccinated – some died on the first day, some on the second, some even a few weeks later, and so on. These deaths should be enough to suspend the vaccination program, as is typically done with any other medication (a medication is usually suspended after 25 deaths).  Why have the public health authorities all over the world not demanded specific vaccine autopsy studies after so many deaths have occurred? Are they hiding something?

a) Read more here.

b) Read more here.

9. More children die from influenza every year than from COVID-19 - the survival rate of children after contracting COVID being 99.997% (statistically 100%). In general, many more people die every year from influenza and other causes than from COVID. As in every influenza season, people can reduce the spread of infection by simply staying home when they are sick, under a doctor’s care. The number of people that die of influenza around the world every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is roughly 290,000 to 650,000, which is more devastating than COVID-19. But these figures are not accurate because many deaths are under-reported. In the US alone, it is reported that approximately 50,000 to 75,000 die from influenza annually.

Clearly influenza has a higher death rate than COVID-19, yet, we do not recall Orthodox clergy in the past ever insisting that the faithful receive a flu vaccine in order to not commit the sin of carelessly infecting someone else. The concept of influenza vaccination among the faithful seems to have been irrelevant in years past, despite the medical dangers it poses. What has changed? These Orthodox clergymen are being obedient to the newly canonised “saints” of the New World Order – “Saint” Fauci, “Saint” Bill Gates the Great, to name a few. In other words, many of these clergymen “loved the praise of men more than the praise of God” (John 12:43). We read in the Holy Gospel, “Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!” (Matthew 18:7) In other words, how terrible it will be for the world due to its temptations to sin! Temptations to sin are bound to happen, but how terrible it will be for that person who causes someone to sin!

10. The official survival rates, taken from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, are also very high and themselves argue against mass vaccination from both a common-sense and public health perspective.

0-19 Years: 99.997%

20-49 Years: 99.98%

50-69 Years: 99.5%

70+ Years: 94.6%

Although the survival rates shown here are very high, these percentages are possibly even higher when we consider how they are calculated by tallying all deaths that were supposedly due to COVID. There is a great deal of evidence that many recorded COVID deaths were actually due to other causes, which would mean that actual deaths due to COVID are minimal. It is clear, regardless, that the death rate is higher in the elderly and in people above 50 years of age – the very age ranges where people are often suffering from many underlying health conditions as well.

When we look at the numbers above, we can see how strange it is that public health authorities are not using their current strict measures against more dangerous illnesses such as Ebola (which has had outbreaks) or Anthrax (which also has a vaccine available – although a more traditional one).

11. There are safe and effective medications and supplements for the prevention and early treatment of COVID-19, according to peer-reviewed and publicly available journals. These recommendations (unlike those promoted by the CDC and other health agencies around the world) are subjected to peer review and can be taken with higher confidence than the statements made at various times by medical organisations. It is important to realise that the latest recommendations for masking, for vaccination and now for the introduction of “booster shots” are not based on peer-reviewed evidence, but are simply formed from the opinions of so-called experts (aka medical “saints”). They are sometimes supplemented by “data” provided directly from the drug companies, who have serious conflicts of interest in that they gain huge financial benefits and profits from providing more vaccines.

12. Not one safety update has been given to the public from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or other public health agencies around the world, despite obvious safety concerns. This important safety information should be frequently shared with the public. Currently, there are only publicly available databases with data of vaccine adverse events such as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database in the United States, the TGA database in Australia and the United Kingdom’s Yellow Card database.

It must be emphasised that safety updates to the public are different to the reporting of vaccine adverse events (this will be discussed in the next point). For example, we can find on the VAERS website that 1,700 pregnant women have miscarried after being vaccinated. Yet, there are no public safety updates warning pregnant women of this danger. The same applies to other adverse effects.

13. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the United States shows over 13,900 deaths, 57,000 hospitalisations, 76,000 urgent care, over 100,000 office visits, 5,800 anaphylaxis, 4,800 bell’s palsy, 1,700 miscarriages, 6,200 heart attacks, 5,222 myocarditis/pericarditis, 18,000 permanently disabled, 2,900 thrombocytopenia/low platelet, 14,300 life threatening, 27,000 severe allergic reaction, and 7,600 shingles – all due to the COVID-19 vaccines (data dated 7 September 2021).

The government VAERS reporting system is believed, by statistical analysis, to actually have recorded approximately only 1-10% of the actual adverse events and deaths from vaccines. So, the above numbers perhaps could be multiplied by a number between 10 and 100 to get a more accurate idea of what the real figures are.

It should be noted that on the VAERS website it says, “Reports are not proof of causality.” This means that the numbers above are not proven to be caused by COVID-19 vaccines. Although there may be some truth to this, one has to question whether the big, influential, rich and powerful pharmaceutical companies have any influence over VAERS. This suspicion naturally arises since it is being exposed, more and more, that Big Pharma are influencing medical industries, medical establishments, medical boards, governments, politicians, the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, large corporations, Big Tech, (Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook), etc. There seems to be a lot of money being distributed around the world by Big Pharma to promote COVID-19 vaccines. 

14. There are scientific concerns that the recent virus variants, like the Delta strain, are a consequence of the vaccines, and therefore extending the worldwide supposed pandemic for months longer than necessary. This is similar to how people use a large number of antibiotics irresponsibly – the antibiotics merely cause the bacteria to become resistant. When this occurs, the bacteria often become worse and deadlier than they were previously. This is currently happening with the Delta and other strains. Leading scientist Dr Geert Vanden Bossche states that: 

Mass injections in the middle of a pandemic is prone to promoting selection and adaptation of immune escape variants, that are featured by increasing infectiousness and resistance to spike protein (S)-directed antibodies (Abs), thereby diminishing protection in vaccines and threatening the unvaccinated. 

Read his statement here

There are several more facts that can be added to this list but what is clear is that there is abundant evidence readily available to support the above discussions. Yet, the prominent clergymen mentioned earlier, along with many others who are of the same mindset, scandalise and confuse countless Orthodox Christians around the world by declaring that all should be vaccinated if they do not want to be considered “indifferent to the protection of fellow human beings”, or as someone who is “thinking of oneself but not of another person” or even shockingly “condemned as a murderer.” They ask us to listen to the doctors and medical experts, yet when prominent and highly respected physicians speak against the vaccines, they do not listen.  Selective hearing?



To be continued...