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Dr. Peter McCullough’s New Position on Vaccinations


     Dr. Peter McCullough’s New Position on Vaccinations

When the early mass COVID vaccination programs began worldwide, in December 2020, the renowned and eminent Dr. McCullough gave his medical recommendation that vaccinations be given to the elderly, those over 40, and in general to those with high-risk health issues, e.g. heart problems, lung disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other chronic medical disorders.

However, in his medical practice, Dr. McCullough started observing cases of patients who suffered adverse reactions from these vaccines. Additionally, the US government’s VAERS (the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – a self-reporting database intended to monitor for and warn of vaccine-related side effects) was reporting a high number of serious adverse side effects and a surprising number of deaths.

By July 2021, Dr. McCullough had changed his position on COVID vaccines. Dr. McCullough, along with many other renowned physicians and scientists around the world, now consider these vaccines to be dangerous and high-risk for ongoing use. Dr. McCullough currently recommends that the COVID-19 vaccinations cease and advises the medical community worldwide to focus on early effective outpatient treatments.

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