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Dr. Peter McCullough’s New Position on Vaccinations


     Dr. Peter McCullough’s New Position on Vaccinations

When the early mass Covid "vaccination" program began (December 2020-May 2021), the renowned and eminent Dr. Peter McCullough recommended "vaccination" for those over 40 and especially the elderly (above 70 years old) with health issues ie. heart, lung, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other chronic medical disorders. However, after seeing the high percentage of serious adverse side effects and the surprising numbers of deaths reported by the US government’s VAERS (The US vaccine adverse reporting system, is a passive self reporting data base used to monitor and warn of vaccine adverse effects) Dr. Peter McCullough began to change his position on "vaccines." In combination with VAERS data and statistics and seeing patients in his medical practice suffer adverse reactions from these "vaccines", he has now taken the OPPOSITE position. Dr. Peter McCullough and other numerous renowned physicians and scientists around the world view these vaccines to be dangerous to the human population. Dr. Peter McCullough now recommends against vaccination and advises the medical community around the world to focus on early effective outpatient treatments.

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See video (item 34 of Section Two) for Dr. McCullough's new position: 
Dr. Peter McCullough - URGENT WARNING About Poisonous Jabs - "An Agonizing Situation" | Stew Peters