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Talk 61: Physical, Mental and Spiritual Illness: Orthodoxy vs. New Age Healing

(MP3 duration: 3hrs 58mins) 

Despite great advancements in modern medicine, millions of people around the world suffer from bodily and mental illnesses, as well as spiritual illnesses caused by the passions and demonic influence. Many today are seeking help from practitioners of magic and New Age healing techniques. These techniques include homeopathy, hypnosis, yoga, crystal healing, meditation, faith healing, therapeutic touch, spiritual healing, channelling, and Reiki. Some of these “healers” have even claimed to be able to heal cancer and other serious illnesses. 

In this talk, Father Kosmas presents in detail the Orthodox Church’s teaching regarding true and false healing. He explains how Christians need to be aware of the increasing acceptance some of these “healing” techniques are gaining in the medical world, and how one can unknowingly fall under the influence of the evil spirits behind them. Today more than ever Orthodox Christians need to know the Church’s teaching regarding this very real danger, not only to protect themselves, but also their loved ones. 

The following questions are also discussed: what is the difference between demonic and physical sickness? Can magicians and New Age healers actually heal? How does the Church view those who seek healing directly from God rather than going to doctors? How do the saints view sickness and suffering? How should the sick deal with those who push them to seek healing from sorcerers and New Age healers? How does God use physical, mental, and demonic afflictions to bring us to salvation? 

Other points covered in this talk include: how a sick young man was “miraculously” healed and why he and his family later became Jehovah’s Witnesses; how Elder Paisios exposed the true nature of “healings” by the demons and their servants; the story of a witch who claimed to cure sick people with the Cross and prayers to the Mother of God; how one “healer” approached a desperate mother whose daughter was out of control; and examples of those who preferred to suffer rather than turn to sorcerers and other so-called healers. 

3hrs 58mins
Priestmonk Kosmas
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St George Church, Carlton, Sydney
23 February 2014
Talks 60 & 61