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Talk 60: Exposing Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Fortune-tellers and Astrologers in the Light of Orthodoxy

(MP3 duration: 3hrs 58mins)

Many Orthodox Christians fall into the great sin of employing psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, fortune-tellers and astrologers to gain knowledge of the unknown or to learn the future. Some are unaware of the Church’s strict condemnation of these supernatural practices, and of the danger involved. Others are aware of the Church’s teaching but choose to ignore it. Whether aware or unaware, one thing is certain: these people deny their baptism and therefore their salvation. 

In this talk, Father Kosmas presents in detail the Orthodox Church’s teaching regarding the forces behind these occult practices and their consequences. He explains how these practices are tools of the evil spirits, who use them to turn people from worshipping God to worshipping the demons. He notes that to be reconciled with Christ and His Church, one would need to repent, confess and promise to never again be involved in these demonic practices. 

The following questions are also discussed: can psychics, mediums, and others tell the future and do they ever speak the truth? Why is consulting one’s horoscope, trusting zodiac signs or believing in fate or chance considered a denial of God? What is the reason for the growing interest in the medical world in the full moon’s “negative effects” on human behaviour? Do demons and magicians really know what is in a person’s mind and heart? Could some Orthodox Christians be acting as mediums without knowing it? 

Other points covered in this talk include: an account of an Orthodox couple whose neighbour turned out to be a psychic medium who ‘communicates’ with the dead; how one international clairvoyant, spiritual healer and astrologer uses people’s problems to attract business; an Orthodox explanation of the haunted house phenomenon; the tragic consequences suffered by psychics and their clients; and a frightening account of a man who was told by a possessed person to become a preacher.

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3hrs 58mins
Priestmonk Kosmas
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St George Church, Carlton, Sydney
15 December 2013
Talks 60 & 61