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Metropolitan Augoustinos of Florina



The Life of Metropolitan Augoustinos of Florina (Greece)

A Model of a True Orthodox Priest and Bishop

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In these difficult times of forced restrictions in the churches due to COVID-19, the life of Metropolitan Augoustinos is a great inspiration not only for bishops and priests, but for all the faithful.

His Eminence Metropolitan Augoustinos (Kantiotes; 1907–2010) was bishop of the Holy Metropolis of Florina in Northern Greece. He was a defender of traditional Orthodox beliefs and Greek nationalism, as well as a highly productive writer, and many of his spiritual works have been translated into different languages. Metropolitan Augoustinos contributed greatly to the spiritual rebirth of Greece and the renewal of traditional Orthodox theology. He also preached countless sermons, which have been printed and distributed worldwide.

As a hieromonk and a fiery preacher, he travelled throughout Greece, stirring the people to a greater love for Christ and their suffering nation. But this was during the war years, and the messages he preached were not popular with the German and Italian occupants and later, during the Civil War, with the Communists. Fr Augoustinos’ life was filled with many trials and tribulations and he miraculously escaped death on many occasions.

Loved and revered by the people, by divine providence he was elected metropolitan of Florina in 1967, where he energetically continued to care for the spiritual and material needs of his flock.

Metropolitan Augoustinos was known for his conservative activism and ideals, and he staunchly opposed ecumenism, believing it to be contrary to the basic principles of Orthodoxy. This brought him great popularity, not only in Greece, but in the Greek diaspora throughout the world.

But his immense popularity and his opposition to corruption and heresy often infuriated those in powerMetropolitan Augoustinos was subjected to considerable persecution and slander, including a failed attempt by the government (and even some bishops) to have him officially declared insane.

But none of these persecutions deterred him in his quest to uphold the Truth. He inspired a great number of people and affected countless lives until his repose in 2010, at the advanced age of 104.

Even today his bold example, the numerous books he authored, and his sermons published in print and audio format continue to inspire people to a higher moral standard. His wonderful books in English can be purchased from the Institute for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies.

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