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Elder Savvas Achilleos


                Elder Savvas Achilleos of Athens (†2016)


About Elder Savvas Achilleos

Elder Savvas was perhaps the greatest exorcist and healer of those who were affected by magic within Greece in the 20th century. He was widely sought out by people suffering from demonic influence, possession, magic spells, freemasonry, occultism, etc. Many former satanists sought him out as well, and he healed and helped so many. As a result of this, freemasons, officials, magicians, those invested in the finances and business of magic, occultists, mediums, etc., sought to kill him for many years. Several bishops, clergy and monastics in the Church of Greece believed that Elder Savvas was deceived, a deceiver, mentally ill, and a conspiracy theorist. He was even persecuted by his own bishop!

On 15 March 2006 he was forced to retire from his parish. He moved to the region of Ilia in the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. There, with fewer cares and without the large crowds he had in Athens, he was able to devote himself more to noetic prayer, hesychastic life, the writing of books, preaching and giving talks. These sermons and talks were made available on the internet where they could be reached by many people. He reposed on 3 August 2016. His funeral took place on 5 August 2016 at the church he built in honour of St. George, in Karea, Athens. Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou had the following to say about Archimandrite Savvas:

He is a sanctified man, who, in the future, we will have amongst the officially canonised saints… He was given a rare gift to expel demons and to free people from the possession of the evil
spirits, a very difficult work, because for this a pure heart is needed, constant fasting and a fiery prayer life


Elder Savvas Spoke of a Manufactured Virus

The following are extracts taken from a sermon given by the holy elder on 11 October 2007. 

They are warning us that the flu is coming. How do they know this? How do they know? Tell me, how? It is because they themselves will manufacture it and release it. Possibly, this will not be a common epidemic form of the flu, but a flu that will come when they themselves will bring it upon the world. A manufactured disease right from the United States of America. What causes this new disease which looks like the common flu? It is caused by a pathogenic mycoplasma. These are the medical terms. It will be transmitted through an anti-flu vaccine. This is the point where we must be very careful. The world will feel the need to receive the anti-flu shot, yet this vaccine will contain a cruel illness in and of itself and will not contain anything that will prevent people from contracting the virus. It is highly recommended to not proceed to any vaccination. Elder Savvas Achilleos (†2016) 


For a full transcript of the above video by the Gregory Decapolite YouTube Channel click here.


A Prophecy of Saint Nilus about Males and Females in the Last Times
by Archimandrite Savvas Achilleos 

A transcript of the above video, translated from the Greek by Fr Cyprian Alexandrou: 

Let us particularly pay attention to the truth of what Saint Nilus said. “The mind of man will be darkened due to the passions of the flesh.” In other words, contemporary man is living for the body which God has given us. Our grandparents had great joy when they preserved their honor. Our grandfathers and grandmothers were honorable people. Today there is no honor in contemporary man. He has apostatized so much that, as a consequence, he has been taken over by the passions of the flesh, as Saint Nilus says. “Impiety and iniquity will greatly multiply.” Impious people! The whole world abides in impiety. You walk on the streets and hear so many obscenities, so many vile words which do not come out of a man, but rather from a demon. The demon which is inside man is the one who speaks. And impiety has multiplied to the utmost. He says, “An impious man does not respect.” Who? God! Because man blasphemes God. He blasphemes the holy and sacred of the Faith, of the pure Faith! It is only man who has the look of hell. It is the impious man who does not respect anything. Iniquity! Every movement of contemporary man is a transgression. It is not based on the word of God but on the words of the devil. Let us continue. You will also hear the basic meaning of apostasy. We are not finished, there is much more. “Then people will begin to become unrecognizable.” Unrecognizable! What does that mean? To be walking in the street and not knowing whether a person is a man or a woman? This is the main theme of today’s sermon. People have become unrecognizable. You walk on the street behind someone, and you ask yourself, “Is it a man or is it a woman?” To examine them - you can’t do that! To stop them and ask, “What are you?” You can’t do that! And one wonders: what is this person who is walking right now. Is it a man or a woman?

“The appearance of people will be transformed, and one will not be able to distinguish men from women because of their shameless clothing and hairstyles.” So, the things I was telling you earlier are not things that I am saying, so you can’t go against me by saying, “What is Father Savvas telling us today?” If you want to go against someone, go against Saint Nilus and tell him, “What are these things that you said? We do not accept them.” For the Saint of God does not speak from himself but through the Holy Spirit that abides in him. He says the clothing and hairstyles have changed people. They have not remained the same as they were when they were created by the hand of God. “People in those days will become brutish and like wild beasts from the deception of the antichrist.” The antichrist will change everything, and he has changed them! He has succeeded because it is the last attempt of the antichrist. Let us not expect more my brethren…

“Fornications, adulteries” pay attention here to see how Saint Nilus lists them. Fornication means something that happens before marriage. Adultery means something that takes place after marriage. “Sodomies…” Saint Nilus says that these sexually abnormal people will increase [in the world], and now they have also increased in our Greece. It is not enough that they have increased in other parts of the world, which are in idolatry or in [distorted] Christianity but they should not increase in Orthodoxy. Adultery, fornication and now sodomy, he says. Sodomy means for people not to recognize [normal sexual relations] as the animals do, but to even surpass the animal [the Elder is saying that even animals are only attracted to the opposite sex.] “And man, being in honor, did not understand; he is compared to the mindless cattle and is become like unto them” (Psalm 48:13). He has even surpassed the animals, the Saint says. A man going with a man. However, in Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Romans, you will see in Chapter 1, from verse 15 and onwards, that the Apostle Paul writes very clearly about this particular sin: God will deprive man of the Grace of the Holy Spirit and man will not know what he is doing (Romans 1:15-32), and truly we are living these things in our days.

Elder Savvas Achilleos (†2016)