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Elder Justin Parvu


                     Elder Justin Parvu of Romania (†2013)



About Elder Justin Parvu

Elder Justin (Pârvu) was born in the village of Poiana Larguliu, on February 10, 1919. He entered the monastery of Durău in 1936, and in 1939 he enrolled in the Theological Seminary in the Cernica Monastery. He served as a chaplain on the Eastern Front during World War II, from 1942-1944, but was imprisoned for political and religious reasons between 1948 and 1964. In 1966, Elder Justin was received into Secu Monastery, and in 1975 he transferred to Bistrita Monastery. In the autumn of 1991, he placed the foundation stone of Petru Vodă Monastery, where he lived and served as abbot, and in 1999 he began the restoration of a convent for nuns in Paltin.

From the end of March 2013, the stomach cancer that he had secretly suffered for several years metastasized. His cancer added to the already existing medical complications he had due to the martyric torments he endured for 16 years in prison. While in hospital, people could detect a sweet fragrance coming from his body and clothes - the elder's body, even before death, was producing myrrh.

On 16 June 2013, at the age of 95, the grace-filled elder departed to a better world. At the holy elder's funeral, his body began to give off fragrant myrrh; at the same time, his portrait and several icons in his monastery also began to give off myrrh; and after he was buried, the oil lamp at his grave miraculously filled with myrrh. Elder Justin performed miracles while he was alive but especially after his departure into the Heavenly Kingdom.

Elder Justin is considered the last of the Romanian elders of the communist period to depart this world. During his lifetime, he was considered the spiritual father of Romania. Blessed Justin, pray to God for us!

Counsels of Elder Justin Parvu

[Speaking about the situation in Romania] “We must prepare for martyrdom and beyond this, I would not have to speak if people were not powerless in spirit and mind to understand. It's not easy to live these days. But if the Lord has so pleased that we should suffer these times, then we must obey and receive with joy all that comes upon us, as from the hand of God, and not from the enemy... Therefore, please stop looking for solutions. Human solutions are not existent, my dears! The solution is to die
for Christ. Fathers will give up their sons, mothers, their daughters, unto death. Behold, we witness
the fulfillment of this prophecy. If the mother will let the child be vaccinated, it's as if giving him over
to die...

Therefore I say to you, trust that the Lord will give you power to confess Him. We live in an anarchic world, the entire political class is an enemy of Christ and a servant of evil, that is why even living our simple life without abdicating our Christian principles is a daily confession and martyrdom. So, do not receive this vaccine [swine flu] or anything that the new political powers bring you today. The Zionists rule the world and the Americans work for them and they think they have come to own it because they have no shyness. Everything is in sight and they are aware that they have no opponent to fear and they fight to depopulate the world, with the few who will remain to worship them.

Now they're studying and sorting, and the way they're going to distinguish people from each other is the chips. Do you or do you not have a chip? For what is the chip after all? A weapon against Man. And we have no weapons; our youth is weary, that even if they want to rise from the spell in which they live, they have no power.

Our only weapons are only spiritual ones: prayer, humility, love, but also confession [of Faith]. You can't love without confession [of Faith]. Love is sacrificial, and if we fear to confess the truth, what sacrifice do we have? Or if we do not care about our neighbor who is unaware and we do not inform him and we let him fall prey to this system, what love do we have? Those who still struggle today to awaken their brother, who have not remained indifferent to the future of a nation and a church, those are the children of the love of God, who lay their lives down for their brethren.... It is important to oppose all аntісhrіsts and die with dignity; not to have a cowardly position. 

[On another occasion] “Therefore, you need to pay very close attention, if you are not being told anything in the Church about these things then you need to know that they are being paid to keep silent. And you as simple people, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, rightly feel that there is much more truth coming forth from the little sheep than from the shepherd.

The time will come when you will be sold by your shepherds. They will watch you being ripped apart by the wild beasts and they will not come to your help. Know that these are those apocalyptic times that are about to fall hard on us. An American film was ending concluding microchip = slavery. That is what it means, digital slavery. You do not live anymore, you do not belong to yourself anymore, you are the slave to those that own you.” 


Interview with Elder Justin conducted by nun Fotini on 7 October 2009 - read here.


Video of the above counsels